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Slavic Fleece UD: the value in the upright and upside down

Slavic Fleece UD: the value in the upright and upside down

The value of the rune Algiz: fortune telling on relationships, friendship and love

Runes — a set of characters that have a certain value and are interpreted depending on the location of the sign. There is a legend according to which God Odin noticed drawings in the form of runic signs under his feet.

He passed on his knowledge of them to people, and since then runes have often been used in magic and fortune telling. A set of runes represents 25 small plates.

Each of them has a certain sign, but one of them remains empty.

Relying on the meaning of symbols, one can find out the future, influence the present and change the course of all life. Here’s an example: the algiz rune is one of the strongest signs that gives a person the strength to overcome misfortunes or difficulties.

Such a symbol was often encountered by warriors in the form of engravings on weapons and shields in ancient times.

Slavic Fleece UD: the value in the upright and upside down

Treatment of meaning

Algiz — Fleece, having a connection with God Heimdall, who does not allow dark forces to penetrate into our world. The use of this symbol allows a person to receive protection from the higher forces.

In addition, higher powers help find the right way or solve a problem, as well as circumvent obstacles in life. Possessing the protection of the runes, a person becomes much stronger.

In all undertakings and affairs he is pursued by success and good luck.

This sign is not allowed transfer to another person, as he works only with the personal energy of the person who uses it.

There are several images that are associated with the rune Algiz:

  • An umbrella that covers a person and does not give to wet him under a shower.
  • The shaman raises his hands to the sky in order to cause rain.
  • Tree crowns cover from the weather again ascended crops.
  • Intuitive feeling of danger to animals at a distance.
  • Meeting dear people or feeling deja vu.
  • Passenger who missed the plane that crashed during the flight.

There is no disagreement on the opinion of the meaning of Algiz among the runologists. Therefore, the interpretation of runes was not difficult.

Common image, which corresponds to the sign, means divine favor and protection.

A man with his hands up is pagan pose when converted to the gods. And also in the mark of the sign you can see the foot of the crow, which is a symbol of the Valkyries, the patron saint of warriors.

Another symbol is the horns of a deer or elk.

The deer has long been considered the totem animal of the god Freyr. It is known that it was the deer horn that God struck the giant Beli.

Fortune telling by runes

When fortune-telling appears in the scenario Algiz — a good and favorable sign, meaning reliable protection and the ability to avoid trouble. This symbol helps to choose the safest way for life.

In order that all adversity does not affect the guessing person, the sign minimizes their influence on any sphere of life.

And also algiz points out that the highest patrons will help and assist in all undertakings, will give strength and save from possible evils.

The rune that fell in a straight position speaks about the possibility of realizing your own ideas, but only if you start acting right now. Algiz points to the magical protection possessed by a guessing person. And also he will have the opportunity to find a true friend.

The rune may have other meanings if it is in the layout with certain characters. For example:

  • If the rune fell out in combination with Berkan, then the fortunate one should expect a dirty trick from close people, despite the fact that he has a wonderful family and good friends.
  • With tourists, we should expect a nice gift from fate, which will appear suddenly.

The rune in the inverted form is radically different in its value — her appearance can tell, that a person is very vulnerable, and his self-sacrifice will be meaningless.

The questioner is ignorant of all the circumstances that occur around him. In this case, it can mean that he is either deceiving himself or is misleading him intentionally.

Algiz often, with its inverted position, symbolizes danger.

A person may become guilty of that which he has nothing to do with.

And also the rune can indicate meaninglessness in actions. If he wonders about his physical and moral strength to help someone, in this case he will not experience any minimum return.

Since algiz leaves a chance to the fortunate one to change the current situation for the better, one should not take its meaning as a sentence. Better to try to do everything., to get out of it with little loss.

The signal of the emergence of problems with finances and material values ​​will be the alignment in which the combination fell with Feu Runa Algiz.

Value in love

In the scenario of love, Algiz is interpreted as a sign of loyalty and trust between partners. They will have a feeling of unity between them.

Often the rune indicates that the partner for the guessing person is suitable in intimate life and will support in any situation.

In the scenario with Inguz fleece means the logical conclusion of a love relationship a pleasant event — a wedding and a family. With Teyvaz — rival or rival in the relationship will be eliminated.

The reverse meaning of algiz in love matters has a different meaning. If someone is trying to actively achieve the location of the questioner — do not encourage it.

