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Tarot Wands Six — Card Value

The map shows the procession of the victor. A man goes astride in the wreath of the winner, the dyeing of the upper part of the rod, which he holds in his hand, is another such wreath. The winner is greeted by a mob with raised rods.

The inner meaning of the card is to receive the joys of victories and well-deserved awards, primarily in the form of public recognition.

Tarot Wands Six - Card Value
Tarot Wands Six - Card Value

In a direct position, the Six of Wands symbolizes the end of the life span associated with quarrels, misunderstandings and conflicts. A long-awaited victory has come and a person can enjoy it.

This lasso accentuates the fact that work and efforts always bring success.

Sometimes, this card may indicate that the long-awaited rest has come after a long grueling work. This card foreshadows the onset of a good and quiet life period, but on the other hand it emphasizes that such a state is temporary.

Great financial well-being should be expected if this card falls in the alignment next to the Nine Coins. This lasso is interpreted superbly next to the Empress.

In real life, you should expect dizzying success.

In various areas of life, the Six of Wands may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, no unpleasant surprises are expected, and seriously ill people can expect complete recovery.
  • In the personal sphere, this card indicates that a very favorable time has come for starting a family. All problems and misunderstandings are gone.
  • In business, things are going well. At the same time, a person can both successfully move up the career ladder in an existing job, and decide on finding a new job. People who occupy management positions can be confident that all contracts will be signed and transactions will be successful.

This card represents a successful person who is recognized in society. The card recommends that during this life period you sincerely rejoice at your own achievements and not hide your natural talents.

Value of the Six of Wands card in an inverted position

In the inverted position, the Six of Wands symbolizes the life span associated with losses and setbacks. It may indicate that competitors will win. When it appears in the scenario, we should expect treachery, deception or financial losses.

Such a card can warn about a variety of unpleasant household trifles. This may be, for example, the purchase of defective or low-quality goods or fake documents.

Six of Wands can be a harbinger of bad news and unpleasant news. This life period is characterized by disharmony and bad luck.

And this can cause a person to be depressed and discouraged.

A person must correctly respond to the fact that this lasso appeared in the scenario. It should not be rash to rush into battle, trying to immediately correct the situation.

Six of Wands suggests that you need to wait some time, and in some cases, and step back. During this period of life is very dangerous to enter into risky transactions. Any dishonest profit can cause very large losses.

Next to cash cards in the scenario, this lasso indicates that you have to get into debt.

In other areas of human activity, the map indicates the following:

  • In matters of health, there may be situations where you have to spend a large amount on treatment.
  • In private life there will be rash acts that will cause jealousy.
  • In the business sphere, everything will unfold unfavorably.

This card represents people who love to spend money and strive for easy income. She can point to beggars and thieves.

Very rarely, the Six of Wands indicates that there is a very selfish person in the family who thinks only of himself.

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