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Slavic rune Rainbow and its value in the upright and upside down position

Slavic rune rainbow and its value in the upright and inverted position

Slavic rune Rainbow and its value in the upright and upside down position

In the rune alphabet, the rune rainbow is fourth. In its meaning lies the road to its happiness.

Agree, when a person realizes that he has chosen the right path, he is overwhelmed by an endless feeling of lightness.

But promotion to your own dream consists not only of positive moments and victories. Be prepared that you will encounter many obstacles, you will become overcome with doubts, and sharp turns of fate may even scare you.

A rainbow is a symbol of two absolutely opposite concepts — Chaos and Order. And human life consists in constant throwing between these two states.

In the global sense, a symbol is associated with the correction of all errors and the correct choice of a life path. And in the narrow — this is wise advice, which helps to cope with the pursuing difficulties.

The value of the Rainbow rune and its properties

In many ancient legends, the symbol of a rainbow personifies a kind of bridge, a transition point between two worlds. It is the link between heaven and earth: it consists of a combination of ice and flame.

Slavic Fleece The rainbow is associated with the subconscious of a person — his uncharted part. It is a cross between two different states of personality.

The first is associated with the active manifestation of their own abilities, with the desire for life, with a random movement only forward. And the second is the preservation of the energy reserve on an intuitive level.

It seems impossible to imagine that these two polarities could interact, but the Slavic sign suggests otherwise.

A rainbow allows you to stay between two streams — and achieve maximum harmony. It includes the work of the internal reserves of the individual, which makes it possible to respond to external changes in time.

Fleece corrects and behavior, and emotions, and human actions.

Our subconscious is a mysterious structure. It consists of many parts that are sometimes deeply hidden. Although we do not see this, but between them there is a close relationship.

This is what the old symbol of the Slavs says.

In the beliefs of the peoples of the world can often be found mention of the mystical significance of the rainbow. She points to the tremendous wealth hidden under the earth.

But the one who can find this treasure will have to pay in full for it.

The Bible also mentions a rainbow symbol — it arose after the Flood. When the water left the earth’s surface, the rainbow appeared as the personification of rebirth.

Life reawakened, and nature took a deep breath, and the rainbow bridge arose like hope for the attainment of the Kingdom of God.

And let this road is not easy and full of surprises, but in the end, everyone will get what he truly deserves.

Interpretation of the runes Rainbow in divination

In the fortune-telling practice, the Slavic symbol indicates your delay on the way to your cherished dream. If you had a straight rune, then soon everything will change dramatically, and you will break into the flow of events.

But the inverted indicates prolonged stagnation.

The rainbow arc is a transitional element between the world of gods and the world of people. The rune sign is patronized by the goddess Rada.

The Slavs always turned to her in difficult moments when they could not find a way out on their own. Before an important event, our ancestors offered prayers to the goddess and asked for advice.

In the rune is a fine line between consistency and disorder. As a result of this combination, an active energy element is born that is capable of performing a miracle.

Rainbow describes a cross between total peace and chaotic bustle.

Direct position of the runes

In the scenario, the direct symbol indicates the eternal movement forward. This is a sign that you are striving to achieve perfection and to unravel the secrets of your consciousness with all your might.

If you ask about the current situation, the symbol indicates that you will be traveling in the near future. The road will be good for you, you will meet many useful people. It is possible that one of them will become your best friend.

At the end of the path you will reach the goal and will emerge the winner. The gods will help you not to stray from the intended goal.

Fleece «Rainbow — this is not an endless path at all. It is a very definite way of life, with its milestones, difficulties, nuances.

This path begins at the roots of the World Tree (the rune of Chernobog) and leads through Alatyr of the three-dimensional world (rune of Alatyr) to the bright, rainbow-colored (!) Crown of the World Tree (rune of Belobog), which spreads out in the world of Prai (in Asgard, as told Old Norse shamans or representatives of the modern Asatru trend.

Of course, in this case, the term “road” means something more than a monosyllabic movement from one point to another. Indeed, in the spiritual world, lighthouses are not at all like the obvious and obvious “signs” that we meet every day in the physical (three-dimensional) world.

Fleece Rainbow indicates a state in which a person goes from Order to Chaos, renouncing fuss, clearly identifying himself as a person and fully aware of his goals and objectives. At the same time, the opposite variant of movement is also possible, from Order to Chaos, and it will also be denoted by the Rainbow rune, this will not be considered in this material within the framework of this material.

It is important that the Path, which is embodied in the Rainbow rune, has no beginning and no end, because these are not the concepts. Indeed, in the sacred, esoteric sense, Krona Yggdrasil transforms into his Roots and vice versa.