Because in the near future will unfold bad intentions and terrible character of the partner.

Runa also says that you should not start a new relationship. The partner has unfavorable motives in the direction of the fortuneteller, which will be very difficult to recognize.

The symbol, which fell in combination with Ansuse, advises less to listen to the partner.

If he fell out with an inverted Uruz, the partner is actively trying to impose his opinion and ideas.

Fleece «Perth»: interpretation and meaning. Fleece «Perth»: fortune telling and features

Slavic Fleece UD: the value in the upright and upside down

Spiritual development August 21, 2016

Runic signs came to us from the misty depths of centuries. They are used in divination and magic.

In order not to be mistaken, it is necessary to understand their exact meaning. Fleece «Perth» is considered one of the most spiritual and mysterious.

She pushes for the greatness of the feat, foreshadows serious internal and external changes. The pagans understood well all its grandeur.

Runa «Perth» value, coming from the few real sources that have come down to us, has tremendous. It is difficult to overestimate.

But let’s get everything in order.

Rune «Perth»: the meaning and interpretation

Our stone symbolizes deep spiritual knowledge of the individual. Immediately it should be reported that he, like all signs, is twofold.

In a straightforward position in fortune telling is an encouraging message in every situation.

Fleece «Perth» (its value can not be overestimated) suggests that despondency and disbelief in yourself should be rejected forever! Whatever happens around, a person is able not only to understand this, but also to orient himself correctly.

He is on the right track, and obstacles should be perceived as gentle hands of providence, guiding in the right direction. This is a beautiful, very important stone.

He speaks of spiritual maturity, good communication with the higher «I», the ability to use intuition.

In fact, the meaning of the Perth rune is even wider in divination. If it falls, experts say that the person has these or other supernatural abilities.

Do not feel them? It does not matter yet. Should engage in spiritual practices, the ability will be revealed.

In addition, this stone encourages a guessing person to ponder why the situation does not satisfy him.

The problem is in the soul, not outside.

The value of the rune «Perto»: inverted position

This stone Scandinavians associated with the birth of the world and all things. In the inverted position, he breaks off the interaction with the oldest original source.

This property (or magical feature) is used in witchcraft.

If you make an enemy with an inverted “Perth” rune, the person leaves the ground from under his feet, he will make stupid moves, make wrong conclusions, perceive those facts that are of paramount importance as a fog.

The trouble will be the result of such exposure.

Fleece «Perth» turned in fortune telling says about the loss of landmarks, the denial of higher powers or God. Man is disoriented, he just does not understand what is happening around.

In addition, this stone indicates a selfish, cruel, extremely stubborn personality, the destroyer. He acts out of malice, not by the will of the heart.

If the rune falls in divination, you should look for such a person in the environment. This man harms senselessly and cruelly.

Often this stone indicates a woman offended by life, who was not successful with the opposite sex. She intrigues to avenge the black fate (although she herself created it herself).

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Influence on love: a direct position

Few people turn to divination when all is well. Usually they want to solve problems in this way.

Fleece «Perth» value in love is twofold. She says that nothing eternal exists. In a straightforward position, this rune is positive.

She pushes a step towards change. They will be very favorable and positive.

The essence of the transformation in the relationship is judged by the accompanying stones. But in any case, a static situation will not work.

Relationships must constantly evolve, improve, as well as individuals. If a conflict arose, it means that one of the partners does not keep up with the other.

It is necessary to understand what the delay is, and try to overcome it by joint efforts.

Remember, happiness does not live in a stagnant swamp, it needs fresh water!

If the «Perth» fell inverted

Not exactly a good sign. This stone hints at unresolved problems in the past.

A certain pain still affects the person, says the Perth inverted rune. The value in the relationship of the stone also can not be underestimated.

Once he fell out, there is a topic for a serious conversation with a partner or at least thinking.

Something does not allow relations to develop harmoniously. In practice, this may be past, not quite past love.

A partner or a guessing person has a secret desire to renew the previous connection or to prove to the traitor how he was wrong. Run this «sore» is not worth it.

It is necessary to highlight and heal her pure love.

In a deeper sense, our Fleece tells about the shortcomings of a person, introduced into the consciousness of parents or educators. We are talking about the wrong internal settings that prevent the partner from opening up.

In addition, the stone foreshadows change. It is necessary to work in order not to miss the happiness — such is the meaning of the «Perth» rune.

Inverted, it also pushes for a transformation based on a deep connection with the Creator.

