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Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Slavic horoscope by date of birth

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Frost (from December 24 to January 30)

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Sechen (from January 31 to February 29)

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Dry (from March 1 to March 31)

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Birch (from April 1 to April 30)

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Traven (May 1-14)

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Lelia (from May 15 to June 2)

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Izok (from June 3 to July 6)

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Cherven (July 7 to July 31)

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Zarev (from August 1 to August 28)

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Seva (from August 29 to September 13)

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Mokosh (from September 14 to September 27)

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Svarozhich (from September 28 to October 15)

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Morena (from October 16 to November 8)

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Winter (from November 9 to November 28)

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Studen (from November 29 to December 23)

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Interpretation of the Slavic horoscope by date of birth

Not everyone knows how, in the old days, the Slavic horoscope was interpreted by date of birth, because we did not always use what we are used to today: capricorns and scorpions. Our Slavic ancestors were closer to nature, closer to nature, and those places where they lived were not replete with scorpions, but there were a lot of other animals.

The annual solar cycle was different from the modern one, it was called the Svarog Stake and consisted of periods of time for which different deities were responsible, each of which has its own character and a special approach is needed for each. It was impossible to anger and not please the gods, otherwise expect trouble.

Frost (from December 24 to January 30)

Frost in the view of the ancient Slavs was a short old man with a long gray beard, and his wife was Mother Winter. Therefore, he is not very fond of those who complain of cold and trembling, and merry and kind, on the contrary, gives bodily strength and a hot blush.The name January was the month in the epoch of the birth of Christianity, and earlier it was called the pro-Senetian or the student.

The people born this month are protected by Chernobog, and Frost is his faithful servant, the lord of the winter cold.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

People born under the sign of Frost are distinguished by purposefulness and the ability to concentrate all their forces. Such a person can easily equip any empty place, learn concrete and practical things in the process of work.

Frost treats his children with care, helps them materially and teaches them to preserve acquired values.

This sign-month very honors family traditions, remembers their ancestors, honors them. This month the Slavs kindled the sacrificial fires in order to bring the arrival of spring more quickly.

But, no matter how unattainable the efforts seemed, they nevertheless justified themselves, and the spring came. So it is with the people of this month: they set themselves, at first glance, impracticable goals, and in the end get the desired.

The Frost Man looks down upon the material world and feels himself the master in it. External modesty goes well with his high ambitions.

Frost never exchanges on trifles, in any chosen area becomes a professional.

  • Such a person is in constant self-development, can tolerate insults for a long time, but when patience bursts, you will not envy the enemies.
  • The Frost Man is distinguished by his confidence, strength, strength, and exactingness both for himself and for people. With people of this sign is not so easy and easy to communicate.
  • The patron of the month Chernobog presents people born in this period of time with a cold and prudent mind, a little squeamish attitude to their surroundings.
  • It is extremely rare for people of this month to have depressive states. The Slavs, as a sign of sacrifice to Chernobog, ate horsemeat in this month.

Decorations play a very important role for Frost. Preferences here are given to large and memorable forms. It can be both gold and copper alloys, decorated with precious or rare stones.

Using inexpensive jewelry, it is recommended to choose natural stones of green shades of a round, or oval form.

Sechen (from January 31 to February 29)

Slavic horoscope: the date of your birth Sechen (from January 31 to February 29)

Sechen or February, as we used to call this month, also has its patron. He is Velez (Hair) among the Slavs «bestial god», which is the personification of master’s wisdom.

Veles is usually taken in the form of a bear. He is the god of wealth and the patron of domestic animals.

During this period, nature gradually awakens, leaving behind severe frosts behind, preparing for the meeting of Maslenitsa.

People born at this time are ardent, preferring white color in clothes. Very strictly related to the choice of shoes.

This is due to the fact that Velez, in the understanding of the ancient Slavs, is a young, barefoot youth who rode on horses and in towns and cities.

Man-Velez is different carnival, riotous character, perceiving all worldly burdens with a carefree smile. He, thanks to his strength, can manage events and not be tied to the material. I am ready with pleasure to hand out and stroll through the last pennies, as it considers money as nonsense, to turn everything upside down.

This is a clear example that allows you to think about how to live.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Good and bright people Velesy used to sacrifice themselves, but not die. From birth, they are well versed in psychology, see through the secret intentions of people.

Man-Veles is closely interconnected with nature.

  • Like in nature in Veles days, love awakens, so in a person born under this sign, spontaneous sexuality beats.
  • Such a person can not only use his charms, but also confuse, knock the neighbor from the path. However, he, like anyone else, will help guide and on the right path.
  • That is why this sign is characterized by its mystery and nebula.
  • In addition, the people of Veles are considered the most passionate lovers and mistresses, which favors the month of snowstorms — February.

Choosing jewelry, this sign is better to base metal from precious alloys of yellow and white colors. Perfectly beads with a sharp form of stones of pink, coral, red-pink color and translucent tones.

Dry (from March 1 to March 31)

Slavic horoscope: according to your date of birth Sukhiy (from March 1 to March 31)

The month of March in the old days was called Dry. He also bore the name Zimobor (he won the winter, opened the way for the summer), Protalnik (the snow melts, thawed patches appear) Indeed, in March there is little snow, gradually everything starts to melt.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Patronized by people born this month, Velez. He, in turn, favors

  • merchants
  • farmers,
  • pastoralists
  • livestock
  • to hunters
  • wealth.

As a brother of the sun, he is responsible, mainly for land issues.

For the Slavs, the month of March was a kind of beginning of the new year: the winter cold was leaving, the earth was reborn. Everything around us came to life again and was preparing for a new period.

