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Slavic Fleece Pedestal: Value in the forward and upside down position

Slavic Fleece Pedestal: Value in the forward and upside down position

Slavic rune Prop: the value of the runes and magical properties

Slavic Fleece Pedestal: Value in the forward and upside down position

In terms of value and in terms of the rune style, the Pedestal fully complies with the Scandinavian symbol Eyvaz. This is a sign that describes the complete path of the ascent of the magician to the world peak of spirituality.

Our consciousness can be associated with a strong wooden trunk, the roots of which are rooted in the bowels of the earth, and the crown touches the heavens. Its upper part is directed toward the Higher Knowledge, and the lower toward the inner Self.

Slavic Fleece The prop is a smaller model of the Tree of Life. When the magician uses it in his rituals, he gradually approaches the sacred secrets of the universe.

Our whole world rests on the vertical and horizontal axes (in general, this system is a swastika), which are available only in the astral sense. Horizontal is Force, and vertical is Support.

To achieve real world truth, you need to access them. This is what all the shamans aspire to.

The value of the rune Support and its properties

The support is a peculiar ladder consisting of two steps. The first leads to the upper worlds where purity and order reign.

In ordinary reality, it is impossible to see the light that comes from there. In this place the information consists of the purest energy.

Here live gods and other extraterrestrial creatures.

The second step leads us to the world of ancestors. Here are all the memories, memorable events, experienced feelings and sensations.

And although this reality is well known to us, it is not energetically saturated.

If you constantly contact with the Lower World, you can completely lose vitality yourself. After all, the past can seize the mind of man.

We begin to stir up the old grievances, values ​​and gradually break away from real events. All this steals the energy of the present, and the person loses strength.

It remains in the past, depends on it. Lost interest in current affairs.

The upper world is also not perfect. Being in it, unscrupulous shamans sometimes begin to identify themselves with the Higher Mind.

And some, on the contrary, cannot withstand the energy pressure and morally perish.

In some sources the Slavic symbol is called the rune of the genus. We pass from generation to generation the acquired knowledge, wisdom, skills. Traditions that have been formed over the centuries govern our destinies to this day.

That is, Reliance is mutual support and support from people close and dear to people.

Interpretation of the runes Support in divination

If the Support falls in the scenario, it means that soon you will receive help from a loved one. All your plans are realized.

You can successfully implement your own ideas.

Fleece advises you to pay attention to the friendly gestures of the people around you. Be grateful for any help.

Never attribute all victories to yourself.

Think for a moment, what are you guided by when doing certain things? What is the impetus for you?

Very often the behavior of an individual depends on life experience, on traditions, on education. Try to understand the intricacies of your soul.

Reliance advises to think — do not you harm your loved ones. Perhaps when you follow the chosen strategy, it affects the interests of a loved one?

Do not forget about the feelings of other people — only egoists are capable of this.

When you ask a simple question to the runes and the Support drops out, then in the straight position — it means “yes”, and in the opposite — “no”.

Direct position of the runes

In direct form, the rune speaks of reliability, of hardness, of loyalty. You are under strong and indestructible spiritual protection.

All decisions are correct and do not require rethinking.

Relatives, loved ones and loved one will support you — you can fully trust them. They stand firmly behind your back, but much depends on your independent actions.

Never shift responsibility to others.

At the moment, all the gods are on your side — they will support any of your undertakings. Use this favor and do not be lazy — act.

All contracts and transactions concluded at this time will bring you continuous benefits. Your participation in the collective business will be very useful.

Perhaps it is you who will be able to save the situation.

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Inverted position of the runes

In reverse, the rune speaks of the opposite situation. Whatever circumstances you face, you will have to solve problems yourself. Do not count on the support of loved ones or relatives.

You will suddenly find yourself at a crossroads, and urgent decisions will be required.

Of course, an inverted prop is not always a negative prediction. Sometimes acting alone is more beneficial than group work.

In any case, all merits and victories by right will belong exclusively to you.

There is another way of interpreting a rune mark: no matter how much you want, you will not be able to transfer the accumulated knowledge to others.

