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Slavic Fleece source: the value in the forward and upside down position

Slavic Fleece source: the value in the forward and upside down position.

The interpretation of the runes. Short value of the runes in the direct and inverted form

Slavic Fleece source: the value in the forward and upside down position

The interpretation of the runes is an attempt to use simple words to identify the energies behind each runic sign, in order to understand and explain the runes that fell during the fortune-telling, having received answers to the questions asked.

The interpretation of the runes requires a certain amount of experience and skill. At first, this will help to study the key values ​​of the runic symbols.

This is one of the stages of entering the Northern runic tradition for further work with the runes.

The direct position of the Fehu rune.

Fleece property. The key word is happiness, well-being, success, wealth, values, movable property.

Fleece prosperity and prosperity, fulfillment of desires. This is profit, success in all senses, providing for further development and augmentation of what has been achieved.

Inverted position of the runes Fehu.

The key word is loss, loss, damage, limitations, failures. Fleece warns about troubles, difficulties, obstacles and possible disappointments.

Direct position of the runes Uruz.

Rune of power. Keywords — persistence, perseverance, power, initiative, health.

Uruz destroys the old obsolete forms, coming into our life as a sign of strength, natural power and transformation. Where there is power, there is no stagnation.

The sign may indicate success, as a result of the action of this force.

Inverted position of the runes Uruz.

Keywords — lack or lack of strength, lack of will. The appearance of this sign may indicate missed opportunities or failures and disappointments.

It is necessary to analyze the situation and yourself and find out where and why there is an imbalance of your Force, which may turn against you.

RUNA Thurisaz. Turisaz.

The direct position of the runes Thurisaz.

The key word is thorn, gate, power, not an act — action, active defense. Turisaz is a personal choice and responsibility of each person.

This is meditation, in-depth study of the situation, self-analysis, the search for the only correct solution. Having made your choice, you should act quickly, leaving behind fear and doubt.

Inverted position of the runes Thurisaz.

The key word is insecurity, weakness, insecurity. Indicates the haste and immaturity of the decision, calls for diligence.

RUNA Ansuz. Ansuz.

The direct position of the runes Ansuz.

The key word is thought, speech, understanding, wisdom, inspiration. Runa Ansus is receiving gifts, someone’s appearance or hearing from someone, receiving new knowledge.

The appearance of this rune recommends to be sensitive and wise, to pay attention to the signs. Ansus involves continuous development and training.

Inverted position of the runes Ansuz.

The key word is illusions, mistakes, misunderstandings, disconnections. Your actions are far from wise, and your analysis of the situation may be erroneous.

The reverse rune Ansus can also indicate cunning and deception.

RUNA Raido. Raido.

Direct position of the runes Raido.

The key word is the road, the path. These are various travels and movements. This rune of development and movement at all levels of being, successfully overcoming difficulties.

Start moving, trust changes, do not hesitate.

Inverted position of the runes Raido.

The key word is the irregular way, stopping, indecision, deadlock. The appearance of this sign recommends attentiveness and accuracy in everything. Probably you are waiting for unexpected events, obstacles.

In any case, you will need some effort, possibly significant.

RUNA Kenaz. Kenaz.

Direct position of the runes Kenaz.

Very powerful rune. Keywords — torch, energy, passion, sexuality, transformation, embodiment of the conceived.

The appearance of this rune speaks of a powerful burst of energy, which matured for a certain time and went to disclosure. Fleece Kenaz favors any implementation, changes the outlook, views, but its power and swiftness should be considered.

Inverted position of the runes Kenaz.

Keywords — ash, lack of energy loss, wandering in darkness. Inverted value Kenaz says about the end of the period, process.

It is necessary to accept changes, to let go of all obsolete, old.

The upright and inverted position of the Gebo rune is the same ..

The key word is partnership, cooperation. The sign indicates a union in various forms. If you are striving for a successful completion of a business that interests you, know that success here is connected precisely with joint, partner activity.

If you asked for advice, advice is to strive for unification, remembering the need for freedom.

RUNA Wunjo. Vuno.

Direct position of the runes Wunjo.

The key word is joy, luck, perfection. Runa Vuno is a symbol of joy and pleasure.

In all respects, is a good and positive sign. Under the sign of Vuno, life is arranged in the best possible way, joyful events and changes occur almost without our participation.

Inverted position of the rune Wunjo.