Despite the fact that Veles patronizes the people of the Sechen mark, Suky absorbs the same qualities, but to a lesser extent.

People who are protected by the sign of Velez are distinguished by a strong spirit. These are individuals who can «move mountains» under certain conditions.

They do not see any obstacles in front of them and are clearly moving towards their goal.

They are difficult to understand, as they keep a lot of mysteries and secrets, but they themselves, at the same time, are well versed in people. As a rule, such people make excellent leaders, ministers and generals.

They know how to communicate with people around them, gain trust in their eyes and rally to achieve common goals.

Jewelry for the neck, this sign must be chosen very carefully. It should not be isolated cheap jewelry.

It will be enough to have an elegant medallion on a thin short chain or a fishing line. Large beads, necklaces, various stones and all kinds of metal alloys are not recommended.

Silver and white gold are perfect for metals.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Birch (from April 1 to April 30)

Slavic horoscope: by the date of your birth Berezen (from April 1 to April 30)

The month of April was called by the Slavs Berezen.

The first half of the month (March 22-April 16) is under the auspices of the ancient Slavic goddess of spring Alive. Alive personifies fertility, spring, birth, fertile power, youth, beauty of nature and man. This goddess belongs to the time of high water and melting snow.

The ancient Slavs thawed spring water was considered healing. With this water they washed and watered the sick.

The Goddess Ziva favors women: he cherishes and cherishes them throughout the course of his life, whatever he might be. As for the men, Zhiva grants punchy character, the desire to increase wealth.

People, under the patronage of this goddess, if not gifted with beauty, are always elegant.

They are easily given medical science, extrasensory abilities. A man under the auspices of Alive early seeks to marry, to create his cozy family nest, however, in his youth, this is quite rarely possible to implement.

There are not so many partners who are ready to appreciate such a treasure.

  • At its core, these are fragile people who do not have such good health. They need to be protected, to take care. But at the same time, Alive have great spiritual power that transforms the world.
  • People of this sign can not long without nature. They need constant contact with her. Everything connected with water (rivers, lakes, spring water) is a medicine for a person Alive, giving him extra strength.
  • These people can not live without flowers, even room. Loving, healing, helping in trouble is their vocation.
  • When choosing jewelry, this sign may not limit itself. Asymmetric forms in combination with modern design will be appropriate here.

It is recommended to give preference to non-precious metals of silver color. The most exotic forms of beads can be used as well (both from tortoise shell and crocodile leather).

This sign likes to challenge the generally accepted criteria, which is its calling card.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Traven (May 1-14)

Slavic horoscope: by the date of your birth Traven (from 1 to 14 May)

The month of May was called Traven by the Slavs. It is in this month that the first green grass can be observed, the leaves blooming on the trees.

  • The end of April and the first half of May are under the patronage of Yarila (April 17-May 14).
  • This time is marked by the start of field work.
  • People Yaryla, above all, temperamental, born warriors, heroes and pahari. These are great workers, they are hot-tempered, stubborn, but in their own way they love the world.

Many among the people Yaril leaders. This sign is used to take all the work on itself and rely on its strength, so these people have a hard time working in a team.

However, such a temperament is perfect for politics.

Man-Yarilo knows how to organize large masses of people and lead them. Becoming a soldier, easily gets used to discipline, but in anger, hold on, who can.

People under the sign of Yarila are not used to denying themselves anything, so they try to live to the fullest. In order to feel comfortable, a person-Yarilo needs to have everything in prosperity (food, love, money, children, work, pleasure).

The whole life of this person is aimed at overcoming obstacles and an undeniable victory. These people are not afraid of work, by their nature they are workaholics. They need to constantly be in a state of love, emotional excitement, inspired by life.

If all this is present in his life, then the family remains strong, however, if something is missing, then it is difficult to keep Yaril. They urgently need to be considered and respected.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

In decorations, this sign loves courage and grandeur. It can be an unusual shape, with a bold design rings, beads and bracelets from any metal.

The main thing is the original form.

Lelia (from May 15 to June 2)

Slavic horoscope: according to the date of your birth Lelia (from May 15 to June 2)

People born in this period of time are patronized by the deity Lelia. Among the ancient Slavs, Leliah symbolized love, was the patroness of happiness and beauty.

People born under this sign should not beware of loneliness, as Lelia always tries to help lovers. She will take care of how to happily build a destiny and never leave alone to pass away old age.

Born in May have a great sense of humor, are kind-hearted and warm in heart. At this time, nature blooms and comes to life, it becomes even more beautiful.

Holiday Lelnik is also called Red Hill, it is customary to celebrate April 21, not in May. This is not accidental, since Lelia declares herself for the first time in April.

That is why, people under the patronage of this goddess can safely declare themselves and not be afraid of convictions and be misunderstood.

  • It’s not just that many marry and marry on this holiday, since, according to old beliefs, it is believed that a marriage concluded on this day will be strong and happy.
  • The goddess Lela herself blesses the newlyweds for a long life together in love and respect.
  • The decorations for this sign play a significant role. First of all, they must be large, memorable and costly.
  • Most often they use the precious metal — gold. It can be a massive pendant with embossing, inscriptions, engraving and monograms.
  • Everything should look beautiful and rich. This sign appreciates antiques and family heirlooms.

Cheap jewelery is allowed. It can be simple beads in dark or black and white shades.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Izok (from June 3 to July 6)

Slavic horoscope: by the date of your birth Izok (from June 3 to July 6)

The month of June in the ancient Slavs was called Izok (grasshopper). Indeed, this month many insects in the meadows and fields.

This month the goddess Kostroma (from June 2 to June 12) and Dodola (from June 13 to July 6) patronize them.

Kostroma was the embodiment of fertility and spring, had two guises.

