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Tarot World — Map Value

In the center of the World map is a beautiful nude woman who is framed by a green wreath. It symbolizes the harmonious perfection of the world.

In the corners of the map are the heads of an angel, a lion, an eagle and a bull. The main meaning of the card is that the person has fully achieved what he aspired to and can now plan life at his new stage.

Tarot World - Map Value
Tarot World - Map Value

In a direct position, the map of the world symbolizes success at the next stage of life. The plans were fulfilled, the work was rewarded and the goal was achieved. But on the other hand, the map indicates that it is necessary to continue working in the new life stage.

During this period, you should make plans and outline the direction of movement.

In real life, a good atmosphere is created around a person, and harmonious balance reigns in the soul. He received the deserved recognition of others.

If cards that symbolize the road fall out in the alignment next to this card, this indicates that the time has come for the person to rest. But it can also be a sad interpretation of this card, when the cards associated with death fall out next to it.

In this case, the death is considered as a blessing that allows a person to get rid of suffering.

In various matters relating to other areas of human activity, this card may portend the following:

  • If other cards associated with death do not fall out next to the World card, then the person’s condition will be good. A sick people can count on a full recovery.
  • In personal relationships during this period, more passion than true love. Very often this is due to the fact that the relationship with a partner is at the initial stage of development. In a certain scenario, the map may indicate a break in the old relationship against the background of a new acquaintance.
  • In matters of work, everything is going well. Your profession is really your vocation, and you have achieved significant success in your work. Perhaps, promotion on the career ladder, the conclusion of lucrative contracts and transactions that will bring good profits.

Map World personifies inquisitive, aspiring to new knowledge of people. With them, as a rule, it is very easy to go through life.

Very often, these people choose travel related professions.

In the inverted position, the World card indicates the expected success, which can never come. In real life, certain obstacles constantly arise that make it possible to postpone the dates of planned events.

If there are other negative cards next to this card in the layout, we can expect an advance of bad luck and failure in real life. For reasons beyond the control of a person, there is complete stagnation and boredom in life.

In addition, the card emphasizes the inertia of the person and his tendency to go with the flow.

In various areas of human life, this card may indicate the following:

  • For health, this card is neutral. It does not bode well or bad. That is, if a person is sick, then he is unlikely to rely on recovery.
  • In matters of personal relationships, this card, most often, is a harbinger of disappointment in love. And this can cause separation. But if other love cards fell out with this card, this combination indicates that the person has found his soul mate.
  • When solving business issues a person will be chased by failure. But if there are good cards next to this lasso, then you should not be upset, so success will come anyway, but only with a delay.

The world map in an inverted position represents an irresponsible person. Such people very often grab for several cases at once and, as a result, cannot bring anything to a logical conclusion.

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