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Tarot Devil — Card Value

In the center of the map is the devil, in front of which there are two small figures of a man and a woman chained to him. They point out that there is always a close connection between people and the devil.

Moreover, people may simply not realize that they will easily be freed from the shackles if they wish, they are simply used to them. Above the head of the devil is an inverted pentagram, which in this position is a symbol of black magic.

The devil himself reflects the dark essence of the human soul.

Tarot Devil - Card Value
Tarot Devil - Card Value

In a straight position, the Devil card symbolizes dependence and restrictions. Due to the prevailing external circumstances, the person will not be able to move towards the goal.

Such a card symbolizes deceived hopes due to limited opportunities.

Very often, when a card falls into a scenario, it focuses a person’s attention on harmful addictions and bad habits. It is the passion for gambling, alcohol, drugs that creates the restrictions that do not allow to develop and move forward.

If a person does not seek to change, then devastation and hopelessness will come to him.

Sometimes the Devil points to a strong dependence of a person on material goods, and also to the fact that man does not have enough maturity to manage his own life independently. It may well be that after the appearance of the Devil in the scenario in real life there will come a period of temptations that it will be very difficult to resist.

It is very important in reality not to get involved in any adventure and not to use your position in order to manipulate other people.

In various areas of life, the map may indicate the following:

  • In the business sphere, an improvement can occur only if a person moderates his ambitions, otherwise the probability of punishment for excessive greed is great. Also, the card foreshadows office romance;
  • In the area of ​​health, there may be a deterioration in general well-being and the reason for this will be the lack of measures and excessive attachments;
  • In the matter of personal relationships, the card indicates that one of the partners is strongly dependent on the other. Such relationships can hardly be called love and they are always a burden.

The card personifies a selfish person. Very often, it symbolizes people who have material goods elevated to first place in life.

Perhaps a person is surrounded by many greedy and petty people.

In the inverted position, the Devil card can be interpreted in two ways. Most often, it is a sign of liberation from addictions in life and inner fears.

Sometimes, with this interpretation, the card indicates a person’s refusal of material benefits in favor of acquiring spiritual knowledge.

But in a certain scenario, the Devil may symbolize a person’s indecision and weakness, his excessive thirst for enrichment. Maybe in this life period a person seeks power at any cost. But this is the wrong choice, and fate can dispose of it in its own way, despite all the efforts.

Most likely, in life there is a situation that will have to choose between money and happiness.

In various spheres of life, the map may symbolize the following:

  • In the field of health, the map foreshadows the development of serious diseases. Moreover, their cause can very often be the effect of enemies at the energy level: damage or the evil eye;
  • In the professional sphere, things will not be well formed. If a person does not exercise reasonable caution in conducting commercial transactions, then very large financial losses are possible;
  • In the personal sphere, the card symbolizes a dead end situation. Most likely, it turns out that the partners are not spiritually compatible, and the parting can be very difficult. The combination of the chariot card and an unparalleled alliance is evidence of this.

In the upside-down position, the Devil card represents evil and suspicious people. But sometimes, it may indicate that a person is surrounded by people who have been able to free themselves from internal fears, but they can be somewhat dangerous due to their unpredictability.

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