  • The first is a young woman, dressed in white and holding an oak branch in her hands and walking along with a round dance.
  • The second is the image of a straw effigy. It was a scarecrow that was decided to be burned by the Slavs in order to ensure the fertility of the earth.

The time interval from June 2 to 12 is called the span, that is, the end of spring and the beginning of summer. During this period, ended spring field work.

People born in the span, incredibly talented, especially in the field of literature, have a duality of character and unstable thinking. This is explained by the fact that the deity Kostroma is embodied both in a feminine (Kostroma) and in a masculine (Kostrubonka) guise.

Flying children live here and now, today. They are distinguished by curiosity, extraordinary eloquence, an interest in absolutely everything, the ability to understand the rules of life play. Occurring around the events certainly touch them.

Usually these people have many friends, it is interesting and impossible to forget with them. They create a family late, they go through life easily and with a smile, leaving behind them a spiritual heritage.

The Dodola period (from June 13 to July 6) among the Slavs was marked by the time of summer and youth. That is why Dodola was considered the patroness of young girls, fun, songs, games, divination.

At this time, usually haying was carried out, otherwise, people could rest a bit.

People Dodola forever young soul, lazy, naive, to some extent infantile. They need guidance from the side, they need a mentor who can teach them to discipline.

  • They are accustomed to treat life lightly, playfully, to believe in miracles. Strangely enough, but miracles happen, they are extremely lucky, everything necessary appears, of course.
  • Children born under the patronage of Dodola will be healthy, but they have their own concepts of loyalty and love.
  • Often, the family life of such people develops in an unexpected way, but they make excellent talisman friends.
  • In jewelry, it is preferable to choose all that is alive and ringing. It can be silver charms and chains of precious alloys with variegated, bright and multi-colored stones.

Cherven (July 7 to July 31)

Slavic horoscope: by the date of your birth Cherven (from July 7 to July 31)

The month of July the Slavs wore the name Cherven. It was the sunniest and hottest month.

Patron, born in July, the goddess of beauty, summer, comfort, love and marriage — Lada.

The newlyweds brought flowers, honey and berries to the goddess as gifts, live birds to live in love and harmony.

  • The people of Lada are gifts. Around them is always a holiday, fun, but at the same time, they are very efficient and passionate in love.
  • A person born under the patronage of this goddess is pleasant in communication, handsome, self-confident, but also capricious.
  • It is very difficult to win his love, as well as to become a friend, however, who still succeeds, will be very happy.
  • They completely devote themselves to their loved ones, appreciate the comfort in the house, friendly family and children. Their children are always well-kept, and the farm is in excellent condition. They are loyal and reliable.

Women of this sign have golden hands, they can do handicrafts, cooking, gardening, and men make great masters.

The Lada Man is quite artistic, dances well and sings, loves art and takes care of everything beautiful and created by the Creator.

Particularly fortunate are people born during this period with blond hair and blue eyes. He is well where nature appears in its full beauty.

Of the people of this sign are great family men, loving parents. These are bright, open, capable people who love and appreciate homeliness.

With such people it will always be warm and comfortable if they sincerely love and let them into their home.

These people choose jewelry with meaning, they see the idea in everything. This may be some kind of talisman that contains a magic or religious symbol.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Zarev (from August 1 to August 28)

Slavic horoscope: by the date of your birth Zarev (from August 1 to August 28)

The patron saint of August is Perun. Among the Slavs, Perun was considered a formidable god who ruled thunder and lightning.

He was very honored and dedicated whole groves and forests.

During this period, many thunderstorms, abundant harvest. The whole earth becomes transformed and regal.

People born in this period of time are endowed with the same royal and majestic character.

The people of Perun know how to present themselves at a high level, love to be in the center of attention, demand respect, are accustomed to dominate and get the best. They are distinguished by generosity, the ability to give good advice, the ability to support in a difficult situation, the ability to forgive and understand other people’s problems.

Man-Perun used to develop a strategy, to be the main. He clearly understands what he needs and how to achieve it. He quickly thinks and makes decisions with lightning speed.

Such a person will find himself in politics and military affairs.

This sign very much appreciates wealth and luxury, the beauty of life, knows how to adequately care for the object of love. For him, family is pride.

  • For his children, he will create all the conditions to ensure a comfortable stay, requires them self-realization.
  • However, if family life does not develop properly, Perun Man can live alone. He is able to stand up for himself, self-sufficient, protects the weak, persevering.
  • Having set a goal to achieve it in any way.
  • As a rule, Perunov makes excellent sportsmen, careerists, people who need constant professional growth.
  • When choosing jewelery, the children of Perun are very slow and careful. They can not afford to purchase the first available product.

Their jewelry should reflect all the power and grace. Most likely, it will be something defiant.

Perfect graceful medallion or original pendant, or beads with colorless stones.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Seva (from August 29 to September 13)

Slavic horoscope: according to the date of your birth Seva (from August 29 to September 13)

The month of September was called the Ruin among the ancient Slavs.

  • The patron saint of this month was the gardening fruit goddess, Seva. She was depicted as a beautiful long-haired woman, holding bunches of grapes and ripe apples in her hands.
  • Seva was considered the patroness of good weather, fertile land, and was highly esteemed by the Slavs.
  • At this time the harvest was going, which symbolized the end of summer and the onset of autumn.

People under the auspices of Seva are distinguished by their hospitality, friendliness, surprisingly soft sense of humor.

They are able to smooth out any conflict, reconcile enemies, are able to resolve any issue and come to a universal conclusion without insults and disputes. They are easygoing, quiet, calm people, easy to work with.

These modest personalities are content with little, like naturalness and purity.

Such people have a much better home than an apartment in the city.

