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Six of the Pentacles Tarot — the value of the card

Tarot Card Value Six Pentacles (Junior Arkan)

On the map of the Six Pentacles depicts a man who is dressed in rich clothes. He has scales in his left hand, and he gives alms to his right. The card has a deep twofold meaning.

On the one hand, a person looks generous, but on the other hand, in the image there is something that suggests the idea that a man simply imagines himself a rich man. The people personifying the beggars are also striking.

In appearance, they are more like loafers and charlatans, ready to take advantage of everything ready. Six coins surround the alms-giving man.

Six of the Pentacles Tarot - the value of the card
Six of the Pentacles Tarot - the value of the card

The value of the map Pentacles Six in a straight position

In direct position, the Six of Pentacles symbolizes financial well-being and prosperity. But at the same time, this card focuses on the fact that a person has achieved financial stability by long hard work.

If in real life a person is suing on any issue, then he will definitely win the case. Borrowers can expect that the circumstances in reality will develop in such a way that they will soon be able to return all debts.

In addition, this map indicates that most of the existing problems in real life will be successfully resolved.

Arkan reveals the positive qualities of a person, such as generosity and kindness. If the Pentacles Six fell out, then the diviner in any situation will find resources to help other people.

In various areas of human activity, this map in the direct position may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health for sick people, the map is a good omen. She points out that the crisis has passed, and the disease has long receded. For a healthy person, this card symbolizes spiritual health.
  • In matters of personal relationships, this card can be considered neutral, it only indicates that the partners love each other. All that can be connected with it is the fact of receiving pleasant gifts from a loved one in real life.
  • For the business sector, this map is very successful. In particular, next to the Ace of Swords, such a map indicates good coordination with colleagues, and, consequently, the prospect of development in the right direction. It symbolizes the fair distribution of profits and indicates that honest work will be rewarded according to merit. If a person is looking for a job, then soon he will be offered something that suits him completely.

Six Pentakley personifies people who are always ready to help. Very often they choose professions related to charity or are investors.

The value of the map Six Pentacles upside down

In the inverted position, the Six of Pentacles symbolizes financial problems. Very often they can be connected with a delay in salary, or with the fact that debts will not be returned in a timely manner.

This card is also a precursor of life situations in which a person will face greed and greed. If at the moment it is planned to carry out the division of property, then it will be held not fair. In addition, in the coming life period there are risks of fraud or extortion.

Six of Pentacles is more dangerous in the scenario for rich people than for the poor. But in this case, the card often indicates that the person has to pay for his wrong actions committed in the past.

In various spheres of human activity, the Six Pentacles in a direct position may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, the basic interpretation of loss is preserved. This card warns about the risks of developing infectious diseases, which for some time will completely disable a person. In addition, she warns about caution when taking medication.
  • In private life, you should be prepared for serious problems with your partner. If you do not try to find a compromise, then the situation will worsen and this will lead to a rupture of relations.
  • In the business sphere, there is the risk of entering into unfavorable or dishonest transactions. Therefore, to make decisions that are related to financial issues, you need to be very careful.

The card personifies a very miserly person who does not understand that such a character trait hurts him very much and does not allow him to become successful. In addition, the Six of Pentacles may indicate that there are speculators in a person’s environment who seek to profit at the expense of other people.

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