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Slavic rune need and its value in direct and inverted position

Slavic rune need and its value in direct and inverted position

Slavic rune need and its value in direct and inverted position

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Scandinavian counterpart — Nautyz. Keyword — inevitability; Fate; Nav; Krivda.

It characterizes the inevitability of fate. Quite often it is associated with the darkness of Darkness and fire itself, which escapes from the hellish depths.

And she also characterizes complexes, a feeling of stiffness and constraint in an uncomfortable situation.

It prohibits the execution of a specific action and characterizes the lack of material resources. The rune is directly related to Viy and Chernobog.

Dark fire allows you to see the light that gives us the sun itself. Everything lived, including problems and worries, is also burned in dark fire.

In return, we receive a bright future and a dawn that follows the darkness.

It symbolizes the underworld in which Veles himself rules. It is a symbol of the inevitability of the fate and permissiveness of all decisions made.

Also symbolizes the problems that are sure to meet on the path of life. Transport in a long journey serves faith, hope for endurance and spiritual strength.


You have to do work that does not match your specialty and skill level. There is no sense in complaining about fate: you made your own decisions and now reap the fruits of your actions.

This is a difficult test that will end soon. The main task is not to break down under the weight of problems and withstand all adversity with honor.

Attempts to change anything will end in failure: this period needs to be lived through and get a valuable life experience.

For spiritually rich people, this period is a test of inner strength. After successfully passed the test, the power of the spirit will multiply several times.


You are tired of performing ordinary functions and feel like an ordinary employee without the least hope for the future. Righteous anger is raging in the soul, and ambition is enough for the position of general director.

Such a fuss is useless: you need to calm down and collect your thoughts.

It also makes no sense to be offended: with your own hands you have driven yourself into such a narrow framework, without any gleam and no hope of improvement. All that can be done in this situation is to develop a sense of humility and to fulfill the task in good faith.

If Fate has prepared another job for you, you will definitely get it.

But not now: save strength and find the best.


Your business is stagnating and needs fresh ideas. Brainstorm with your employees, collect the most popular and rational proposals.

Ask for help specialists: perhaps the company lacks modern equipment or requires modernization of existing processes.

Update software, pay for audit services and get rid of all extra costs. It is likely that some employees harbor profits, or solve their problems at the expense of your company.

An alternative interpretation of the layout is about employees who abuse alcohol or drugs.

And most likely, they occupy key positions in your company.


There may be minor annoyances in your business. The desired growth was not achieved, but all difficulties are temporary.

Perhaps you just exhausted and need a full vacation.

Pay attention to the activities of competitors and compare their results with their income. Equal numbers indicate temporary difficulties or seasonal sales decline.

Do not make sudden movements and strive for fundamental changes.


The patient requires special care and attention. Do not leave your loved ones unattended, regularly take interest in their health. Special attention should be paid to complaints.

Lying patient needs professional care of a nurse or nurse. Beware of bedsores.


Reports health problems soon. The condition worsened due to reasons that are not yet known. Do not scold the doctors: they are not to blame in this situation and coped with their work as “excellent”.

The health of the patient is now largely dependent on the command of God.

The alternative meaning of the alignment is a disease that has long been hidden in the depths of the body or the aggravation of an existing disease. Do not panic: talk to the doctor who deals with the treatment, retake all the necessary tests and compare with past results.

Communicate with the patient, carefully review all his complaints.


Your relationship with your loved one has become a routine. All bright colors have lost their beauty and novelty, and the place of passion has taken affection and routine.

Nobody is to blame for this problem except yourself. Lack of progress blunted love feelings.

You are too focused on your work and spend all your free time with best friends. The situation needs decisive action on your part: put off all the urgent matters and go on a romantic trip.

If such a trip is too burdensome family budget, it can be replaced by a joint weekend in the lap of nature or tickets to a concert of your favorite artist.


In your love relationship began a difficult period. From the past passion left only memories, and now you are content with a sense of affection. Your marriage is like a dead man’s cardiogram: no drops, only a flat line.

What to do with such a relationship — you decide.

You can leave them unchanged, or decide on fundamental changes. It is likely that a quiet lake and calm — much calmer raging ocean. Think about the possible changes, refresh your sex life.