The key word is approaching crisis, disharmony, illusions. When the runes are turned upside down, try to perceive what is happening calmly and prudently, this will help overcome the crisis and turn the situation in the right direction.

RUNA Hagalaz. Hagalaz.

The straight and inverted position of the Hagalaz rune is the same.

The rune of destruction, uncontrollable natural processes, unpredictable events, catastrophes and revolutions.

Hagalaz is destroying with its energy, forcing us to abandon the habitual and go in a different direction, starting literally from scratch, feeling a sense of loss and separation from the past.

Having destroyed the old, the new enters into life and it depends on the person how he will accept what place will take in the changed world.

RUNA Nauthis. Nautiz.

Direct position of the runes Nauthis.

The key word is hardship, need, necessity, poverty. The appearance of this sign says that the time has come for the necessary restrictions and discipline when development (growth) is slow or impossible. This is a test of endurance through patience, endurance, self-control.

It is important not to despair and not give up, this period will end, and patience and work will grind everything.

Inverted position of the runes Nauthis.

The key concept is internal evil. In the inverted position, Nautise indicates that all difficulties and limitations are caused by the person himself.

Determine the cause, deal with the inner world, get rid of dogma, admit your own mistakes, only then changes in life will be possible.

The direct and inverted position of the Isa rune is the same.

The key word is ice, freezing, stopping. Fleece means stop all processes.

Isa often implies an obstacle that should not be overcome. She recommends rest, rest, refusal of action and irritation.

Observe what is happening from the side, think, allow yourself to be inert, take a pause to accumulate forces for the further path.

The upright and inverted position of the Jera rune is the same.

Keywords — year, crop, repetition, cycle. This is a rune of completion, harvesting, evaluation of the result of previously invested efforts.

Yera symbolizes the cyclical process of gradual, but steady development, gives wisdom and experience.

RUNA Eihwaz. Eyvaz.

The upright and inverted position of the Eihwaz rune is the same.

The key word is interconnection, interaction, help in overcoming obstacles. The rune is complex and ambiguous, you can call it, as the unity and struggle of opposites, a combination of incompatible. Fleece deep synthesis, transformations and metamorphosis.

Combining logic and intuition, combining activity and passivity, the right decisions and the right directions are chosen.

RUNA Perth. Perth.

Direct position of the rune Perth.

Keyword — search, mystery, intuition. Rune of initiation and secret knowledge cardinally changing the mind and inner world of man.

In practical terms, Perth means obtaining hidden information, the emergence of new people who can significantly affect both personal and event plan, the return of the lost, the search for objects.

Inverted position of the rune Perth.

Keywords — regret about the past, unfinished situations, unwanted surprises, disappointment, mistakes.

RUNE Algiz. Algiz.

The direct position of the rune Algiz.

The key word is protection, patronage, friendship. Favorable, good rune of passive protection, guarding and warning of danger. To this day, Algiz is often used for amulets and amulets.

This rune gives peace of mind, attention, sensitivity and flexibility, has a positive effect on the environment of a person, attracting friends and patrons to life.

Inverted position of the rune Algiz.

Inverted rune Algiz means weakness, vulnerability, lack of protection. Should be careful and attentive.

RUNA Sowulo. Soulo.

The direct and inverted position of the Sowulo rune is the same.

The key meaning is the sun, light, life force, love, energy, self-realization. This is the rune of success, victory, volitional action.

It also symbolizes good health, good luck, inspiration. This rune helps in performing any task, makes a person strong, confident and powerful.

RUNA Teiwaz. Teyvaz.

Direct position of the runes Teiwaz.

The key word is victory, fortitude, courage. This is a rune of warriors, defenders, pioneers.

Teyvaz reveals the process of rivalry, competition, active confrontation, defending their interests. Teyvaz is the ability to take risks, to take responsibility for yourself, to take a proactive stance, to be brave.

Inverted position of the runes Teiwaz.

Keywords — loss, failure, defeat, loss of energy, weak character. The inverted rune speaks about wrong or untimely actions, wrong direction.

RUNA Bercana. Berkana

The direct position of the runes Bercana.

The key word is growth, birth, fertility, increase, femininity, motherhood. This is a very soft, gentle, delicate rune that embodies the image of maternal love and protection, peace, meekness and humanism.

Berkana means — birth, steady growth and harmonious development.