Chthonic Serpent (Jörmungand) bites its own tail, clearly indicating the cyclical nature of any process in the Universe.

Therefore, the road of which the Rainbow rune speaks can have no end, no beginning, but it has a source (potential point) and a result (final, followed by a new start). In fact, here we are talking about the embodiment in the physical world of a simple but wise principle: «Do what you must, and whether that will be.»

In the most generalized sense, the Rainbow rune can indicate the right direction, stability and harmony, in some cases — assistance in the development process (help in the Path).

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Slavic rune Rainbow and its value in the upright and upside down position

Divination> On the runes> The value of the Slavic runes> Rainbow

Scandinavian counterpart — Raido. Keyword — The road; Joy.

It symbolizes the road. A path that has no clear beginning and no end.

This is an endless advance towards the highest goal and the main way to achieve enlightenment and perfection. In Slavic mythology, Rainbow largely corresponds to the act of the goddess Rada.

She always points the right way.

The rune can symbolize a trip to faraway countries and life itself, which also resembles a long and thorny path. In most beliefs, rune means a bridge that binds the earth and heaven.

It can be crossed by a person, purified from worldly husks, able to know himself and his own strength.

Such a result is possible only if regular work is carried out on one’s own spiritual purity.

It is a symbol of endless movement, travel and positive resolution of the most difficult situations. In German mythology, it is fully consistent with the Raido rune.


At the moment you are experiencing one of the most difficult periods of your life. Leave all attempts to get the most out of the chosen type of activity.

Now the main thing is to move forward and try to keep the business afloat.

All the minor troubles will soon end: the appearance of problems is not a reason to change the general vector of development. Yes, progress is not easy, there are more and more new problems.

This is a normal process and in most activities such a stage is necessarily present.

You will have to maintain a balance between the desire to succeed immediately and the desire to give up everything started. Inner peace needs to be put in order and get rid of all panic.

Now is not the time to grieve and listen to your own Ego. Try to feel the power of movement and learn how to enjoy small victories.


You stopped on the spot and find more and more excuses. The chosen path of development turned out to be either too complicated or not effective. You do not notice the helpful tips and instructions of more experienced specialists.

It seems to you that the case is hanging on the edge of the cliff and will sink into the abyss from minute to minute.

You will have to forget about a two-dimensional world without winding paths and fragile bridges. Before you — the future, which is associated with this glass hinged bridge.

Above it is a rain of stones and sharp fragments, on the edge is success and prosperity.

Decide: will you remain in the world of illusions and continue to play hide and seek with your problems or will you take a step forward towards your dream? You need faith: in your own strength and a positive result.


Ahead of you waiting for work associated with frequent movements. A large number of business trips will adversely affect family relationships.

It is best to warn your soul mate about such changes in the work in advance.

If you are planning a long journey, you should know: it will be successful and cloudless. Chances of promotion or cardinal change of occupation are high.

Do not be afraid of change: they will bring high wages and positive emotions from communicating with the new team.


Scheduled business trip can be darkened by sudden troubles. It is better to postpone the trip, in which you were planning to go, or to prepare for the occurrence of minor problems.

It is better to postpone all undertakings in your own business until better times.

Despite promises of good prospects, you will spend time and money in vain. Review the chosen development strategy: it may be a weak link that you did not notice earlier.

Prepare several alternatives and minimize possible risks.


The habitual situation is bad for your health. Native walls no longer help: they crush from all sides and deprive the last drops of oxygen.

Throw all the small things and problems — you need a good rest.

The best option — a trip to the resort town or sanatorium, which treats your disease. If this is not possible, a trip to relatives and friends will fit perfectly.

This may be a grandmother’s village or a cottage located in a dacha cooperative.

Fresh air and rest will improve your health and add vitality.


Your health condition may deteriorate from day to day. The entire available supply of forces has long come to an end.

Now is the time to choose a light diet and remember the prevention of exacerbations of your chronic disease.

Intense loads are contraindicated: try to transfer part of the work to your colleagues or take a vacation at your own expense. Symptoms of exhaustion have already manifested, but you did not notice them in the background of intensive workload.

If you do not do prevention today, you may need inpatient treatment tomorrow.


In the near future, you will find an affair with an object of love. It will be a long romantic relationship filled with harmony and sensuality.

Do not postpone the planned purchase of personal transport for later: now one of the best moments for such an acquisition. Do not refuse to travel together as a family: you need not only rest, but also strengthening relationships with loved ones.

The best way to travel is by car: it’s best to abandon flights by plane and the services of railway companies.


You are absorbed in your head with a beautiful, dynamic, but useless novel. Nothing serious will come of this relationship.

