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Tarot Sword Troika — Card Value

The map shows three swords piercing the heart. The picture is depicted against the dark sky, which is pierced by lightning. Everything looks unequivocal.

The whole image is as if riddled with pain and hopelessness. And, as you know, water symbolizes feelings, and rain — the emotional flow.

Tarot Sword Troika - Card Value
Tarot Sword Troika - Card Value

In direct position, the Troika of Swords symbolizes the life crisis. This card foreshadows that a period of conflicts and quarrels, tears and sorrows is coming in life.

If there are many other Swords next to this card, this combination may portend the death of a person in the immediate environment.

The map indicates that in the near future there will be events that will cause a sharp spiritual pain. The Troika of Swords can emphasize that a person will have to make a choice, contrary to anything. During this period, there is an acute threat of losing work.

And if the Troika of Swords falls into the alignment next to the Five of the Cups, then this indicates that a person will be in this life period without any support from outside.

In various spheres of human life, this lasso can mean the following:

  • In matters of health, the card predicts a deterioration in human well-being, and the reasons for this may be very different. Sometimes, the map indicates that minor surgical intervention is required to solve a health problem.
  • In personal relationships, the card portends a break in relationships. Perhaps the reason for this will be the third. But if there are positive love cards close by, then it gives hope that tensions with a partner will soon pass and it will be possible to find compromise solutions to solve the problems that have arisen.
  • In the business sphere, there is a period of bad luck. Here the card is an indicator that the planned deals will fail for reasons beyond the control of the person. Also, the Troika of Swords may indicate that the fortuneteller will have to do work that he does not like at all.

This lasso can personify the unfortunate person who is in a stressful state. Also this card can symbolize a widow or widower.

The value of the card Troika of Swords upside down

In the inverted position, the Troika of Swords symbolizes the end of a painful life span. But at the same time, the person continues to feel pain, and the soul still feels havoc.

This card warns you need patience to put things in order. We will have to exert maximum efforts and gather our will into a fist in order to make the right decisions during this period.

Any rash act may delay the stabilization of affairs for an indefinite time.

In different areas of human activity, this card may indicate the following:

  • In the area of ​​health there is a significant improvement in overall health. Particularly favorable this lasso for sick people, as it portends a systematic recovery. But next to negative cards — this card may indicate the development of mental illness, so a person may need the help of a psychiatrist.
  • In private life, this card in an inverted position also heralds a break with a partner, but it will be softer. The situation may arise so that people who are nearby for a long time may simply part because the feelings have cooled down.
  • In the business field, Troika Swords foreshadows very large scandals that may even be reflected in the media. Also, this lasso indicates that the working team has very bad relationships, so you should not count on the support of colleagues.

This card represents a person who can survive even in the most difficult life situation. This map also indicates that there are people around the fortuneteller who have experienced difficult times, but have been able to draw from this useful life lessons for themselves.

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