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Simple fortune telling on the tarot cards

Simple fortune telling on the tarot cards

The place where the Tarot cards were born is Ancient Egypt. It was there that for the first time people began to guess on these unusual colorful cards, predicting future events with the help of them. There is a legend that in ancient Egypt, during the reign of Emperor Ramses II, Tarot cards were depicted on large gold plates and more than twenty people were required to read fortunes.

Only priests used them at the beginning to conduct pagan rites.

Directly, the source of origin of the Tarot cards for science is still unknown. According to one legend, the authorship of the cards belongs to the god Hermes, the ancestor of all types of occultism, who is the patron of secret knowledge of the ancients.

According to another version, maps first appeared in India, in the form of a graphical means of communication with the other world. Many believe that this knowledge was transmitted to India from the lost Atlantis. And these cards were brought to Europe by Roma in the middle of the 15th century.

Today divination on the Tarot cards are one of the most common types of divination cards. The result of this fortune-telling is a concrete reflection of our skill, intuition and knowledge, concluded in the very depths of our subconscious. With the help of Tarot divination, you can look into the future, both near and distant.

The cards will help you to understand the question you are interested in, find out the past, and just have a good time to spend your free time playing simple solitaire games.

An important factor to which particular attention should be paid is the choice of the method of fortune telling, because there are a great many of them and each of them is unique. The meaning and interpretation of the cards is taken depending on the hand itself, since it will differ from the way to the way. For serious and difficult layouts in divination Tarot requires a clear understanding and considerable experience.

You need to carefully study the value of not only the cards themselves, but also their sets, and this will certainly require constant improvement of the skills you already have.

We give an example of one simple fortune telling on the cards in our article. It is suitable for those people in whose lives a difficult situation has developed that requires them to make an important decision. This fortune-telling does not require much skill, even a novice in this matter will cope with it perfectly.

So, the deck of the Minor Arcana Tarot cards consists of 56 cards of four different stripes — Wands, Cups, Pentacles and Swords. Take a deck in your hands and, mentally focusing on the question of interest to you, pull 4 cards out of it at random. Lay them out with a cross. So that you get three cards vertically, three horizontally.

In the middle they will have to have two cards from the deck of the Higher Arcana making up the center of the received cross.

Maps should be placed as follows: first the left card, then the right one. Then the map from the center up, then the map from the center down. At the end you need to put the central card, and on top of it another one — the sixth one.

The first card drawn or the First Acran will symbolize for you all the “resources” that you have at the given moment in time for the implementation of your plans. This card will tell you about your chances to win an unconditional victory in this matter.

The second Arkan, which is at the far right of the map, tells about the obstacles you will have to overcome on the way to your goal. It will show what difficulties may be on your way to its completion.

A card in third place — the top card — will reveal a reason for you that you might suddenly fail. Be very attentive to the interpretation of this card, if you get an erroneous opinion about it, then there is a chance that you will go the wrong way.

And finally, the last Junior Arkan will serve as a kind of helper for you, prompting the fortune-teller of the most optimal way out of this situation.

And as for the fifth and sixth cards, located in the heart of the hand, which you must draw the last from the deck of the Higher Arcane, they will serve you as signs that describe the outcome of the situation you are interested in: failure or victory. Do not be afraid to guess on the cards, try to find out your future and do not forget to press buttons and

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