There are a lot of materials on this topic in the network and you can easily find an interesting article.

A love affair with another person will only aggravate the situation: try to solve problems within your family.

It symbolizes the road and gives protection to all people who have not yet found their way of life.

  • Easy to endure any stresses
  • Reduce the effects of stress on one’s own health,
  • More effectively overcome the crisis at work and in personal life,
  • To achieve significant success in new endeavors,
  • Get rid of the framework and restrictions prescribed by society,
  • Increase your own luck and hard work on the way to the goal.

Lapis lazuli

This is one of the most popular characters Good luck. It is believed that the owner of this stone will be successful in any business, and God will help in all endeavors.

In most cultures, charm of lapis lazuli increases the strength of the spirit, improves health and helps to get rid of toxins poisoning. Charm will break the ice in personal relationships, help to establish contact with colleagues.

It also effectively protects against slander, rescues from the evil eye and enhances its own self-esteem.


Elderberry is a plant with magical properties. It quickly restores lost branches and foliage, is able to germinate in any soil, endures the dry season.

This plant was loved by the goddess Freyja — the patroness of beauty and love. Elderberry amulets contribute to a better crop, protect against the attack of rodents, increase soil fertility.

Charm is also able to increase the diligence and perseverance of its owner.

Now the stars advise you to use one of the following layouts. Do not miss your chance to find out the truth.

Alignment of one Slavic rune for the near future.

Fairly accurate and interesting from the point of view of truthfulness fortune telling.

Fleece Nautyz: meaning direct and inverted runes

Slavic rune need and its value in direct and inverted position

Nautisee is the tenth place in the Germanic runic alphabet and belongs to the senior futarch. The rune is considered to be rather difficult to interpret, since it is connected with the concepts of fate.

The ancients believed that even gods had no power over rock destined to people.

Interesting! Literally, Nautise translates as “need”.

It is from this symbol that the English word “need” appeared.

General information about the rune

Title:Naudith, NaudisValue:Need, coercion, constraint, needAct:ResistanceElement:the firePlanet:SaturnA rock:HeliotropeDeity:Norns — Goddesses, weaving the threads of the fate of all lifeCharacter:EnergyEntity:ReversibleImages:
  • an attempted warrior does not cry secrets;
  • man escapes from the cold wind;
  • peasant preparing for the famine year;
  • a man defends himself when he is attacked;
  • the dog resists when being dragged;
  • elk runs away from wolves;
  • birds hiding in a storm;
  • the tree resists the wind;
  • the moon withstands the fall of meteorites.

Designation Nautyz is very symbolic and goes back to the primitive way of life of our ancestors. Fleece reminds device for making fire.

It resembles two crossed wands that, when rubbing against each other, gave the coveted fire.
Nautyz is depicted by one straight line and one oblique, intersecting a vertical slightly above the middle.

In the rune there is tremendous energy that is released in situations of severe stress, high tension and severe restrictions. The main task of Nautyz is to give a hidden inner flame a break free.

The rune tells the person that change does not always lead to the worst. You should not actively resist the new, as often the unknown justifies even the wildest expectations.

The value of the runes in the usual position

Nautise symbolizes the powerful energy hidden in the deep subconscious of people, in innate instincts. An example is the feeling of self-preservation, the tendency to find ways to survive at any cost.

Nautiz is a physically manifest force that has arisen under conditions of internal resistance and strong tension. It can be compared with a powerful surge of adrenaline, which is formed only in dangerous critical situations.

The rune symbolizes a difficult period, which a person needs to go through in order not to stop on the path of his development. The teaching situation, in turn, requires a lot of effort, patience, will and trust.

After all, if a person develops, he makes his life better.

Tip! Remember that the path to happiness passes through the overcoming of difficulties.

One of the main objectives of the rune is to protect people from trouble, to assist in overcoming difficulties. Nautise puts a person in a certain framework and restrictions in which he must act.

Often this path leads to a better life, but people tend to perceive the lessons of the situation as punishment and deprivation of the usual course of things.

Inverted Rune Value

The reverse position of Nautyz indicates a difficult life period. You can get answers to exciting questions only by turning to your own essence, to your own Self. This process is difficult, however, a properly learned lesson will provide a transition to a new level.

