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Tarot Hermit — Card Value

The map shows an old man wearing a gray monastic cloak with a hood. He stands on the road, leaning on a staff, and, with his head bowed, he lights his way with a lantern. He holds his right hand.

And it becomes clear that no matter how dark it is around, a person will not go astray. The staff symbolizes knowledge, which is a real life support for each person. The very image of an old man who found the meaning of life in solitude symbolizes wisdom and maturity.

This map reflects the desire for self-knowledge and the search for the essence of being.

Tarot Hermit - Card Value
Tarot Hermit - Card Value

This map in the direct position reflects the harmony of the inner world of a person and his desire to comprehend the spiritual truth. She focuses on the need to move away from the rush of the world and plunge into the spiritual world in order to understand yourself. In practice, this means that a person needs at least a few minutes a day to retire and engage in meditation.

Very often, to get such an opportunity, you have to sacrifice something.

For a person who wants to understand his inner world, there comes a period of asceticism and it is very important to accept it with understanding. Sometimes the Hermit indicates that there is a long journey or vacation in solitude.

When starting a business during this period, you need to be patient and make any decision based on your own intuition.

The map has an impact on all spheres of human activity:

  • Health during this period will be very good and stable. But because of its essence, the Hermit calls for moderation in food, which will allow to cleanse the body. Hardening treatments will be helpful for health promotion;
  • The main task in the field of personal relationships is to understand yourself. The hermit recalls that, in order to maintain a harmonious relationship, you need to learn to give in to each other. But in the layouts for love, this card is not considered successful, as it pushes for loneliness;
  • In the business sphere, the card symbolizes the stable position of a person, but at the same time, one does not need to count on improving the financial situation during this period, although it remains stable.

This card represents a spiritual person. Perhaps there are a lot of people near a person who have deep knowledge and can give the necessary advice in time.

Very often, these people choose the profession of a doctor or become healers.

In the inverted position, this card symbolizes forced loneliness. Most often, it is associated with their own resentment or punishment.

Also, the Hermit in this case focuses on the fact that a person does not want to listen to the advice of wise people and does not have enough patience to achieve what they want. Around, during this period, deception and lies may reign. This can lead to the fact that hopes can be lost and the life path outlined by a person goes to a dead end.

The hermit in the scenario may portend the loss of a loved one.

The effect of the map in the inverted position on other areas may be as follows:

  • In the field of health, a deterioration in the general condition of a person is planned. Often, problems are associated with pathologies of the musculoskeletal system or the urogenital system. There comes a period of weakening of immunity, which increases the risk of infection by airborne droplets;
  • In matters of personal life, the Hermit warns of possible unrequited love. In addition, in the existing relations, quarrels and conflicts are brewing, connected with the unwillingness or inability to yield to each other;
  • In the business sphere, the card foreshadows the onset of the period when it will be necessary to perform routine and uninteresting work. This is the time at which forced reorganizations may occur, which may lead to the need to search for a new job.

This card represents an ignorant and stupid person who is not able to listen to reasonable arguments. Usually it indicates that there are many irresponsible people in the environment of a person.

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