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Seven Tarot Swords — the meaning of the card

The map shows a young man stealing, in whose hands is an armful of swords. All kind of guy indicates that he is a thief and got swords fraudulently. The picture is depicted on the background of twilight.

They can be observed both in the morning and evening hours. This indicates that at this point in time people are still asleep, so the probability of catching thieves is negligible.

Seven Tarot Swords - the meaning of the card
Seven Tarot Swords - the meaning of the card

In the direct position, the Seven of Swords points to an unexpected and often unpleasant event in the real world that will take a person by surprise. The card warns that in order to resolve the situation in their favor, a person should not act right through.

It is desirable to show all its diplomacy and natural cunning.

The card warns that in this life period will have to adapt. She also recalls that a lie is sometimes a blessing. A person should be wary of being drawn into dangerous intrigue.

There should also be no backstage games, although the life situation will develop in such a way that the temptation to do so will be great.

Seven of Swords warns that plans may be violated and expectations are not met. If there are negative cards in the scenario, then you should beware of deception.

A combination with the moon can be a harbinger of theft or robbery.

In other areas of human activity, this lasso may mean the following:

  • In the area of ​​health, there may be negative changes associated with apathy. Chronic diseases may also be exacerbated. Affected people may have a crisis period.
  • In personal relations, this card emphasizes the hypocrisy of partners. If the lasso fell in the alignment next to the Priestess, this indicates that the person does not want to be sincere with a partner and reveal his feelings to him.
  • In the business field, this card warns about the dishonesty of business partners. Chances are that people who are considered business partners will strive to deliver a sudden blow.

The card personifies cunning people. She points out that there are a lot of people in a person’s environment who cannot be trusted.

The meaning of the map of the Seven of Swords upside down

In the upside-down position of the Seven of Swords, the map foreshadows that the difficult life situation will soon stabilize. But at the same time you should not relax, because a person will have to overcome many more obstacles to his goals.

This card next to other negative cards indicates that a person is subject to someone else’s influence and cannot make independent decisions. There is a period of conflicts and quarrels in life, so it is important to be able to find compromises for a positive resolution of issues.

In other areas, the Seven of Wands may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, this card often foreshadows injury, which, however, will not have any negative consequences.
  • In his personal life, a person will behave passively, and this will not allow to improve relations with a partner. In addition, defamation can destroy relationships. But at the same time, the card emphasizes that the relations between two people were initially not sincere.
  • In the business sphere, career instability has been noted. A person for various reasons will not be able to bring the started business to the end. Sometimes the card warns that you should not be afraid of difficulties, you need to move towards the goals, and such work will be rewarded.

The card represents lazy people and losers. She also points out that there are no-initiative people in the human environment who prefer to go with the flow.

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