  • The person — Seva is endowed with a sense of proportion; he has inherent tolerance and patience. He is distinguished by caution, distrust towards people, conservatism.
  • For Seva, the main thing is to keep the once established order in life and stick to it. Any changes can be alerted, therefore, this sign lacks optimism.
  • Those born during this period are characterized by justice, kindness, strive for harmony, peace and peace, and people are very drawn to this sign.
  • In conjugal life, due to its economic, housewife and unpretentiousness, Seva are lucky. Their home represents a full cup. However, they may have no children at all or be, but very few.

Mokosh (from September 14 to September 27)

Slavic horoscope: by the date of your birth Mokosh (from September 14 to September 27)

The Goddess Mokosh personifies the mother wet land and protects fertility, childbirth,

For this period of autumn Indian summer just falls out. The night becomes longer, people are more at home, silence gradually comes to nature.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Man-Mokosh is essentially a fatalist, careful and scrupulous in relation to work. He is distinguished by discipline, calm and modesty.

People under the auspices of Mokosh

  • It is very tasty cooked, they relate to the process of cooking as responsibly as the rest of life processes.
  • Such people do not like lazy people and cherish every hour of time. In the team take on the role of the workhorse. Despite the love of work, they know how to divide the house and work, allow themselves to rest.
  • They tend to give a lot of advice and read notations.
  • They love to spend time at home, a kind of homebody. Rainy weather is very popular with Mokosh people.

Those born under this sign will never argue with the authorities, as they respect any authority. Ideal work in the light industry, as these people are used to do everything with their own hands.

  • In family life, Mokosh doesn’t do everything so smoothly, as she constantly tries to rehabilitate her partner and is always dissatisfied with something, however, destroying the family is not in her rules. The family is holy for her.
  • Of the people of the sign Mokosh obtained excellent commanders, journalists, writers. They easily converge with new people, make friends and feel comfortable in an unfamiliar society.
  • Choosing jewelry for themselves, Mokosh people adhere to classical motifs in modern cutting and listen to the advice of their partner. An excellent solution would be a chain or chain, a necklace of precious alloys of gold and silver.

Svarozhich (from September 28 to October 15)

Slavic horoscope: by the date of your birth Svarozhich (from September 28 to October 15)

The patron saint of the first half of October is the god of earthly fire, Svarog. For some Slavs Svarozhich was still the god of war and victories.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Those born under the sign of Svarog will live the first half of their lives in the struggle, but in adulthood they will have universal respect, wealth and honor.

Time Svarozhicha falls on a golden autumn. On the day of the autumn equinox, he celebrated his birthday.

Svarozhich personifies the heavenly fire, fallen from the sky and tamed by people. Therefore, the children of such a patron granted art and craft.

People of this sign have a sophisticated artistic taste, are able to see beauty everywhere.

The man — Svarozhich is distinguished by observation, high intelligence. He is rational, likes to lay out all on the shelves.

This is due to the fact that people of this sign tend to be born just at the time when the harvest for the winter is being calculated.

These people are well considered, can perfectly navigate in space and created to promote humanity to new discoveries in the field of science and culture.

  • They tend to engage in any business, ranging from blacksmith, ending with poetry and art. Svarozhich will also make an excellent teacher who brings the light of knowledge to children.
  • In marriage, people under this sign find themselves completely and comprehend the law of dual unity.
  • Svarozhich believes in an ideal marriage and that he will definitely find his soul mate in life.
  • If he decides to seriously pursue the search for his spouse, he will definitely find the right person. The autumn time of weddings begins with the name of this deity.

Children of Svarozhich draw energy from the fire, they can look at it endlessly. The rooster and the swan are considered to be his lucky totem birds.

His main task is to preserve his ideals and not to lose them.

Morena (from October 16 to November 8)

Slavic horoscope: according to the date of your birth Morena (from October 16 to November 8)

The goddess of the fruitless decrepitude of the disease Morena is considered the patroness of this time period. She rejoices in fallen leaves, rotted fruit, faded flowers and extinct human lives.

Goddess Morena protects people born in the late autumn and gives them an interesting character.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Morena’s people are full of mysterious, hidden power. They tend to perseverance, patience, ability to achieve goals. They are practically not nervous, because they are well aware that sooner or later they will get what they want.

In difficult situations they can concentrate and gather all their will together.

These people can devote themselves to medicine. They will make excellent surgeons and reanimators. They have a gift to help people and save lives.

Themselves, fate protects and protects against various catastrophic situations.

Man-Morena is resilient, disciplined, uncompromising, at times vindictive. He lives long and is in excellent physical shape until old age.

Love for such a person is always a confrontation, and friendship contains elements of competition.

  • This mystical and mysterious sign loves to look beyond the line of the otherworld, to establish control over the feelings of both those around him and their own.
  • Jewelry Morena should choose cheap and low-key.
  • Beads in one row, a small chain with twisted weaving, a miniature pendant will be appropriate here.
  • Everything should be modest and restrained. Stones should be opaque, opaque, preferably light and grayish shades.
  • Bright and colorful necklaces are not recommended. How metal is perfect silver.

Winter (from November 9 to November 28)

Slavic horoscope: by the date of your birth Winter (from November 9 to November 28)

At the very beginning, Winter gives people bright, merry holidays (New Year, Christmas, Epiphany) and is a young red-faced white-faced beauty, and by March it appears to be an ugly, malignant old woman.

