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Slavic rune Perun: meaning in the upright and upside down position

Slavic rune Perun: meaning in the upright and upside down position

Slavic Rune Perun — the value of the runes and magical properties

Slavic rune Perun: meaning in the upright and upside down position

Symbol of life energy and desire for development — rune of Perun, the great Slavic god. This is a formidable deity, but at the same time a faithful defender of all people. The keeper of thunder and lightning keeps order in heaven, does not allow chaos to come.

He also fights for truth on Earth.

The rune of a Slavic deity also has the same power: its unique strength awakens additional energy sources of development.

Protective properties slavic runes block all attempts to disrupt the harmonious flow of time. The power of the symbol has a diverse influence: it destroys the negative waves of the material, psychological, spiritual worlds.

If the magic sign of Perun is activated, it means that the situation of any complexity can be solved. To this we need only to direct our inner potential.

The value of the runes Perun

The ancient Slavs were respectful of the magic symbol — the Perun rune. This is due to the fact that the Slavic god had immeasurable power and influence.

It was customary to contact Perun prayers for help in difficult times of life — and he did not refuse if his support was really required.

There are several basic meanings of the runic image:

  • great power of life, striving for self-development
  • patronage of the Higher Forces
  • ability to make decisions under difficult circumstances
  • management and leadership

Using the rune as a symbol, man gradually accumulates in himself the energy power of the deity. This process contributes to the development of moral stamina, physical strength, endurance.

Divine support is always close to those who trust their own lives to the great amulet.

The protective properties of the rune Perun

The most important purpose of the magic sign of the ancient Slavs is its protective properties. The rune of the god Perun is not only a guardian of all divine powers, it keeps the peace and order of the world of people.

It expels evil beings, spirits, trying to capture the souls of mortals from the surrounding reality. The symbol conquers the dark side of being.

Long since the divine talisman personifies courage, strength, power. He destroys any understatement — everything connected with the rune is straightforward.

Thunderhunner’s charms are more suitable for men. They give confidence in their own abilities, help to believe in themselves, awakens male wisdom and honor.

As with all magical symbols, the runic image must be treated with respect — to believe in its power, to trust. It is also important to monitor the appearance of the amulet: any damage will transform its positive effect.

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Fleece Perun in divination

A person is given a chance to correct everything: whatever happens around, no matter what obstacles stand in the way — in the future only light and happiness await you. Only for this it is worth working.

Change your established beliefs. In order to get the desired result in the future, it is necessary to start laying the first stones of your own success right now.

The rune Perun that fell out means that there are a lot of good hearts around a person — they are close relatives and friends. They want to help and they want it sincerely. Their desire: to make you happy.

Your mission is to accept this support. If, on the contrary, you try to push away the outstretched hand, you will know defeat.

You expect a complete failure.

At the moment of your life you have several tasks:

  • realize what the real world consists of — who is a friend, who is the enemy
  • to look at things with a sober look — sometimes we, without even realizing it, perceive reality incorrectly
  • fill the lungs with air, and the cells of your body with energy and take decisive action
  • become an emotionally stable person adequately responding to current events

Step by step, if you strive to improve your inner world, to develop it, you will soon feel how life is getting better. You will become a builder of your own destiny and learn to make important decisions.

Learn to solve issues on time, before they become major problems.

The interpretation of the straight rune Perun

Direct symbol indicates the imminent changes, which will have a fateful significance. A person will soon receive a sign from above — he will direct and help.

This situation ensures that in the near future you are waiting for positive events. But without your intervention and desire to act, they are unlikely to turn into reality.

It is necessary to include all your creative abilities and express yourself.

Do not lose the chance that gives you the universe.

Inverted position of the rune Perun

If, during fortune-telling, the symbol fell in an inverted position, one should pay attention to the internal state. Most likely, all the negative things happening around accumulate inside a person — in his soul, in his heart.

This situation leads to various problems, ranging from ordinary conflicts and ending with deadly diseases.

This alignment gives a hint — it’s time to share your own experiences and open the soul to someone close. Now is not the time to show pride and independence.

The support of relatives and friends is necessary to solve difficult situations.

If you do not correct your behavior and try to understand all the troubles yourself, then soon the assistants will scatter. Those who are really wholeheartedly willing to support you will realize that you do not need their participation, and will simply step aside.

