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Tarot Swords Five — Card Value

The map shows the battlefield. The winner looks with a grin after the two of them who have been thrown down, who wander dejectedly in the direction of the sea coast. In the hands of a happy warrior three swords, which he took from his opponents, two more swords lie at his feet.

In the background one can see impregnable mountains, and the sky above the winner is disturbing and dark. Despite the positive mood of the central figure. Sharp lines and cool colors create the impression of anxiety and anxiety.

Tarot Swords Five - Card Value
Tarot Swords Five - Card Value

In the direct position, the Five of Swords symbolizes bad luck and bad luck in life. And most of them are tied with selfishness and the pride of man.

During this period, nothing happens and everything goes awry. The card warns that many erroneous and wrong decisions will be made.

This will wake up the internal aggressiveness of a person, which will only aggravate the life situation.

This card can be considered a sure sign that a black stripe begins in life. Sometimes this lasso can be a harbinger of victory, which will come at a very high price. Often, the card warns that a third party will win the standoff of the two.

The Five of Swords warns that in order to stabilize the surrounding life, it may be necessary to change the whole life orientation in general.

In various areas of life, this lasso may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, the card is very dangerous for sick people, since it excludes recovery. People who consider themselves healthy may feel a deterioration in their general condition.
  • In private life, we should expect betrayal and deception partner. Family life is filled with insults and reproaches. This may indicate a desire to guessing by any means to completely subjugate the partner. If the magician falls in this scenario, then it indicates that the situation cannot be reversed for the better.
  • Business relationships will be filled with intrigues that will interfere with fruitful work. A person needs to prepare morally for the fact that he will be at the center of unpleasant rumors and gossip. Sometimes this lasso in a scenario is a harbinger of bankruptcy. Weakens the negative impact of this arcane moderation card, such a combination means that a person will have, despite all the difficulties, the possibility of constructive cooperation.

The map personifies dishonest people and indicates that there are quite a few of them around the fortuneteller.

The value of the map of the Five Swords in an inverted position

In the inverted position, the Five of Swords symbolizes the restoration of justice. In addition, it indicates a person’s desire to return something from a past life, but, unfortunately, this is unlikely to succeed.

Five swords in an inverted position may also indicate a possible loss, but the negative consequences of it will be much less. Arkan warns that someone in the immediate environment is playing a dishonest game, and this ill-wisher needs to be calculated as soon as possible.

One of the unpleasant meanings of this card is the funeral. But this is not always connected with the death of a person, more often it foreshadows that it will be necessary to permanently delete any idea or event from life.

In other areas of human activity, the map may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, the card indicates that the process of recovery from a sick person is delayed. But if the Six of Swords falls next to each other, then positive changes are evident in the near future.
  • In the area of ​​personal relationships, suspicion of infidelity can be justified. Keeping relationships is almost impossible.
  • In the business sphere, the main purpose of a person will be the compensation of material damage. You should not begin in this period of new affairs, as they are doomed to failure.

The card represents slanderers and schemers. She points out that there are insincere people in a person’s environment who spread false truths about him.

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