Fleece Reliance in love and relationships

Since the Slavic symbol is associated with family values, kind and transmitted traditions, there is no doubt that, in fortune telling, on relationships, he primarily indicates a strong union.

It is a sign of family ties and joint holidays, gathering a large number of close people around the table.

Very often the Prop predicts the relationship, which they say: «once and for all.» We all know couples created during school years.

And with each passing day they become only stronger and more friendly.

In an inverted form, the rune speaks of insincerity in a love union. For example, a young girl takes her family life very seriously, and for her chosen one is just a game.

In addition, the reverse symbol indicates that you are left without related support.

What do the runes next to the Prop say:

  • If nearby is located Bereginya, This foreshadows the imminent appearance of the baby. It is likely that the woman is already in an interesting position.
  • Nearby Lelya hints that in the traditions of your kind, it is customary to respect and honor women. Their desires are an unquestioning law. All decisions are made by the wife, and the husband will never dare to challenge them.

Fleece Reliance in magic

Reliance is the connection of generations. Therefore, it is often used in rituals aimed at strengthening family unions and restoring kinship.

Often the cause of all troubles is the patrimonial curse. Slavic Fleece will help to remove it.

Also, a professional magician can use it to build a protective energy shield around the affected person.

Talismans with Prop help solve family problems. Such an amulet is able to awaken former memories in the thoughts of its owner, to include a generic memory.

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Slavic runes

Rune prop

Slavic Fleece Pedestal: Value in the forward and upside down position

For every adult person, the Silver Fleece Reliance opens secret knowledge, focusing on the most important and defining events of his life.

In difficult situations, when you need to make the right decision, Runa helps to find the only right direction — it activates the inner voice, which tells you what is better to get rid of, and what you need to “arm” in order to achieve your goal.

This Slavic symbol is associated with strength and firmness of the spirit, personifies the inflexible desire to translate personal desires. This is a good sign, but the Fleece Reliance does not guarantee unequivocally positive changes in life, since so much depends on the person himself.

If he will passively go with the flow, without making attempts to fix something, Runa here is not an assistant. In other situations, it provides an opportunity to resist environmental injustice, symbolizes knowledge and revelation.

Description and meaning

Support is the 14th sacred rune in Slavic mythology, and personifies the higher forces that are beyond human understanding. This is help “from above”, a wise prompt in a complex life problem.

Fleece Reliance symbolizes the main principles of the Sort and Old Slavic traditions, the foundations of the Universe. It is a vertical line that intersects with 2 oblique lines that are parallel to each other.

Fleece Reliance indicates the correct path that a person must follow untiringly in order to fulfill his mission on Earth.

This symbol has many interpretations. On the one hand, it is the acquisition of reliable support in life, values, convinced views and personal motivation.

The rune «hardens» the character of a person, helps to gain firmness of spirit and gather all the will into a fist.

There is one more side of the coin — this symbol allows you to avoid concentrating thoughts on the sad experience of the past, eradicating the inability to disengage from old mistakes. In the direct position of the Rune Reliance is associated with confidence, peace in the soul and assertiveness in achieving the goals.

To get maximum benefit, wear this sacred symbol closer to your body.

Scope of application

Fleece Support is inextricably linked with concepts such as folk traditions, divine power and connection with past generations. This symbol personifies the basic ideas of a person about the surrounding reality and life in general.

To achieve a specific goal, it is extremely important to understand why you need it — this will help you more confidently make your way through any obstacles. Slavic Fleece Support will only indicate the motion vector, and also focuses attention on errors that can become fatal.

Its main purpose is to support people on the path of spiritual development, as well as help fight off bad habits and completely eradicate negative character traits. This symbol is useful to all people who seek new knowledge and self-development.

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Rune Gebo: meaning in direct and upside down position

Slavic Fleece Pedestal: Value in the forward and upside down position

Gebo is an ancient runic sign from the elder Futhark, personifying partnership and gift. It symbolizes cooperation between people and the unity of thought.

Interestingly, the Gebo rune has a powerful attraction and does not have an inverted position in its interpretation.