Runa Perun in a relationship

The rune Perun that fell out speaks of several things that are worth paying attention to if you are in a relationship:

  • learn to trust your close people;
  • stop solving all your problems by yourself — share them with others and consult;
  • Be more sociable, and many questions will disappear by themselves.

Romance and passion will not leave your couple, if you listen to the advice. Stop living only your own inner world — not only life consists of this.

Around so many beautiful things that deserve attention.

Fleece Perun in love and relationships

In love matters runic pattern is responsible for a happy future. This applies to family life and relationships with children.

You will find a soul mate, be able to create a strong family and understand what real happiness is. After all, if feelings are sincere, then you want to spend every minute with a person.

Such couples are not afraid of domestic problems.

The magic sign tells you to understand yourself. Understand what life aspects you care about the most that you would like to change.

Try to answer all your questions yourself. Try to look at the world versatile.

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Slavic runes

Slavic rune Perun: meaning in the upright and upside down position

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Scandinavian counterpart — Turisaz. Keyword — Coating; Power.

It is dedicated to the Slavic god of the same name. It harbors a powerful force that can manifest itself at an unexpected moment. Eliminates unnecessary and unnecessary things, is able to cleanse the soul and fill it with new meaning.

Often its effect is manifested in the form of a painful loss. But over time, it becomes clear — this loss was needed for complete healing.

Provides protection from dark forces, is able to stop the destruction and restore integrity. Protects against material and psychological losses.

Corresponds to the rune Thurisaz.


It’s time to understand the essence of the world and the era of your heyday. You expect a significant rise in creative power and a surge of creative abilities.

All fears and illusions are left behind: you perceive reality without rose-colored glasses. Your strength is on the rise and you are able to help your inner circle.

Do not be afraid of responsibility: the time to make difficult decisions has come. Good luck on your side.


You are hiding inside a built fortress and deliberately reject outside help. Instead of understanding the essence of the problem and your condition, you are pouring out bile on relatives and close people.

No one is trying to support you: everyone around is tired of malice and unjustified outbursts of rage. You need to tame the inner anger and thoroughly understand all the problems.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but you stubbornly don’t want to notice it.


You have occupied a profitable niche: you will soon face a serious war with the closest competitors. Your company will try to withdraw from the game, and the stakes have become too high.

Sometimes it reports your victory in this fight.

In some cases — a sure sign of an ambulance check by the regulatory authorities. Most likely, you will come to the tax inspectorate.

Get ready for the design of new documents — you will find a long paperwork.


The problem that was outlined earlier, will bypass your business side. There may be small cash costs, but they will not affect the overall income and level of development.

Your competitors have attempted to blackmail or bribed the tax inspector. The expected test will do you no harm: your documents and financial statements are in perfect order.


Soon you will have surgery. This is a planned operation or the regular development of the current disease.

The operation can be replaced by conservative treatment — in this situation, you decide for yourself.

In this period of time it is better to avoid traveling by car: there is a high probability of a traffic accident. Be careful, carefully cross the road and try not to violate the rules of the road.

An alternative interpretation of the layout — the problem with the law.

Try to avoid quarrels, stay away from cold weapons and firearms.


Your health is recovering. The findings of the doctors were not correct and complex surgery is no longer needed.

Despite the fact that everything terrible is in the past, you should not relax. You need to focus on your health and keep the situation under strict control.

Follow the prescribed recommendations and take medication prescribed by the doctor on time.


You need a frank conversation with your loved one. The cup of grievances is overfilled, and its contents are actively spilling out. You regularly quarrel with your loved one.

He was much stronger than you and gradually seizes power in the family.

An alternative interpretation of the scenario — you meet with a person who is not worth attention. This novel has nothing to help: soon it will end.

If we are talking about a family, then we must fight for it.

Do not let scandals and insults destroy the family hearth.


There are no serious problems on your love front. At the moment you quarreled with your loved one, but the quarrel is temporary.

Romance in feelings a little dulled, or you plunged into everyday problems. This situation needs to be corrected: the solution to the problem lies in a joint dinner, joint vacation and cultural program.

This is the best time to update a romantic relationship.

It protects against harmful effects, opens a second wind and helps to achieve the goal. Charm is able to awaken new ideas and helps in their successful implementation.

  • Get rid of the negative influence of other people
  • Gain strength and conquer the inner depression,
  • Remove all obstacles to the goal,
  • In developing new ideas and original projects,
  • Understand the connections that unite your inner circle.


Able to protect against negative effects and cure from complex diseases. Charm of emeralds cures diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and bladder, heals joints.

