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Tarot Rods Quartet — Card Value

The map shows people coming out of the fortress. In their hands they hold bouquets that are raised high above their heads and are going to participate in the celebration.

This card is associated with long-term plans and carries a bright positive dynamics of life.

Tarot Rods Quartet - Card Value
Tarot Rods Quartet - Card Value

In the straight position of the Four of Wands, a very positive map. She foreshadows victory and triumph, greater profits and good health. As a rule, it appears in the scenario, when the next life stage is over and the first positive results appear.

Very often, the card is a harbinger of material well-being.

This card has no negative interpretations in the upright position. She can, as heralds pleasant domestic events, for example, a campaign for a gala concert, and success in larger matters, for example, when buying property.

In general, such a card in the scenario symbolizes prosperity and comfortable life. If there are a number of maps pointing to the road, then it may very well be that someone from the family members will leave their home and begin an independent life.

The card emphasizes the fact that the life period has come, which allows you to get benefits from your own experience and transfer your knowledge and skills to others, from which to get real pleasure.

In various areas of life, the map may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, a period of health and compulsory recovery for sick people begins. Next to the map Confidence, this lasso indicates that a person prefers to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • In private life, such a card in combination with other positive cards may portend a marriage. If there is a Deuce of Swords next to this card, then reconciliation with a loved one is to come. In addition, this card is a harbinger of a great honeymoon.
  • In the business field in all endeavors will be accompanied by luck. During this period, you can count on a good material reward. If a person is looking for a job, then good luck will surely smile at him, and he will find a decent job with a good income.

The card represents happy and satisfied people. Sometimes it indicates that the person is on vacation.

In addition, it always emphasizes a person’s confidence.

Value of the Quartet of Wands card upside down

In the inverted position, the Four of Wands symbolizes stagnation in business and suspension on the way to set goals. Sometimes she points out that, despite all the efforts, the person fails to get closer to the goal.

Very often, this lasso accentuates a restless state of mind and becomes a harbinger of life disappointments.

If positive cards are in the alignment next to the Four of the Wands, this combination may indicate the need for rest or that the goal has been achieved at an incredible price. Among the everyday issues that this card points to, there may not be enough good quality service in places of recreation.

And also this lasso can foreshadow a move from the parental house, and the parting will be rather sad.

In various areas of human activity, the map may indicate the following:

  • Health during this period may be slightly shaken. But it can be associated with mild colds or temporary disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Against the background of worsening general well-being, a short-term depression can occur.
  • In matters of relationship, the card can be a harbinger of frustration in a partner. In private life, you will have to make an effort to avoid parting with your loved one, and the prerequisites for this may be very different. Sometimes this card is a harbinger of delaying the marriage.
  • In financial matters, there is complete stagnation. About very often, his reasons may be indulging a person’s own desires. And for a job seeker, an unfavorable period has arrived and, most likely, he is facing temporary unemployment.

The card personifies a very slow person by its natural character. Sometimes she points to an unscrupulous worker.

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