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Tarot Cup Seven — Card Value

Below on the map is a dark male silhouette that we see from the back. There are seven golden cups in front of him, which are filled with the most diverse gifts.

Cups hover in the clouds. Gifts in cups are associated with famous human temptations, which are known as the seven sins.

The card symbolizes a person’s thoughts about which cup he needs to choose. But in reality, this is just a temptation of fate, and no gift in a cup will bring happiness to a person.

Tarot Cup Seven - Card Value
Tarot Cup Seven - Card Value

In the direct position, the Seven Cups symbolizes the illusions of a person or his unfulfilled dreams. She focuses on the fact that a person lives in a fictional world, so she cannot make the right decisions.

It is this lasso that falls out in the event that a person cannot make a life choice. Most likely, he himself does not understand what he wants. Quite often, this card emphasizes such a trait of a person’s character as credulity and his tendency to be carried away by deceptive hopes or false dreams.

If the Seven of Cups falls in the alignment next to the Magician, then this indicates that in real life someone skillfully manipulates a person, and perhaps he does not even notice. Sometimes a card indicates a person’s addictions, such as gambling, alcoholism or drug addiction.

In other areas of life, the Seven Cups may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, the card indicates that, despite the absence of external signs, a disease may develop. There is also a chance of making a wrong diagnosis.
  • The personal life of a person in a given period can collapse due to the fact that he sees around himself, only what he wants and absolutely does not listen to the opinion of the partner. Sometimes this lasso symbolizes a person’s desire to realize his sexual fantasies.
  • In the business sphere, for a person, a difficult period comes due to the fact that he cannot make the right decisions. Very often, such a card falls into a scenario, when a guessing person tries to choose his future profession and cannot decide on this issue. Sometimes the lasso emphasizes dishonest business, which can be dangerous. If the card falls in the hand next to the Priest, this indicates that soon there will be disappointment in the business partner or manager.

The card personifies dreamers and visionaries. In addition, it may indicate that there is a creative person in the person’s environment.

The value of the map of the Seven Cups in an inverted position

In the inverted position, the Seven Cups indicates that all human desires are realistic and can be fully realized. There comes a life period when the fortuneteller will get everything and his perseverance will be rewarded.

The card emphasizes that a person should make a decision only after careful deliberation. It is with this approach that success in all undertakings is guaranteed.

In addition, a prerequisite is determination in the actions and active life position.

If negative cards fall out next to this Seven of the Cups, this indicates that it is likely that the person will make the wrong choice. This will lead to frustration, and sometimes to nervous breakdowns.

In other areas of human life, the lasso indicates the following:

  • In matters of health, this lasso warns that bad habits can lead to a failure in the functioning of various organs of the human body.
  • In personal relationships, a person finally starts to realistically evaluate his partner. And sometimes the truth, which he can learn, can be unpleasant. The presence of treason indicates a combination of the arcana with the Hermit. If the seven of the Cups falls in the alignment next to the Hanged Man, then this indicates that it will not be possible to restore normal relations with a partner.
  • In the business area, everything is fine. The map indicates that a person, having listened to his intuition, is able to make the right choice from several possible ones. The success of all the cases initiated is evidenced by the combination with the Troika Cup.

This card represents realistic people. It may indicate that there are good students and responsible employees in the human environment.

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