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Sexual compatibility by date of birth, what is your lover?

Sex compatibility by date of birth — what awaits you in bed?

You have probably come across the fact that there is a person who is ideally suited to you in communication, who treat you well in bed is not far from Casanova? Is it all about the ineptitude of your partner? Far from it, most likely, the cause of this phenomenon is your sexual incompatibility with it.

Sexual compatibility by date of birth is a very important aspect, we will highlight it in detail in this material.

Sexual compatibility by date of birth, what is your lover?

Calculation of sexual compatibility

From birth, each person has his physiological sexual potential, which may be strengthened or weakened in the future, based on the specific life situation.

Some people have such strong sexual fluids that attract a huge number of boyfriends to them, while others remain unnoticed by the opposite sex.

According to astrologers, the main role in determining the sexual potential of a person lies in his personal astrological indicators. And the latter are presented precisely in the date of birth.

By performing simple mathematical manipulations, you will find out the level of your sexuality or your partner. And thanks to this knowledge, it becomes possible to develop the optimal model of your sexual behavior in a pair to achieve maximum enjoyment.

Consider a specific example. Date of birth is May 25, 1994.

We add all the numbers: 2 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 35.

Then we reduce to a single number: 3 + 5 = 8. This will be the number of your natural sexuality.

Number one. It gives a person strong self-confidence, and also makes him attractive enough to the opposite sex. But unit people are prone to selfishness in bed.

Sex for them is a way to demonstrate their influence on others, so they tend to dominate.

Number two. The two are important primarily spiritual intimacy, common interests. This has a strong effect on their sexuality.

The more “points of contact” they have, the more relaxed they will be in bed. At the same time, the sexuality of this number is usually not strongly manifested externally — only lovers of the “two” know about it.

A contented person of this number will reward you with her tenderness and long preliminary caresses.

Learn more about the love compatibility of partners from the following video.

Number three. Makes a person very relaxed, and also provides a passion for various experiments in sex. «Troika» have high attractiveness for the opposite sex and tend to change partners frequently in order to experience bright sensations. But they are impermanent and often change.

Their natural sexuality often plays tricks on them, making them windy and frivolous.

The number four. Very often makes such people not very interested in the sexual side of life.

Usually they are not inclined to externally show their sexuality, and also do not have extensive knowledge in the sexual sphere. But, of course, everywhere there are exceptions to the rules in the form of very liberated individuals who reject any prohibitions with stereotypes.

But it is important for the “fours” to not be disappointed in the partner, otherwise they can become very conservative (to have sex only in conservative postures at a clearly metered time).

The number five. It gives a person a very strong sexuality. Sex brings the «fives» true pleasure, they skillfully bring their partner to orgasm.

At the same time, the «five» are not too puzzled by the issues of loyalty, regularly changing their sexual partners. Due to frivolity and some licentiousness, they are ready to surrender already at the first meeting.

They are not embarrassed by sexual relations with representatives of another nationality.

Sexual compatibility by date of birth, what is your lover?

Number six. Have a pronounced visual appeal, which is correctly used. Entering into a relationship, they strive to get full spiritual and sexual harmony.

If you satisfy them in these aspects — expect to receive full returns. Six can use sex as manipulation as a “punishment” or “encouragement”.

Not prone to treason.

The number seven. Does not give a pronounced sexuality. The choice of a partner is mostly based on his intellectual indicators, and not on his visual appeal.

For them, the most erogenous zone in the partner is his brain. «Sevens» often do not know the concept of passion, because they tend to perceive the opposite sex through the prism of the mind, and not in another way. Show loyalty, but carefully control their chosen ones.

Number eight. «Eights» are attractive to others, primarily due to their status, and then thanks to sexuality. Tend to choose partners for similar indicators. Women of the eight dream of meeting a wealthy man, and men — lust girls with business acumen and leadership skills. «Eight» love sexual pleasures, but first they consider the material side of life and only then turn in the direction of carnal pleasure.

But his chosen ones will be pleased in bed.

Sexual compatibility by date of birth, what is your lover?

Number nine. These are romantics with a subtle mental organization.

In sex, details are important for them (setting, light, smells, and so on), as well as the presence of spiritual intimacy with a partner. If nothing strains the “nine” and does not cause irritation, it completely relaxes and gives itself to passion. “Nines” will never agree to have sex at the first meeting, because it is important for them to feel spiritual union with a partner, and when they feel a return, they are ready to please their chosen one and enjoy indulging him.

Knowing the number of your sexuality, and calculating it for your partner, you can develop a special scheme of how best to conduct a romantic date with your beloved, as well as how you can surprise him in bed.

Do not be afraid to seduce, seduce and pleasantly surprise your partner, getting rid of all the complexes and restrictions and surrendering yourself to the love of love!

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