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Tarot Queen of Swords — value cards

The map shows a woman who, in her appearance, resembles an angel of a ruler. Her head is crowned with a crown, and in her right hand she holds the sword pointed up.

Her left hand is extended in a welcome or commanding gesture. The features of a woman are different severity.

The throne on which the concentrated and proud queen sits, is located against the background of cumulus clouds.

Tarot Queen of Swords - value cards
Tarot Queen of Swords - value cards

In direct position, the Queen of Swords emphasizes the strength of a person’s natural character. It indicates the sharpness of the mind, which allows you to quickly and adequately assess the events occurring in reality.

If the Priestess falls next to this card, then it emphasizes that a person’s advancement and emancipation lead to the fact that he forgets that sometimes you have to listen to your own intuition. He always and everywhere subordinates his feelings to the mind and this very much prevents to perceive the world around us in all the variety of natural colors.

If this lasso falls out in conjunction with the Priest, then it indicates that charity is alien to man and for kindness there is no place in his soul, and his whole life is based solely on a rational approach to everything.

In various areas of life this card may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, the map is neutral and has little to say. It simply indicates that there is a good medical specialist in a person’s environment who can be consulted.
  • In matters of relationship, this card symbolizes an equitable and fair union. Partners respect and value each other. For a single person, such a card indicates that he is very afraid of tying the knot and appreciates his own independence. With such a lasso, like the Tower, Justice, the Emperor and the Four of Wands, this lasso can foreshadow a divorce.
  • In the business field, the map indicates that the work team has an experienced employee who can always give practical advice. If this lasso falls next to the magician, then this is a hint to the fact that the time has come to bring your own ideas to life.

The card most often personifies a lonely strong woman. Also such a lasso indicates that there is a woman surrounded by a man who never gives in to emotions.

Quite often she is a successful businessman.

The value of the Queen of Swords card is upside down.

In the inverted position, the Queen of Swords symbolizes cunning, deceit and cruelty. This card may indicate that a person misuses his own intelligence. This card often appears in the hands of vengeful and petty people.

As a rule, the person to whom this lasso fell out has the goal of manipulating other people and, moreover, it gets pleasure from it. Quite often, the Queen of Swords in an inverted position symbolizes fanaticism.

In the event plan, this card can be a harbinger of unpleasant news. And if the lasso fell next to the Double of Wands, this indicates a lack of development prospects.

In combination with Justice, the card may warn that a person may have problems with the law.

In other areas of life, the map may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, the lasso warns that someone is trying to harm human health. Therefore, to listen to the advice of «good people» in this life period is hardly worth it.
  • In private life, the card emphasizes that the relationship with a partner is insincere and based on lies. Chances are that a rival or rival will interfere in the couple’s privacy. The union of two people is falling apart and it can hardly be saved.
  • In business matters, the card indicates that a person misunderstands events at work. Very often, this card indicates that nobody supports the guessing person in the team, and he always stays alone with his problems.

This card represents the evil woman who spreads gossip. Very often she became angry with the whole world because of her grief.

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