The meaning of direct runes in the layout for work

A question always gives an answer. We like some, others not so much. When a person begins to learn the layouts, he understands: the Perth rune has a well-defined meaning in relationships, and in the business sphere everything is much more difficult.

The fact is that the area is quite specific.

It is difficult to approach it from the point of view of deep spirituality, if you are not a genius, of course. But, as they say, will have to try.

Our sign shows that a harmonious transformation is needed. You fully used the resource that you developed in the previous step.

It is over.

Now you need to find a new one, for example, to define a different goal. This stone often falls out before a person makes a decision to transfer to another position or changes the scope of activity.

On the subtle plane, this has already been determined and will soon break into the consciousness by illumination.

Wake up in the morning and understand: it’s time to act. That is its decisive value.

Fleece «Perth» — is the «finger of God» in a sense. It indicates the direction, but not the action itself.

Inverted Fleece: Impact on the Business Sphere

In this form, our stone calls for an analysis of past events. If you are in trouble, you should look for their cause in previous, already implemented solutions. Most likely, a person now has to pay for «sins.»

You can change events for the better.

But for this it is necessary to identify the cause of the current state of affairs, and it is in the past. Such is our basic value. Fleece «Perth» inverted still speaks about the correctness of everything that a person has to go through.

You cannot achieve success with a number of mistakes and violations of karmic laws.

From this load should be free.

Decoding for the health distribution

Well, if our stone falls in a straight position. It is a sign of the hero, even for a fragile girl.

About health, you can not worry at all! Sometimes, if the accompanying stones are negative, a slight affliction is likely.

By the way, often the direct «Perth» indicates the sexual sphere in women. This is the rune of birth.

If the question concerned conception, nothing bothers him.

In the hands of men, this sign is considered the most favorable. This person is guarded by an angel, he removes diseases, protects against injuries, helps to cope with problems.

Inverted Fleece in health

We all have to solve karmic tasks. Sometimes they come to life unpleasant diseases.

This is what the inverted «Perth» says. It is necessary to recall past sins and otmolit them, that is, repent and understand what exactly they did wrong.

Then the affliction will surrender.

And do not underestimate the alignment and its value. Fleece «Perth» in conjunction with «Eyvaz» predicts a bad outcome.

If you have received such a combination, refuse surgery in the body. Nothing good will come of it.

In addition, this combination speaks of the need for spiritual work. Until you clear the aura, recovery is unlikely.

Our stone sometimes indicates damage or other negative magical effects. It reflects the state of communication with the higher forces.

If it falls in an inverted form, it means that there is an obstacle in this particular channel.

Rune of the day straight

Let’s look at short-term forecasts. Usually for them do not use the runes because of their depth and bulk of meanings.

It is recommended to use short-term divination only in special cases.

For example, when there is a decisive battle: for obtaining a place or assessment on the exam, a positive response from the bride, and the like. Fleece «Perth» in a direct position does not always indicate the success of the plans.

Its meaning is the correctness of everything you receive on this day.

This result is still to be considered in order to be used sensibly. One thing is for sure — disappointment does not threaten the fortuneteller. For example, having been denied employment, after some time you will find a more interesting and profitable job.

Our stone falls when there is an important turn in life, some kind of fateful event. But the rune will not act for you!

It should not be forgotten.

Rune of the Day Inverted

This is a completely different situation. You should not count on success, whatever you have in mind to do on this day.

You have to deal with old debts. It is likely to meet with former enemies or detractors. It is necessary to closely monitor the situation.

Whoever appears on the horizon is an important person for you.

It is necessary to act on the basis of events. But it is important to remember about love for people, positive thinking.

For example, we met a gossip girl who earlier ruined your life, listen and show compassion for her problems. She did not just appear.

This person pushes for the “atonement of sin”, which is preventing you from moving on the road to happiness.

Combination with other runes

Combinations of stones often acquire a different meaning, not something that each translates separately. Let’s name the most common combinations «Perth» with the following stones:

  • “Uruz” is a great intuition.
  • «Ansuz» — the need to engage in the occult sciences.
  • «Turisaz» — stupid hopes, inappropriate verbosity.
  • «Kano» — fatal events, rock.
  • «Gebo» — luck turns away.
  • “Hagalaz” — problems with debts.
  • «Isa» — bad luck.
  • «Algiz» — protection.
  • «Soulu» — a mass event of the negative sense.
  • «Evaz» — a happy occasion.
  • Berkana is the wrong decision.

