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Simple fortune telling for the near future

Simple fortune telling for the near future

Hair is considered to be a kind of information transmitters from the Universe. They accumulate our energy, emotions and feelings. It is not by chance that a large number of people will accept superstitions and hair, and astrologers even compiled a lunar calendar for cutting hair in order to have a good time for going to the hairdresser.

Our hair has great energy. With the help of them, you can even find out your fate. There is one old fortune-telling for the near future, which will help to see future events or warn of danger.

How to guess the hair for the future

Guessing is best in the evening, before bedtime, or in the morning, immediately after waking up. For divination will require a comb. Well, if it is made of wood.

Comb your hair. In the process, think about what is bothering you or what you want to know about your near future. You can ask a specific question. After the hair is combed, count how many hairs remain on the comb.

Depending on their number, the result of this fortune-telling for the near future is interpreted.

The interpretation of divination in the hair

  • If not a single hair appeared on the ridge, then don’t wait for a change. In the near future, everything will remain in their places.
  • One hair — the solution to all problems will depend only on you. You can easily resist any difficulties.
  • Two hair — expect envy and wiles of detractors.

The hair, which you guessed for the near future, it is recommended to immediately burn, and the comb should be washed with cold water. This simple fortune telling will allow you to find out everything that awaits you in the near future. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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