Resisting the situation is useless, otherwise the consequences can be extremely negative. It should take control of internal ambitions, vague thoughts and try to clarify them.

Remember that at the moment you are your main enemy.

Attention! In case of refusal to cooperate, Nautise becomes merciless towards people who violate the principles of peace and harmony.

It testifies to a difficult life situation, when what is happening obeys the Higher Forces. Man does not have power over this; he is bound by some external framework, beyond which he cannot reach out.

Especially difficult situation will be for people who are accustomed to plan everything, plan and control and act according to a well-developed scheme.

The problem is that a person cannot predict the intervention of a Higher Power and the course of events. Trust fate, and let it decide which situations to form around you.

If you learn to control your strength, direct them in the right direction, you will get a tremendous charge of internal energy. This will allow you to do incredible things.

Upside down position

Reverse Nautise talks about the serious internal state of a person. He cannot cope with his hidden fears and negative thoughts.

Subjected to the influence of regret, sadness and anxiety, a person risks falling into a serious emotional state that can last for quite a long time.

This situation is connected with the fact that harmony and peace is disturbed. A person should direct all forces to fight with internal demons, otherwise the movement forward for him will be closed.

Tip! Remember that the night is especially dark before dawn.

You have enough strength to cope with troubles and let the divine light into your life.

Fleece has a powerful protective effect. It gives strength in hard times, strengthens the will to live, protects from evil forces and removes trouble.

Helps to cope with stress, overcome the crisis, achieve the impossible.

With the help of Nautyz, one can comprehend the essence of what is happening and understand what is really needed and what only seems so. Fleece helps to go beyond the limits, forms the will and perseverance.

It is widely used to get rid of inherited diseases. Helps relieve pain and reduce suffering.

It is actively used for rheumatism and diseased joints. Helps strengthen hair.

Interesting! In antiquity, Nautyz was used not only as talismans or amulets for the home.

Sometimes the sign was painted directly on the arm or thumbnail.

In occultism apply talismans from heliotrope. This stone is considered a stone of military and strong people, as it helps to win a crushing victory over the enemy.

Sometimes it is used by sorcerers and magicians.

Attention! It should be very attentive to the statements and actions when you have a talisman from heliotrope.

Otherwise, the likelihood of jinxing a person or harming him increases.

Analogous to the Nautiz of the Slavs was the Fleece Need, which also symbolized the inevitability and the will of fate. This is the rune of hellfire, bringing pain to all who deserve it.

The rune was associated with the dark God Veles or Viy, the lord of the Underworld. The fiery power of the symbol is aimed at shackling, the feeling of emptiness and hopelessness.

The Need is depicted with the help of a vertical line and one short one, outgoing just below the top point to the right downwards.

In a positive scenario, the need means the recognition of their hidden needs, desires, problems and acceptance of them as they are. In the negative interpretation of the rune means pressure, complexity, coercion, poverty and a very sad existence.

The need prohibits active actions that are contrary to the reality of the universe.

The value of a fortune telling

Straight position

Indicates a period of stagnation in a company, business or business. The situation is connected with the fact that your usual steps to get a result no longer work.

Old tools do not work. You need an influx of new forces, promising ideas, advanced equipment, technological breakthrough.

Tip! Update your activities with all currently available methods.

Try to look at the problems from the side.

Sometimes Nautyz indicates problems in cases involving unscrupulous employees. Perhaps the staff is not at hand or dependent on bad habits.

You should deal with this as soon as possible, as this has a detrimental effect on your business.

Runa says that now is not the best time for action. Guessing is not in the best shape, so you should wait for a favorable moment.

A couple with Gebo is warning that a person has not yet earned success or promotion. And Mannaz advises to seek help from an experienced person.

Upside down position

Contact Nautyz warns that your business is not going exactly as you would like. Promotion is, but not so active. This may be due to personal fatigue.

Then you just need a rest.

Problems may arise from the natural course of things. For example, the seasonality of your business. In such conditions, you are powerless.

However, you can reflect on the situation and find an alternative solution.

A pair with a rune Yer warns of possible problems with the law. Hagallaz says that someone will interfere in your life and complicate the current situation even more.

The value of divination for love

Straight position

Indicates cold feelings and faded passion. Perhaps you plunged into everyday life and stopped engaging in relationships.