The talisman of this mineral reduces the number of epilepsy episodes, cures from night blindness. It can also be worn by people who suffer from frequent nightmares.

Emerald improves the quality of sleep and increases its duration.


The sages claimed that the mineral can strengthen family ties. The optimal form of this amulet made of this stone is a small brooch pinned to clothes.

He is able to protect from carnal desires and base feelings.

The talisman reduces the level of aggression, protects against negative impact, reveals creative inclinations.

This stone is ideal for creative people who have lost faith in themselves and lost their Muse.


This tree has healing properties and helps heal open wounds. The presence of essential oils has a beneficial effect on the activity of the cardiovascular system.

Fir improves higher nervous activity and contributes to the discovery of new abilities.

Now the stars advise you to use one of the following layouts. Do not miss your chance to find out the truth.

This method of rune distribution is similar to the same fortune telling on tarot cards, but involves the use of runes.

Description of the runes, their value in the layouts and the impact on future events.

Charm of Perun: shield, cross, rune, seal, ax

Slavic rune Perun: meaning in the upright and upside down position

ZagovorMaga.ru »Objects of magic» Amulets »How to choose the amulet of Perun?

The cult of worship of the great thunder god Perun was incredibly strong and popular during the times of Kievan Rus. As a result, many symbols of this pagan deity, which have found their use in the modern world, have survived to this day.

However, when choosing a Perun amulet, it should be remembered that it does not suit everyone and requires compliance with certain conditions of use.

Slavic god Perun

Perun — the ancient pagan god of the Slavs, in charge of thunder and lightning. He is one of the brothers Svarozhich, whose parents were the gods Svarog and Lada. The Slavic god Perun is perhaps the most famous hero of ancient Slavic mythology.

He was considered the patron of the princes of Kievan Rus and the main defender of the people.

According to the myth, at the very moment when Perun was born, the sky was shaken by thunder and lightning of incredible power. Even the name of God in translation from the ancient language means “to strike”.

As a child, Perun could sleep in his cradle only when thunder rumbled in the sky. When he got older, he loved to play with lightning, running to race with them.

Having entered the time of maturity, Perun learned to control the elements of nature, as the goddess Makosh had predicted to him.

Externally, the pagan god was depicted as a stately strong man with blue eyes and blond hair. They dressed him in golden armor, over which a red cloak was thrown, later becoming a symbol of princely power. Perun was seated on a mighty horse, and in his hands he held a shield, a club or a sword.

The appearance of the pagan god was always accompanied by lightning and thunder.

Respect and admiration for such a powerful deity was reflected in the festive calendar of the ancient Slavs. The holiday of Perun’s day, celebrated on July 20, has reached our days.

And who does not know the legend of a flowering fern, which is called Perun color? God gave this magic flower to Kupala and Kostroma on their wedding day.

Information about Perun reached our days, thanks to the decoding of ancient Aryan writings, which were called Vedas. Veda Perun — the most famous example of the Old Slavic runic writing. They speak about the structure of the universe and the place of man in it.

In these ancient writings, the secret knowledge and commandments that the gods left for people are encrypted.

Perun’s ax

Perun’s ax as a talisman appeared relatively recently. Initially it was thought that the mace and sword were the main weapons of God.

As for the ax, there is an opinion that the Slavs created it by analogy with the Scandinavian symbol “Hammer of Thor”. Nevertheless, the Perun Ax Charm has appeared, and today is very popular.

Amulet Perunov Ax is a classic male symbol. It is intended for those representatives of a strong half of humanity who have dedicated their lives to professions requiring courage and willpower.

The talisman will help a man overcome his fears and phobias. He will add to him determination and perseverance in achieving his goal.

Amulet Ax of Perun will be an additional chance to win where there is no hope anymore.

Women, this guardian, as, indeed, all purely male talismans, need to wear with caution. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, she will bring strength, determination and self-confidence.

They are recommended to combine the amulet with other talismans. Also charm is often used in ceremonies associated with the birth of a child or a wedding.

Silver is considered the best material for making an amulet. To enhance the charm, various Slavic symbols are applied to it. It can be runes or pagan signs of the Slavs.

Traditionally, the amulet is worn as a pendant on the neck or on the belt. This way of wearing contributes to the fastest accumulation of positive energy by the talisman and its most effective return to the owner.

Shield of Perun and Gromovik

In ancient times, the shield of Perun served as a means of protection against enemy arrows and spears. He had the right to wear commanders and warriors from the upper class.