  • People of Winter are distinguished by self-confidence, optimism. Behind the outer cold emotion lies a big warm soul.
  • Man-Winter is usually a fighter against world evil. He has light power that affects his life events. Everything that happens with such a person has its own meaning.
  • He may become a curious explorer or a gambling athlete.
  • He is interested in everything connected with fiction, parallel worlds, the unusual nature of natural phenomena, stars and planets.
  • Such a person always wants to find the truth, the root cause, which is why he reads a lot and can answer most questions.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Sometimes, it seems that people of Winter do not live by common laws, but rely only on their own. In fact, Winter has a high moral and pure thoughts.

So people need arguments and evidence before they believe in something.

  • In the family, the people of Winter act as a victim. Everyone enjoys their patience. They make excellent interlocutors with angelic character, so people are drawn to them.
  • Winter gives, born in this period of time, good health, if they watch him. The main mission of such people is to create good and keep the world in balance.
  • In the jewelry they choose funny and sometimes funny things for themselves. However, they love to create sketches themselves and bring finished products to standard.
  • They are perfect jewelry that combines the play of stones and the sheen of metal at once.

Studen (from November 29 to December 23)

Slavic horoscope: by the date of your birth Studen (from November 29 to December 23)

December among the Slavs was called Studen, as it was an icy, very cold month. Patronized, born at this time, the underground god Karachun, who commanded the frost. Karachun Day was celebrated on December 23.

It was one of the coldest days of winter.

The Karachun period was considered a dark and cold season, and the wind was its reliable friend.

Karachun-man does not have good health, as he was born at the junction of the energy recession. He earns everything through his work, loves to travel, shows interest in the cultures of other countries.

He is not so easy to communicate with people, so he is more attached to animals and can tame even the most wild animals.

Such a person is characterized by coldness, gloominess, grumbling, irritability, inaccessibility, anger, but, more often, behind these masks lies his deepest sadness. However, having removed his mask, an understanding and modest person appears before us.

Good parodists, polyglots, translators, poets come out of the Karachuns.

  • The personal life of such people is not glued, as they have an unsociable character. Children, too, are not particularly pleased with this sign. But, interesting is the fact that they love marriages and are not able to live a day alone. Any of the signs of the horoscope of the ancient Slavs may enter into a union with them.
  • The Karachun people are used to hard work and will easily complete a difficult task. They can not sit idle and are able to fall into a depressive state, unable to find an occupation and work.
  • When buying jewelery born during this period, they will give preference to antique or stylized antique items. Beads that contain elements of folk art will perfectly suit them, and the family heirloom will be the best jewel.
  • Just do not forget about the Chinese horoscope


Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Halls by date of birth

Hall of the Virgin (from August 30 to September 22).

People born during this period are under the protection of the goddess Jiva. Their talisman tree is an apple tree. These people are stubborn, independent and able to achieve great success, beyond the reach of the majority.

Their desire for leadership positions has been noticeable since childhood, because the wayward Virgos often go against fate, as if they possess secret knowledge that leads them to the heights.

The Hall of the Boar (from September 23 to October 14).

Those born these days are protected by the god Ramkhat and the sacred pear tree. For these people, nothing is impossible, but often there is an unwillingness to move forward and apathy on their way. These are people with leadership qualities, self-willed and stubborn.

Accustomed to constant struggle, therefore, in a peaceful environment, it is difficult for them to work without prodding.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

The Hall of the Pike (from October 14 to November 6).

The defenders of these people are the goddess Rojana and the plum. Those born during the autumn period have an exceptional ability to adapt to any situation.

Like chameleons, they flow into any environment and feel comfortable.

People of this palace often prefer not to solve problems and inconveniences, but to live with them and feel at ease in the new conditions.

Hall of the Swan (from November 6 to November 27).

  • For these people, the defense is the powerful goddess of fate, MacOS. Charm tree — pine.
  • Swans are characterized by pride, but often it is justified by their merits.
  • They are vain and accustomed to being in the center of attention, revel in their victories for show, but their merits often are really great.
  • Swans are prone to unconscious prophecies and predictions, which accounts for their success in almost all undertakings.

The Serpent Hall (from November 27 to December 16).

Semargl and linden advocate for people born during this period. Snakes are prone to selfishness and are susceptible to flattery, but they are capable of self-sacrifice and sincere feelings.

Have a valuable quality not to let go of luck turned up, using it for your own good. A rare Serpent will tolerate criticism in his address: he will respond either with rage or with a hidden resentment.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

The Hall of the Raven (from December 19 to January 10).

The patron god of this time is Kolyada, the sacred tree is larch. This period is rich in newborn healers who can heal both mental and physical wounds.

Most often, the nature of these people is cheerful. They are inquisitive by nature and possess wisdom.

However, their constant love of love makes them unreliable companions, especially in the early years.

After a certain time, they are able to settle down, but the innate tendency to falling in love often prevents them from building harmonious relationships.

Hall of the Bear (from January 10 to February 3).

  • God Svarog, one of the most important of the Slavs, as well as sacred beech and raspberry protect people born under the Bear Hall.
  • They are endowed with the art of creation and are able to restore even lost relationships after irreconcilable quarrels.
  • The courageous people are distinguished by the ability to unravel the most difficult tasks.
  • They combine the ability to lead with kindness and fair severity, which makes them indispensable managers.
  • Bears — a real find to create a strong family.

The Hall of Busla or Stork (from February 3 to February 28).

These people are protected by the supreme god Rod and willow. Storks have a calm character, stand firmly on their feet, are open to communication, are not gentle.

Have a unique gift to soothe and revive others.

With rare exceptions, the people of this palace create a strong family for life and provide it with comfort and stability.

The Hall of the Wolf (from February 28 to March 25).

Velez, the deity of sacred knowledge, and the poplar are strong patrons and protectors of those born during this period. They are characterized by rigidity, bordering on cruelty.

