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Slavic runes: meaning and scope

Slavic runes: meaning and scope

Slavic runic alphabet contains 18 characters, which, like the Scandinavian runes, have their meaning. With the help of runic symbols one could know the fate and even protect oneself from the dark forces. The runes are used now, as their strength really helps to solve a number of physiological and internal problems.

On the Slavic runes, you can guess, but you can use them as a talisman. But in order to apply the power of these ancient symbols, it is necessary to know the meaning of each rune.

Runic symbols used in the manufacture of jewelry, accessories and jewelry. In order for the rune to become a protective amulet, you should not buy it in a regular store. It is better to make a rune yourself.

This will require natural material (wood or stone) and own blood.

Belobog (World)

The rune symbolizes the universe and the internal state of man. This is the harmony of all things. In the magical understanding of the Slavic rune world is the patronage of the Gods.

This rune is opposite to the rune of Chernobog. It has a destructive power that leads the world into chaos. It is useful to use the Rune Chernobog as a companion for the destruction of old bonds and the destruction of the usual way of life.

Rune Alatyr is the center of the world. This is the balance of the forces of good and evil, harmony and chaos. It is given to streamline all things.

This rune is the path to Alatyr, the road to balance. It is used as a talisman to achieve the goals.

Fleece Need has the magic of restriction, bondage and constraint. It binds a person and does not allow him to move on. This rune ban and bonds.

Slavic rune Krada — the embodiment of energy. It reveals the capabilities of a person and helps realize wishes. A great talisman for accomplishing the intended business.

The rune of Treba symbolizes sacrifice. It gives a person everything that he wants, but in return, requires deprivation of something.

This is the rune of power, power and strength. It contains an incredibly powerful energy that directs a person to win and achieve a goal. This is the rune of these warriors.

This rune is a natural force, life. If you want to get the patronage of the elements, then the rune There will help you with this. It gives energy and restores strength.

Rune Wind symbolizes the creative impulse. It fits creative people. With it, you can get inspiration for the realization of new ideas.

This is an exclusively female rune, symbolizing motherhood, female energy and the beginning of life. It protects pregnant women, children and gives sexuality and femininity.

This is a male rune associated with male power, passion. It protects the energy field of the representatives of the stronger sex and gives them health.

This Slavic rune is associated with water, cleansing and joy. It gives intuition and attracts good luck in all things.

This rune symbolizes the path from start to finish. This is the rune of fate, which can affect a person’s life both negatively and positively.

The value of this Slavic rune is help, support, protection. This is the strongest amulet that will help overcome any difficulties.

This is the rune of wealth and abundance. With it, you can attract good luck in all walks of life. Its main purpose is to attract money and family well-being.

Fleece Perun — is a symbol of the beginning of the movement. This Slavic Runa-Charm helps to get a business off the ground, change lives, attract change and new people.

This is a rune of stagnation of energy. It immobilizes all actions and brings all things into peace and tranquility. As a guardian, this Slavic rune will help bring thoughts in order, become a more balanced and calm person.

Using the Slavic runes for divination or as a talisman, remember that it is important to give the characters their own energy. To do this, it is recommended to draw them yourself. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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