Review your personal situation and find a way out, because the problems lie in you. You should bring bright colors into your life.

You can go on a trip, change the familiar atmosphere or by any available means to embellish life.

Sometimes Nautyz indicates that your partner is too petty and picky. Small quarrels and squabbles can arise from scratch because of the terrible nature and stubbornness.

Together with Yera, the runes testify to the imminent rupture of relations.

Upside down position

It indicates a prolonged stage of balance and complete calm in the relationship. Passion has faded away, past love has passed, and changes on the horizon are not yet visible.

Your personal life is more like a flat line without ups and downs. Where each new day is similar to the previous one.

Tip! Do not try to find a solution to problems on the side. Try to solve the situation with your partner.

If you can not restore anything, then it is better to leave.

Sometimes a Nautise indicates a person too hot-tempered and impulsive. He often speaks and then thinks, because of which many conflicts arise.

Together with Ansuz, it symbolizes an extremely tactless person.

Combination with other runes

The great power contained in the Nautise rune is connected with the action of egregors and higher powers. The interpretation of marks should be approached with the utmost care.

Help open the veil of secrecy will be able to fall adjacent the runes.

Wyrd — warns of danger, protects from forbidden fruits.
Fehu — indicates a person with extrasensory abilities who can communicate with the souls of the dead. This can also be a person engaged in magic.

Uruz — Speaks about the use of love magic, love spells or the evil eye.
Turisaz — heralds a great tragedy, a signal to which were the previous erroneous and uncontrollable actions.
Ansuz — warns of committing murders in the political sphere.

Raido — indicates troubles in your personal life and the fact that you have a crown of celibacy.
Kenaz — speaks of an unsuccessful, stupid union.
Gebo — advises to assist the neighbor.
Vuno — promises trouble, a complete failure in business.

Hagalaz — symbolizes the loss in the personal and material terms. This may be bankruptcy, divorce, deprivation.
Isa — indicates prolonged disasters.
Yera — is a symbol of uncontrollable desires, lust, debauchery.

Eyvaz — warns of possible violent death.
Perth — speaks of excessive suspiciousness of people and self-digging.
Algiz — symbolizes an adventure or a risk-related activity.
Sovulu — predicts the final separation and separation.

Teyvaz — indicates a failure, a lost battle.
Berkan — promises a loss of money, deception partners and colleagues.
Evaz — beware of violence.
Mannaz — means a conflict of the international level.

Laguz — speaks of failures in business, failed activities, the victory of competitors.
Inguz — symbolizes hidden fears, the abyss, failure to conquer peaks.
Dagaz — Indicates an offense for arrest.
Odal — is a sign of hidden doubts, regrets and lost energy.

Rune tips

  • Before you meet the needs of others, know your own desires.
  • In the current difficult situation, do what is necessary, and not what you would like.
  • Be patient and wait for an opportunity to take action.
  • Focus not on vigorous activity, but on waiting.
  • Expect help and support.
  • Show patience, do not lose courage.

The rune Nautyz will help you to see the picture of your life from the side.

When fortune telling you will get the opportunity to touch the secret messages of the runes and achieve success in various fields of activity.

Slavic rune need and its value in direct and inverted position

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Straight position

Belobog; The tree of the world; the personal «I» of man; axis of the universe. Creative Creativity in the manifested world.

Rune World — sacred divine principle within man, the image of God in each of us. It means great wisdom, goodness and the desire to know all things.

And also that which belongs to heaven and is removed from vanity and worldly concerns. Another rune is credited with the power to transform Chaos into Order.

Another archetypal interpretation of it is the belonging of a person to the Genus, that is, to a community that is patronized by the same gods.

The image is complex, its origin goes into the depths of the Slavic world view. In general, this rune carries a huge positive message and performs a protective function.

When divination The world is interpreted as patronage from the higher forces, as good chances of execution conceived. In addition, it can be interpreted as a recommendation to act together, not to refuse help from relatives, as well as advice to ask for help from relatives.

If Lelya fell out of the fortune-telling together with Mir, then this should be interpreted as a wise calm and prudence. And in conjunction with the Force, she talks about the ability to flexibly subjugate people, convince them of their own point of view.