The exact problem of this situation is not known: perhaps you have chosen not the best period for a serious relationship, or the chosen one is not worth such close attention.

Planned family vacation is desirable to divide into two trips. You need to take a break from your halves and review your own relationships.

Just in case, transfer the planned date of a trip and change the chosen type of transport. For more confidence, again ask for the help of fortunetelling cards or runes.

The result can be interpreted as a definitive guide to action.

It is used as a charm in long journeys and as the main element of protection in new undertakings. May assist in family relationships.

  • Increase the level of own knowledge and abilities of consciousness
  • To achieve harmony with the environment and your own self,
  • Learn to properly evaluate all risks and possible benefits,
  • Avoid problems that arise during long journeys,
  • See the real world without rose-colored glasses,
  • Improve the perception of time and the world.


This mineral is able to improve intellectual abilities, it helps to build good relationships in the immediate environment. Also crystal increases the degree of concentration and contributes to the solution of complex problems.

The amulet of this stone gives peace and attracts well-being.


This tree is ideal for goal-oriented individuals who pursue global goals. Amulet of such material is contraindicated for people with depression and chronic disorders.

Oak is more focused on the male half of the population. He is able to attract the opposite sex, solves many health problems, increases the reserves of internal energy.

Thanks to the oak charm, creative personalities are able to reveal their abilities by 100%.

Now the stars advise you to use one of the following layouts. Do not miss your chance to find out the truth.

Runa Raido

Slavic rune Rainbow and its value in the upright and upside down position

Runa Raido is, first of all, a rune of movement, of a particular direction. If you are focused on a specific result, Raido will help you gather and concentrate energy on achieving this result.

In ancient times, this rune was often used when traveling. Cutted on a staff or applied to a medallion, the rune gave strength to the traveler and ruled out the possibility of misfortune on the way.

Using Raido for your own purposes, remember that you yourself rule your «horse.» In this journey, you are not a passenger, but a brave rider who controls the speed of his horse.

The values ​​of the Raido runes are manifold, but they are all connected, one way or another, with the road. The most common interpretation of the runes: the path, road, journey, ride.

Remember that our life, if we take this concept in a broad sense, is also a peculiar way.

Do not allow the conviction in one-sided interpretation to interfere with the personal perception of the alignment. Like the other runes, Raido may have his own interpretation.

Interpretation of Runes Raido

The runes, for the most part, in the layouts fall in a straight and upside down position. Only a few of them, for example, the rune Isa, are not divided into values ​​by position.

So let’s start with the interpretation in the direct position of the runes. Here, as has already been said, it comes to mind, first of all, expensively.

The rune that fell out during divination, Raido says that you are on the right track. Whatever direction for fortune-telling you choose, finance, health, the question of personal life, the rune speaks of the right way.

You made the right decision, which will lead to the successful result that you expect.

Also to the values ​​of the runo Raido include:

  • All the same way, road, trip, trip, exit from home.
  • In order for your dream to come true, you need to work hard; luck does not come into your own hands.
  • The runes are advised to take action, not to stand still, to take the first step towards the goal.

As you have already noticed, the value of the direct rune Raido, one way or another, signals us to go ahead. If you want to tell fortunes on love and Raido fell out, take action, take the first step towards rapprochement with your partner.

Inverted Fleece Raido in the scenario

Unfortunately, in the case of Raedo’s inverted rune, things are not so simple and rosy. If the straight rune advises us to move forward, then the inverted one, on the contrary, stops us from moving.

You can understand the rune that fell out in the scenario as a warning: “Do not go,” “Stop,” “Do not do this.”

The planned trip will be upset, the trip will not succeed, you will probably have to turn back without starting your journey.

You can also interpret the inverted rune as passivity and inaction, which also echoes the value of the rune in the upright position.

If you are wondering about health, inverted Raido speaks of the need to check the health of the legs and the musculoskeletal system, because it is these kinds of problems that can interfere with movement.

In his personal life, inverted Raido talks about the possibility of quarrels and misunderstandings of each other. Probably one of the partners is inactive, does not show proper interest and attention, which causes discontent of the second.

To avoid the aggravation of conflicts, you will need to make maximum efforts, and not to watch the developments from the sidelines.

Violation of plans, problems during the journey, a sudden change of plans — all this should not knock you off track and deprive you of a sense of control over the situation. So you have every chance to adequately get out of the situation with minimal losses.

Alignment on the runes for any of your question, you can order in the Virtual Divination section on our website. Do not miss the chance to learn the opinion of the Scandinavian runes about your situation!

Rune rainbow

Slavic rune Rainbow and its value in the upright and upside down position

The road, the incessant movement, the path to knowledge. Symbol of the bridge between two worlds — gods and people.

