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Tarot’s Wheel of Destiny — value cards

The center of the map shows the Wheel of Fate with eight symbols. It can rotate with great speed and symbolizes the Universe, which can collapse and re-create. Any turn of the wheel of fortune changes the fate of people.

The card indicates that everything in life is considered transient. On top of the wheel is a blue sphinx, which continuously monitors the actions of a person.

On four sides of the wheel are guarded by five golden creatures. This is a man, an eagle, a bull, a lion and a serpent.

All of them, except the snake, are depicted with a book and have wings. Holds the wheel below the creature in red with the head of a dog.

Tarot's Wheel of Destiny - value cards
Tarot's Wheel of Destiny - value cards

This card in the direct position symbolizes luck in a person’s life. It means that the turn of fate will open a new stage of life. The Wheel of Fate is always a good sign, it foreshadows good luck and positive changes.

Very often the card focuses a person’s attention on important events in his life and on the need to prepare for them. It may also indicate that all difficulties have been successfully overcome and the bad luck has ended. The Wheel of Fate draws attention to the fact that in this life period it is better not to interfere with the course of events.

Even if something bad happens, it will eventually lead to a better life.

The literal interpretation of the map is to predict possible journeys filled with positive emotions. Sometimes the card falls into the hands of immediately before buying a vehicle.

For gambling people, the card can be a harbinger of a big win.

But in any case, the Wheel of Fate foreshadows new opportunities and affects a variety of areas:

  • For health, such a map is not a good sign, it indicates problems with the gastrointestinal tract and focuses attention on the need to urgently take measures to stabilize the digestive system. Vision problems may also occur. But one should not be particularly upset, since all the pathological states during this period are easily removable and do not pose a threat to health.
  • In matters of personal relationships, this card symbolizes new acquaintances and meetings, but says nothing about their further development. Existing relationships are stable and they are not threatened.
  • In the business field, the card foreshadows a period of random luck, it is possible to constantly make profits of various sizes. Sometimes the Wheel of Destiny foreshadows very useful business contacts that will have a positive impact on the business.

This card personifies independent people who often become leaders. But besides this, she points to the fact that there are adventurers and players surrounded by man.

Map value Wheel of Fate upside down

In the inverted position, the map of the Wheel of Destiny symbolizes complete stagnation in life. It foreshadows failures and bad luck, which can lead to a negative turn of life events.

Sometimes it is interpreted as a precursor of positive events that will occur in the distant future. The Wheel of Fate indicates that you need to be patient and wait.

And also recommends not being very optimistic and gullible. In a certain scenario, the card can symbolize ordinary life without any surprises.

You should not treat this card as a bad omen. The Wheel of Fate always reminds us that life is changeable and the black stripe cannot last forever, everything can change in an instant.

In other areas of human activity, the map may indicate the following:

  • Health in this life period will not bring any surprises, it will be stable. That is, a person is not threatened with serious diseases, but on the other hand, the sick will not be able to recover.
  • In personal life also no changes are outlined. The card may indicate a karmic connection of partners. But at the same time, relationships are different routine and boredom.
  • In the business sphere there may be mistakes and failures. The solution of many issues will be delayed due to circumstances beyond the control of a person. During this period, you can not risk and quit your job, as you will hardly be able to find a new job soon. It is also not recommended to start new projects.

The card represents unlucky people and symbolizes the period of stagnation or decline. In this regard, it is necessary to find time for a quiet pastime in order to reflect on the meaning of life.

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