In the future, this talisman began to be used to protect against evil forces and detractors. It is customary to put on the shield various coast symbols, the most popular of which is the thunder wheel.

The thunder wheel, or Gromovik, is the famous sign of Perun, which is a six-junction inscribed in a circle.

In antiquity, the image of this Slavic symbol could be found on clothes, armor and walls of houses. Our ancestors believed that this symbol of Perun, printed on a shirt or shield, would protect a warrior in battle.

There was a belief that the sign inscribed on the hut, will help protect yourself from lightning.

Perun’s Helmet and Arrow

Another talisman associated with the name of the powerful god is the helmet of Perun. This amulet is designed to protect the warrior from the attack of the enemy.

Nowadays, it is worn not only by people who have dedicated themselves to military affairs, but also by representatives of various «peaceful» professions. This talisman helps to gain strength, determination and self-confidence.

He will fill the soul of man with compassion, and his heart with nobility.

The arrow, or, as it is also called, the stone of Perun, in the beliefs of the ancient Slavs had magical properties. She could heal the sick and protect the person from the influence of black forces. Today, this charm is used to protect against damage and various negative influences.

The arrow of Perun will help to gain determination and strength of mind, as a result of which your life can change drastically.

Rune perun

The ancient Slavic runic symbolism did not bypass the side of Thunder God. A sign was known to the terrible god, which is known under the name «Runa Perun».

It is a symbol of power, determination and movement. The value of the rune depends on how it is drawn: in a straight or inverted position.

The direct position of the symbol suggests that the time has come for global changes that can radically change a person’s life. This is the only and most important chance in life that cannot be missed.

The rune symbolizes the loss of illusions and the acquisition of life experience. She opens the door to a new life and opens her eyes to many things.

The inverted rune Perun is a signal that something went wrong in a person’s life. Perhaps anger or an old insult has closed his soul from others, thereby repelling them.

The person feels unhappy, forsaken and misunderstood. Confusion in his soul will occur until he realizes that the cause of all his troubles is himself.

Runa Perun as a talisman will help a person develop leadership qualities of character. This is a good talisman for those who want to see the light at the end of the tunnel in a hopeless business.

With the rune Perun, a person will become the master of his destiny and be able to change life for the better. The only condition is to use the symbol only with good intentions.

The strength of the amulet is so great that careless handling of it can destroy the fate of not only one person, but also of his entire family.

Perunov Color

One of the most popular and recognizable symbols of the God of the God of Thunder is Perunov Tsvet. The sign is an eight-pointed swastika, whose forked ends symbolize the petals of a fern flower. The fern flower itself, blooming on the night of Ivan Kupala, is a famous Slavic symbol.

Traditions and rituals associated with the holiday of Ivan Kupala — one of the oldest and most beloved in Russia.

A fern flower is able to bestow upon a person who has found him an unprecedented power and indicate the place where untold treasures are hidden. Like a magical flower, the wrist guard of Perunov Color will empower his master with strength of mind, determination and perseverance. It will save human health and protect it from the evil eye and damage.

For similar purposes, the magic Slavic symbol Kolovrat is also used.

Other Perun symbols

Charm The seal of Perun consists of four triskele symbols: one in the center and three on the sides. Between these symbols are drawn beams of lightning.

The seal of Perun will give its owner spirit and determination. This amulet is suitable for servicemen and people in the civil service, exposed by the authorities.

The symbol of the cross of Perun is a star consisting of four rays. Charm is designed for someone who wants to achieve heights in military professions.

It will suit people who have dedicated their lives to protecting others. The talisman cross of Perun helps to improve the physical condition of a person and his strength of mind.

The name of the god Perun is closely connected with another Slavic sign — Perunitsa. It is an ancient symbol of the God of Thunder, which is schematically depicted as a lightning.

He brings a person good luck, makes his character more solid and decisive. Perunica was often used in tandem with other signs, as if weaving into them, which strengthened its meaning.

A great example of such an interweaving is the Star of Inglia — the symbolic basis of the universe.

Primal Warding Scalar Energy! Silver Chain / Black Suns!

Protection / Leveling of the Universe!

Slavic Wards: What is it, for what and how to do it

Is it possible to simultaneously wear an Orthodox cross and a Slavic amulet? Priest Igor Silchenkov.