Wolves are distinguished by purposefulness, they are always careful and often treat people with no inner rod with contempt. They tend to idealize others, therefore they are often disappointed in human infidelity and frivolity.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

The Hall of the Fox (from March 28 to April 17).

Lysam patronizes Marin. They are also protected by hornbeam and currants. The traits of these people are similar to fox habits.

They are courageous, purposeful and wisely cunning, which helps them out of dubious situations. Fox palace people are able to avoid all obstacles, but natural curiosity often turns into financial problems.

Most often they find themselves in work with people and achieve significant prestige in their chosen field.

The Hall of the Tour (from April 17 to May 9).

  • These people are patronized by the merry god Kryshen, as well as aspen.
  • Almost all Tours have unprecedented endurance, hard work and quickly achieve their goals through diligence and business acumen.
  • If Turov doesn’t have any obstacles, they become good leaders, quickly gain experience and lead the company to victory in the shortest way.

The Hall of the Elk (from May 9 to June 1).

The goddess Lada and birch give their protection to people born in the last month of spring. Elks are characterized by openness, kindness, carefree lifestyle and the rapid finding of points of contact with others. However, they often become victims of deceivers due to a somewhat naive view of life.

They tend to strive for ideals, but often overestimate their demands on themselves.

The Hall of Finista (from June 1 to June 23).

Protecting the life of the gods flying under the clouds of Finistas, the god Vyshen ‘, and the cherry tree is the guardian A distinctive feature of the character of these people is a realistic and vigilant view of life. They are not prone to frustration, so they get experience from their own mistakes, which helps them achieve their goals.

But more often they bypass the difficulties due to natural caution and forethought.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

The Hall of the Horse (from June 23 to July 16).

The patron god is Kupala, and coastal plants are fern and elm. Horses radiate optimism and are constantly in search of new and unusual.

Do not spend power on minor matters, for which sometimes they pay in trouble.

The swiftness and ability to conquer unconquered peaks is highly developed, but in the pursuit of one goal they tend to overlook important minor tasks.

Hall of the Eagle (from July 16 to August 7).

  • Orlov is endowed with Perun’s patron and sacred oak with decisiveness and belligerent character.
  • Their character seems to be forged from hardened iron.
  • The people of this palace are decisive and endowed with power, they can hardly be called boring and uninteresting.
  • Possess a rich imagination that helps to avoid pessimism and quickly get closer to people.

The Hall of the Race (from August 7 to August 30).

The god Tarkh helps these people, and the tree of protection is ash. People of the Race are distinguished by their steadfastness and good nature, they know how to find a balance between hard work and rest.

Their prudence and balanced decisions help to achieve the desired. Races are prone to altruism and selflessly help everyone around them.

Their life force is sufficient both for themselves and their relatives, therefore such people can be relied on in the most critical situations.

Each person is a unique personality consisting of many different qualities. It depends only on you what awaits you ahead.

Using this information, you can not only correct your behavior, but also develop those qualities that have given you the palaces.


Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals


  1. 1. Virgo is Jiva, and the Rune of the Hall is a woman who raised her hands. The sacred tree is an apple tree.
  2. 2. Vepr — the patron of Ramkhat. The sacred tree is a pear.
  3. 3. Pike is the patron of Rozhana, the patroness of women who are pregnant and pregnant. Sacred tree — plum.
  4. 4. The Swan is the patron of Mokos. The symbol of the Hall is a cornucopia or sky bucket. The tree is pine.
  5. 5. The serpent is a symbol of high Wisdom. Patron — Semargl. Sacred tree — linden.
  6. 6. Raven — patron of Kolyada. Sacred tree — larch.
  7. 7. Bear — the patron of Svarog. Sacred tree — raspberry, beech.
  8. 8. Busel (Stork) — patron Rod. Sacred tree — willow.
  9. 9. Wolf — the patron of Velez. Sacred tree — poplar.
  10. 10. Fox — the patron saint of Mara — Goddess of winter. Sacred tree — currant and hornbeam.
  11. 11. Tour — patron Roof. The sacred tree is aspen.
  12. 12. Elk is the patron saint of Lada-Mother, giving birth and awakening. The tree is birch.
  13. 13. Finist is a type of falcon. Patron — Higher. The symbol is the Wheel of Samsara. The sacred tree is cherry.
  14. 14. The horse is the patron of Kupala. Symbol — Rune Yoga. Tree — fern and elm.
  15. 15. The eagle is the patron of Perun. The sacred tree is oak.
  16. 16. Ras is the sacred white leopard or lynx. Patron — Tarh (Dazhdbog). The sacred tree is ash. People born under the auspices of one God were worn in themselves and common traits of character. Date of birth and day of the week were of great importance. Such was the presentation of the ancient Slavs.

Totem yearbook

In Russia since ancient times there was a totem annunciation — Slavic horoscope of animals. His cycle consists of 16 years. According to the calendar of the ancient Slavs, the year began on the day of the vernal equinox.