Corresponds to the Rada — the goddess, from whom the Slavs asked for advice on the path ahead.

The rune personifies a thin line between absolute peace (which is called, depending on the essence of the process, either static, oblivion, or fading point, or death) and chaos. It is this face that creates a certain active moment, concentrating in it the directed energy message.

That is, Rainbow describes a state that is equally different from both complete rest and chaotic vanity.

At the everyday level, the Rainbow is a road, and, mostly, successful, pleasant and always directed towards a certain goal. On the other hand, the rune can be interpreted as a satisfactory outcome of the plan.

And also — as a journey, extended in space and time, that is, more or less long.

If in the scenario, the Rainbow falls in a pair with Krada’s rune, then this means getting out of depression or self-esteem, if paired with Mir means success in finding your own spiritual path, if paired with Beregina, then custody of someone.

Inverted position

The upside-down rainbow is a crossroads where a person finds himself, because he has come to understand that his life path so far has been erroneous in one sense or another.

Now the situation is getting better, however, fears and doubts do not allow us to see a positive trend. However, the questioner himself hardly sees anything particularly critical in this situation.

Yes, his life is sulfur, however, she is accustomed, everything is clear in her, she flows like “over the knee”. Dreams of a better mind and heart, of course, attend, however, these are only dreams, and there is no attempt to realize their desires.

Moreover, when along with the upturned Rainbow, the situation also turns out to be Need, it means that even if a person is provided with many opportunities to improve life, he will resist them.

Love and relationships

In the layouts on the relationship Rainbow symbolizes the dynamics, development, progress. Still far from the desired outcome, and the path to it, perhaps, will not always be covered with roses.

However, what is happening is definitely positive, although at the moment it may not seem so.

Therefore, you should not hurry, try to speed up the outcome or demand immediate explanations from your partner.

Let the events develop in their own way, because in order for everything to happen to the greater pleasure of the questioner, a considerable restructuring of the external circumstances and the internal state of the partner is necessary.

It is necessary to act calmly, without fuss, listening to the inner voice (the latter is especially important when the Rainbow falls in combination with the rune Lelya). That is, Rainbow urges not to change anything «here and now», as well as to be able to give in or accept, if the situation requires.

It will subsequently pay off handsomely.

Another key meaning of the rune is the ability to clearly understand what the causes of the current situation are, and what the outcome of the current relationship will be, and how events will develop in the near future. It is this interpretation that most successfully demonstrates its combination with the Prop.

Inverted position

Everything goes wrong, as we would like. No, the point is not that everything is bad … But the fact that it doesn’t work out as it wishes, but somehow it does not want to (in particular, this is true if the inverted Rainbow fell out together with the rune Wind).

In the future, it appears that the current changes in personal life were positive and useful, but this is not visible at the moment. And that is why it is so easy to spoil what is happening now.

And there is a construction of a fragile bridge from a flat-format past to a 3D future.

By the way, this interpretation is most fully described by the combination of an inverted Rainbow with a rune Oud. The inverted Rainbow as if adjusts the questioner for patience, because there will be no hasty changes.

The situation is also complicated by the fact that time is irreversible, and the events taking place will more and more separate you from the usual connections and relationships and transform them.


Straight position

In this regard, Rainbow clearly indicates the active phase in your professional life. But now it is necessary to act without fuss and haste, without forcing events and pressing people.

On the other hand, the exceptionally expectant tactics and attempts to let everything go by chance are also fraught with problems.

And it is in the balance between these two extremes that there is a formula for success. Among other things, Rainbow teaches not to wait for results in a very short time.

Success is not easy and not momentary, in any case, this is the case if Rainbow turns out to be in order.

But the fact that he will be reached is a question almost resolved.

Very successful for the layouts of the profession is a combination of a rainbow with a prop. It suggests that a person has very good oratorical or creative abilities, which he will almost certainly be able to successfully implement.

The combination of this rune with Power is also interesting. She suggests that it is time to realize their leadership ambitions.

Inverted position

An inverted Rainbow is a great basis for redefining priorities, because the old ones are already becoming irrelevant. However, there is no base for new ones yet.

The reason for this is the fear of decisive action.

After all, it almost certainly seems like a man to a step into the abyss. But here it should be understood that doing nothing, the questioner risks being left alone with his unrealized plans and intentions.

The combination in the scenario of an inverted Rainbow with Nuzhda means an unsuccessful business trip, and with Crada, unfounded self-confidence.

Board runes

Do not seek to receive everything and immediately. Remember that everything takes time.

And yet — you need to be able not only to receive, but also to give. However, the return in this case will return a hundredfold.

So giving, in essence, would mean making a promising investment.


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