Slavic amulets — symbols and their meaning

The bird of the god Perun is a symbol of courage and success. The sign is a bird with a flowing tail and open wings.

He will bring his wealth to his owner, reward him with offspring and will contribute to the promotion of the career ladder. The bird of the god Perun protects warriors in battle, and in peacetime protects against detractors.

Choice of amulet

The choice of a talisman is not a simple and responsible business, especially if we are talking about the powerful symbols of the god Perun, therefore, in order for the amulet to work to its fullest and correctness, you should not ignore the following rules:

  1. Charm Perun — symbols more masculine than feminine. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity need to wear such amulets with caution and not for long. Otherwise, a woman, having acquired physical and mental strength, can lose her femininity after a while.
  2. Choosing charms, you should not neglect the match date of birth with a certain palace of Svarog Circle. Unlike the system of signs of the zodiac, the Slavic Svarog Circle has 16 palaces, which are patronized by the Slavic pagan gods. The character of a person born in a particular palace corresponds to an animal or bird to which he is dedicated. God Perun renders his patronage to the Worm of the Eagle, respectively, and his charms for people born during this period will work better.
  3. Charms of Perun should not be worn with the charms of Veles. According to the ancient Slavic mythology, the gods Velez and Perun were irreconcilable enemies, therefore, using their amulets at the same time, you can find yourself in the epicenter of the conflict that the gods unleashed, and, as a result, harm yourself.
  4. Good protective properties have coastal tattoos. The tattoo with the image of the symbols of Perun is suitable for men whose professions are related to military affairs and the risk to life. Choosing a suitable symbol for a tattoo, it is necessary to study in detail its meaning and possible impact on the future life.
  5. Of great importance is the correct activation of the amulet. Thursday is considered the day of Perun, and therefore it is worth spending it on that day. For the ceremony you need to choose a nice sunny day and a quiet place in nature. Activate the amulet with the help of four elements: earth, water, air and fire. First, the amulet is showered with earth, then washed with running water and three times carried out over a fire flame. In this case, you should read a prayer, asking for a talisman for help.

Rune perun

Slavic rune Perun: meaning in the upright and upside down position

In the ancient Slavic culture, the formidable God Perun held a special place, despite the fact that he was not among the Supreme Gods of the sacred Pantheon.

He was the Tamer of natural elements — thunder and lightning, symbolized military honor and valor, patronized brave warriors and princely retinues. Slavic Runa Perun of silver endowed with tremendous power.

Our ancestors believed that this sign was able to protect ordinary mortals from interfering in their lives of otherworldly forces, and also he contributed to the preservation of the Divine Order established on earth.

Even in antiquity, Runa Perun was contrasted with destructive chaos. This symbol was able to “localize” the negative impact on the human mind, eliminating any undesirable consequences of direct contact with evil forces.

The Slavs turned for help to the Rune in the face of real danger. But it is not recommended to abuse this power, as with the frequent use of other than its intended purpose, the uncontrolled natural elements can easily go far beyond the limits of submission to the mind.

But if you really are in a hopeless situation, Runa will show the way to salvation.

Description and meaning

Fleece Perun is a 2 parallel lines located in a vertical plane, which overlap the top of the horizontal line.

Ornament in the form of the Russian letter “P” means power, which is accompanied by bright flashes of insight.

A straight rune (it can also be turned upside down) indicates to the person that the time has come for cardinal changes — imaginary illusions will soon disappear, like a fog, and instead will be clarity of mind and a bottomless bowl of inspiration.

But without your personal participation in everything that happens, the miracle will not happen. It is necessary to be soberly aware of what these changes are for.

Emotional «traits» of the runes — generosity, determination and straightforwardness.

These three qualities are more characteristic of a strong half of humanity, but often women are able to cope with the immense power of a symbol, receiving in return also the vital force necessary for the continuation of the human race on Earth.

The main aspect of the rune is the expansion of the limits of internal potential for the realization of its own purpose through active cognition. It happens like a powerful flash of celestial lightning.

And yet, the use of the runes must be approached intelligently.

A strong and prepared person will be filled with a sudden flash of lightning with confidence, decisiveness and assertiveness, and a weak one can burn to ashes.

Scope of application

Direct fleece personifies the power that contributes to spiritual development and protects against external threats. This symbol will suit everyone who is constantly at the epicenter of danger — the military, rescuers, law enforcement officers.

