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Tarot divination for treason and betrayal of a loved one

Life always becomes unbearable when in the soul there are suspicions that the partner changes. Guessing on the Tarot cards for treason will allow you to confirm the guesses or refute them.

Tarot divination for treason and betrayal of a loved one

Tarot divination, which can help determine adultery, requires a special attitude. It is important to prepare not only yourself, but also a deck of cards.

They need some time to hold in your hands and warm your own breath. Then you should carefully consider each card, laying out the arcana alternately in front of you.

Next, you should refer to the deck of Tarot cards, in any form, mentally asking the cards to clarify the situation for you. It is necessary to visualize the image of the person on whom the divination will be conducted and pronounce his name.

Conducting divination rite is necessary only at home, all alone. It is important to remember, you need to carry out the alignment on the table, which you first need to cover with a clean tablecloth.

You also need to take care of creating the appropriate environment. It is best to conduct divination when the candles are lit.

In addition, it is necessary to turn off all household appliances and artificial lighting, which will interfere with the focus.

Alignment to treason involves the use of a full deck of cards. That is, it should consist of 22 Elders and 56 Junior Arcana. Divination on the Tarot cards for treason should be carried out not only by treating each card in the scenario, but also by listening to your own intuition.

In the process of divination, eight cards are used, which are displayed in certain positions.

They are treated as follows:

  • The card in the first position is located at the top and indicates your subconscious attitude to the chosen one.
  • Cards on the second and third positions are located slightly below the first card on the left and right side. Moreover, the left card indicates that aroused suspicions of treason, and the right card describes how things are with the partner at the current time.
  • Cards in the fourth and fifth positions are located side by side in the third row of the hand. It is the fourth card that refutes or confirms the fact of betrayal. The fifth card predicts how the fact of betrayal can be reflected in your relationship. If the betrayal is not confirmed by the fourth card, then the decoding of the fifth card should be omitted.
  • The map in the sixth position is laid out below and indicates what actions should be taken in order to prevent betrayal in the future and how to improve shaky relationships.
  • Cards in the seventh and eighth positions are located in the last row slightly below the card in the sixth position on the left and right side. The left card indicates your relationship to the partner in the near future, and the right card focuses on how your partner will treat you.

Tarot divination for treason and betrayal of a loved one

Divination on the Tarot cards for treason is not very easy to interpret just because you need to use a full deck of cards. This means that you need to first get acquainted with the values ​​of the Senior and Junior Arcane. This can be done by going to a special section on our website.

But it is very important to know which cards indicate the presence of treason.

Confirm the betrayal of the chosen following arcane in the layout in the fourth position:

  • Ten of Swords always appears after the betrayal of a loved one. But besides this, she emphasizes the attention of the reader that the pain will pass and a new life period will begin, in which there will be no place for the person who betrayed you.
  • Seven of Swords indicates that the partner is trying to hide something from you. But this may not be a fact of betrayal, but momentary dedication, which can pass on its own. Therefore, you need to carefully look at the behavior of the chosen one and show the wisdom that will save the relationship.
  • Troika Cup in an inverted position, it is always confirmed by the fact that there is a rival between you and your chosen one. You need to prepare yourself for the fact that the truth will soon open and it is important that it does not take you by surprise.
  • Magician in the inverted position indicates the insincerity of your partner. And it is she who makes you suspect a possible betrayal. In fact, maybe it was not. But with such a person to build a strong relationship is unlikely to succeed.
  • Moon in an inverted position symbolizes secrets and reticence in a relationship. You should not chop off the shoulder and seek to find out the relationship with the chosen one immediately. It is necessary to show caution and prudence. It will take some time to sort out the relationship and decide on a shared future.
  • Eight of Cups always indicates that your partner is cheating. He does not want to part with you, but he cannot deny himself the pleasure of being on the side.
  • Devil indicates that your partner has succumbed to the temptation or has a desire to assert himself on the side, succumbing to fleeting passion. In addition, this card symbolizes the fact that the partner can no longer be trusted.
  • Priestess in the inverted position — a clear indication that your chosen one has a mistress. This is a very experienced woman who will be very difficult to resist.
  • Court in an inverted position indicates that the partner is very sorry for his mistake, which is treason. Think about it. Perhaps one should not force him to confess in order to maintain the relationship. The map indicates that there will be no repeated error in the near future.
  • Tower warns that adultery will have devastating consequences for the relationship.
  • King of Cups symbolizes that the betrayal happened from the «boredom» of the partner. Therefore, it is necessary to review the relationship with the chosen one and draw conclusions.
  • Two Swords indicates that the elect does not really value your relationship, therefore he changes you with ease. In this case, most likely, the rupture of relations will occur without serious consequences.

The probability of betrayal increases if combinations of the above cards appear in the scenario.

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