Inverted position

In an inverted form, this rune, although it looks like Chernobog, however, does not coincide with it in interpretation, just as the inverted rune of Chernobog does not become the World.

The basic meanings of the inverted World are: unsuccessful attempts to understand the confusing situation; the difficulties that a person creates for himself.

On the other hand, the rune can talk about self-reliance, about the loss of communication with his people, which usually hides behind general arguments about universal human values ​​and speculations about their belonging to civilization in general.

An inverted World in a situation may fall to a person who has departed from his culture, to which he belongs by birth, and is carried away by something completely alien to her (including in combination with Chernobog). Or to someone who would like to call himself a “citizen of the world”, and not a representative of a certain ethnic group.

In addition, with the rune Needs, the inverted World symbolizes complete loss in this world and a sense of doom because of disbelief (in such cases it is said that a person has lost himself). And with Treba, such a rune signifies stubbornness in trifles; this couple describes well a person who, in religious life, values ​​primarily ceremonial rituals, and the sacred meaning of religious dogmas is secondary to him.

Love and relationships

Straight position

In the hands on relations, the World indicates their strength, because they are based on the mood of two people for mutual understanding and on the readiness to solve problems that arise, and not to “split” them with divorce, like Gordian knots. If the rune characterizes the pair as a whole, it means mutual respect and the absence of ambiguities and unsightly secrets among the partners; it is safe to say about such a couple that it is fastened not in the registry office, but in heaven.

Among other things, the World can testify to the sacral meaning of the union of two people. It happens when people failed to untie the knot of their relationship in their past life and are forced to do so in the present life.

But the point here is not in the presence of unsolved problems, but rather in the fact that people were destined to each other by the very fate, but, as they say, they were not liked due to the intervention of some external forces.

The Mir – Lelya pair should be interpreted as a delicate feeling of each other, especially in critical situations (for example, one partner suddenly realizes that the second is in danger); Mir-Krada — that one of the partners is ready to pursue the other no matter what; Mir – Bereginya — that the future of relations is very fruitful, and, perhaps, even literally — the planned couple of people will have children who will become worthy successors of the clan.

Inverted position

In the upturned position, the World symbolizes neglect of loved ones, pickyness towards them, which a person allows himself, realizing that he cannot get away from him, and he will be forced to endure.

Typical interpretations of such a rune in fortune-telling on relationships are egoism (especially with the rune Alatyr), attempts to establish themselves as the head of the family with not the most worthy means, attempts to dominate your loved one.

Another meaning of such a rune is misunderstanding due to domestic turmoil or other trivial matters, because either people cannot rise above them, or order in one’s life is a real “fad” for one of them.

And also — with the rune Ud the inverted World symbolizes problems in intimate terms, with the Fleece Wind — lack of harmony in personal life due to frivolity, with Rock — due to the inflated level of requirements to the opposite sex.

Straight position

For a career, the World indicates competence, high level of professionalism, luck in business endeavors. Fleece suggests that the project or position are promising, as well as that the person is moving in the right direction, and if he does not turn off from him, then everything will be very good.

That is, in essence, the World is a high chance of implementing business plans and a clear understanding of how to achieve this.

Another traditional interpretation in this case is the need to focus on the team. This means that you should not take it alone for the realization of your plans, but you should find like-minded people for this or attract assistants.

In addition, the World in the divination of the professional sphere may caution against neglecting the work team.

In conjunction with the Support, the World denotes a high capacity for self-education, with Dazhdbog — getting quite tangible fruits from the conceived, with the Force the Fleece speaks about significant leadership qualities, ability to lead.

Inverted position

In an inverted position, the world in the layouts of a profession is considered as the inability to see the overall picture of what is happening or the impossibility of this, due to the influence of certain circumstances complicating the situation.

As a result, a person is surrounded by a mass of immediate tasks that he is not able to build in a certain line of development. Another interpretation is the inability to rise above the level that has already been reached at the moment; those.

actually inverted rune Peace means the coming limit of opportunities in that field, which was conceived in fortune telling. However, sometimes such a rune is not a sentence, but a hint that it simply cannot cope with the tasks facing the fortune-telling alone.

And if he thinks of attracting experienced (knowledgeable, authoritative, etc.) people to their decision, the result will appear. This situation is most accurately described by the combination of the runes with the Force.

