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Tarot Sun — meaning card

The map shows a large sun with a face, symbolizing the vitality of a person. It is located in the center of the firmament, and its bright rays illuminate the tranquil earthly landscape. Moreover, the direct rays symbolize the masculine and the wavy — the feminine.

It personifies harmony in the surrounding world. Also on the image are directly symbols of the sun — sunflowers. There is a wall in the background, and in the fore there is a little boy riding a horse.

He has a wreath of flowers on his head. The whole image is permeated with peace and joy, to which any person is drawn.

Tarot Sun - meaning card
Tarot Sun - meaning card

A Sun card in a straight position is considered one of the best cards in the scenario. It symbolizes the bright side of life, and also indicates the true rebirth and active life position of a person. In this scenario, this lasso is a harbinger of a life period filled with joy and happiness.

Life will be prosperous, and good luck will accompany a person in all his affairs.

The positive energy of a person in this period is so strong that he will be able to transfer its part to close people, thus creating a favorable atmosphere around him. This card indicates that you can change jobs or change housing.

Such changes in life will pass unnoticed and only improve the quality of life. In such a life period, the exams will be passed successfully, and the vacation will bring joy and allow you to fully relax.

In the most diverse spheres of human activity, a calm and stable period will come.

In particular, the map may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health absolutely should not worry, a surge of energy and strength will help cope with any ailments. All diseases will recede, and the person will feel just great;
  • In the personal sphere, a period of love and enjoyment of relationships with a partner has begun. No disagreements are outlined, and an atmosphere of complete trust will reign in the relationship. This time is ideal for happy marriages. Friendly relationships will also be strong and sincere;
  • In the business field, you can expect career growth and large profits. The financial situation will constantly improve. And it is very important that during this period there will be a good friendly atmosphere in the team that will allow you to work in pleasure.

This card personifies the open and charming people with whom it is very pleasant to communicate.

In the inverted position, the Sun map indicates partial success in business and temporary problems, but, despite this, it does not change its positive interpretation. She emphasizes that, despite the stability of life, real success can only be achieved after serious efforts. And you just have to accept the fact that hopes and dreams will not be fully realized.

Sometimes the Sun card in the inverted position warns that the realization of the plans is hampered by the excessive self-confidence of the person, and his arrogance.

In conjunction with certain cards, this lasso indicates that you should not rush, but you need to be patient and wait. But, unfortunately, a person who is not ready for this can get depressed than hurt himself even more.

Quite often, such a card is a harbinger of petty troubles of a domestic nature, but they will not be critical and will not affect the fate of a person in general.

It is necessary to prepare for failures in various fields in order to minimize their negative consequences.

So the map may indicate the following:

  • In the area of ​​health, the exacerbation of chronic diseases that are not critical for overall health and will not lead to temporary disability. This period is unfavorable for conceiving a child.
  • In the sphere of personal relations, there are minor quarrels and quarrels, which can hardly cause separation. Very often, this card symbolizes the period of grinding partners.
  • In the business sphere — on temporary obstacles to the goal, which will have to be overcome, spending a lot of strength and energy on it.

The card personifies an over-confident person, whose natural trait of character is boasting. Sometimes she points to people in the environment of a person who are not able to listen to the opinions of others.

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