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Tarot forecast for the week from 5 to 11 February

Tarot forecast for the week from February 5 to February 11

Tarot forecast can help you change your life for the better. Thanks to the alignment, you will have the opportunity to exclude troubles and negative factors from life that block your path to success.

Each prediction made with the help of the tarot deck of aftermath helps to plan in a timely manner, change them and get round the trap of fate. Experts of the site dailyhoro.ru present you the next hand for the week. With it, many Zodiac signs can achieve well-being.

Luck in life is as important as knowing what awaits at the next turn. Stay on top of change to be prepared for any circumstances. Tarot cards provide an opportunity to learn about upcoming events, so carefully study the Arcana.

Only you can fully discover their meaning.

Aries this week will be tested. The first «Devil» card indicates your vices or bad addictions, from which it is worth freeing yourself in the near future. Training willpower will allow you to abandon the path to self-destruction and start a new path filled with meaning and joy.

This is indicated by the «Star» card, according to which the representatives of your Sign will be able to find a way to well-being, without being exposed to dangers and deception.

At the end of the week, representatives of the Fire Sign will be left alone for a short while. The «Hermit» card indicates the need to think out a plan for further action to the smallest detail in order to realize your ideas without delay.

Taurus should prepare for dramatic changes in life. The “Tower” card for you will become the starting point for a new life, because the old stereotypes of this Arcana are crumbling, cases are completed, giving way to new deeds and actions. On the “Chariot” map you are expected not only trips, but also more important events related to the change of activities, possible relocation to another city or even a country.

On the map «World» ideas and cherished desires are fulfilled. This positive Arkan promises Taurus an approximation of happiness and good luck. Judging by your situation, the beginning of the week will be stressful for you, but on weekends you will be able to relax and just enjoy life.

Immediately, two cards in the scenario indicate to Gemini that their life in some way will depend not only on themselves, but also on outsiders occupying a high position in society. The «Emperor» and the «High Priestess» are positive Arcane, but you may have difficulties with differences of opinion. Be careful not to make mistakes, and learn to find compromise solutions, otherwise you will not be able to realize all your ideas.

The «hermit» symbolizes the ideas that you are willing to implement. You will need privacy to think through a plan of action. Reflections will help the Gemini to avoid mistakes and implement ambitious projects.

For Rakov, the week will begin with a reflection on their actions and an awareness of the need to get rid of the negative factors that prevent them from developing. «The hermit» says that you need a break to cope with the shortcomings and habits that lead to self-destruction. About these habits persistently reminds Arkan «Devil». You will have to struggle, but ahead of you will succeed.

«High Priestess» reminds the Cancers of the need to maintain family ties. This week, a close female person who has influence on you will help you cope with troubles. Be careful, because your reciprocal help will be needed soon.

Lions at the beginning of the week need to chart the path that they will take without turning. «Chariot» promises changes that will break into your life. Whether they will be prosperous depends only on your strategy. «Moon» warns about hidden pitfalls, as well as people who are behind your back trying to change your fate. Be vigilant, otherwise you will be drawn into intrigue.

On the «Tower» card, your life will undergo changes that may seem cruel and irrational. However, over time, you will realize that change for the better, and everything that is left behind will give you experience and will not allow you to make the same mistakes.

Virgin between February 5 and 11 will be able to win respect and honor. The “Magician” card says that you can safely take up large-scale projects, express yourself, and also lead teamwork that will bring you great satisfaction and material profits. According to the Arkan «Sun» you will enjoy success, the long-awaited reward, which you won with honest work.

Victory may be overshadowed by gossip behind your back.

The Justice card will restore your credibility, undermined by gossip, and you will be able to fully enjoy the victory, both physical and moral. However, be careful, because your high position can generate envy from ill-wishers.

Scales from the very beginning of the week will have to plunge into the cycle of events. The Chariot Card is responsible for optimism and a desire to act, it literally pushes for the need to develop for your own good. On this card, success comes to hardworking people and able to make quick decisions.

The “High Priestess” card pays attention to trifles and is responsible for assistance from loved ones. This means that every possible help will bring you good luck.

«Hanged» in your scenario has a double meaning. This card is positive and points to two aspects: the desire to rest and let go of thoughts and the warning that a long stay in a state of blissful peace can negatively affect your well-being.

Scorpio tarot forecast promises significant changes. The Chariot Card symbolizes the transition from one state to another, which means that the representatives of your Mark will face the need for change in life. Your courage and desire to achieve well-being will be the key to success. «Peace» speaks of harmony and inner peace.

Scorpios know what they want from life, and therefore they can achieve everything they planned, methodically and without hassle.

The «hermit» speaks of the need for spiritual development and improvement. At first glance, the card represents loneliness and immersion in oneself, but for Scorpios it is a call for internal changes that will help overcome a lot of difficulties and withstand the blows of fate.

Sagittarius this week should not hurry. On the card «Moderation» you are waiting for the temptations and adventures that can not be surrendered. To succeed, Sagittarius will have to find a compromise between their desires and responsibilities. «Hanged» in the scenario indicates the need for reflection. This map is positive, but cautions against surface thinking.

You need to be attentive to any details in order to achieve success.

«Lovers» promise a choice that is worth making in favor of their development. The case will concern not only the business sphere, but also personal life. Remember that your close people also need attention, so the work should not take up all your time.

For Capricorns, this week of February will be unusual. It will begin, judging by the alignment, with drastic changes. The “Tower” card symbolizes the crisis, which is designed to put everything in its place. Inevitable changes happen on this map, which help to get rid of doubts, see what is happening around and choose the right direction. “Peace” in the situation of Capricorns speaks of inner harmony.

On this map, difficulties are overcome easily, and goals are achieved without complications.

The «court» calls for action. Moving forward on this map begins, and the delay will negatively affect development. Capricorns will have to engage in the struggle for their well-being.

For Aquarius week starts harmoniously. The «Empress» card is a positive Arcane, which answers yes to almost any question asked. The «High Priestess» indicates to Aquarius the need to pay attention to any little things that can help in the struggle for happiness.

«Hermit» in your scenario symbolizes the need for privacy. Representatives of your Sign, it is important to move away from the hustle and bustle, to choose the direction that will be for you the main way to achieve what you dream.

Pisces will be involved in active life from February 5th. «Wheel of Fortune» gives a warning about changes that you can not prevent. This card is expected to be active and move forward, so it is important for Pisces to calm down and submit to their fate. «Moderation» indicates a harmonious development of events, but it is important for you not to turn off the path. Adventures and thoughtless actions can jeopardize your happy future.

The “Strength” card says that Pisces have the necessary inner strength and the will to win. On this map, people are able to take the blows of fate, to stand under the pressure of environmental factors and to achieve well-being, subject to diligence and diligence.

The balance of the tarot gives the opportunity not only to know the near future, but also to build the right strategy. Use the Arcana that fell to you so that your life will always be filled with meaning, and minor troubles could not break the will to win. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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