Therefore, the Slavic horoscope for animals begins on March 21, that is, if you were born before this date, you should consider the previous totem. And now find out who you really are …

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

  • Dark Soh (Elk): 1912 1928 1944 1960 1976 1992 2008
  • Stinging Hornet (Wasp): 1913 1929 1945 1961 1977 1993 2009
  • Lurk Lut (Wolf): 1914 1930 1946 1962 1978 1994 2010
  • Fire Veksha (Belka): 1915 1931 1947 1963 1979 1995 2011
  • Pearl Pike: 1916 1932 1948 1964 1980 1996 2012
  • Bearded Toad: 1917 1933 1949 1965 1981 1997 2013
  • Wild Boar (Boar): 1918 1934 1950 1966 1982 1998 2014
  • White Owl: 1919 1935 1951 1967 1983 1999 2015
  • Hissing Already: 1920 1936 1952 1968 1984 2000 2016
  • Crouching Fox: 1921 1937 1953 1969 1985 2001 2017
  • Curtailed Hedgehog: 1922 1938 1954 1970 1986 2002 2018
  • Soaring Eagle: 1923 1939 1955 1971 1987 2003 2019
  • Spinning Mizgir (Spider): 1924 1940 1956 1972 1988 2004 2020
  • Screaming Rooster: 1925 1941 1957 1973 1989 2005 2021
  • Gold Chickens Tour (Bull): 1926 1942 1958 1974 1990 2006 2022
  • Firemane Horse: 1927 1943 1959 1975 1991 2007 2023

Dark Sox

— It is a pioneer leading others, who are patronized by the Higher Forces. The totem of a man is restless, swift and proud, who does not stop at the heights reached, very often incomprehensible and incomprehensible to the close environment.

The less he will doubt his ideas, and reflect, the more he can give to this world.

Stinging Hornet

— People born during this period are very active, they fuss a lot and like to make some noise. Hornets possess strong intuition and purposefulness. To achieve this goal, they use any means, not bothered by morality.

From birth, they have an excellent memory, they are extremely thrifty and jealous — they will never give up to their own, and they can also take someone else’s. Leaders by nature, like to put others in place, while applying all his causticity and sharpness.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Lurk Lut

— people of great strength, natural grace and ability to find a way out of the most difficult life situation. They have feline habits, but with all their external softness and relaxation can manifest themselves very sharply and suddenly, instantly mobilize and show their claws and fangs. Although they themselves do not like to create and maintain order, but others do not forgive the slightest violation of it.

Possessing generosity, patience and kindness of character, they will not allow even those close to them to sit on their necks or restrict their freedom. For Luke, there are only those frameworks, obligations and restrictions that he set for himself.

Fire Veksha

— This is a sign of a person who has the highest protection. Those born in this year are extremely dexterous and mobile, all the time they play and are slightly cunning.

Possess a lively mind — everyone grasps on the fly and instantly delve into the situation, finding the best way out.

They are nervous, often subject to mood swings and depressions. In life, they count only on themselves, so they go to work early and start a family.

Pearl Pike

— people born in this year are under the auspices of their deceased ancestors. They are conservatives and orthodox, endowed with inner peace and self-righteousness, so they are direct and frank in communication.

Bearded Toad

— a person with natural wisdom to create a harmonious relationship with the world. Be able to appreciate what has, very economical, thrifty, modest and neat.

A wonderful family man and a hospitable owner, not particularly pretentious to his surroundings. This is a conservative who does not like change, adores his comfortable “swamp”, and clearly knows what he wants from life.

Wild boar

— these are very fearless people, always ready to fight back all those whom they consider to be an enemy. They strive for primacy in the matter that interested them.

  • After the desired has been achieved, solitude is usually sought for rest and falls into apathy.
  • In a calm state, Weprils are extremely intelligent and do not take unpromising actions.
  • People of this type usually take a long time to ask the price and swing, then typing inertia, rush to the goal, sweeping away everything in its path.

White Owl

— this is a person living according to his own regime, leading a secluded life. Very suspicious, mysterious and superstitious. In a favorable environment, his talents for extrasensory perception can unfold in an extraordinary way.

Finding a friendly environment for its activities, Filin is able to move mountains.

Hissing Already

— these are people with the gift to harmonize the space around them. They have a philosophical turn of mind, everything secret for them is more important than the obvious.

A little secretive, do not like to talk a lot, practical, efficient and thrifty.

They go to the chosen goal persistently, but flexibly and when unexpected obstacles arise, they change the skin like a snake.

Crouching fox

— these are people of mysterious fate and full of adventures of life. They are clever, inventive, mocking, cunning, mocking, very careful and prudent — they never climb on the rampage, preferring to do everything in a quiet or sly.

They are skilled intriguers, extremely serious about life and able to achieve their goals.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Curled up hedgehog

— unpredictable, prickly, fussy and noisy people. They have an excellent memory and special thoroughness to details.

Very reliable friends and faithful spouses.

Soaring eagle

— These are missionaries and reformers obsessed with ideals and ideas. They have a bold, changeable and proud character, they do not tolerate manipulation and dictate, live by their own rules and laws.

Very aristocratic, in communication very scrupulous, in friendship and love are usually true. They can anticipate impending troubles.

Spinning Mizgir

— This is a man of the clan, as the air needs the support of relatives and friends. He loves and knows how to unite large groups of people and create any organizations.

Very power-hungry, sensitive, able to systematically achieve their goals, using all his uncommon creative potential. Mizgir is a keeper of tradition and hearth, a reliable support for family and society.

Screaming cock

— people born during this period are harsh and hasty in their judgments and actions, they are very active, fearless and ambitious. They try to always be in sight and have their original opinion on everything.

They love their home and children very much.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Glorious Tour

— people of this year of birth harmoniously combine good nature and fury in their character. They love to patronize the weak. They are very hardy, stubborn and patient, and in case of danger, they show uncommon courage and aggression.

They will stand to die for what is dear to them.

Firemane Horse

— this year of active and courageous, honest and executive people. They are very talented, romantic; hardy and purposeful.

Horses love traveling and extreme sports, so they can rarely be found at home, as they are constantly in a hurry somewhere.

Slavic calendar

  • Day = 16 hours
  • Week = 9 days
  • Month = 40 and 41 days
  • Summer = 9 months

The Slavic calendar is based on a hexadecimal system, i.e. 16 hours a day, 16 Years make up the Circle of Years, 16 boxes in the Svarog Circle; and consider the Slavs are not centuries (100 years), and Circles of Life (144 years, i.e.