Gefyon (Gefyon — «giver»; also Gefjon, Gefjun, Gefn) — in Norse mythology, the goddess of fertility, asinya, a virgin, who are served by dead girls

In a general sense, the symbol carries a positive energy, being under the auspices of Gefion, the Scandinavian goddess of chastity, virtue and fertility. The beautiful celestial woman radiates calm and kindness: a guessing person acquires confidence and does not exchange small things.

The basic meaning of the Gebo rune is unity, love of freedom and partnership in all aspects of modern life. Gefyon donates his benefits, without demanding anything in return.

Fleece has a beneficial effect on the cooperation of people united by a common goal: there is a strong and inextricable link.

In this case, the interaction takes place on the basis of mutual respect and understanding: communication occurs when the members of the union are integral and self-sufficient individuals. This means that an adult individual controls his freedom independently, not depending on those around him.

Runa Gebo takes only positive omens.

Also, the fallen magic sign indicates unexpected luck that will happen to the questioner. Such luck in the people is called “freebie” and means the flow of money received by an easy way or the successful resolution of a difficult situation.

But it is important to correctly understand the fateful gift sent by higher powers.

You can not be skeptical about the gift and question it, otherwise it will work in the opposite direction: you get a kind of negative message that can destroy all plans for the reader. Lies and cunning here will not help, but only exacerbate the unpleasant situation.

The main thing is to maintain balance in any position.

The most seldom encountered interpretation of the rune is its own sacrifice or getting into the “snares” deftly placed by the enemies. The wise fleece Gebo advises not to get involved in dubious adventures and be too trusting of people around you: you can pay for naivety and kindness.

This rune is actively used in witchcraft rituals and rituals, affecting a person in a certain way, for better or for worse. In the photo you can see that the Gebo rune is depicted as a simple cross without any adornments, around which magical energy flows accumulate.

This rune symbol favors the expansion of contacts, the disclosure of cash flow and the bringing to life of good events. There is an expansion of the questioner’s consciousness — innovative and interesting ideas arise in my head that need to be translated into reality.

Talisman with the image of the rune Gebo

In addition, the Gebo rune is used as a love talisman: if a person wants to have a “soul mate” or build relationships with her, then the fair goddess Gefyeong is ready to help. Its main task is the development of harmonious and strong relations with the object of passion.

Sometimes the rune Gebebo enhances some character traits.

Tourmaline contributes to the disclosure of the energy of the rune symbol Gebo

Esoteric emit several positive aspects of this ancient sign — they can prove themselves even more with the help of aquamarine, tourmaline, cat’s eye, chrysolite:

  • a person learns to plan his time and distribute personal resources;
  • a person learns to make concessions to his opponent and not waste energy;
  • a person develops willpower and finds a way out of difficult situations;
  • a person develops mental abilities and comprehends new knowledge;
  • man develops intuition and uses his creative abilities to the maximum.

Properly made amulet helps people find themselves: it brings the desired changes that are achieved with great difficulty. Lazy and fraudsters should not count on the special favor of the goddess Gefion.

At the same time, the talisman is easy to make yourself: an image of a cross is applied to the tree with gold or blue paint.

The combination of Gebo with other runes will not always be good

The main purpose of the Gebo rune is to endow a person with spiritual or material benefits. But sometimes fate can be difficult trials that will be rewarded a hundredfold: in this case, the gift does not always cause positive associations. In combination with other signs, the value of the Gebo rune can be interpreted as follows:

  • Gebo and empty Wyrd: symbolizes death, destruction and suicide. Although one should not be so afraid of the resulting alignment — most often it means bad circumstances, which, in the end, will be safely resolved;
  • Gebo and Fehu: symbolizes the dominant position in life, self-reliance and a favorable outcome of any undertaking. The opinion of the fortune-teller will be heard by people around him, and he will win their authority;
  • Gebo and Uruz: symbolizes success in any business and quick changes for the better. It is required to properly dispose of the allotted time and actively improve living conditions — to tackle complex issues;
  • Gebo and Turisaz: symbolizes a philosophical turn of mind and propensity to self-digging. The personality is constantly improving and trying to achieve the desired ideal, following the given attitudes and principles;
  • Gebo and Ansuse: symbolizes political success or a dizzying take off in a career. Sometimes it also means the recognition of talents by close people and the raising of their authority in their eyes;
  • Gebo and Raido: symbolizes success in love affairs, romantic nature and mutual understanding with your loved one. This combination means that the marriage union will develop successfully, and the lonely person will find his “soul mate”;
  • Gebo and Kenaz: symbolizes deep love, vivid passion, a stormy romance. Often denotes the appearance of a heart friend, lover, or a sudden outburst of feelings. Another meaning is the establishment of a relationship between partners in a quarrel;
  • Gebo and Vuno: symbolizes mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships — partnership, friendship and support. Another meaning for a fortuneteller is the speedy marriage or finding of a desired lover;
  • Gebo and Hagalaz: symbolizes the breaking of old ties, the destruction of some external or internal borders and the attainment of long-awaited spiritual freedom. This is a sign of auspicious changes and bold undertakings;
  • Gebo and Nootiz: symbolizes in the inverted meaning the death of a loved one or relative. In the direct meaning — a return to the starting point of existence. The fortune-teller is awaited by the imminent arrival to the parental home;
  • Gebo and Isa: it symbolizes the breaking of self-annoying and outdated connections with people. This means that a person no longer brings any benefit and does not represent the old interest — the allotted time can be spent with greater benefit;
  • Gebo and Yera: symbolizes long-term relationships or a long marriage, where mutual understanding, support and reliable partnership reigns between spouses / lovers. Unbreakable bonds, bound by fate forever;
  • Gebo and Eyvaz: symbolizes expectations of a new life, soon changes in fate. Here the result depends on the effort and desire to change the situation for the better. A man acts as a blacksmith of his own happiness;
  • Gebo and Perth: it symbolizes receiving guessing unexpected gift or a pleasant cash flow. Another meaning is the attainment of a once lost thing or the restoration of old connections;
  • Gebo and Algiz: symbolize adverse changes in life — the collapse of all hopes, deprivation, separation or loss of something important. Esoteric believe that a person is paying the price for some offense committed in the past;
  • Gebo and Soulu: symbolizes significant changes in life, gaining freedom in the soul, purification of the mind from the negative. Some changes occur inside a person, as a result of which he can completely change his views and beliefs;
  • Gebo and Teyvaz: symbolizes acquired wisdom in solving complex issues and accumulated life experience. This combination shows that in this situation a person must reasonably reason and soberly look at things that are happening;
  • Gebo and Berkana: symbolizes the sources of internal energy that must be disclosed to solve the problem. This combination of runes denotes motivation, incentive and inspiration needed to achieve the goal;
  • Gebo and Evaz: symbolizes the appearance of unfavorable personalities in the environment — they can ruin the reputation and bring a lot of unexpected problems. The runes are advised to thoroughly understand the situation and weed out unnecessary dating;
  • Gebo and Mannaz: symbolizes easy money, unexpected win or blind luck. Such an interpretation means that the questioner will soon receive a quick and rich “profit” with whom he will easily part;
  • Gebo and Laguz: symbolizes excellent health or recovery from a long illness. The malaise will disappear, and life will sparkle with new colors. There will also be a significant improvement in emotional state;
  • Gebo and Inguz: symbolizes a quick marriage / marriage or another way to build relationships between people in love. Another meaning is the birth of a long-awaited child;
  • Gebo and Dagaz: symbolizes the emergence of doubts and uncertainties in their own abilities, as a result of which a person will collapse. We need to think positively and expect only good events — and they will surely happen soon;
  • Gebo and Odal: symbolizes the wrong attitude to money — an unstable financial situation will arise. Runic characters are advised to avoid unforeseen or unnecessary spending, so as not to remain at the bottom of the trough.

Rune prop

Slavic Fleece Pedestal: Value in the forward and upside down position

The analogue of the Higher Rune Eyvaz in meaning and in outline is one of the variants of the runes As and Biarkan.