Inverted position of the rune Bercana.

Inverted position means — slowing down, cessation of growth, an obstacle to development, poor health, both physical and emotional.

RUNA Ehwaz. Evaz.

Direct position of the runes Ehwaz.

The key word is the forward movement, happy changes, progress, the dead center, speed. Evaz a favorable positive Fleece brings to life new ideas and projects, opens new horizons and prospects, translates to another level.

Inverted position of the runes Ehwaz.

The key word is deceleration, difficulty, obstacle, inertia, lack of initiative, lack of readiness for change.

RUNA Mannaz. Mannaz.

Direct position of the rune Mannaz.

The key word is me, ego, person, person. This is a rune of my own, personal identification.

Mannaz assumes inner honesty, self-knowledge, self-improvement, self-study, in order to find its place in the world.

Inverted position of the rune Mannaz.

Inverted Fleece Mannaz indicates internal discord, contradictions, difficulties, clamps.

RUNA Laguz. Laguz

The direct position of the rune Laguz.

Keywords — water, flow, penetration, emotions, intuition. Runa Laguz gives the ability to feel, the ability to be flexible and adaptive at all levels of being, reveals talents and enhances creative abilities.

When making decisions, listen to your intuition, trust your inner voice.

Inverted position of the rune Laguz.

The key word is an incorrect assessment of the situation, a mistake, deception or self-deception, illusions, an obstacle.

RUNA Inguz. Inguz.

The forward and inverted position of the Inguz rune is the same.

Keywords — abundance, well-being, fertility, fertility, realization, reward. Very strong and favorable rune.

Inguz is a life force, potential, easy resolution of problems, a transition to a qualitatively new level, success and luck.

Direct position of the rune Otal.

Key words — family, clan, property, inheritance, house, territory. Fleece focused on protecting the genus, family, property.

Fleece contributes to both the acquisition of real estate and the transfer of spiritual heritage, traditions of the genus, family.

Inverted position of the rune Otal.

Key words — loss, loss, loss, abandonment of the foundations, traditions, communication with the race is broken.

RUNA — Dagaz. Dagaz.

The straight and inverted position of the Dagaz rune is the same.

Key words — day, breakthrough, transformation. Fleece denotes rapid and decisive changes, dramatic transformations, quantum leap.

Dagaz — the rune of action, courage, involves a high awareness of man and confidence in change.

Slavic Fleece source: the value in the forward and upside down position

Divination > On the runes > The value of the Slavic runes > Source

Scandinavian counterpart — Isa. Keyword — ice; Non-motion; Fundamentals.

It personifies the cold and ice elements. Symbolizes constancy and stagnation, is a force that accumulates its charge over the years.

Reports that the time has come to rest.

It symbolizes a crisis that permanently stops any movement. Over time, considerable energy accumulates in the ice and is released outside with double force.

This happens with the rivers, which in winter are ice-bound, and in the spring they break through in powerful streams.

Symbolizes the era of peace and stagnation. It’s time to rest: all available forces have been spent, and now they need to be restored.

Life has given you the opportunity to rest before a new jerk. Most people are completely satisfied with this state of affairs.

This is a quiet and peaceful life, without much bursts and changes. During this period, you can restore lost relationships and think carefully about plans for the future.

Do not rush to move forward: you still do not have enough strength for such a breakthrough.

Solve all internal problems and determine your position in society.

Fluctuations in your business are seasonal. Changing something at the moment does not make any sense.

This period you just need to wait and wait for a more prosperous moment for further development.

Good luck will return to your office and everything will be the same as before the crisis. Be patient: use your free time to draw up a detailed business plan.

Perhaps you can reduce production costs or increase profits by attracting new trading techniques.

With your senses trouble may happen. It is about the loss of touch and the deterioration of the sensitivity of the fingers.

Special attention should be paid to vision.

Recall the events of the past month: you may have noticed a deterioration in color vision or have seen bright flashes before your eyes. You need advice from an experienced oculist.

Alternative treatment of the scenario — you suffer from hidden blood loss.

Your skin has recently become pale, and your health has deteriorated. Change your diet: add foods that improve the hematopoietic system.

Romance in your relationship is long over. You no longer provide to your sweetheart the signs of attention and completely forgot about surprises. As long as the relationship is held by long-standing affection, but over time you will face significant problems.

