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Tarot Divination for love and heart bindings

Among the huge variety of different divinations for love, divine rituals using Tarot cards are considered the most reliable. To do this, it is advisable to acquire a new deck of cards and carefully read the interpretation of each card, as well as the main combinations of cards in a special section of our site.

Immediately before fortune telling, you need to hold a deck of tarot cards in your palms, pressing it to your chest.

Tarot Divination for love and heart bindings

Guessing love on the Tarot cards is always best done independently, but you should not think that you need to grasp the cards for any reason. Tarot divination for love will be credible only if you really are in a dead end and sincerely want to get answers to questions concerning your relationship with a partner.

You should know that Tarot divination for love should be carried out in a balanced calm state. You can not lay out Tarot cards after a quarrel with a loved one or in a state of emotional arousal.

You also need to remember that you do not need to be afraid of the fact that a bad card fell out and, moreover, to shift it. It is necessary to try to find a positive in the interpretation of the card, and if this fails to be done, then it is necessary to draw conclusions on how to change your behavior in real life.

Tarot divination for love «Seven Stars» is a very beautiful divination ceremony. He uses in cases where it is necessary to predict the relationship with a particular person, that is, first it is necessary to make a guess of the name of his chosen one and visualize his image.

To lay out the first card is laid out in the center, and around it from the bottom position of the card are laid out in a clockwise direction.

In terms of their positions, the cards in the chart indicate the following:

  • The first, the central card is called the star of love, it indicates what kind of relationship in the near future you are waiting for with your chosen one.
  • On the left side of the star is a danger star, it indicates obstacles and suggests what should be avoided.
  • Above it is the star of the fortuneteller, it symbolizes his thoughts.
  • Above is the star of the future, which predicts the events of the near future.
  • On the right side above is the star of the chosen one, which symbolizes his thoughts.
  • Below it is the star of luck, indicating that it will help strengthen relations with the chosen one.
  • The bottom card on the right side is the star of the secret thoughts of the fortuneteller.

Divination for love on the Tarot cards on the layout Gebo is very popular. With it, you can predict the development of relations between two lovers. Five cards are used for the hand.

First two cards are laid out on the top, and then two cards are on the bottom. In the center between them is laid out the fifth card.

The cards located on the right side relate to the feelings of the partner, and the cards to the left symbolize the feelings and thoughts of the fortuneteller. The map in the center is a nexus and describes the attitude of two people.

Guessing for love on the Tarot cards on the layout Gebo involves the use of only the Senior Arcana.

Tarot Divination for love and heart bindings

Jester Completely unfavorable card, which focuses on the illusiveness of love feelings. For the fortuneteller, she can personify his dreams of a beautiful prince.

In the inverted position, this card symbolizes fatal love.

Mag. This card may herald the beginning of a new relationship.

In the upside down position, this card indicates that a person has an inflated self-esteem, and he will try to manage a partner, which will not allow creating harmonious relationships.

High Priestess This card symbolizes spiritual love. For a man, such a card means that a woman can awaken love in his soul.

And for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, the lasso can foreshadow a meeting with a strong personality.

The Empress This lasso indicates a strong relationship, but in an inverted position, this card symbolizes that a person is stuck in household chores and cannot assert itself.

The Emperor. This card is similar to the previous one symbolizes a strong and reliable relationship.

In the inverted position, the lasso points to problems in the sexual sphere.

High priest. The card is a harbinger of true sincere love for many years.

This is a very important arch, when divination is carried out for a believer, because he foreshadows marriage and a strong union that endorses the church. It is noteworthy that, in an inverted position, this card does not acquire a negative meaning, but emphasizes tolerance and the desire to find compromises in all situations.

Lovers. This lasso symbolizes the awakening of the sexual energy of a person, without which love feelings cannot be complete.

In the upside down position, the map denotes unrealizable dreams.

The wagon. This card indicates that it will be possible to build a love relationship, but whether it will be pure love in the future is in great doubt.

In an inverted position, the card symbolizes promiscuous sex or homosexual tendencies.

Strength. The map indicates that in the near future love relationship will reach its peak.

In the upside down position, the lasso symbolizes various difficulties and obstacles that will interfere with the construction of love relationships.

Tarot Divination for love and heart bindings

Hermit. The map, both upright and upside down, indicates that the love relationship is unlikely to be built until the person loves himself.

Wheel of Fate. This map in a direct and inverted position is a harbinger of the beginning of a new stage in love relationships.

And in any case, the changes will be significant.

Justice. This lasso symbolizes a stable and equal love relationship based on the respect and trust of partners to each other.

In the inverted position, the card warns that due to certain external factors, the balance in the relationship may be upset.

Hanged. A very unpleasant card, which, both in a direct and upside-down position, foreshadows the occurrence of problems between partners and very often they are associated with sexual disorders.

Death. A map in any position predicts the end of a love relationship, but at the same time gives hope for a new love.

Moderation. The map indicates harmony in all spheres of human relationships, but in an inverted position predicts their ending in the near future.

Devil. Arkan in any position symbolizes momentary passion and indicates the absence of sincere love.

Tower. The map indicates the unpredictability of the development of relationships.

Star. Arkan gives new hope and is especially relevant in the case when there was discord between the partners.

In the upside-down position, the map symbolizes lost opportunities for building relationships.

Moon. The map emphasizes the uncertainty of the relationship, which will depend on a large number of external factors.

In the inverted position, the lasso denotes the instability of relationships.

The sun. The card indicates strong love, but in an inverted position it can predict a crack in the relationship.

Court. The map indicates that you need to diversify sex life.

World. A map of prosperous and stable relationships, but in an inverted position it can be a precursor to the decline of relations.

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