According to the outline of the Elder Fleece, Eyvaz determines the path of the magician’s consciousness from the very top of the Tree of Worlds, his crown, to the very bottom — his roots.

Moreover, this path is all in the power of a magician, the name of Ash — Yggdrasil means “mount Iga,” that is, Odin’s mount in a state of increased power (Iggg is “powerful, terrible, inspiring unconscious trembling, like a Higher Power”).

Younger Rune Ac determines the way up Ash, but not his achievement — more help from above. The younger Runa Biarkan sends the «I» to the ground, provides help to the lower world.

Veneda Fleece A prop is a traditional pillar of the shaman, a model of the World Tree. Making actions on the model, the shaman gets access to the prototype — the vertical axis connecting our Universe.

If the rune Power, like the Colo — Swastika is a horizontal link, connecting the disconnected parts of the Universe into a single stream, then the Fleece Support, as collinges, is a vertical link at the level of energy distribution. Reliance is not a guarantee of full achievement of merging with the Tree (as Eyvaz).

These are just two steps — up and down.

Up — to the forces controlling society, to the so-called Upper World, the world of pure egregors. Forces inaccessible to awareness in perception. Here, the “I” seems to be confronted with the world of egregoreforms, field structures, streams of Force and energy.

The information here, to a greater extent, falls on the verge of understanding, is more saturated with energy components.

Down — to the Lower World — the world of ancestors. This is a world of memory, wallpaper wallpaper bank of past generations.

Here, perception freely operates with familiar and recognizable images, information is clear and specific. But this world is dead and requires energy. Recall Odyssey, offering a blood sacrifice for the awakening of a dead seer, Odin, awakening a lion with a sacrifice of a rooster …

By contacting the lower world, the shaman exposes himself to the danger of losing Vitality and even dying. Moreover, not all the dead are satisfied with their fate: and there is a real danger of obsession — the dead can take possession of your body, psyche and consciousness.

Similarly, a person in the Support receives the opportunity and desire to consult with his past, both in his subconscious and in real events. But too often the past takes possession of it — old grievances, old values, old states of consciousness, social roles, connections and responsibilities … And all this will steal the energy of the present, the energy of the Force.

In the Upper World there is also a danger — to identify oneself with the organizing force, or to fall completely before their greatness and otherness. These forces do not have their own energy, like the dead, they live off the energy of this reality.

Only the dead are trying to preserve the past, but the egregore is directed to the future, to the original goal given to it, and uses your energy for the sake of achievement. Moreover, the egregor doesn’t really care what happens to you in the present, the main thing is what it will give you in the future!

And the more global the egregor, the less he is worried about the fate and condition of individuals.

A person who has applied for support to the “Upper World” of his consciousness can be influenced by global ideas and someone’s goals, completely destroying his personal ones. If the appeal goes to personal egrego, then you can get under the desire to achieve some past goals that have already lost all relevance for awareness.

But in the egregore they are still important.

And, turning there, a person condemns himself to receive unnecessary things, events, processes. The upper world lives by pumping energy from today to the future, the lower one from today to the dead.

Working with them, a person must be attentive and strong.

Reliance, like Rainbow, are two paths into another space of awareness from everyday isolation.

And, like the Rainbow, the Prop uses the potential difference of the parts of consciousness, the difference between the value systems of the past and the future, the Concepts of Good and Evil. Good and Evil «at the top» clearly and definitely, serve as a kind of general societal global interests, and at the same time, little changeable steadily.

And “below” Good and Evil are vague, different parts of the subconscious, formed in different years and in different situations, understand Good and Evil very situationally, personally. These concepts here are unstable and go into each other.

Reliance is the contact and interaction of the superconscious, the corrective and defining «norm» of the behavior of the layer of consciousness and the subconscious that contains unrealized messages and aspirations that are not realized under the prohibitions of the superconscious. In Support, “I” distributes energy from the Force to these layers, transforming them and launching an active exchange — both energy and programs.

A person breaks up with illusions, gets an opportunity to realize plans and desires — if they are still relevant, and understand themselves, make themselves more effective and stronger.

