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Tarot fortune telling “What does he think of me? «- a simple deal

Tarot divination “What does he think about me?” Shows what your elect thinks about you, how he feels about you, and how he intuitively treats you.

Tarot fortune telling “What does he think of me?

Before the alignment it is important to guess the name and surname of the chosen one, as well as to fully concentrate on his image. Three cards are used for the hand. A fuller interpretation of the attitude of your loved one to you can be obtained if you carry out Tarot divination “What does he think of me?” With a full deck of cards.

But if you are a beginner, then you can treat the alignment using a truncated Tarot deck containing only Major Arcana.

Of course, Tarot’s divination “What does he think of me?” Requires an intuitive approach to interpretation. But in addition, you need to take into account the basic interpretations that are listed below.

In the first position, the map indicates what your elect thinks of you, Senior Arcana may indicate the following:

  • Jester Full satisfaction with the partner.
  • Mag. High assessment of the partner’s abilities and sincere recognition of his skill.
  • Priestess. Appreciates your wisdom.
  • The Empress Appreciates your femininity.
  • The Emperor. Your relationship is possible only with the complete subordination of the partner.
  • Priest. About common interests, which will close with a partner.
  • Lovers. The coincidence of interests in many areas of life.
  • The wagon. Compatibility of characters.
  • Strength. Attractive qualities are the ability to plan.
  • Hermit. Unwillingness to share their own thoughts and interests.
  • Wheel of Fate. Euphoria from communicating with a partner.
  • Justice. Strong dissatisfaction with partner behavior.
  • Hanged. Lack of sense to continue the relationship with a partner.
  • Death. Feeling the impossibility of communication with a partner.
  • Moderation. Trust and honesty.
  • Devil. Suspicion and fear in relation to the partner.
  • Tower. The need to break the relationship.
  • Star. Euphoria based on strong love feelings.
  • Moon. The impossibility of overcoming the contradictions that arise when dealing with a partner.
  • The sun. Misunderstanding of the partner.
  • Court. The desire to start a new relationship.
  • World. The desire to strengthen the relationship with a partner.

Tarot fortune telling “What does he think of me?

In the second position, the map indicates what feelings your chosen one feels for you, Senior Arcana can indicate the following:

  • Jester Full confidence, but at the same time the relationship will not go beyond the usual flirting.
  • Mag. Mutual understanding and mutual support.
  • Priestess. Understanding.
  • The Empress Love and loyalty.
  • The Emperor. Unwillingness to compromise and desire to lead a partner.
  • Priest. Respect for the partner and his full acceptance with all the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Lovers. Sincerity and honesty.
  • The wagon. Full understanding with a partner.
  • Strength. Calm attitude that allows you to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of the partner.
  • Hermit. Closure
  • Wheel of Fate. Full understanding and satisfaction.
  • Justice. Conflict, aggressive behavior, anger and hatred for a partner.
  • Hanged. Complete disappointment in the partner.
  • Death. Strong dissatisfaction with a partner and a desire to constantly conflict with him.
  • Moderation. Harmony and sexual satisfaction.
  • Devil. Extremely selfish behavior in everything in relation to the partner.
  • Tower. Aggression and disappointment in the partner.
  • Star. Friendship. Love and care.
  • Moon. Distrust and fear partner.
  • The sun. Greater tensions with a partner.
  • Court. Sympathy, which can be the beginning of the emergence of sincere feelings.
  • World. Complete self-sufficiency next to a partner.

Tarot fortune telling “What does he think of me?

In the third position, the map indicates how the choice of the subconsciously applies to you, Major Arcana can indicate the following:

  • Jester Spiritual and physical intimacy, which contributes to the ease of relationships.
  • Mag. The desire to move together towards the goals.
  • Priestess. Completeness and full satisfaction with the relationship.
  • The Empress The desire to care for a partner and complete satisfaction with the relationship.
  • The Emperor. The desire to dominate the partner.
  • Priest. Impresses with intellectual compatibility with the partner.
  • Lovers. Kindness and responsibility for the partner.
  • The wagon. The desire to go through life is near.
  • Justice. Attracts a material approach to life.
  • Hermit. Lack of spiritual intimacy and unwillingness to make contact.
  • Wheel of Fate. Admiration partner.
  • Moderation. The desire to break the relationship on the background of strong sexual desire.
  • Hanged. The feeling of a crisis in relationships.
  • Death. The desire to apply physical abuse in a relationship.
  • Strength. Love and kindness.
  • Devil. The desire to use a partner is dishonest.
  • Tower. Regret unfulfilled hopes.
  • Star. Admiration partner.
  • Moon. The desire to change the partner.
  • The sun. Anger and anger.
  • Court. The desire to know the partner more deeply.
  • World. Hope that it will be possible to build a mature relationship with a partner.

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