The last time the crisis passed by itself, but now the situation requires direct participation.

Reconsider your life values: surely a loved one means more than a favorite hobby or best friends. Do not let go of your half: over time, your indifference will kill all romantic feelings in her soul.

Do not be ashamed of a frank conversation: it will help solve the problem much faster. Passivity will lead to a divorce or end of a romantic relationship.

Fight for your love, if it is still dear to you!

Reduces the degree of emotion, promotes relaxation and meditation, opens new horizons during reflection. Gives you the opportunity to focus on a specific problem and solve it with a little blood.

It reduces the negative impact of the real world, reduces offense, improves mood and promotes emotional balance.

Eliminates unnecessary romantic relationships and allows you to look at the world without rose-colored glasses.

  • Get rid of unnecessary emotions
  • Achieve the lightness of reason
  • Focus on key moments in your own life,
  • Eliminate all negative influences
  • Get rid of mental problems and reduce the level of psychological stress,
  • Strengthen and develop volitional qualities.


This stone is the embodiment of purity and innocence. The well-known expression of “crystalline purity of man” is due to the existence of this mineral.

Crystal amulets improve intellectual activity, help develop intuition, and reduce the level of tension in business and personal relationships.

The talisman of this mineral is able to protect against negative magical effects, cleans the head from bad thoughts and fills the soul with healing calmness.

Alder amulets have long been protected by families with many children. This tree strengthens ties between loved ones, protects against problems in your personal life.

To achieve the maximum effect, the alder must be collected by hand, dried and hidden in cabinets. If you want to have an impact on your spouse, the alder should be sewn into underwear or casual clothing.

Now the stars advise you to use one of the following layouts. Do not miss your chance to find out the truth.

Alignment on all the runes for all occasions (not used only one of them — «One»).

Alignment of 7 runes for the next week.

Source: the value of the Slavic runes

Slavic Fleece source: the value in the forward and upside down position


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Rune Odal: the value of the Slavs, inverted runic symbol

Slavic Fleece source: the value in the forward and upside down position

The main significance of this rune is the inheritance of both spiritual and material. The rune symbolizes the family, family, homeland, home, property and traditions.

24 rune of the Old German alphabet Futhark. The symbol of heritage and pure blood, used in the magical rituals and spells of the ancient Germans to protect the family and home.

Graphically, it resembles the shape of the roof of a house, therefore, in runic layouts, during divination, it is associated with the division of residential property and inheritance.

The symbol of Odal was depicted on gold and silver amulets, which was a sign of a noble family and noble person. It was believed that wearing such a guard would help a person find a worthy place in life.

The value of divination

The value of Otal has two aspects.

  • The first is the stop, the cessation of what has already become obsolete, the time of divergence of the paths.
  • The second is the acquisition of something new as a result of the section.

Property is associated with this rune, property that can be bought for money, usually a plot of land and a house for a family.

Magic action Odal

This is a strong protective fleece, it surrounds and protects property and family as a fence, brings prosperity to the house, promotes mutual understanding and spiritual unity.

To rune Otila seek help:

  • increase wealth;
  • to protect the house and property in it from detractors and thieves;
  • maintain order and harmony in the house;
  • develop talents;
  • feel safe;
  • make the right decision in a difficult situation.

Fleece Otal direct position

The symbol contains the concept of holiness — a sign of pure blood. Personalizes family, clan, village, homeland.

The appearance in the layout of the runes indicates a person to his imminent enrichment in material and intellectual terms, which he will receive as a gift or inheritance.

The symbol indicates the possibility of moving to a new place of residence, as well as receiving assistance from older people or relatives when buying a home.

In the alignment of the marriage straight rune Odal foreshadows harmonious family relationships with the future spouse. In this alliance, trust and love will rule.

Fleece Otal inverted

Otal, fallen in this position is not as terrible as it seems. It does not need to fear, this is a rune warning.

The ancient Scandinavian peoples depicted this symbol of birds, in particular the eagle.

The man is now trying to fly up, forgetting that he is an earthly creature and should not lose support under their feet. Therefore, it is worthwhile to direct your gaze to the land where its roots are located, support in the form of family and old trusted friends.

In the scenario, it foreshadows the loss and talks about the difficulties that a person has because of the usual haste and the desire to speed up the process, this will lead to the loss of what the person could have previously achieved. Odal warns to rely entirely on strangers.

