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Tarot Wands Five — Card Value

On the map of the Five of Wands are depicted young people who hold staffs in their hands. There are a variety of interpretations of this card. Perhaps young people are engaged in construction or are planning to jointly solve a variety of problems to overcome the obstacles of life, or are preparing for a real battle.

The inner meaning of this card is that a person needs to direct all of his negative energy into a creative channel.

Tarot Wands Five - Card Value
Tarot Wands Five - Card Value

In the direct position, the Five of Wands symbolizes the occurrence of problems in real life and the constant struggle with them. Moreover, the struggle will occur both external and internal.

The map indicates that you need to show the will and get rid of the old unnecessary links that inhibit a person and do not allow him to successfully move towards the goal. In this life period, you can be in the center of intrigue and gossip.

Very often, even in the seemingly prosperous life situation, the card indicates the person’s internal well-being. This lasso symbolizes doubt about the correctness of the decisions or the chosen path, and also focuses attention on the insecurity of a person in himself.

A kind of Five of Wands in the scenario is a warning about the onset of a difficult life period and the trials that will have to go through.

But if good cards prevail in the scenario, then, despite all the negative, this lasso may indicate profit or inheritance. And if there are a number of maps associated with the road, then soon you will need to go on a business trip.

In other vital areas for a person, it may mean the following:

  • In matters of health, no major problems should arise. But due to the fact that a person is in constant tension, physical and moral exhaustion can occur and a full rest will be required to restore health.
  • When dealing with business issues will have to face unfair competition and outright hostility.
  • In family relationships, there are strong scandals that need to be tried to pay off, otherwise they can lead to the most unpredictable events, up to divorce.

The card represents gambling people who enjoy the constant struggle. She indicates that the person is surrounded by competitors.

Quite often, people who fall into the given arcane are engaged in various types of martial arts.

Value of the Five of Wands cards upside down

In the inverted position, the Five of Wands also symbolizes struggle and competition, but less aggressive. Very often she points to the gambling character of a person and warns against excessive waste. If the court or justice appears in the layout next to this card, then you can count on success in the judicial proceedings.

Also, this combination may portend that suddenly new horizons will open up before a person.

When there are a lot of negative cards in the layout, then in real life there will be many obstacles and problems, and relationships with people around you will develop unfavorably. A very bad combination is a jester next to this lasso.

This indicates that the person himself is a source of negativity, and he commits all bad deeds completely unconsciously.

In other areas of life this card may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, despite the fact that human well-being remains stable, there is a high probability of hidden diseases amid any infection.
  • In matters of relationship, this card foreshadows conflicts and quarrels with partners. Next to the negative cards in the layout, the Five of Wands can be a harbinger of breaking off relations with a loved one. Relations with a close partner will become so tense that they will stop arranging both and the separation will be the only right way out.
  • In the business sphere there will be problems associated with the solution of various issues. And the situation can be aggravated by the lack of support from colleagues and nagging authorities. Endless conflicts can be expected for a variety of reasons.

This card represents fussy, angry and irreconcilable people, as well as those who like to experiment and take risks. It may indicate that there are secret enemies around a person.

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