Interestingly, the combination of an inverted World with a Rainbow. It should be taken as advice not to be ahead of events and not to try to achieve our plans as soon as possible.

Board runes

The main thing — the meaning and essence. And consider the little things and details under the microscope completely unnecessary.

Otherwise, it will come out as in the famous fable: “I didn’t notice the elephant”. And do not be arrogant, ask God for help.

And she will certainly be given to you.

Slavic rune need and its value in direct and inverted position

The significance of the runes of Nautise, which occupies the tenth position in the traditional 24-rune Futarka, comes down to its translation, which is interpreted in two ways. The literal translation of the German version of the name of the rune (adopted for the canonical) — «need».

However, in contexts, “nautise” can be translated as “need” and even “benefit.”

The significance of the rune Naudiz is ambiguous, it can be associated with both the material advantageous and the spiritual formation and development of the personality.

The statutory mark of the Nautise rune is associated with rods, which the traveler rubs against each other in an attempt to get a fire.

More rarely, in Nautical (the photo of the charter — above) one sees the image of a spindle, and in this context the fateful aspect of the meaning of the rune connects it with the concept of Wurd from the ancient Scandinavian tradition.

  • The runes semantics: necessity, benefit, need
  • Rune transliteration: H (n)
  • Norwegian Naming: Naudr or Naud
  • Old Norwegian and Icelandic versions: Nauð (less commonly Nauðr)
  • Variant of the Anglo-Saxons: Nied / Nyd
  • The name of the Germans: Noicz / Nauthiz
  • Gothic option: Nauths

In the fortunate context, the rune may indicate a person who is seeking material gain. This may be a thief, a cunning businessman, an official or even an inspector (tax, fire, whatever).

Often the value of the rune Nautyz is reduced to circumstances that can not be overcome.

In almost any context, Nautise is a signal for the speedy mobilization of all resources. The situation is out (or already out) out of control. Something confronts you, your intentions, perhaps — it is literally the whole world.

Obvious need for a review of its position (but not necessarily refuses the desired).

The value of the runes Nautyz in direct position

In a straight position, the rune can indicate suffering, painful changes, difficulties that seem (and probably are) insurmountable. These are losses — both material, and spiritual, emotional. These are unexpected restrictions, a cardinal change of circumstances, which does not bode well.

This is a cruel time that requires the ability to survive.

In an upright position, the value of Nautise can be reduced to coercion, the enforced restriction of the freedom of action or thought. In terms of contacts with other people, personal relationships or careers, the situation to which Nautyz corresponds is clearly not promising a positive outcome.

Perhaps there are losses, and if this is the case, it is necessary to put up with them, because nothing can be changed, and it is possible to restore them. But it takes time, peace and concentration.

It is necessary to suppress dissatisfaction with oneself and the world around us, otherwise problems await you, in comparison with which the actual situation will seem like a warm-up.

Fleece Nautyz in direct position suggests that the one who survives will win now. Do not ram the wall with your forehead, look for a passage, a workaround — it definitely is. The situation develops pretty bad, and it is pointless to enter into direct confrontation with circumstances.

It is much more important to get together and re-believe in yourself.

Council runes Nautyz in direct position

This is not the end, just not the most positive stage of your life. You will complain and wind yourself — you will never get out of this “wheel of Sansara”. The value of the runes Nautyz conceals the potential to change everything for the better.

This requires patience and endurance. All will pass.

The value of the runes Nautyz upside down

The inverted Nautise, as opposed to the direct version, says that the source of your problems is not somewhere in the external world, it is in you. Depending on the context, the inverted rune Nautise may denote physical limitations, moral and emotional stiffness.

You are depressed and you cannot develop, but most likely — purely through your own fault.

Sometimes an inverted Nautical can indicate a marriage of convenience or any actions dictated by greed, selfishness, duplicity, and pettiness. This is the crux of the problem.

Now your main enemy is you, the main danger is your desires. Fleece says that you again get up on the same rake.

You lose time and energy, solving the same problem over and over again.

Tip of the Inverted Rune Thrown

Nautiz in an inverted position speaks of the need to suppress their own purely materialistic desires.

This must be done once and for all, otherwise the situation may repeat, but with a much more devastating outcome. We need a clear control of our own emotions and actions.

