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Simple guessing on matches for love

Guessing on matches — what to expect in love?

Guessing on matches is an easy way to know the future, determine how your loved one treats you, and get answers to other questions that concern you. Talk about how to guess the matches correctly.

Simple guessing on matches for love

What is the meaning of fortune telling in matches?

Guessing on matches seems very simple, so it is not clear why it can provide answers to many questions. But the fact is that fire is a very powerful element.

It has a lot of energy, passion, strength and power. Fire is able to purify, fill with energy, destroy or revive a person.

Therefore, it is so attractive for use in magical rituals.

Guessing on matches for a loved one

This is a very popular fortune telling among girls who want to find out how their chosen one treats them.

For divination, you will need a box of matches. Randomly get two — they will symbolize you and your lover.

Secure the matches so that they stand vertically. It is convenient to use plasticine or any other viscous material for this.

Choose which match you will be and which one you will be a man. Then set them on fire at the same time.

Simple guessing on matches for love

Watch as the matches burn out. The meanings of divination are:

  1. If the “match-guy” quickly burned down, remaining straight and level, it means that the chosen one does not have any romantic feelings for you. Leave the attempt to fall in love with him and pay attention to a more worthy gentleman
  2. If the matches, burned out, leaned towards each other, this is a favorable sign. He points out that there is a lot of tension between you. But keep in mind that it can be both love and just strong sexual cravings. Your task is to determine what exactly
  3. If the match of the man deviated in the opposite direction from the match of the girl, it means that he has feelings for the other. You have a rival, and he has no feelings for you. On the contrary, there is a strong rejection — he would not want to see you in his environment even as a friend.

If the result of divination was disappointing — do not worry. You should not dream of a man who does not love you.

Pay attention to those to whom you are interested — your «prince» in anticipation of when you reciprocate.

Love triangle

This method of divination helps to choose from two chosen ones who best suits you. You can also find out which of the two girls more guy pulls — to you or a rival.

Need to get out of the box three matches. One will symbolize you, the other two — other people from the prevailing «triangle».

Matches must be installed vertically so that they are very close to each other. In the center is the match of the person who chooses — yours, if you are torn between two boyfriends, or a guy who cannot decide between you and your opponent.

Light the central match and wait for it to burn out. Which way to lean — on the choice and stop.

If she remains flat, then the one who chooses will be left alone — he does not feel feelings towards anyone, but only plays.

If the match is at all tilted in the opposite direction from the others, in the situation there is another person with whom the pair will turn out.

Difficult guessing with matches

This is a more complicated version of divination, for which, besides the matches, you will have to prepare wax candles and a container with pure water.

Using a sharp object (needle, toothpick, knife) on one candle, scratch your name, on the other — the name of your chosen one.

Light the candles with two different matches, which must then be thrown into a container with water. Wait a few seconds for the flame to flare up.

Then bend the candles over the water and start dripping wax on its surface.

Simple guessing on matches for love

Pay attention to the outlines of wax figures formed on the surface of the water:

  • Saw one big wax blot? This is an auspicious sign that says that you and the elect are one and are ideally suited to each other. You are either very similar, or, on the contrary, opposite, and this attracts you to each other. There is every chance to create a strong and harmonious union.
  • If you see the heart, in the near future in your relationship will occur a strong emotional jolt. It can be both positive and negative. The outcome of events depends on you — whether it will be a bright romantic date or a stormy scandal with the smashing of dishes
  • If a single figure did not work, wax drops float on the surface of the water, this is an unfavorable sign. You and your chosen one are completely different with each other, so the relationship will end soon — there is no reason to continue them.

Watch a video on how to guess at matches:

Effective guessing on matches and cigarettes

If you smoke, you can apply this method. It will take two matches from the new box and a cigarette.

Set the matches vertically. One of them will symbolize you, the other — the guy you are guessing on.

Ignite both matches and light them. Take a few puffs, wait until the flame goes out. Look at the direction in which the matches are bent:

  • If they are “turned away” from each other, your relationship with the chosen one will decline. You realize that feelings have passed, and peacefully parted, but remain good friends
  • If the matches bowed to each other, everything is fine. You have a strong emotional attachment. There is every chance to create a healthy and harmonious relationship.
  • If one match deviates from another, it means that the one whom it symbolizes is indifferent to the partner, or soon will lose love

Important: Do not use this method of divination too often, otherwise a true interpretation will not work. It is best to guess during a full moon, at night.

You should also use only new matches, purchased specifically for the magic ritual.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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