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Tarot Star — Card Value

The map shows a nude beautiful woman with thick long hair, who bent over the water surface of the lake. It symbolizes the feminine.

In both hands, the young woman has a jug from which water is poured onto the ground and into the reservoir. Seven white stars shine in the blue sky, which symbolize the seven chakras. But the brightest and biggest star of yellow color is in the center.

It is this star that is guiding, it symbolizes the optimism and hope of every person living on earth.

Tarot Star - Card Value
Tarot Star - Card Value

In a straight position, the Star card is a very good sign. She is a sign of hope and perspective. The Star card symbolizes a lot of promising possibilities of the person himself, real and very necessary help from outside.

The star is considered a sign of good fortune, happy and peaceful life. This lasso that fell in the scenario foreshadows creative luck and pleasant events.

The card gives hope that soon it will be possible to translate the cherished dream into reality. This lasso can be considered a sign that the life span of bad luck is over.

The Star card encourages a person to enjoy the happy period to the full. You need to try to wake the frozen feelings in your own soul and demonstrate to the world around you all the beauty of your natural personality.

During this life period, a person’s soul is awakened by faith in life, and he defines new life priorities for himself.

In different areas of life, the map may indicate the following:

  • In the area of ​​health there is a significant improvement in overall health. A new surge of energy and strength will contribute to recovery. There is a high probability during this period of conceiving a child;
  • In personal life, everything will be very successful. For men who dream of the second half, there is a high probability of meeting the woman of their dreams, with whom harmonious and trusting relationships will be built. Existing love will only be strengthened;
  • In the business sphere, there will be changes for the better. The financial situation is stabilizing and there will be visible trends towards a significant improvement in the material condition.

The star map in a direct position personifies a talented and inquisitive person. Professions that these people choose may be associated with creativity.

In addition, in the desire to know the world, they can often become healers, astrologers, researchers in various fields.

In the inverted position, the Star card symbolizes unfulfilled dreams and a collapse of hopes. At the same time, some opportunities were missed due to the fault of the person himself, and some due to certain external reasons did not find their embodiment.

For people of creative professions, this lasso may portend a creative crisis.

Such a map can describe the everyday situation in real life. For example, a person next to him will find a traitor.

Sometimes the Star warns that the desired is accepted as real. And it may happen that a person simply does not have enough physical and mental strength to achieve the goal. Such a map in the scenario indicates a pessimistic mood.

Very often, a Star in an inverted position indicates that the person will not pass the exams or will not pass the interview when applying for a job.

In other areas of human life, it may indicate the following:

  • In the health sector, there may be a deterioration in the general condition. This may be due both to excessive suspiciousness against the background of pessimism, and to the actual development of serious diseases;
  • Personal relationships may break down due to deception. But it may also come to the understanding that they have become obsolete;
  • In the business sphere, with high probability, we can expect the collapse of plans and hopes. They can be avoided if you have enough strength to overcome all the obstacles that will appear on the way to the goal during this life period.

This card represents a pessimistic person, possibly in a state of deep depression. She may also warn that a hypocritical deceiver has appeared in a person’s environment.

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