Our consciousness as a whole can be divided into three large levels. The first is mid-awareness.

The part that we call “I” is identified with itself. Awareness lives in “here and now”, perceives information, acts, and so on.

Awareness occupies a very small part of consciousness, but often considers itself the only existing and most important one.

For most people, this is not the case. The remaining two parts are located in the non — awareness zone. The top is the supraconscious and superconscious, ensuring the inclusion of consciousness (and man) in the common global processes: socium and universe, respectively.

It is built on certain common, non-individual goals (although for the “I” it is necessary to consider them as deeply individual).

The bottom is the subconscious and the unconscious, which provide for individual development and realization (for the “I”, it is better to consider them as certain general laws of the work of consciousness). There is energy at the bottom, power is at the top.

The overall work of consciousness is based on the integrated participation of all three components. At the same time, it is better not to interfere with the work of the top and the bottom of “awareness-me”.

Moreover, the “I” knows very little about them (if he knows), and ascribes the results of their work (the work of themselves, in fact) to manifestations of certain forces distinct from themselves. And often transfers power over them to certain forces.

It is better this way, since the work of these unconscious levels is not amenable to understanding the mind — the tool of awareness.

And his intervention significantly violates the processes of implementation, luck and good luck. Ideally, each part knows its place and works without the participation of awareness. Such an ideal picture is formed during the period of the Prop.

You are aware of what you should think and care about, and that “it is not your business” (literally, see above).

Should it be very clever and attentive to evaluate the miscalculations of the American military campaign in Iraq (which does not concern you and what you do not influence), or think and discuss the problems of work in the area of ​​work allocated to you.

Here you clearly share what you should take care of and what to do with yourself, and what you shouldn’t pay attention to (doesn’t affect, you can’t do it anyway, it works so well — any of the reasons are possible). All energy of awareness concentrates on the present.

The energy of the top and bottom does not sneak and is not disturbed by awareness. Everything goes in favor and in business.

You become focused, concretized, externally-closed and limited, internally — purposeful and effective. The necessary processes at the top and at the bottom go as they should, simultaneously solving problems from the outside and correcting the situation inside.

The main thing — in the process of differentiation do not become limited.

At this time, many interests die off (they just stole energy and time). But the property of interest should not be atrophied.

Interest should be focused on the necessary, giving effect — in that other sense. Otherwise, you will become a truly limited person, focused only on work, business, a written book or a loved one.

Then the top and bottom will become more and more distant from each other, cultivating a conflict of separateness — the demands of the top, the desires of the bottom and the lack of understanding of the middle.

Should take into account single-row runes — Raduga and Lelia. Remember why you do it in terms of spiritual development and what you create on the material level.

And remember the need to sometimes think, and sometimes trust the intuition.

Oleg Sinko. Slavic runes

Rune Raido: meaning and interpretation of straight and inverted runes

Slavic Fleece Pedestal: Value in the forward and upside down position

Raido is the fifth in the Germanic runic alphabet. It refers to the senior futarh.

The main characteristics of «Raido»

General information about the rune
Title:Raido, Reid, GladValue:Path, road, development, travelAct:MoveElement:the firePlanet:MercuryDeity:God of the sun: Ra (Egypt), Njord (Scandinavian countries), Helios (Greece)Character:EnergyEntity:ReversibleImages:
  • a man is walking along the road;
  • The plane is flying;
  • herd of animals grazing in a meadow;
  • blood flows through the veins;
  • tree branches grow;
  • the river flows through the plain;
  • snow covers the ground;
  • birds return from the south;
  • the wind blows from side to side;
  • the planets move in their orbits;
  • molecules make a chaotic movement.


Image Raedo schematically resembles the letter «R». In order to draw a rune, you need to hold a vertical.

Further from the top point, draw a short slant line to the right and down, and then mirror it with the same slant to the left and down. Then from the point of intersection of the inclined line with the vertical line, draw another line to the right downwards.

Raido means moving in space or traveling. However, this is not a chaotic movement to nowhere. It is focused and dedicated to the implementation of a specific goal.