You need volitional effort over yourself, overcome your own demons — except for you, no one will.

Application of the runes Nautyz in rituals

Outside the fortune-telling practice, the significance of the Nautyz rune comes down to an extensive range of possibilities. It is overcoming need, searching for decent motivation, renewing faith in yourself.

Nautise can help in the search for a partner, or in getting rid of the external negative impact that caused the disorder.

In meditative practices, the rune of Nautise teaches patience and restraint, helps to better control emotions, and establishes contact between thought, word and deed.

Application runes Nautyz in runeskriptah

In runescripts, Nautise is used to overcome adversity, to achieve the desired (not necessarily in a material context). It is less commonly used to resolve various situations in the sphere of feelings and emotions, but in this respect it is necessary to work very carefully with the Nautyz rune, since in its semantics there is a large proportion of natural a priori negative.

For example, the combination of “Nautise Gebo Nautis” is a fairly common universal script runescript that allows you to balance the relationship between two people. It can be feelings, or a purely professional relationship. «Nautise Gebo Naudiz» improves mutual understanding, increases contact, helps to find a way out of a difficult situation together.

Runeskrip «Nautise Hagalaz Nautise» allows you to «play» with the circumstances, permanently changing their course in one direction or the other. Contrary to popular belief, the “Nuatiz Hagalaz Nautyz” rune record does not carry a target negative and vice versa — does not protect against the destructive effects of adverse circumstances.

It is an easy catalyst for your desires.

The option «Nautise Soul Vigno» will allow you to get out of a difficult situation, solving the problem quickly and dramatically, coming to a favorable ending. The runescript is universal, therefore it requires a clearly defined intention.

The philosophy of the runes Nautyz — the tradition of the north

In the shamanic tradition of the north, the Nathis (or Nyid) fleece is strongly associated with the image of the Norns, the weavers of human destinies. That is why Nautyz is associated with the concept of Wurd. A wyrd is a space-time thread that “pierces” three great sources at the roots of the World Tree — Urd, Verdandi and Skuld.

Past, present and future. Fate, becoming and duty.

Today, the word «wyrd» is translated as «fate», although in fact from Anglo-Saxon it translates as «turn», that is, a kind of landmark milestone, stage, milestone. So rune Nautyz always points to important changes.

It hides in itself the principle of causation, says that for any action will have to pay and everything that happens «comes from the past.»

This principle can be interpreted by the Russian proverb — what goes around reaps.

The image of Nautyz is closely related to the concepts of time, memory and energy. This is an individual substance, which is at the same time a part of something larger, one for all. “Here and now” is always the result of past experience.

Any person is inseparable from their surroundings.

But he (the person) is not subordinate to him (the environment), even if it seems otherwise. Here again it is worth remembering the image of the traveler, who rubs two sticks together, trying to make fire.

After all, with an adequate level of patience, he will, equally or later, produce a flame, warm up, cook food, fill the world with light, change it.

The significance of the runes Nautise in meditative practices K. Medouz helps to determine. For many shamans, this is one of the main runes, reflecting the essence of spiritual quest, its beginning, its motivation and direction, but by no means the final.

Nautiz also reminds us of «accidents», situations that we could not influence in any way. Someone calls it not an accident at all, but “the will of the gods” or even “revelation.”

The point is not in terminology, but in the understanding that even a “random” event has a goal.

Misunderstanding of this goal, misunderstanding of the origins of «randomness» is the main cause of dissonance, suffering, stress.

Rune Nyid helps release energy. This tension, which was accumulated for a long time (again, the image of the extraction of fire by friction!) And which needs to be realized. In a sense, this rune teaches to turn disadvantages into advantages, to level and eliminate negative traits of character, to overcome itself.

This is a rune of survival.

  • Runes potential Nautyz: the urge to action, danger signal, survival, ability to mobilize
  • Basic esoteric qualities: endurance, self-sufficiency, resilience
  • Practically an aspect in esotericism: it helps to understand what you really need, adjusts to a meditative state
  • Call the runes Nautyz: until you meet your own needs, you can not help others

Fleece Nautyz in the domestic plan helps to overcome stressful states, develops perseverance and patience. This is a rune that convinces us of the impossible and allows us to overcome the limitations that we ourselves have established.

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