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Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

True guessing of the gypsy Aza on 4 kings

As a rule, Gypsy camps rarely reveal their secrets related to magic, but some still leak and become well-known. One of these is the divination of the gypsy Aza to 4 kings.

At the moment, this fortune-telling is considered one of the most reliable, even experienced sorcerers admit that the Roma people have special knowledge. This method differs from others in its incredible accuracy and simplicity in execution.

Almost everyone can repeat this ritual with simple, playing cards.

We also have an online version of divination for 4 kings from the gypsy woman Aza. In order to proceed to the ritual, simply click on the button «fortune telling online.»

Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

But still, we recommend doing the alignment of these cards. Tactile touch during fortune-telling, makes ritual objects out of cards, which greatly increase communication with magic and the chance to get the most accurate answer to your questions increases many times!

By 4 guys

This method of fortune telling will help you to find out how 4 people thought of you. You will need the usual deck of thirty six cards.

Remove from it the four kings and guess on three of them the familiar man.

A woman wonders on the love of the king of hearts (Andrew), she has a fan of the king of tambourines (Peter), and the cross king (Oleg) does not give the passage to the aisle, and the peak king in this scenario will denote the mysterious stranger.

The more the kings look like the people they are thinking, the more accurate the divination will be.

Online fortune telling gypsy Aza 4 kings

Here you can make this kind of fortune telling using our site online. Just click «start» and you will see the alignment of 4 kings.

Further you will need to enter 4 names by which real people will be meant. At the end, the alignment will be done automatically and the decoding of the result will appear on the screen.

Good luck!


  • A deck of cards is mixed and spread on four piles, one for each of the 4 kings;
  • Then on one card you open the deck on the left;
  • In ascending order, select cards from six to ace. There is a possibility that the alignment of your series will end in some place, in which case you will hardly be able to do something with this person.
  • Place cards that lay down consecutively, put them under the king, and leave what is left;
  • Repeat this with the rest of the kings;
  • Putting together the cards together, shuffling and new lay out. If it turned out that under one of the kings the whole sequence of cards has taken shape, then under this king they no longer put a pile, but lay them out into three parts. It turns out that the deferred cards are shuffled four times and three times consistently report cards that are missing.

Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings


  • When a series of cards unfolds to the end — this means that the boyfriend sincerely loves you;
  • If in the existing row there are cards from 9 to the same suit, the relationship will end in marriage;
  • And if the row for some of the kings did not work out, then nothing shines with this guy.

Gypsy Azy about love

This fortune telling for 4 kings on the cards is very simple. Preparation for it is exactly the same — you need to get all the kings from the deck and give them names.

Draw the layout according to the scheme described above.

But the interpretation will be different. You do not need to lay out a row from the six to the ace, but pay attention to the pair cards in the stack over a particular king.


  • Six — will go from you to the side;

Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

For 4 questions

To conduct this divination to 4 kings on playing cards, you also need to give them names. The technique of execution is similar to the previous item, only this time you ask 4 questions in a row and see the answers on pair cards.

How he treats me?

  • Sixes — will change;
  • Sevens — dreams of meeting and dating;
  • Eight — just wants to be friends;
  • A pair of nines — very much in love;
  • A couple of dozen — want to know you better;
  • Jacks — wants to kiss;
  • Ladies — loves another;
  • Aces — badly bored.

When under the same king fell four identical cards, it should be understood their value with a double force.

Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

What he likes me?

  • 6s — he noticed beautiful legs;
  • 7s — he is in love with your eyes;
  • 8-ki — he drew attention to your chest;
  • 9-ki — he is fascinated by your voice;
  • 10-ki — he is conquered by your behavior in society and the ability to properly behave;
  • A pair of jacks — he likes your figure;
  • Ladies — he can not get out of your head features of your face.
  • Aces talk about endless sympathy. The young man is deeply in love, and he likes everything in a girl who wonders!

Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

What does he expect from me?

