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Sergiev’s divination: the value of numbers

Sergiev’s divinations: the meaning of numbers in the simplest ritual

The values ​​of the figures in Sergius divination help me to make a quick decision when there is no time for a longer magical ritual. I also use this method of prediction when a specific question is brewing in my head.

Yes, and other fortune-tellers, no less experienced than I, periodically resort to Sergiev’s fortune-telling.

The value of numbers from one to ten

There are several options Sergiev divination. I will give you the transcript for the classic method.

Sergiev's divinations: the meaning of numbers

What do the numbers mean:

  1. Unit. Expect a large, unplanned, but very enjoyable purchase. Most likely, it will be something related to transport. For example, you can get a car, a motorcycle, a bicycle as a present, win or buy a big discount. Or even skates, skates, skateboard, horse. In general, everything on which you can move faster than on foot.
  2. Two — a symbol of dedication and high ambitions. This figure represents forward movement, directly, without obstacles and interference. If you got a deuce, the forecast is safe: you will easily fulfill your desire. If you guessed on the eve of the exam or interview, everything will be successful. Do not doubt your strength, act with confidence and do not pay attention to critics.
  3. Troika represents confidence. In yourself, people, the world, the future. If you have a prediction with this figure, your life can drastically change for the better. The more difficult you are now, the more dramatic and unexpected the changes will be. You must be ready to accept everything that fate gives, with gratitude and love.
  4. Four — a monetary symbol, a sign of wealth and material well-being. But the money will not fall from the sky, will have to work hard. You will see many new features that you should definitely take advantage of in order not to miss your luck. Pay attention to the signs and catch the bird of luck, and then proceed to action.
  5. The five is a symbol of stability in all spheres of life. If she fell in divination, you need to mentally choose the part of life in which at the moment most uncertainty. What is it — personal life, family, work, friends? Only you know. Mentally fix your choice, and everything will gradually change for the better.
  6. Six — the beginning of something new, unknown. Can talk about radical changes in some area of ​​your life. Sometimes a marriage is predicted — get ready for an unexpected marriage proposal.
  7. Seven personifies a growing family. Most often, it promises the birth of a child, the completion of a family. If you are alone and do not have a partner, expect big profits. Money will appear unexpectedly, accept them with gratitude.
  8. The eight is a universally recognized symbol of infinity. In Sergius divinations, this is inspiration, luck without limits, love without conditions. This is a quick implementation of plans, achievement of goals, great prospects. If you are lucky enough to see this figure in fortune-telling, you can assume that a bright and full of life filled with positive events has begun.
  9. Nine — the personification of completeness, a certain fullness. Most likely, in the near future, a project or business on which you have been working for a long time will be completed with success. And you get good dividends. Just do not resist the opportunities coming into your life, and everything will turn out well.
  10. Ten says that the person who is wondering, very positive attitude to life. He trusts the world, people, himself and God. Thoughts are material, therefore in his destiny everything will turn out in the most favorable way. Money will come easily, people, opportunities, love and well-being — his second friends.

Sergiev's divinations: the meaning of numbers

To test how true divination, make a simple test. Sit down, relax, close your eyes and evoke in your subconscious the image of your inner “I.”

Greet him. Ask the question that was addressed to the numbers. Then read the prediction.

Watch the image of your inner self. If he is calm, relaxed, accepts the opinion of numbers, then the prediction will be fulfilled.

If you are nervous and worried — there are some interferences.

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Why can we believe Sergiev divination

This method of prediction has come down to us since ancient times. People have long understood that numbers and numbers carry specific information, endowed with magical meaning.

They noted and remembered what happens when the world gives a sign through numerical combinations.

Sergiev's divination: the value of numbers

Thus, the value of numbers was formed over the centuries. Yes, they may be wrong, but this statistical error is small.

  • Remember: negative predictions may not come true if you try to replace bad thoughts with good ones. From the moment you receive the forecast, begin to constantly monitor thought processes, preventing the negative from penetrating into the brain.
  • Do not forget to enjoy a good prediction. The more positive emotions you experience, the sooner it will come and the more joy it will bring.
  • Refer to fortune telling only at that moment in life when something really worries or disturbs you. You should not disturb the Higher forces on trifles or curiosity for the sake of. Too much will be paid for such childishness.
  • Do not forget to tell fortunes and make wishes on the dates when the energy of the universe reaches its peak. This is the New Year, Christmas and all church holidays. But from the magical rituals in the days of the full moon and the new moon is better to abstain.

And what kind of fortune telling do you prefer? Tried to know the future using this method?

Leave your comments on the article.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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