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Ten of the Tarot Wands — the value of the card

The map shows a man who carries ten staves. It is evident that they are too heavy for him, but he is still moving forward.

This card symbolizes the enormous responsibility that a person has assumed. Despite all difficulties, he successfully fights against the vicissitudes of fate.

The internal meaning of the card is to get rid of obsolete principles.

Ten of the Tarot Wands - the value of the card
Ten of the Tarot Wands - the value of the card

In a straight position, the Ten of Wands card is a dual interpretation. On the one hand, it indicates that all the failures and difficulties are behind, and the goal has been achieved. But besides this, it symbolizes how heavy the burden of victory and success is, and also recalls the sacrifices made, which were required to translate the desired into reality.

Sometimes this lasso warns about the bitterness of victory and makes a person think about how important it is to him.

This card emphasizes that there will be no easy way. Success will only provide hard work for a long time. If the Ten of Wands falls in the alignment next to negative cards, then this combination indicates that the person is easily influenced by other people.

Sometimes it may even indicate complete enslavement. Next to the positive Senior Arcana, this card indicates a positive change in life.

If there are Sword cards nearby, this indicates the need to control everything happening around.

In other areas of human activity, the Ten Wands may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, the card predicts physical and mental fatigue, which can trigger the development of chronic fatigue. If there are Swords nearby, then there is a high probability of receiving various injuries and fractures.
  • In matters of relationships, the map indicates that they are becoming a burden. Permanent presence in the life of a partner presses and limits freedom. But on the other hand, the card indicates that a strong person can solve this problem if he takes the relationship to a new level.
  • In the business field, the card symbolizes a person’s ambitious ambitions. But in pursuit of career growth, he can lose a lot. Responsibilities will become a burden, and work will become a routine.

This card represents a careerist who can even sacrifice his personal life.

The value of the Ten Wands card in an inverted position

In the inverted position, the Ten of Wands card retains its dual interpretation. First of all, when it is in the layout, surrounded by positive cards, the lasso indicates that the job is done, and you can afford to rest. But if there are negative cards nearby, then the Ten of Wands means that in real life there is a difficult situation and there is no help waiting.

This symbolizes the lack of development and the emergence of obstacles and difficulties on the way to the goal.

Quite often, the card appears in the scenario, when a person’s life is filled with deception and lies. He will be in the center of intrigue and gossip. If the Court or Justice cards fell out with this lasso, a trial is expected.

Indicates a betrayal surrounded by the appearance of the map of the Moon from the Ten Wands.

In various areas of human activity, this card may indicate the following:

  • In the area of ​​health, development is possible, although not dangerous, but unpleasant inflammatory and infectious diseases. Very often, such a card falls into the hands during the spread of the flu.
  • In matters of relationships, the card foreshadows the emergence of difficulties of various kinds. Sometimes this is due to the fact that one of the partners is trying to tightly control everything. Also, such a card can be a harbinger of treason.
  • In the business field, the card predicts intrigues in the work team that will interfere with business. You should also be wary of the insidious intrigues of competitors that may take by surprise. It may very well be that someone from close people is playing a dishonest game. During this period, you should not get involved in risky events, otherwise you can lose everything.

This card in the inverted position represents a person who is always around him creates problems. Very often, she warns that fraudsters should be wary.

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