Runa speaks of disappointment and inability to receive financial assistance from outside. And attempts to apply legal methods will not be crowned with success, at this time not stiffness, but fluidity will do.

And to be ready for the fact that hopes are not destined to be fulfilled, you will have to retreat and wait.

But in combination with positive runes, Odal indicates that success is still possible. At this time, you need to be more observant and prudent paying attention to small details.

Rune tips

  • Do not obey the old authorities and conventions, not the time to be bound by them.
  • It should be remembered: «We act without doing, but everything turns out to be done.»


An inverted Odal, when it comes to personal relationships, predicts quarrels in the family, and even its disintegration.

And it signals to young people that they are not yet ready to create a family union, and in the near future this couple will not be living together (at least in the period stipulated by the runic layout).

Alignment «Odal»

It consists of four runes symbolically denoting — «Small Celtic Cross.» It will help to predict the fatefulness of any event occurring in a person’s life or his further actions.

• The first and second — the runes of influence on the situation.

• the third is the rune of subsequent events.

• Fourth — the rune total, result.

The value of the Slavs

The Slavs, as well as the Scandinavians, believed that the runic symbols were sacred signs to which one can turn for support, protect their home from various misfortunes and every kind.

Slavic Otal had the name of Berezha and was a symbol of the goddess Beregini — protector of the territories, sacred borders for man and his family.

Used as a talisman to protect the house. And this symbol was also considered a healing of alcoholism, it was embroidered on men’s clothes to get rid of addiction.

Attention, only TODAY!

What is the rune Odal and its designation in different cultures and in the form of a tattoo

Slavic Fleece source: the value in the forward and upside down position

Translated from the Old Germanic language, the 24th, the last letter of the Celtic alphabet — “odal” means generic land ownership. Such an image applied to objects symbolizes a connection with ancestors, a return to its origins.

The rune Odal from the Slavs is such a collective image that includes everything related to the clan heritage.

It corresponds to the rune Berezha (or Bereginya), which in ancient times was used as a guardian of the home. It is believed that Otila cleans the space and attracts well-being and prosperity into the house. Another property Beregini — help in getting rid of drunkenness.

For this purpose, the symbol was put at the head of the bed of a drunkard.

Even the ancient Slavs believed that Berezha is able to protect those who wear an amulet (or have embroidery on clothes) from sins and bad influence.

Description of the Slavic amulet looks like this:

  • Otila;
  • Odela;
  • Okhila;
  • Odal;
  • Othila;
  • Ethel.
ColourNavy blue
Letter of the alphabetABOUT
Health effects
  • healing of genetic diseases;
  • normalization of water balance in the body.
  • power for accomplishment;
  • finding the meaning of life;
  • security;
  • completion of something;
  • talent development;
  • improving well-being.

The main message, which, according to Slavic traditions, is carried by the Odal rune, sounds like this:

  • do not be afraid of the past;
  • remember your skills, they will help you in the implementation of his plans.

Photo Gallery

Odal in the original formAn photo shows an inverted signTatoo with the image of the runesName of the emblem of the Hitler Youth in Nazi GermanyAmulet with a fleeceRing with Odal

The value of the symbol in different versions

To interpret the rune Odal is advisable not only from the positive side. It enhances the negative aspects of human nature.

The influence of the symbol depends on how the owner uses it — in the original or inverted form.

The video describes the interpretation of the Odal rune, depending on its location. Taken from the official channel of Marina Romanova.

Inverted Fleece Odal

In the inverted form, the symbol corresponds to such values ​​as:

  • racial hatred;
  • dictatorship;
  • poverty;
  • vagrancy;
  • anarchy;
  • conflict;
  • dissatisfaction;
  • material problems;
  • theft.

In addition, this arrangement of the image gives its owner a strong desire to get rid of the old. First of all it concerns the life and family values ​​of a person, a change of place of residence (more often — a country).

Runa with curved ends

The image with curved ends first appeared in Germany in the XIX century. It was used in the process of fostering patriotism among the population of the country.

The rune of Odal in the Nazi ideology symbolized the mystical unity of the earth and its people (it was only about purebred Aryans).

Meaning of the symbol in skinheads and the Third Reich

In Nazi Germany, the rune Odal symbolized the racial purity of its owners, whose task was to identify the true identity of the Aryans. Especially it concerned the proof of the pure blood of children.

