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Tarot divination on the situation and its outcome

Divination of the Tarot situation will get rid of uncertainty. With it, you can choose the right path to the goal. There is a huge number of different layouts.

Below are the most popular layouts that can guarantee reliable divination, even if you are just starting to learn the basics.

If you decide to use fortune telling on the Tarot cards for a situation, then purchase a new deck of cards and make sure that it is never touched by someone else’s hands. It is very important to choose a place for storing cards, for example, it can be a beautiful box made of wood. Periodically, the cards need to be taken out and placed in such a place that the first rays of the sun fall on them.

In order for fortune-telling on a situation to open it up completely and give a hint what to do, you need to use the entire deck.

Tarot divination on the situation and its outcome

Alignment on the causes of a particular situation

Divination of the Tarot on the situation in this case is performed from the full deck of cards. Before you begin to guess, you should be aware of the life situation that you want to clarify for yourself.

After that, you need to carefully shuffle a deck of cards, then, squeezing it in your hands, press it to your chest.

Alignment is formed of three rows, it uses eight cards, which are laid out as follows:

  • 1 card is laid out in the first row and is at the far right. She describes the source of the problems that affect the situation that interests the questioner.
  • 2 card is laid out in the second row directly below the first card. He describes how the situation is developing at the present time.
  • 3 card is laid out in the second row on the left side of the second card. It indicates which internal factors may influence the situation.
  • 4 card is also laid out in the second row, but only on the right side of the second card. She points to what external factors can influence the situation.
  • 5, the card is laid out in the second row on the left side of the third card and completes the formation of the second row, which contains four cards. She describes what the questioner needs to take in order to solve problems that negatively affect the situation.
  • 6 The card is laid out in the first row directly above the fifth card. She points to unexpected events that may arise during the development of the situation.
  • 7 the card is laid out in the first row between the first and sixth cards and is the final one. That is, there are three cards in the first row. She describes how the situation is resolved.

If, after interpreting such a scenario, it is not possible to clarify the situation, then an additional 8 card will need to be drawn, which is laid out in the third row directly under the third card and finally clarifies the situation.

Tarot divination on the situation and its outcome

Divination of the Tarot situation requires detailed familiarization with the values ​​of the cards. This can be done in a special section of our site. More powerful in the scenario are the Senior Arcana.

A deck of tarot cards contains 22 such cards.

The basic interpretation of such cards is relative to the situation, which should be clarified as follows:

  • Jester indicates that a person has the ability to control the situation. It is very good if such a card falls next to positive cards, because it symbolizes the simplicity of solving existing problems.
  • Magician It helps to choose the right solution, so the value of this card needs to be deciphered in great detail. And definitely if this card falls with a priest, then you can count on help and support from the side.
  • Priestess appeals to reasonable actions that will turn the situation in the right direction.
  • The Empress carries the feminine and adjusts to the fact that you need to listen to your own intuition. Next to the positive Junior Arkans, the map indicates that the situation can be resolved in pure ways.
  • The emperor talks about the chance that will allow you to control the situation.
  • High priest emphasizes the leadership qualities of a person.
  • Lovers — it is possible to resolve the situation will help your loved one.
  • Wagon emphasizes personal influence on the choice of the right decision.
  • Justice indicates the need for a fair decision, may also emphasize the desire to compromise.
  • Hermit warns you need to be careful and wise. If a priest falls out with this card, this indicates that a mentor will appear in life, whose tips will be very useful.
  • Wheel of Fate indicates a successful resolution of the situation.
  • Strength indicates the internal potential that needs to be used to resolve the situation.
  • Hanged indicates that, perhaps, a person will have to sacrifice something to change the situation in the right direction.
  • Death personifies future changes, but if the card falls out with the Priestess, this indicates that no one can be trusted.
  • Moderation almost always symbolizes mutual understanding, love, stable health.
  • Devil warns that in order to learn how to manage a situation, you need to re-evaluate values.
  • Tower warns of worsening cases.
  • Star— a card that gives hope for positive changes.
  • Moon emphasizes the confusion and only in combination with other cards can you understand the reason for this.
  • The sun— is a card of complete harmony and success.
  • Court indicates internal anxiety and a desire to find new ways to solve problems.
  • World indicates that you need to overestimate your own desires.

Junior Arcana emphasize the values ​​of older Arcana, thus:

  • Many Rods in the scenario indicate that you do not need to give in to emotions.
  • Many Swords in the scenario symbolizes fear and the need for support from the outside.
  • Many Pentakley in the scenario indicates that the situation has a weighty material background.
  • Many Cups foreshadow problem solving on a sensory basis.

The above interpretations are basic. Guessing on the Tarot cards on the situation like reading a book, for the correct interpretation of the alignment must take into account the smallest nuances.

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