A person acting according to Raido clearly sees what is happening and is able to control it.

Value runes

Rune paths can be associated with the motto: «The road is life.» Often she personifies the wheel of world order.

Raido is a talisman of people who constantly strive for something, improve themselves and never stop their development.

The rune can be characterized as an impulse, as an impetus to movement. Raido defines the direction in which a person will act. This impulse is born from intention, which serves to transform energy into the desired form.

So there are the first steps towards the goal.

Interesting! A person who knows the energy of Raido always acts ahead.

His mind is one step ahead of the developing events. This fact allows him to clearly plan and achieve results.

Raido energy helps people to feel subtle, easy to maneuver and perfectly navigate the situation. This allows you to make quick and clear decisions.

The value of the runes in the usual position

Direct position Raido promises good luck in business and good light in all undertakings. Fleece means a period of development and improvement of skills and talents.

This is the stage of achieving goals and controlling what is happening.

Higher forces favor you. You do it all.

Things are going smoothly, there are no opponents or obstacles.

In addition to the physical path Raido also means a journey inward. This is the period of the knowledge of the Self, the discovery of new talents, the awareness of important things, the knowledge of secrets, the acquisition of sacred knowledge.

Sometimes Raido symbolizes the path in the truest sense. Heralds a successful business trip or a trip in a pleasant company.

Inverted Rune Value

Reverse Raido points to a deadlock situation when external conditions impede your plans. Sudden difficulties freeze movement and do not allow you to achieve the desired.

No matter how hard you try to understand what is happening, the answer eludes you.

In any case, the inverted Raido indicates the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances. The external situation has changed, but this is not a reason to stop the movement.

You will have to complete the situation and achieve at least some result.

Tip! Perhaps the situation is related to your misconception about what is happening.

Review the situation signs and find the error.

Raido also foreshadows an unsuccessful trip. A person may not be ready for it either financially or physically.

Runa warns against an accident on the way.

Neighboring signs can help clarify the picture. A couple with Fehu promises excessive financial costs that exceed those that were originally planned.

Uruz indicates a collision with someone’s aggression or anger. Hagallaz foreshadows the likelihood of falling into a natural disaster.

Value in divination

Straight position

Raido first of all is the rune of travelers and eternal wanderers. It symbolizes people who prefer to live on the road and open new horizons.

In general, Raido is quite a positive rune. She points out that you are being successful, and that you are confidently moving towards what you want.

Your ideas do not contradict the harmony of the world and do not violate its order.

You are destined to success in any activity. Do not stop, achieve your goals and believe in yourself, because you will succeed.

Upside down position

Back Raido indicates the appearance of some obstacles in your way. If you are moving towards something, then a sudden stop will occur.

If you were at rest, you have an unexpected trip, for which you will not be ready.

Raido talks about the intervention of outside forces in your plans. Use caution and attention to detail.

This will help avoid serious mistakes.

Value in magic

Raido has strong protective properties. Its main value is associated with the road trip.

Image runes put on charms or amulets that take a trip to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

Fleece helps move to goal easily and without obstacles. Your forces will be concentrated and directed towards a specific goal. Raedo helps to save energy, gives clarity of vision.

Has the properties to move things off the ground.

What was the significance of the Slavs?

The analogue of the Raido runes from the Slavs is Rainbow. It is translated as a road, joy, victory, success.

The rune means the shortest path from one point to another. It symbolizes the heavenly bridge connecting the two banks of the river.

Rainbow is a kind of journey to your dream and the maximum approximation to the desired.

Often the path to the cherished goal is impossible without the intervention of the Higher Forces. Rainbow indicates not only the help of the Gods, but also the joy of human communication with the Higher Forces, the feeling of happiness from the established contact.

The road in question has no beginning or end. It has only the source, the point of the first step and the result.

A rainbow is a definite state between order and chaos. It is a harmony between light and darkness, day and night, fire and water.

Interesting! Associating the value of the runes can be with the motto: «Do what you must!» Come what may!»

