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Tarot Justice — Card Value

The map shows a woman in a simple red mantle. On her head is a crown. In her right hand she holds a sword that symbolizes the truth, and in her left hand — scales, personifying the importance of logical thinking.

The eyes of a woman are wide open, she sees everything and notices everything. This card emphasizes the dual nature of truth: accuracy and rigor.

The internal meaning of this symbol is that you need to do everything in all fairness and with full responsibility.

Tarot Justice - Card Value
Tarot Justice - Card Value

This map in the straight position symbolizes the search for balance in life. It may also indicate that the person has found the right solution to their problem.

Sometimes the card that falls in the scenario, warns that you need to use the advice of a wise man. For a person who has a serious conflict situation waking up. Justice is a sign that the conflict can be resolved through peaceful negotiations.

But at the same time, a person must necessarily exercise caution and ingenuity.

Very often, the card foreshadows legal problems, but in this life period all legal proceedings will have a positive resolution. At the same time, a person should remember that he is not always able to get exactly the result he expected. Very often, this card falls in the hands before exams or other tests.

The Justice card fully places the responsibility on the person himself for his actions.

Its impact on other areas is:

  • In the field of health, no negative changes are foreseen, his condition is fully consistent with age and lifestyle.
  • In the sphere of relationships, the map indicates that the relationship can be fixed, but it can be both a marriage and a divorce. Sometimes the card foreshadows a fateful acquaintance.
  • In the business field, the map indicates the presence of stable work, and also predicts that there may be problems with the law, which will require litigation. During this period, it is very important to clearly present your tasks and follow the rules of the game so that you do not have to pay bills.

The card represents a fair person and a good specialist. The most common professional occupation of such people is jurisprudence.

Value of the card Justice upside down

Map Justice upside down symbolizes ambiguity and injustice. She points to the loss and cruel blows of fate, most of which are well deserved. There comes a period when a person in his business for a variety of reasons reigns complete chaos.

Very often, such a card falls into the hands of people with authority, in which case it indicates that the person is abusing his position and warns that it may end very badly.

In addition, the card may indicate a hard character of a person, which does not allow him to show compassion for other people. It is because of this that those around him consider it selfish.

The card can also emphasize a formal attitude towards its duties.

In other areas of human activity, the card may symbolize the following:

  • Undermined health or weakened immunity. This can lead to the development of the most serious diseases that will have to be treated for a long time. It is very dangerous if this card in an inverted position falls together with death cards. This increases the risk of death.
  • In personal relationships, the card is a harbinger of parting with a partner. During this period, the probability of entering into an official marriage is zero. It is also very often that the card indicates that in family relationships, strength prevails over weaker family members.
  • At work, relationships with colleagues may deteriorate, and a person may also cause anger of management or other officials. And if legal proceedings arise, decisions will not be made in favor of opponents.

The card represents an unjust person who misuses his position. It may also indicate that there is a slanderer in the person’s entourage who dissolves gossip and rumors and is not going to apologize for them at all.

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