In addition, Runa Perun gives a powerful impetus to new challenges in life, changes the situation for the better. To feel the powerful positive influence of the Runes on yourself, you need to move in the right direction, confidently follow the road that is destined by fate, and this is impossible without honoring the ancient Slavic traditions.

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Rune perun

Slavic rune Perun: meaning in the upright and upside down position

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Straight position

Power, protection of Order from Chaos; life force, straightness. God is a thief in Slavic mythology.

The sacred meaning of the runes is the sudden appearance of Fire in the heavens that is sent to earth, to people. In other words, Perun can be characterized as a huge potential difference between Heaven and Earth, which is discharged by a burst of energy of considerable power and a blinding spark.

He can protect, but he can also punish. And if the punishment has already laid suffering for a person, then from protection he is waiting for mercy and mercy.

However, in this case, protecting a person from enemies or circumstances, the Fire can also hurt him.

Surviving this may not be easy, but the “strength test” prepared by Perun always makes a person stronger, more energetic; it reveals dormant talents and accumulated potential. True, this is true only if the person has both talents and potential, for otherwise Perun’s lightning will simply incinerate him.

By the way, if Dazhbog fell out together with Perun, then it symbolizes precisely the overcoming of problems, since the person will have the strength and ability to do so.

The main aspects of the rune are comprehension through active cognition, the expansion of existing boundaries, the realization of basic life tasks (the latter is especially true for the Perun – Alatyr pair).

In general, this is how it is necessary to interpret the rune during divination.

And at the same time, it should always be remembered that in case of failures one should not look for their reasons outside; everything that happened or will still happen to the person, he did.

Inverted position

Such Perun symbolizes the rigid framework that the person himself imposed on himself. Moreover, the point here is not at all in attempts to achieve a certain austerity, and not in the inner work on oneself, but rather in an overestimated self-conceit, in pride.

Although the reason may be just a closed nature, which makes a person at the first difficulties go into himself, turn away from people and God. At the same time, his hands are giving up and there is no longer any talk of any creative activity.

Moreover, even some things that the person had previously positioned as perfectly acceptable were now rejected. If Rainbow also turns out to be right there, then it denotes the inner discord that a person experiences from this.

In this case, the main problem is this: the questioner himself is far from always aware of how unpleasant he looks from the outside; it seems to him that he really is working on himself.

But in fact it turns out that a person pulls out the worst properties of his soul and the most base desires “into the light of God”, turning into a cynic who thinks only of the material, and treats people as real animals, unworthy of respect.

Love and relationships

Straight position

In such layouts, Perun means that the requirements and wishes for a potential partner are finally formulated, that a person has risen above personal egoism and capriciousness and is ready to build serious relationships. This is especially true if, along with Perun, the Force also fell.

If the question concerns the essence of the relationship between two people, then the rune symbolizes the placement of accents, the found points of contact, the transition of relations into a phase of strong attachment (when falling in love is transformed into true love).

When Perun falls into the present, it means laying the foundations for a future strong alliance. This can be expressed, for example, in making a final decision about marriage or the need to continue the race.

The last interpretation shows, in particular, the Perun – Mir pair.

Inverted position

Here the inverted Perun should be interpreted as conflict, disrespect for a partner, attempts at dominance. In fact, this may be expressed in the fact that the person in the family behaves parasitically, trying not to assume any responsibilities, or that the person does not leave his partner the right to personal living space, or that he can even raise a hand on a partner.

If the inverted Perun falls to the most divisive, then this is definitely a reason to think about your own attitude towards your loved one (or to the opposite sex in general). When the rune characterizes the partner guessing, it means that the future with him is very doubtful.

In combination with the Requirement, such a rune suggests what exactly such destructive behavior, according to a person, can make a partner respect him. And along with the rune Wind, it symbolizes a quick-tempered man who does not know how to restrain the outbursts of his negative emotions.

Straight position

In the scenario for a career, Perun should be interpreted as the time of maximum implementation, or at least the greatest dynamics of the plan.

This is manifested in the resolution of many conflicts, in the understanding of things that were previously almost a secret behind seven seals.

In addition, in this case it is fair to talk about a healthy balance between duties and desires, as well as about getting rid of illusions.

At the event level, Perun can indicate, firstly, a new, more meaningful and serious attitude to his work, secondly, that a responsible project (position, etc.) will be entrusted to a person, thirdly, the ability to effectively lead other people.

Among other things, Perun can be taken as advice to use the current favorable moment «to the fullest.»

