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Tarot Divination «Love Triangle» for treason

Tarot divination «Love Triangle» is very popular. The purpose of such a fortune-telling rite is to clarify the situation as to whether betrayal took place in the life of partners. Also, cards can tell whether the chosen one has a mistress.

And finally, it is very important that Tarot’s divination “Love Triangle” will prompt the right way of behavior, which will help maintain relationships with your loved one.

It is not recommended to use layouts on a love triangle just like that; for this, suspicions of partner’s dishonesty must arise. Otherwise, according to experienced magicians, you can lose your happiness.

Tarot Divination

Since divination of the Tarot «Love Triangle» requires an intuitive understanding of the layout, it is very important to properly prepare. You should know that for love divinations the best days are considered Thursday and Friday, and it is not recommended to guess on Monday or Sunday.

You should also consider other tips about the time of divination at the Tarot «Love Triangle»:

  • The results of divination will be unreliable if the woman performs the alignment on critical days.
  • In order not to disturb the fate of the magicians do not recommend guessing minors and pregnant women.
  • It is necessary to perform the balance in a balanced and calm state in complete solitude, focusing on the image of a partner.
  • It is necessary to create a suitable atmosphere in the room in which divination is planned to be carried out using candles for this.
  • Indoors it is necessary to exclude any factors that can distract from the process of divination, that is, it is better to remove all communication equipment and pets.

The most reliable and simple divination with the use of Tarot cards is considered to be a hand, which uses the full deck, including the Major and Minor Arcana. For the deal, 21 cards are used.

Before conducting a fortune telling, you should carefully shuffle the entire deck of cards, and randomly pull out the specified number of cards from it, putting them in the form of a triangle, each side of which should contain seven cards.

The cards need to be interpreted comprehensively:

  • The base of the triangle will describe the presence of the fact of betrayal and focuses on the state of relations between the partners.
  • The right edge of the triangle describes the feelings of a guessing partner.
  • The left edge of the triangle focuses on the feelings of the chosen one.

It is important to pay attention to the senior lasso, who fell in the scenario. Their significance is key, and an interpretation of the whole deal should be built around them.

Tarot Divination

After the breakdown, interpretations may be as follows:

  • Jester Fleeting passion, flirting or fleeting romance, which can sometimes pass unnoticed by a partner.
  • Mag. Temporary cooling of the feeling could provoke treason. Most likely, the partners both want to break off relations, but none of them is the first to decide on this.
  • Priestess. Insincerity of the relationship. Constant feeling of jealousy and distrust of the partner, sometimes not confirmed.
  • The Empress Sincere love based on mutual trust. Often the card denies treason completely.
  • The Emperor. Communication, based on the desire to manage relationships. An unequal alliance in which, most often, a woman suffers. Partners hold together material issues, so the probability of betrayal is very high.
  • Priest. More friendship than love. Mutual trust and respect. Deep spiritual connection.
  • Lovers. Pure love, based on absolute trust partner. The card denies treason.
  • The wagon. Partners are connected very much, so they seem to be in a closed circle. Constantly quarrel and reconcile. That is, even a betrayal, most likely, will not destroy the relationship.
  • Justice. Partners are married or close to it. Therefore, suspicions of treason can be a big blow. And if the fact is confirmed, they are unlikely to be able to maintain the relationship.
  • Hermit. Not very strong relationships and feelings. Unwillingness to compromise on any issue.
  • Wheel of Fate. A recent acquaintance. Addictive to each other. Infidelity will certainly lead to the collapse of the relationship.
  • Strength. Spiritual harmonious relationship. The card almost always denies the presence of treason.

Tarot Divination

The younger Arcana, in interpreting the Love Triangle, emphasizes the values ​​of the Senior Arcana. Their values ​​can be found in a special section of our site.

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