Volunteers who were engaged in this (Croatian Volksdeutsche) symbol Otila was sewn on collars.

The image of the runes was found in other divisions of the Third Reich:

  • 7 SS Volunteer Mountain Division Prince Eugen;
  • 23 SS tank-grenadier division of the Netherlands;
  • 14 Wehrmacht Panzer Division.

The stylized image of the rune was used on the emblem of Anenerbi (1935-1945). This organization was engaged in the study of the history and rites of the representatives of the German race commissioned by the state apparatus of the Third Reich.

Skinheads continued the tradition of German combat structures in applying Odal runes with curved edges. In addition, they use this sign for tattoos, as a way to declare their ideology and affiliation with purebred Aryans.

How is the rune used for fortune telling?

In fortune-telling with the participation of this rune, it is important to pay attention to the location of the characters — their interpretation will depend on it. There may be two options: inverted and straight position.

Direct position Otila means the following:

  • it is necessary to bring order to life and relationships;
  • should get rid of unnecessary;
  • a person should start moving forward.

Fleece can symbolize movement, which requires accepting responsibility, but brings stability and wealth to the, who decided to guess. In love, it means loyalty and devotion in the family.

If a person has not yet formed a relationship — now is the time to do it.

The inverted image of Odala speaks of the unstable situation of the one who began to guess. She warns of the need to postpone for a while important events related to real estate and any purchases.

Additionally, the location of the rune indicates problems such as:

  • quarreling;
  • discord in the family;
  • material difficulties;
  • lack of quick results.

The combination of the rune Odal with other characters

24 fortunes are involved in divination, which in combination with Odal have the following meanings:

Combination of Odal with RunesValue
WyrdThe man is to be tested
FehuWarning to be attentive and not to risk
UruzCall for leisure and listening to senior experienced people
TurisazFailure in everything
AnsuzHelp from
RaidoNew novels and love affairs
KenazChance to express themselves in creativity
GeboDating and Travel
HagalazLoss and separation
NautizCash loss
IsaDanger to life and health
YeraOvercoming obstacles
EyvazHelp and support from loved ones
AlgizDeath, cardinal changes
SouluCall for caution and vigilance
TeyvazManipulation by deception
BerkanaFalse Fears Recommendation
EvazIt is important to avoid stressful situations.
MannazA liar warning among the closest people
LaguzConfusion in affairs and relationships is possible.
InguzGood luck and prosperity
DagazIllumination, influence from outside

Making a talisman or amulet with the symbol of Odal

The magic amulet must be made from natural materials. Perfect for this talisman tree and ivory.

The day of the week on which the amulet is made is important:

Day of the weekPurpose
MondayProtection from evil spells and saving love.
TuesdayPromotion of business.
WednesdayProtection against diseases and difficult situations.
ThursdayIncrease financial resources.
FridayProtection for children and serious love relationship.
SaturdayCorrection and improvement of quality of life.
SundayHealth and well-being in the family.

There are a number of nuances that should be considered when making an amulet with this rune:

  1. The surface of the charm should be perfectly smooth. It is advisable to polish the workpiece with an emery paper before applying the symbol.
  2. If the rune is cut out of minerals or stones, certain words are pronounced during the work process. Their meaning depends on what kind of hope a person places on an amulet, for example, the desire to get rich or create a strong family. Such slander will not only soften the effect of solid materials, but also provide the charm with protective properties.

Why do tattoo in the form of a symbol of Odal?

Tattoo with the image of the rune Odal do on different parts of the body. It can be located alone or be framed by symbols.

This is not a matter of principle, but it is better to stuff the tattoo on the shoulder or scapula (at the top).

It is believed that when applied to the skin, the symbol is able to provide its owner with maximum protection. Some prisoners use the image as a confession of guilt.

In any case, a tattoo helps a person:

  • define for yourself the priority in life;
  • to find (or keep) a family and true friends;
  • achieve peace of mind (tattoo in the heart);
  • make wise informed decisions;
  • make a profit.

The video details the rune Odal — its origin and meaning. Taken from the channel “Sergey Belokon.

School of magic and witchcraft.

Fleece Odal — meaning and interpretation

Slavic Fleece source: the value in the forward and upside down position

The rune Odal is ranked 24th in the Old German and 23rd in the Anglo-Saxon (Scandinavian) runic alphabets. It refers to the runes of senior futarka.