  • Two 6 in a row means that the guy wants to call you to the cinema or restaurant;
  • 7-ki were caught — expect that you will soon be walking with him in the park;
  • Eights predict a long heart-to-heart talk;
  • Nines promise a declaration of love.
  • A pair of 10-k talk about the desire of an intimate nature;
  • Jacks talk about a kiss that will be soon;
  • Two ladies in the scenario show a desire for friendship, which will be faithful and sincere;
  • Aces mean that a man always strives with a fortunate girl to be together.

What will happen between us?

  • 6 means that the guy is not loyal and will walk to the left;
  • Sevens talk about dating in the near future;
  • The eights tell us that apart from the usual communication with this young man, there will be nothing;
  • But nine talk about deep feelings and about mutual love;
  • Two 10 warn you about the intimate and turbulent life;
  • Jacks — on the kiss nothing goes;
  • Ladies talk about a strong friendship without any love and romance;
  • Aces tell that everything will end with a wedding.

Under the pillow at Christmastime

In the old days, young beautiful girls performed divination by 4 kings during the Christmas season. Going to bed, the girl who wanted to know her future chose four kings (betrotheds) from the deck of cards and put them under the pillow.

Before bed, she imagined herself in a life of complete happiness and love with a man from her dream. Already falling asleep, the girl should say:

«Who is my betrothed, who is my mummers, that dream me in a dream.»

Then she fell asleep, and in the morning without getting out of bed, she had to pull out, from under the pillow, one king, who would be the first to fall.

Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

Now we find out what awaits her:

  • King of the spades — betrothed will be older, quarrelsome and grumbling;
  • King of clubs — the spouse will be associated with the army, for some rank or for dealing with large finances;
  • The king of bubae — the husband will be loving, the same age as her;
  • King of Hearts — marriage will be in love and prosperity.

Classic interpretation

Interestingly, in the layouts on playing cards, kings usually mean the following:

  • Chervovy — a womanizer, rape, Lovelace;
  • Bubnovy is a reliable, docile person, behind whom is like a stone wall;
  • Peak — a dangerous man
  • The king of clubs is a guy who is constantly in the girl’s circle of communication, and with all his strength wants to further develop relations.


With the help of these simple divinations, you can find answers to your questions. But before fortune telling, do not forget to tune in and concentrate on your goal.

Video clip


  1. From the deck you need to choose four kings, for each make a name of the man of interest and formulate a question that you want to get an answer. You can leave one card without being tied to a specific person: fate is unpredictable, and perhaps love is waiting for an unknown turn. Mysterious Strangers are still found, fortunately.
  2. Arrange kings in random order on the table.
  3. Shuffle your deck well, and lay out cards under each king in the following order:
    • 1 row — 2 cards;
    • 2 row — 1 card;
    • 3 row — again 2 cards;
    • 4 row — 1 card.
    • Remove duplicate cards from the layout. It is necessary to interpret only those that remain after this.

    Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

    When interpreting, one should rely on the map values ​​given below, but the main tool of the fortuneteller is intuition. Maps only help set up this tool and turn it on.


    • Six: the way road. It can be a long journey, a simple walk or a trip on a trolley bus.
    • Seven: dreams and hopes.
    • Eight: kiss. Who will kiss whom — will show the card.
    • Nine: love or the love of those who are wondering.
    • Ten: interest in a guessing, but without a motive. This can be friendly sympathy, respect.
    • Jack says that a man has a desire to retire with a guessing. At least, to talk heart to heart, and there — who knows …
    • Lady: the appearance of this card predicts the indispensable intimacy with those who are wondering.
    • Ace: the one on which they are wondering has strong deep feelings for the girl, true love, and wants to connect his life with her.

    Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

    Men can also guess, but instead of kings they take women. Everything else is done similarly.