It should be noted that the listed interpretations become even more negative when both stones are turned upside down.

Use in magic

Our stone (as the name of the rune is translated) is famous for the fact that with its help the students reach unprecedented heights in development. Of course, only the Perth runes are not enough.

To it should be a lot of effort and effort.

But the magic symbol itself promotes the discovery of abilities. He is (with skillful use) a key from the gate to the world of higher powers.

For beginner magicians, meditation on Perth was obligatory.

In ancient times, with the help of such a simple test revealed capable young people.

Interact with the rune «Perth» is difficult. Not everyone is able to feel the subtlest connection that arises during its mediation with the higher «I».

But if you catch it, then it will stay with you forever! Our rune opens the world of magic, allows you to master the abilities that were born from birth, to understand and realize their power.

In love spells it is not recommended to use it without due experience. The fact is that Perth transforms energy, removes low vibrations.

If there is aggression in the soul of a magician, you will have to experience the full power of reckoning for such a sin.

That is, before the fulfillment of the desire, you will need to undergo a series of karmic lessons, which usually last for years.

Before you get the love of someone who becomes you, you will strenuously, apart from your will, purify your aura. Events will take shape as if nothing good in life can happen.

Trouble will follow the troubles, and disease for misfortunes. And it’s not a fact that as a result of all the twists and turns, the person of interest will be those whom the higher forces have identified to you as partners.

Much more effective to meditate on the «Perth». This will strengthen the intuition, and with its help solve the problem before you.


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Slavic Fleece UD: the value in the upright and upside down

Divination > On the runes > The value of the Slavic runes > Oud

Scandinavian counterpart — Uruz. Keyword — Yar; Love; Youth; The fire.

Associated with the god Yarilo, and therefore symbolizes the power of fire, the desire for change and creation. Gives new creative opportunities and prepares a fertile ground for many achievements.

Able to turn the desert into a bright oasis filled with love. In Slavic mythology, it means masculinity and sexual power, which gives strength for fruitful work.

It is the embodiment of the power of love and passion, connects the male and female principles.


Big changes are coming in your life. You will succeed in the new venture, excellent health and good family relationships. At the moment, you are overwhelmed by the desire for creativity, and you can achieve any goal.

Pay attention to your desires: some of them may violate generally accepted norms and laws. Do not listen to the sweet words of others: they may lead you astray.


At the moment you cannot understand what is happening in your life. Success passes by, and all dreams have not yet been fulfilled.

You are annoyed by someone else’s success, and you strive to repeat it.

But this lacks the appropriate skills, a little luck and a strong friendly shoulder. Your life is like chasing yourself and turned into a vicious circle.

You can break it with hard work, despite the fact that you don’t really like the current work.


Soon you will find a job change. At the new place to achieve serious results will not work: you have prepared the role of a small screw in a huge machine. For a person who occupies a leadership position, the rune predicts an ambulance check.

Prepare well for the arrival of the guests, arrange all the documentation and get rid of the compromising data.


Your business is in danger of ruin. This time, competitors were stronger and occupied your niche in the market. In this situation, it is best to curtail production and minimize costs.

At the moment you do not have a clear plan, and therefore you should not take decisive action.

Need to wait some time. Alternative interpretation of the alignment — the ruin because of a loved one or negligent employee.

Perhaps the chief accountant turned the scam, and you signed fake documents. Do not waste time: order an audit from professionals.

If you do not, you are waiting for serious consequences.


Your health condition is quite fragile. But it still can not be improved.

Do not blame the doctors — they gave it 100% and correctly rendered assistance.

Further recovery depends on the internal resources of your body. Try to avoid dark thoughts: they worsen the state of mind and can aggravate the problem.

A more accurate interpretation of the layout depends on the runes that are located nearby.


Health problems are possible soon. We are not talking about mortal danger: everything will cost a standard hospital or protracted course with a temporary loss of efficiency. This situation requires a special relationship: do not quarrel with a sick person, he needs care and a positive mood.

This is a temporary situation: it will soon change for the better.


In your relationship come dark days. The problem lies in the quarrel with a loved one. Most likely, they do not understand you and reproach something.

It is also possible betrayal by a loved one. He is thoroughly seduced by a professional Alphonse or a girl of easy virtue.

The situation is difficult, but it can be solved by frank conversation.