The combination of the rune with Crada indicates a great progress, which, however, concerns not so much the material, as the moral (emotional, spiritual) aspect of the conceived.

This can manifest itself in gaining great authority, in a high level of professional knowledge and skills, etc.

And in combination with Chernobog, Perun says that significant progress will be fraught with great difficulties.

Inverted position

In the inverted position, Perun means hostility in the work team, fierce competition, disregard for their duties. That is, a person acts, moreover, acts mainly actively, however, all the time, not with those methods and means, preferring rudeness, isolation from everyone, podsizhivanie and the like.

Together with the rune Alatyr, Perun turned upside down shows that the negative shown by a man is not his true essence, so it is quite possible to “reach out” him and help him to overcome his destructive attitude to the world around him. A pair of «inverted Perun — Need» indicates an ordinary stubborn.

Board runes

Do not complain about fate … Yes, sometimes we really do not get enough from the mercies of Fortune, however, now you are given more than enough. And your main task at the moment — do not miss the opportunities provided. So devote your mind and soul.

And then we will see.

My Fleece — Turisaz

Slavic rune Perun: meaning in the upright and upside down position

Fleece Turisaz — Fleece Actions

The traditional meaning of the runes Turisaz

The predictive value of the runes Turisaz in a straight position

  • protection
  • luck
  • alarm signal: excessive self-confidence can lead to disastrous consequences
  • change of environment and environment
  • Symbolism Thurisaz

    The traditional meaning of the Turisaz rune stems from the ability of Thor, one of the twelve Great Gods of Scandinavian mythology, to prevail over the forces of Chaos, personified by giants.

    Thor is depicted as a warrior with a stone hammer. The Hammer of Thor — Mjollnir — a symbol of power.

    With his help, Thor strikes out thunder and lightning.

    Explanations and recommendations for the Thurisaz rune

    Runa Thurisaz possesses great power, which is capable, by utilizing the power of protection and luck, to become overwhelming.

    Runa Thurisaz, dropped out to you, says that you are constantly in search of truth. You have the ability to comprehensively understand what is happening.

    Perhaps you are prone to a solitary lifestyle, since, being away from the hustle and bustle, successfully implement their creative nature. However, keep in mind: a solitary lifestyle threatens to develop in your character such qualities as suspicion, mistrust, which, in turn, can deprive you of the ability to soberly assess the situation when an urgent need arises.

    In your activity you need good health, so pay more attention to physical training, follow the regime.

    You are not inherent in the desire to start up conflicts — you know how to skillfully avoid them.

    Diligently develop your abilities. Surrender yourself to any specific profession, but never stop at what has been accomplished.

    Gifts of fate

    This rune can herald an unexpected fortune that came from an unexpected side. You just find yourself in the right place at the right time. Sometimes she can say that the bad luck comes to an end.

    The surrounding runes in the scenario will tell you which area of ​​life you are talking about: work, finances or love.

    Protection force

    You are distinguished by a highly developed self-esteem, and your vision and intuition allow you to successfully comprehend the world around you. And yet, look back and analyze past events before making any decision.

    Perhaps you are opposed by people who are subordinate to you or who are dependent on you in something.

    Runa Thurisaz says that powerful protection and good luck forces enter your life, so you can be safe from the trick. Control your own emotions.

    The value of Thurisaz runes in combination with other runes

  • with the runes Isa, Nautise or Hagalaz: it is most reasonable to postpone the decision of a complicated case for a more favorable time; if you need an immediate solution, be sure to seek the advice of a more experienced specialist.
  • with the runes Ansuz, Yer (Yera) or Mannaz: without the help of a wise mentor you lose
  • Fleece Thurisaz upside down

    The predictive value of the runes Turisaz upside down

  • weakness
  • compulsion
  • your luck seems to be over
  • In the inverted position, this rune means almost the same as in the straight.

    The main difference is that you may not want to take into account the advice or the information offered, as you stick to your own line of behavior, are absorbed in yourself and are not disposed to follow the advice of outsiders.

    Fleece Turisaz says that luck seems to be gone and you should act very carefully. The consequences of your decision can be fatal.

    It would not have had to repent of a hasty or ill-conceived decision, if it was made forcedly or under the influence of insufficient hardness and consistency.

    It’s better not to do anything, but to collect your thoughts and think.

    The value of the Thurisaz rune upside down in combination with other runes

    with the Kano rune (Kenaz): your colleague, it seems, in the very near future will «hook up» you and take your place

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