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Tarot Cup Six — the value of the card

The map shows a boy who gives a girl a bowl with a flower in it. The boy is standing in the garden near the old cozy house and is dressed in clown clothes. In the courtyard there are five similar bowls.

The whole picture as if brings us back to childhood and gives hope that all childhood dreams come true in adult life.

Tarot Cup Six - the value of the card
Tarot Cup Six - the value of the card

In a direct position, the Six of the Cups symbolizes the renewal of old ties, and sometimes the old friendship or love. A person has a very harmonious life span.

In addition, this card indicates the generosity and generosity of a person who strives to make all people around him happy. This lasso symbolizes the life span, when all the adversities are left behind and the influence of all destructive factors is eliminated and worked out. Man begins to dream and make plans.

At the event level, this card foreshadows gifts and receiving good news.

If Nine Cups falls next to this card, this indicates that the person again receives full satisfaction from life. The combination with the Magus hints that the time has come to realize the old plans may have been long forgotten. If the Six of the Cups falls in the alignment with the Force, then this heralds the beginning of the period of self-improvement.

When this lasso falls near the Moon, this indicates that a person will meet true love in the near future.

In various spheres of human life, this arcane indicates the following:

  • In matters of health, the card foreshadows possible healing from old ailments.
  • In private life there is a high probability that a person will restore the previous relationship with a partner. This lasso often describes a situation when a meeting with a former loved one happens by chance, but after a single glance, people will realize that all this time they have not forgotten each other and decide to start all over again. And I must say that in this life period they will be able to forget the insults and forgive each other. Also get to establish family relationships.
  • In the business sphere, much will have to be restored, but a person can count on the help of colleagues and old friends. Sometimes this card foreshadows a job change. If next to this lasso in the layout falls the Emperor, then this combination emphasizes the attention of the person that at the moment he needs to devote a lot of time to work.

The map often personifies old friends. In addition, it may indicate that there are dreamers surrounded by man.

The value of the map of the Six Cups in an inverted position

In the inverted position, the Six of the Cups indicates that the person cannot adapt to the circumstances of the outer life. It may indicate obsession guessing on existing problems.

This is what leads to life stagnation and the inability to move forward.

Very often, the lasso reflects the desire of a person to burn bridges behind him in order to evade responsibility. The card appears in the layout if the matured child dreams of quickly leaving the parental home. Sometimes the Six of Cups is interpreted as a desire to forget the events of the past life.

In some cases, this card foreshadows that the planned events will occur much earlier and this will cause trouble and problems.

If this lasso falls in a pair with Nine of Wands, this indicates a loss of life ideals. In combination with the Five of Swords, the card focuses on the cynicism of a person, which could be caused by experienced humiliation or aggression.

In various areas of life, this arcane indicates the following:

  • In the area of ​​health, the card foreshadows the return of old diseases or the occurrence of relapses. It is necessary to pay attention to their own health to avoid serious negative consequences.
  • In his personal life, the lasso indicates that the man of the last strength clings to the old relationship, although they have long outlived themselves. If the Devil falls out with this card next to it, this indicates that a person tends to forget something because of his own guilt. When this card falls, you should not start a new relationship, they are doomed in advance.
  • In business matters, you need to review your attitude to work and draw the necessary conclusions, which will allow you to move forward. Be sure to get rid of the negative experience and never return to it.

This lasso personifies people who aspire to live in the past and do not adequately assess the existing reality.

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