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Solitaire fortune telling for the near future

Solitaire fortune telling for the near future

People have always used different symbols to determine their own destiny, to look into the future and change their lives for the better. Guessing on the cards is one of the simplest and most effective methods to know the future, to prepare for possible troubles, or not to lose your luck.

Solitaire spread out, twilight and lighted candles, a woman leaning over a drawn card. All this we have repeatedly seen in the movies. However, it is not necessary to create such an entourage. It will be enough privacy, the right mood and a deck of cards, preferably a new one.

If there is none, then before the ritual it is worth sprinkling the cards with holy water and holding a burning candle over them, thereby clearing them of the old information.

Solitaire fortune telling soon

So you need total privacy. Light dim lights or use candles. Sit in a comfortable position, holding a deck of cards.

Close your eyes and tune into what is bothering you. Focus on the most important question and ask it to yourself mentally or aloud.

Shuffle the cards and draw the first card from the deck with the words «my wealth.» Then also take out the following three cards, saying: “My health”, “My love”, “My luck”. Arrange these cards in a row, then mix the deck again and draw 3 more cards, asking: “What will happen to me in the near future?”.

Place them at the bottom.

Map values

Values ​​have card suit and seniority. The higher the value, the greater its influence. Red cards mean luck, love and luck; dark — the opposite.

  • Sixes responsible for meeting and chatting. Reds promise good luck in business and personal negotiations; Black warns that it is necessary to postpone serious conversations and fear deception and slander.
  • Sevens denote friends and friendship. The Reds promise excellent friendships, the Blacks — temporary discord, quarrels and conflicts.
  • Eights — this is your personal business and development. Red points to success in business, development in your favorite business and hobby; Blacks say that you should be careful and take a break from business, gaining strength.
  • Nines show your attitude to learning and getting new knowledge. Red — information will be given easily, training will pass without problems; black ones — it is worth making efforts for mastering new material and carefully introducing them into practice, checking possible errors and inaccuracies.
  • Dozens of — this is your finances. Reds are responsible for the soon receipt of bonuses, additional payments, winnings and other opportunities for material well-being; Black warns against unplanned spending, point to some financial difficulties.
  • Jacks point to the development of affairs and making responsible decisions. Reds — there is nothing to fear, you need to develop vigorous activity; black — there may be difficulties and difficult obstacles on the way to the goal.
  • Ladies symbolize the relationship between lovers. Reds — harmony and mutual understanding, new romantic relationships, sincerity and devotion; black — family conflicts, separation, communication difficulties, gap. Call for caution in personal life.
  • Kings designate a family, close people and relatives. Reds — harmony in relationships, mutual understanding and mutual respect; black — be careful, perhaps betrayal, disrespect and discord, temporary difficulties and illness.
  • Aces — These are spontaneous decisions, risky events, adventures. Reds — Fortune is on your side; Black — danger ahead, it is worth refraining from active actions and wait out temporary difficulties.

Such fortune telling will be accurate if you know exactly what you want to learn from the cards. If in doubt, the maps will show only the big picture, giving you the opportunity to get together. Such predictions should not be dealt with often, otherwise there is a high probability that the cards will be mistaken, and you will have a losing streak for your irrepressible curiosity.

Guessing is best on days that are favorable for this — then the result will be the most truthful.

Fate can be found in other ways. Remember that your attitude and desire to fight for your happiness often change any dangerous situation for the better. Do not give up before the arising difficulties, because the harder the victory goes, the sweeter the prize. We wish you good luck and success, and do not forget to press buttons on buttons and

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