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Tarot Cup Four — Card Value

The map shows a young man who sits under a tree against a clean, cloudless sky. He carefully looks at the three cups in front of him.

In the picture from the cloud, as if the hand is materializing, squeezing the fourth cup. It is him she pulls the young man.

But the young man does not notice this, showing anger with all his appearance.

Tarot Cup Four - Card Value
Tarot Cup Four - Card Value

In the direct position, the Four Cups symbolizes a person’s displeasure with his own life. During this period, he can withdraw into himself and close in his thoughts.

This map indicates that it is necessary to revise priorities, analyze the importance of values ​​and set new life goals.

Often, this lasso indicates that the time for entertainment and fun has come to an end, and a daily routine full of routine has come. If a person is unable to restructure in time, then against this background, he may develop depression.

If the Eight of Pentacles fell out together with this lasso, this indicates that a person cannot relax and must continue to work hard to overcome the state of inertia.

If this card falls in the alignment next to the Chariot, then it warns that stagnation in life is connected with the fact that a person constantly looks back at his past. And in combination with the Star indicates that a person has lost hope for their successful further development and only close people can overcome all difficulties.

In various areas of human activity, the Four Cups may mean the following:

  • In matters of health, there may be a worsening of the general condition, the cause of which is depression.
  • In personal life, a period of routine relationships. Very often, this card falls after the honeymoon. If this lasso in the scenario falls next to the Hermit, then the person is a supporter of a lonely lifestyle and does not seek to link himself with a permanent relationship with a partner. Very often, the card symbolizes the fact that personal life does not add up due to its own unsuccessfulness and disbelief in one’s strength.
  • In the business area to be engaged in boring, routine matters. There are no prospects at work — and this can also be a cause for depression. This card recommends trying out new things. There is a possibility that in this way life will be able to diversify.

This card often personifies people who always see good in the past and do not know how to rejoice in the present. Often, the lasso indicates that there are lonely people around the person who need help.

The value of the Quartet Cups card upside down

In the inverted position, the Four Cups symbolizes that the period of returning to full-fledged life has begun. A man begins to rebuild relationships, he feels a surge of strength and new opportunities have opened up for him.

At the event level, this card may portend a party with old friends or any unforeseen event that will be associated with changes for the better. The Four of the Cups symbolizes the discovery of a second breath in a person, the map indicates that the fortune-teller has got incentives to be active.

In other areas of human activity, this card may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, against the background that depression goes away, there is a general improvement in overall health. But residual effects such as anemia or hypotension may occur. Periodically, a person may continue to feel chronic fatigue.
  • In private life, the person will seek to renew the relationship with the former partner. How much he succeeds will depend on many life circumstances. Sometimes such a card foreshadows a fateful meeting that will be a sign for later life. In the absence of a number of negative cards in the scenario, the Four of the Cups is a confirmation that a person will be able to achieve full understanding with a partner.
  • In the business sphere, human activities will be aimed at renewing the previous partnerships. In all cases, there is a positive trend. But to begin new large-scale projects should not yet. If a magician appeared in the layout next to this lasso, this indicates the presence in the life of a person, an influential person who can provide real assistance in working affairs.

The card personifies apathetic people who find it difficult to force themselves to participate in public life.

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