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Tarot divination for the year and upcoming events

Tarot fortune telling for a year is considered a New Year fortune telling, because it is at this fabulous time that a person has a desire to find out what will happen to him in the coming year. One of the most popular divinations is the “Panorama of the Year” layout.

Using it you can get the most accurate forecast for the coming year in all spheres of human activity. You can spend Tarot divination for a year at any time, but not more often than once every six months.

It is very important to set up correctly and remember that the accuracy of the information that Tarot cards provide will largely depend on your belief in magic.

Tarot divination for the year and upcoming events

For this scenario, you should use a deck consisting only of Major Arcana. Total will need to decompose 16 cards.

It is noteworthy that when interpreting drawn cards, one should take into account the tips that are provided in the descriptions of map values.

Senior Arcana are laid out in four rows of four cards and their positions, which correspond to the order from left to right.

They are treated as follows:

  • The first card deciphers the situation in the field of finance.
  • The second card predicts possible events in the business sphere related to the change of profession, the organization of their own or new business.
  • The third card describes relationships with friends and colleagues.
  • The fourth card reveals the events of the coming year, which are connected with the family relations of parents and family.
  • The fifth card predicts the state of health for the coming year.
  • The sixth card tells what to expect in the coming year in the sphere of love relationships.
  • The seventh map predicts opportunities for recreation and entertainment.
  • The eighth map indicates possible trips, which can be associated with both travel and business trips.
  • The ninth card warns of possible troubles associated with rivalry and competition.
  • The tenth card describes possible life changes and indicates which spheres of life they can touch.
  • The eleventh card focuses on possible obstacles and difficulties on the way to the goal.
  • The twelfth map indicates the connection of the events of the past life period with the upcoming events of the new year.
  • The thirteenth card warns of the inevitable events that will occur in the coming year.
  • The fourteenth card gives advice on what needs to be done to make the new year as successful as possible.
  • The fifteenth map predicts the direction of the new year as a whole.
  • The sixteenth card is considered a card of fate.

Tarot divination for the year and upcoming events

Tarot fortune telling for a year is different in that in terms of interpretation, it is important not only to decipher each individual card, but also to understand the combination of the individual cards that have fallen nearby. Some examples of interpretations are given below.

So the Fool in the first position and the Magician in the second position influence each other very much. They can be interpreted as changes in the business sphere, connected with the deceptive ideas of the questioner and his irrepressible impulses during the year.

This combination does not bode well for the financial sector. And if such a combination falls in the third and fourth positions, then it indicates that the relationship with colleagues and close people will be even, but life will be filled with routine.

A very bad card in the scenario is Death, which in any position significantly worsens the forecast. Especially bad combination of Death with the Tower, in the fourth and fifth positions, it foreshadows that the questioner will have to face death or there will be a significant deterioration in their own health.

The Moon card changes the interpretation of other cards and leaves an imprint of doubts and sometimes failures. This card already by itself in the scenario indicates the emotionality of all possible events, so it is very important not to go into the world of illusions, but try to perceive the world around us as it is.

For example, falling near the Jester in the first and second positions, we should expect monetary losses associated with business incompetence.

A wagon next to the cards in all positions indicates that the questioner chose the right path. A very good combination of the World and the Sun in any position.

It foreshadows success in the described sphere of life and good relations between people.

Thus, interpreting the alignment of the Tarot cards on the events of the coming year, you need to listen to your own intuition and study the meaning of the cards very deeply. With all the descriptions of the Major Arcana can be found in a special section of our site.

It is very important when conducting fortune telling for a year to use a deck of cards that you previously used in other fortune telling. Such cards are already charged by your energy, so there is a high probability that the information obtained from them will be reliable.

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