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Tarot Power — Card Value

The map shows a girl, next to which is a lion. The woman is dressed in a light flowing white dress, over her head is a sign of infinity. The lion is depicted in such a way that it hardly resembles the formidable king of beasts, rather, a little gentle kitten.

A woman plays with a lion and opens her mouth with his hands, without thinking about the possible consequences. This card displays the strength of the human spirit, which is given to him by nature and allows you to resist any adversity.

Tarot Power - Card Value
Tarot Power - Card Value

In a direct position, this card emphasizes a person’s self-reliance and the resilience of his natural character. When the map of Strength falls in the scenario, it means that a person in this period is able to cope with any difficulties and obstacles that will appear on his way to the goal.

This is a sign that they are waiting for endurance tests, which will be successfully passed. Moreover, it is important to understand that you should not look for external assistance; it will be much more efficient to use internal reserves.

The cunning and perseverance of a person will help to cope with any problems.

The card symbolizes man’s courage and purposefulness, emphasizes his ability to control himself and restraint, faith in his abilities and ability to control his instincts.

When a map appears in the chart, it may portend positive changes in all spheres of human activity:

  • In the field of health, one can note the excellent state of health, a surge of energy and strength, which are very important for new beginnings;
  • In the field of personal life, everything is going very well. Partners are connected not only physically, but also spiritually, harmony and harmony reign in their relationship. But this card does not foreshadow marriage;
  • In the business field, the card predicts that a person will be able to establish very useful contacts with influential people, which will contribute to his successful promotion through the ranks. His work and efforts will be well rewarded. Entrepreneurs may enter into very lucrative contracts.

Such a map represents active people, full of energy and the desire to create. They usually have a lot of natural talents, and they have developed intuition.

The main occupation of such people is often sports or arbitration, and often they choose professions related to animals.

In the inverted position, this map indicates a lack of internal strength in humans. It symbolizes egoism, weakness of character and inability to understand oneself. In some cases, the map indicates the manifestation of such human qualities as cowardice, pride, vanity and aggression.

In addition, very often this is a sign that a person is dependent on alcohol.

In life there comes a period when the use of their own power does not bring anything good. This can only provoke discord and a violation of harmony in the outside world.

There are no positive changes in the aquatic life sphere, as follows:

  • After the card falls in the scenario, a person must pay attention to their own health. During this period, various diseases can develop, and that is very dangerous, the forces to fight them may not be found due to weakened immunity. Very often, the disease can develop against the background of nervous disorders. Chance of injury;
  • In personal relationships, the card foreshadows conflicts and quarrels. It may also indicate the sexual impotence of a person or the fact that a person was subjected to an energetic attack in the form of a love spell;
  • In the sphere of business relations, there is a period of bad luck. The card advises to let go of the situation and not to deal with troubles, since any aggression on the part of a person will only aggravate his situation. Very often, the card Strength in an inverted position indicates a large material expenditure.

The card personifies an aggressive person by its natural character. Such a person does not know how to properly distribute their own forces, and therefore rarely becomes successful.

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