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Spontaneous reading

Although the clock is a man-made mechanism, the same as, for example, a refrigerator or a bicycle, unlike them, the clock has a very strong magical energy. This is due to their function of the guardian of time, which is one of the greatest and most mysterious forces in the universe.

Therefore, fortune-telling by the clock is not at all empty fun, but one of the most interesting and accurate ways to predict the near future.

Spontaneous reading

Classic fortune telling is suitable for any wrist or wall-mounted mechanical clock with hands. If you accidentally glanced at the clock and saw that the hour and minute hands exactly matched, overlapping each other — this is a sign for you. If the arrows coincided in the first quarter of the circle (from 12 to 3), then you will have an interesting meeting.

If the arrows coincided in the second quarter of the circle (from 3 to 6), it means that you will experience some kind of disappointment, a breakdown of hopes. If this happens in the third quarter (from 6 to 9) — this is a good sign, you will get an unexpected income or your wish will come true. If the arrows match between 9 and 12 — this is a bad sign, you are in trouble.

If you really can not wait, you can spend this fortune-telling «forcibly». To do this, with your eyes closed, turn the clock setting on the clock several times, open your eyes and see if the arrows match.

This fortune telling by the clock can be repeated no more than three times in a row — if the hands do not match, it means that Fate does not want to give you hints.

Modern electronic watches are also suitable for divination by the clock. In this case, not the arrows, but the numbers should match. You get the most accurate clue about the future when you see that all four numbers match:

00:00 — you should not plan something serious, you are waiting for disappointment.

11:11 — auspicious sign, you will find luck in business or a pleasant surprise.

22:22 — you are waiting for improvements in personal life.

A slightly less strong prediction is the coincidence of three numbers. Three identical numbers are interpreted as follows:

— zeros are empty chores;

— units — success in work;

— Deuces — changes for the better in your personal life;

— triples — the appearance of a rival (rival) is possible;

— Fours — the risk of illness or injury;

— the fives are the long road.

The coincidence of the minutes and hours (for example, 09:09 or 21:21) is a good sign. Most likely, your plan for today will be realized.

It is best to conduct fortune telling on the clock spontaneously, without preparing for it in advance and not thinking about it too much.

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