The rainbow, unlike the Raido rune, symbolizes not the path itself, often long in life, but the specific moment of active actions. Rainbow says that the gods opened the heavenly bridge for a certain time to solve a specific task.

The value of a fortune telling

Straight position

Raido promises success in negotiations and successful conclusion of transactions. You have calculated everything correctly and planned it.

Soon the time will come to enjoy the result of their labors.

The rune may indicate that you are facing difficulties, but you have the strength to overcome them. Problems that arise can be solved.

You should not worry in vain.

Paired with Dagaz Fleece foreshadows financial reward, an increase in income related to professional activities. Vuno says that moving up the career ladder will soon become possible.

Eyvaz indicates that the activity you have chosen was very successful and foreshadows success.

Upside down position

Talking about upcoming troubles. Perhaps your business is threatened by unexpected inspections by government agencies.

You may have a trip, the results of which you will not be satisfied. Your plans may be disrupted by an unexpected coincidence.

Tip! You should temporarily abandon your goals and act strictly according to the situation.

Set aside active steps until better times.

The couple with Isa says that the path you have chosen is not correct, and it will have to be radically changed. Yer testifies that the troubles that have fallen on the head are well deserved.

Perth warns that you will suffer through someone else’s fault.

The value of divination for love

Straight position

Direct Raido foreshadows reconciliation in longstanding disputes and conflicts. She advises you to go on a frank conversation with a partner and find out the relationship once and for all.

The difficulties that you have temporarily encountered will be solved easily and naturally.

You may have a nice trip together or a romantic trip. Try not to retreat and achieve what you wanted.

Use the time allotted to you to build relationships.

Upside down position

Reverse Raido promises frequent quarrels and conflicts. Be careful and attentive to your partner.

Try to avoid squabbles. Sometimes the Fleece portends separation, caused by the impossibility of reconciliation.

A couple with Turisaz testifies to the frivolity of one of the partners. He doesn’t care about your relationship, he doesn’t want to save them and avoid conflicts. Nautyz says that hard times drag on for a long time.

Odal suggests that one of the partners behaves like a big owner. Mannaz points to a weak man who cannot defend his position.

Combination with other runes

Wyrd — testifies to a serious mental condition and mental problems.
Fehu — promises great success in career growth.
Uruz — indicates deviations and problems in sexual terms.
Turisaz — Warns of failures and problems at a deep karmic level.

Ansuz — foreshadows success in political activities.
Caño — talks about the upcoming payback period for previous actions. Any act committed will have consequences, and you will have to answer for it.
Gebo — promises successful activities in the family business.

Means commitment to the dynasty, family and traditions.
Vuno — indicates that your idea will win.
Hagalaz — testifies to criminal activity, terrorism or sabotage.
Nautiz — saves from excessive heroism and unjustified sadomasochism.

Isa — promises little success. You should review goals and ways to achieve them, if you want to get big bonuses.
Yera — means the beginning of hostilities on all fronts.
Eyvaz — requires to show cunning, flexibility and maneuvering in the current situation.

Perth — testifies to excessive falsehood, deception and boasting.
Algiz — is a symbol of evil forces, dark magic.
Soulu — Indicates a solid indissoluble union.
Teyvaz — portends a high post and a successful career in the military field.

Berkana — speaks of hatred, extreme hostility.
Evaz — means success in family life and in raising children.
Mannaz — speaks of the fragility of luck, the onset of periods of boredom and monotonous being.
Laguz — foreshadows participation in some kind of activity.

Inguz — symbolizes the onset of the armistice stage, the conclusion of the Union.
Dagaz — calls for patience and avoid action.
Odal — promises success in small business.

Rune tips

  • Trust yourself! Do not doubt anything!
  • The situation is in your favor.
  • Move forward without delay.
  • Do not lose balance, do not show laziness, do not relax.
  • Soberly assess your strengths and capabilities before starting the journey, as you will need them to get to the end.
  • Runa Raido is quite positive and does not foreshadow major disasters.

    By understanding the true meaning of the rune and its message, you can avoid mistakes and not turn away from the true path.

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