The main characteristics of the runes

General information about the rune
Title:Odal, Otal, Otila, EthelValue:OwnAct:PreservationElement:LandDeity:OneCharacter:EnergyEntity:ReversibleImages:
  • man keeps great-grandmother’s ring;
  • the historian holds knowledge of history;
  • tradition followers keep tradition;
  • the temple keeps sacred relics;
  • the house keeps tenants;
  • burrow keeps fox and foxes;
  • the bank keeps money;
  • library stores books;
  • the body contains organs;
  • forest contains trees.


There are several options for the origin of the symbol used to image the runes. It is believed that the sign resembles the north Etruscan letter «o». It is impossible not to notice the similarities with the famous Greek «omega».

Others find the symbol othal in the symbol.

Due to the fact that the main value of the donation is property, possession of certain objects, the rune calls for the preservation of their integrity. The tendency to destruction over time is characteristic of all living and nonliving.

Only proper storage will help prevent dangerous consequences.

However, the rune complains not only for the external preservation of objects. She advocates protecting them from ongoing internal processes.

That is, it means safety without any changes.

The value of the runes in the usual position

The main significance of the runes is property, spiritual and material inheritance.

First, it symbolizes the property, real estate, land, house, territorial boundaries, in which a person feels safe.

This is all that people own, that they can acquire for the money in their possession or by inheritance. For a long time, the rune symbolized that a person belonged to a noble family.

Secondly, Odal is treated as an intangible heritage. These are moral, moral qualities, spiritual kinship, traditions, customs and family.

This symbol indicates a zone of human comfort, a place where it is cozy. Odal personifies loyalty to the country, loyalty to the family and the inviolability of traditions.

Another philosophical interpretation of the runes, considers odal as a symbol of boundaries, borders and territories. Runa tells the man about his helplessness in the face of fate, recalling the time strictly allotted to him in this world.

Interesting! Fleece Odal promotes harmony in the family and team.

She is responsible for the cleanliness and order in the house and in affairs. Encourages ingenuity, helps in the acquisition of real estate and safe investment.

If the usual position promises success and systematic development of events, the inverted rune characterizes impatience in the pursuit of goals. It symbolizes the impossibility of obtaining a result, violation of plans, the absence of outside help.

Often, Odal characterizes people impatient and excessively fixated on the result. They do not see what is happening and are not able to clearly assess the situation.

Such people act impulsively and cannot wait for the right moment to implement the plans. Often, this leads to their collapse and resets all previously obtained achievements.

The combination of Odal with the inverted rune of Laguz indicates a big mistake in actions. A person is guided by his convictions, which he considers the only true.

Not seeing the situation from the outside and not taking into account possible deviations from his plans, he risks getting very sad consequences at the exit.

The environment of an inverted altar in other favorable runes does not promise great unhappiness. It suggests that it is necessary to show patience and special attention to detail.

To achieve the desired will not work as easy as originally intended, so you need to show good faith and attentiveness.

Value in divination

When fortune telling, the value of the rune is determined depending on its position.

Straight position

Fleece is the personification of the house, a safe place that gives strength and helps in difficult life periods.

Odal symbolizes physical labor, construction, repair. Hints at issues related to real estate and inheritance.

Promising success in business, in the acquisition of real estate and companies.

Promises the help of influential people, privileges, profitable cooperation. It is a symbol of people at a crossroads, when you have to give up all that is old and better know your Self.

Upside down position

Means the loss of money, property, unresolved issues related to real estate and housing. Indicates problems in the family, domestic conflicts.

Does not promise help from familiar sources. It helps to recognize mistakes and stop rolling into the abyss.

What does magic mean?

Used for the acquisition and protection of property. Provides security at home and equipment.

Helps to find a way out in difficult situations. Facilitates access to information inherited from ancestors.

Eliminates from diseases, including chronic. Helps discover talent.

What did the Slavs have

The analogue of the runes Odal from the ancient Slavs was Berezha She symbolized a certain face, a life determined by destiny, a territory on which only the enlightened person can step.

It was used as a talisman at home against unclean forces and uninvited guests. She promised family love and prosperity.

Preserved harmony and comfort.

The cherished saved from diseases, sins and strengthened the relationship with deceased relatives to obtain their protection. Often the rune was embroidered on the clothes of men.

Interesting! Rune was used as a means to get rid of bad habits.

