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Tarot Wands Seven — Card Value

The map shows a handsome young man who holds a staff in his hands and confronts six who attack him. And his whole look is so decisive that there is no doubt that he will emerge victorious from an unequal fight.

The inner meaning of the card is in the desire of a person for perfection and dedication to his beloved work.

Tarot Rods Seven - Value Card
Tarot Wands Seven - Card Value

In a direct position, the Seven of the Wands map symbolizes competition and the fight against it. And it is very important that it indicates the advantageous position of a person and testifies to his correct actions.

This will help him become a winner and protect his own interests. The Seven of Wands can be a harbinger of changes that will bring a certain sharpness to the struggle.

Life will be filled with good events, although sometimes there will be situations that make you nervous.

The Seven of Wands is always a harbinger of controversy, and when the cards of Swords fall out next to it, the matter can even reach a physical collision. It is very good when financial cards are placed next to this lasso.

This indicates that all costs will soon pay off. Also, this alignment may indicate the achievement of the goal, although this will have to make great physical effort.

The difficulties that will appear in life, most likely, will give a person strength and set him up for victory. Some negative cards next to the Seven of the Rods predict that a person will have to get out of a very difficult situation.

In other areas this lasso may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, this card, first of all, indicates that the reserve forces of the body are activated and the disease can be defeated. For a healthy person, such a card in the scenario is evidence of strong immunity.
  • In the sphere of relations conflicts are brewing, the causes of which can be very diverse. It should be remembered that sometimes a simple heart-to-heart talk will help put everything in its place.
  • In the business area there is a sharp competitive struggle. Also, perhaps making a big profit. This period of life is very favorable for negotiations.

This card personifies brave and brave people who are always ready to defend their own interests. Such a card often falls out in the hands of successful businessmen.

The value of the Seven of the Wands card in an inverted position

In the inverted position, the Seven of Wands map symbolizes impending threats. During this period of life it often happens that no action brings the desired results. And very often the cause of this is the spinelessness of a person or simply banal laziness.

It is important to remember that conflicts should arise and not run away from them.

The Seven of Wands may indicate that a person in the present life period is very much hampered by the weight of past mistakes. In general, a map may indicate a lot of domestic minor troubles and the onset of a hectic life period.

But if a lot of negative cards fall out alongside it, this may portend the onset of difficult and sometimes hopeless situations. Sometimes the Seven Wands card emphasizes the uncertainty of the position and difficulty of a person in choosing the right path.

In various areas of human activity, the map may indicate the following:

  • Health in this period may deteriorate due to reduced immunity. Perhaps the development of the disease in a hidden state, the negative consequences of which will manifest itself later.
  • In the sphere of relations, a band of scandals and quarrels is coming. Between loved ones may be a complete misunderstanding of each other.
  • In the business sphere in this period will also reign vanity and confusion. There is a high probability that a person will need to participate in the resolution of a large number of problems, and if he shows hesitancy and doubt, then all things can just stop. On the other hand, rigidity and uncompromising will also not lead to a positive result.

This card represents an apathetic and insecure person. Sometimes it indicates that a person is in a state of apathy, tension, or simply is afraid of something.

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