16 * 9).

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Day ends with sunset, and not at night like the Christians. Therefore, the construction of the daily circle is different: the 16th hour (end of the day), it is 19:00 Christian time.

In this case, the Slavs have no such thing «zero time«(00:00), life does not stop, does not disappear, so there is no zero hour; Let’s say: modern “0 hours 25 minutes” in the Slavic system would record “24 hours 25 minutes”.

Slavic time is more harmonious with Nature, the division of days by 16 hours created a measured form of building life. In addition, the day is divided into 4 parts, not 2 (day and night), and each hour has its own name.

* 1 Slavic hour = 1.5 modern hours
* Instead of Latin words: minute and second, Slavic measures of time: part and proportion.

Nine Day Week — this is a very convenient system of work and rest, so that a person does not overwork. The names of the days are simple: the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth … And also each day has its own Patron Land (see

Patrons of the days of the Slavic Week).

oneMondayAfter a weeklabor DayHors Land
2TuesdaySecondlabor DayLand of Orey
3TritainikThirdrelaxationPerun Land
fourThursdayFourthlabor DayVaruna Land
fiveFridayFifthlabor DayIndra land
6SixteenSixthlabor DayStribog’s Land
7Seven weekSeventhrest, POSTDei land
eightOctopusAxis of the Worldlabor DayLand of Mertsana
9A weekNo AffairsrelaxationYarylo-Sun

«Read you three days a week — the third, seventh and ninth. Read the Great Holidays ”- the commandment of God Svarog.

Those. three days a week should rest:
3 — rest;
7 — POST (one-day, i.e. fasting day). “The seventh day is given to men, cattle, and fishes for rest, and to flesh to rest. Go to each other, please each other, it will be a joy to you — sing the hymns to the gods ”;
9 — NO WORKS, i.e. if the 3rd and 7th days are given for bodily rest, then the 9th must be not only bodily rest, but also Spiritual and Mental. “If anyone works on the ninth day, then there will be no gain for him, neither by lot, nor by talent.” Those. just what you need: to prepare a meal for your loved ones, a bathhouse for the purity of the Sort, etc., forget about other matters.

Months 40 and 41 days, and in Holy Summer all the months are 41 days. Those. The Slavic calendar is much simpler, just 2 tablets: even and odd months, and they start on the same day of the Week during the Summer.

And the modern calendar is not very convenient for the account: the year is divided into 12 months, they start on different days, the number of days can be 31, 30, 29, 28, i.e. 12 completely different plates.

Odd monthsDay of the WeekEven months
7sixteen2534Seven week2eleven202938
9182736A weekfour13223140

The Slavic names of the months are Images, which part of Summer began:

  • Ramkhat — Divine start.
  • ILet — full wealth, i.e. harvested, prepared for the winter.
  • Baylet — the white part of Summer.
  • Geylet — month of blizzards and cold.
  • DAYLET — month of nature awakening.
  • Elet — month of sowing and naming.
  • WeyLet — month of winds.
  • Heylet — the month of receiving the gifts of Nature.
  • TaiLet — month of completion.

Old Slavic calendar

But we finally got to the original source of the calendar itself. And how much the scientists would not argue and how fiercely they did not prove their case, they will no longer be able to hide this truth.

Because the data presented here are checked and cannot be doubted, and the calendar of the ancient Slavs in its subsidy is far ahead of everyone else and goes back to the depths of centuries, to such an extent that adherents of Charles Darwin’s theory have not yet dreamed of.

  • Let’s start with the title. The concept of the Calendar did not appear by chance, and it is not by chance that in all languages ​​this word sounds the same.
  • For the calendar, to all the nations of the planet, the earth was presented to the Slavic-Aryan race, and it was called from them Kolyady Dar.
  • This is the name of the book in which all the methods of chronology and the history of the appearance of the calendar itself (Kalyadi Dar) and the measures, values, measurements of various formats are described.
  • The full name of the calendar of the Ancient Slavs, namely, the calendar itself KalyadyDar DaAryan Krugolot Chisloboga.

Today, only the Old Believers use this calendar — representatives of the most ancient Slavic-Aryan Faith — Ingliism. The widespread use of our ancient calendar ceased a little more than 300 years ago, when Tsar Peter I, by his Decree, introduced the Gregorian calendar on the territory of Russia and ordered to celebrate the 1700th anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ on the night of January 1.

And in Russia at that time, Summer 7208 from the Creation of the World in the Star Temple was going on.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth with animals

Considered to be

It is believed that this innovation of Peter I was progress for Russia, familiarizing it with the “European culture”.

But it is not said at all that the emperor did not just change the calendar, he actually “stole” at least five and a half thousand years of our true history. After all, the event that started counting years — the Creation of the World in the Star Temple (5508 BC), meant not at all the creation of the universe by the biblical god, but literally: the signing of a peace treaty in the year of the Star Temple on Krugolet of Chislobog after the victory of the Power Great Race (in the modern sense — Russia) over the empire Ahriman, the kingdom of the Great Dragon (according to modern — China).

By the way, the symbolic image of a rider on a white horse striking a dragon with a spear, known in the Christian tradition as George the Victorious, actually symbolizes just this victory. That is why long since this symbol is so widespread and revered in Russia among the Slavic-Aryan peoples.

  • A natural question arises: from what event did the chronology go on before the Creation of the World in the Star Temple? The answer is obvious — from an earlier significant event.
  • Moreover, in parallel could be conducted counts of years from different events.
  • That is how, with the mention of several time periods, the ancient chronicles began.
  • For example, here are a few datings of the current 2009 from the RC.

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