Our ancestors believed that the symbol drawn over the head of the bed would cure a person from drinking.

Consider what carries the rune in business divinations?

Straight position

Fleece stability, prosperity and wealth. Symbolizes a hardworking and conscientious worker.

A person who doubts the choice of a future profession, she predicts success in the financial and economic spheres. Another prompts to continue the family business.

When divination to resolve a problem or conflict situation, Fleece recommends seeking advice from professionals.

Upside down position

Indicates certain difficulties in actions or methods of action. It symbolizes unscrupulous people who are capable of receiving money for any actions and moral violations.

The combination with the inverted Feu talks about the wrong person’s attempt to solve all their problems with money. Often, Odal protects against financial collapse, prompts to save money instead of investing it in a dubious project.

The value of divination for love

In love magic, this rune is also used.

Straight position

The symbol of the clan, family, at home indicates the harmony in the family, about happy living together, about the formation of strong and faithful relations.

People who are looking for their half, predict a quick acquaintance, and also indicate the decency and sincerity of the future partner.

However, a couple in an unhappy and painful relationship is advised to stop this suffering as soon as possible. Runa inspires confidence in the new acquaintance, which will bring love, joy and happiness to life.

If the rune that fell out is adjacent to Raido, this promises a meeting in a large company or during a journey.

Upside down position

In this case, be prepared to aggravate relations, to conflicts, divorce and even the division of property. Often, Odal speaks of the inability of partners to show flexibility in relations and to make compromises.

Relationships that have stalled, turned into a swamp, should be stopped or restarted, realizing the mistakes of the previous stage.

About how to do this, prompt neighboring runes. Runa Mannaz says that a partner is greatly influenced by a stranger.

Evaz predicts the separation in connection with the imminent departure.

Combination with other runes

A more detailed answer to the questions will help get the alignment of several runes. Neighborhood with the following symbols will describe the full picture of what is happening.

Wyrd — unpredictability of what is happening, the onset of difficult times and chaos in business.
Feu — deadlock, stagnation, delayed development of affairs. It is recommended to wait and not take hasty and important steps.
Uruz — mistrust of your intuition, slowness in decision making.

It is advised not to make hasty conclusions, to trust knowledgeable people and professionals.
Turisaz — rejection of the plan, as it promises failure.
Ansuz — help from outside, a gift of fate.
Raido — success in love affairs, the establishment of personal life.

Kenaz — success in creativity, display of creativity, initiative, non-standard thinking.
Gebo — New pleasant emotions in life, dating, travel, joyful events.
Vuno — falling under the influence of their own dreams, desires, ideas, fantasies.

It is recommended, if possible, to proceed with their partial execution.
Hagalaz — life deadlock, loss, divorce, separation and disintegration of personal life, business or health.
Nautiz — unexpected loss of money, theft. It is recommended not to make deals and large purchases in the near future.

Isa — the danger of life, disaster. Be careful of trips and refuse extreme situations.
Yera — the triumph of flexibility of mind, which will prevent failure and getting into difficult situations.
Eyvaz — help of relatives, being under the protection of deceased ancestors.
Perth — disappointment in people.

Do not hope or give promises, since they will not be fulfilled.
Algiz — physical death, cardinal changes, the completion of an important life period.
Withatulu — vigilance, caution in words, deeds and actions.

Teyvaz — Misconception about a particular person, beware — you are being manipulated.
Berkan — mistrustfulness in dealing with people, anxiety, fear.
Evaz — madness, obsession. It is recommended to reset negative emotions and protect the psyche.
Mannaz — you are surrounded by a deceitful person.

Laguz — the complexity and ambiguity of the situation. It is advised to disassemble the problem into small parts so as not to get confused and solve them gradually.
Inguz — wealth, prosperity, success in all endeavors and deeds.
Dagaz — dedication, becoming part of an important organization.

Rune tips

  • Expect to improve the financial situation and solve financial problems. However, do not forget that with an increase in money, the level of responsibility and the number of responsibilities increase.
  • Do not be afraid of your past.

Remember that the acquired experience and knowledge will be the key to future prosperity.

  • Get rid of all that is old and unnecessary. Look for new ways.
  • Runa Odal will help everyone to find answers to all their questions.

    Alignment of the runes will give an opportunity to look at your life path from a new angle and form the correct vision of the situation.

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