Your relationship is devoid of passion and sensuality. Your marriage is like the relationship of best friends and all actions take place according to a well-known scenario.

The cause of the problem must be sought within the family: perhaps you are too carried away with your own hobby or your work separates you from your loved one. Straight talk cannot be avoided: if it is time for a divorce, then try to maintain friendships.

Feelings can save the romantic atmosphere and the awakening of faded love. Fight for your family, all is not lost.

Charm helps in the realization of creative possibilities and opens a person’s eyes to his own potential. Thanks to the amulet with the rune Ud, you will be able to return to the right path of development and see your main life purpose among trifles.

Charm will also help with the adoption of a complex decision.

  • Turn old dreams into real things
  • Get rid of obsessive thoughts and unnecessary items
  • Accumulate internal energy for decisive action,
  • Catch good luck and solve a controversial issue in their own interests,
  • Improve the perseverance and increase the level of performance
  • Open your own business and complete it with a successful result,
  • Get autonomy and get rid of the influence of other people.


This mineral has long been used by sailors and travelers. The stone is able to protect from trouble during a long journey, protects against fatal consequences.

The carbuncle talisman attracts luck, opens eloquence in a person, increases the level of popularity, inclines strangers to good deeds.

The stone protects during the conduct of hostilities and can save the life of a military man bound by oath. That is why the stone is popular, both among officers and soldiers of soldiers.

Birch tree

This tree is a symbol of purity, purity and feminine beauty. Birch has magical properties and is able to heal a sick person.

Of its branches are often made amulets and talismans, which are usually worn on the body.

Baby cots were made from its trunk and the babies were protected from many diseases. The tender aroma of its wood enhances mood, protects from pessimistic thoughts and saves from prolonged depression.

Charm can destroy magic spells and slander.

Now the stars advise you to use one of the following layouts. Do not miss your chance to find out the truth.

A simple balance on the health of the Slavic runes.

A simple alignment on the runes will tell you about the likely outcome of the situation.

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Slavic Fleece UD: the value in the upright and upside down

Divination by the Tarot cards «Yes or No?»

Divination by the Tarot cards «Yes or No?» Provides an answer to the question. You can draw a card any number of times, explaining or correcting your question.

Catherine’s fortunetelling on 40 cards

The fortune-telling which was beloved by Empress Catherine II, according to legend, was rather simple.

On 40 cards, 40 symbols were depicted, which had a classical interpretation, but for a specific situation they could have a direct meaning and denote exactly what is depicted on them.

Of the 40 cards turned upside down, three were chosen and, depending on the question of interest, interpreted the result. Try this fortune telling to predict the fate or clarify your question.

Guessing on the gypsy cards «What does he think of me?»

The love fortune-telling on the Gypsy Tarot cards will tell you how you are treated and what your person thinks about you.

Also, this alignment shows what kind of feelings the person you are interested in is feeling towards you, what kind of attitude it demonstrates and which one hides, what goals it sets in your relationship, what plans for you in the future tense and what is the result of communication with this person. Think over your question and select cards from the deck.

Divination by the Tarot «Koster»

The alignment of Tarot cards «Koster» is designed to analyze any situation.

With the help of this fortune telling you will get answers to your questions regarding the current situation, advice on what to do to improve the situation, as well as a forecast of how the situation will develop in the near and far future.

In the beginning you have to choose the Significator card, this is the card of the person to whom the alignment is carried out. Kings always respond to men, and queens to women.

Guessing on the Gypsy cards «Feelings of a loved one»

Love fortune-telling on Gypsy Tarot cards “Feelings of a loved one” is an easy way to find out how your partner treats you, what you expect from your relationship and what threat of your love exists.

Only three Gypsy cards give the exact answer, however, sometimes decoding is veiled and in order to understand the prediction it is necessary that some time pass and facts that are unknown to you are revealed.

Think over your question and select three cards from the deck.

Divination by the Tarot cards «Three cards of love»

The love map of the Tarot on three cards will answer such troubling questions as: “What hinders the relationship?”, “What will help to be together?”, And also gives advice on how to improve the love relationship and avoid mistakes.

Domino Divination: What is waiting for me?

One of the oldest Domino games is closely related to fortune telling, which was carried out on bones with dotted notation of numbers.

A domino fortune telling helps predict fate, learn hidden and important events that are already happening or are about to happen, and most importantly answer the question “What awaits me?”.

To get your prediction — select one of 28 domino bones.

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