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Tarot fortune telling men about me

Women very often guess on the Tarot cards about the attitude of a beloved man towards them. Tarot divination on the attitude of a man to me using 12 cards is considered one of the most reliable. It has the name «Love situation».

In this fortune-telling, both the full Tarot deck and its truncated version with the Senior Arcana can be used.

Tarot fortune telling men about me

Tarot divination on the attitude of a man towards me requires a certain attitude from the questioner. You must be in a very calm state.

In addition, you should try to visualize the elect. Before laying out the cards from the deck, you need to pull out the Priestess card, it is she who during this fortune telling is the significator.

After that, you should carefully shuffle the deck and clearly ask the question: “How will the love relationship with (name of the chosen one) evolve?

Guessing on Tarot on the attitude of a person provides for the following layout:

  • In the middle is laid out the significator, which is the Priestess card.
  • To the left of the significator, 1 and 2 maps are laid out, which respectively denote the questioner’s true desires and an indication of the reasons that prevent him from coming true.
  • To the right of the Significator a 3 and 4 card is laid out. Accordingly, the values ​​of the cards indicate what needs to be done to be with the chosen one, and what can help with this.
  • Above the significator, a map is placed 5, which indicates external circumstances that cannot be changed.
  • Under the Significator, a 6, 7, 8 map is laid out in one row. They respectively indicate that from the past questioner affects the relationship with the elect, on the state of the relationship in the present time period and what should be avoided now so as not to harm.
  • Lower still again lay out 9, 10 and 11 cards. They respectively indicate the relationship of the chosen one to the questioner, his intentions and actions in the near future.
  • Even lower in the middle is a 12 card, which symbolizes what this situation will be resolved.

Tarot fortune telling men about me

Despite the fact that divination to tarot of a person’s attitude provides for the use of both a full and truncated deck of cards, Major Arcana are of great importance.

In this regard, in order to simplify the interpretation, the following are important interpretations of the senior Arcana in love lists:

  • Jester points to dreams of ideal love that does not exist in nature. The card can be interpreted as a chance to find true love.
  • Magician always foreshadows for women the beginning of a new relationship. For a man, the card emphasizes strong sexual energy.
  • Priestess — the desire to build a perfect relationship, which is not always easy.
  • The Empress promises a solid relationship. But at the same time for a man such a card means that he is in the image of a beloved woman, he seeks to see the mother, who is holy for him.
  • The emperor It is treated similarly to the previous lasso, but only in this case the map is more important for the woman, as it indicates that she is looking for a strong patron in her elect.
  • High priest — it is a symbol of true love, which can be complete if it meets the standards of morality existing in society. Often the card symbolizes marriage.
  • Lovers— it is a lasso symbolizing the awakening of sexual energy, without which it is impossible to imagine true love. Very often the card foreshadows new love.
  • Wagonforeshadows victory in love, but does not guarantee the purity of feelings.
  • Strength indicates that a love relationship with the chosen one will reach its peak in the near future.
  • Hermit warns that before you enter into a love relationship, you need to understand yourself.
  • Wheel of Fate heralds the beginning of a new cycle of love relationships. This card is especially important in a love situation, after a relationship crisis.
  • Justice — balanced relationship card.
  • Hanged indicates psychological problems that interfere with building relationships with the chosen one.
  • Death heralds the end of a love relationship, but gives hope for the emergence of a new bond.
  • Moderation foreshadows the harmonious development of relationships.
  • Devil symbolizes the desire of a person to get a minute pleasure.
  • Tower foreshadows a change in relationships.
  • Star may refer to the restoration of old ties, and the beginning of a new relationship.
  • Moon symbolizes that the questioner is looking for a congenial partner.
  • The sun indicates a full and completely harmonious relationship.
  • Court The card indicates that changes are needed to maintain relationships.
  • World symbolizes that a relationship will succeed if the questioner so desires.

In the inverted position, the values ​​of any Major Arcana can be attenuated. In some cases, the interpretation may be reversed.

That is why, deciphering the love situation, you must listen to your own intuition.

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