    1. Aza says that fortune telling is not a contract for the provision of services to shape the future. Maps only indicate the likely scenario. But man himself is shaping his future with his today’s actions and thoughts. Intentions change — the future also changes. Those feelings, which today are perceived as “Love-for-all-life”, after a while may turn out to be a complete illusion, and the priorities of the diviner will change.
    2. For fortune telling you need to take a deck of cards that you never used to play. Gypsy Aza explains this by the fact that the cards can decide that fortune telling is the next game, and lie.
    3. Prediction must be taken seriously, without irony and mistrust. Gypsy Aza believes that distrust and mockery can offend the cards, and they will betray a bad fate.
    4. You can not guess several times in a row on the same thing, on the same person. Obsession no one likes anything. Moreover, the Destiny addressed by the questioner. Not satisfied with the result? Alas, no one pledged to necessarily meet someone’s expectations and desires. It means that happiness and love are waiting in a completely different direction, on a different path. Do not be angry at the cards because of a disagreeable prediction. In any case, according to Gypsy Aza, the deck should be thanked — perhaps the cards are saved from a serious mistake and painful frustration.
    5. Gypsy Aza recommends divination for happiness and love in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, alone with a deck. Do not be distracted, thinking about the subject of divination. Concentration and concentration help to awaken the intuition, and such divination will be more successful. It is not accepted to guess on love on big church holidays and on Sundays. It is unacceptable to be taken for fortunetelling while intoxicated — you can hurt yourself a lot.

    Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

    True divination for the love of gypsy Aza

    Virtual gypsy fortune-teller Aza will produce for you an online fortune-telling for the future for free. You will plunge into the old unique atmosphere of the gypsy camp.

    Ask the fortune teller Azu about what is in your heart and she will tell you the truth.

    Virtual free guessing gypsy Aza on the cards will give you a forecast for the new day on any issue that interests you. Starting this fortune telling, remember the rules. Here they are: guessing is allowed only for the next day; alignment should be done only to himself; need to clearly formulate the question.

    In this case, referring to the cards for advice, you get it.

    Gypsy layouts on maps are one of the most mysterious ways to find out your destiny, discover the future and see the past.

    Magic cards are an integral part of ancient gypsy culture and magic. Maps are both a reflection of the world, and the finger of fate, and an adviser for a person who knows how to hear and see.

    Once out of India, through Arabia, the Gypsies came to the very heart of Europe, carrying their magic, which is still alive today. We all know that the main feature of this nation is a unique gift to predict the fate of man and reveal the secrets of human nature.

    Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

    Interpretation options

    • 6 — road
    • 7 — conversations (if 7 peak, then unpleasant talk, gossip, slander),
    • 8 — all sorts of meetings and dates,
    • 9 peaks — a disease, the other 9 — love or heart affection,
    • 10 is always associated with worries and troubles, if 10 is the peak suit, then there will be empty troubles, 10 cross — business troubles.
    • Jack — problems, troubles.
    • The lady is, of course, a woman, and what kind of woman depends on the suit. But the queen of spades has a different meaning — it is anger, jealousy, annoyance, irritation.
    • Aces are so different in meaning that they are treated differently in each scenario.

    House of fortunetelling gypsy Azy

    Gypsy Aza is a famous modern gypsy seer. She has in her arsenal a huge number of different layouts about the love sphere, happiness, which accurately describe the real state of things and give the correct recommendations to those who guess.

    The most common use of gypsy fortune telling by kings. The representatives of the fair sex are given an excellent opportunity with the help of this technique to understand their feelings, to improve the relationships that you now have, to return a lost love, or to forget about it once and for all.

    Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

    Unfortunately, a very common problem for many people is the inability to let go of people leaving your life. Many of the last forces try to cling to completely hopeless relationships, because of which they themselves suffer and make another person unhappy.

    And thanks to this gypsy fortune telling, it will be easier for you to understand the current situation, draw conclusions from it and put an end to it.

    The rules for performing a gypsy fortune telling

    Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

    Divination to the four kings is performed according to the following scheme:

    1. Four cards of kings are selected from a card deck, for each card you think of the name of a guy or a man about whom you think and mentally ask a question to which you would like to receive an answer. In this case, it is allowed that one card remains “empty”, it is likely that this person has not yet entered your social circle, but plans to appear in your life very soon.
    2. Randomly lay out the cards on the table.
    3. Carefully shuffle the deck and put the cards down under each king in this order:
    • in the first row — two cards;
    • in the second — one card;
    • in the third — two cards;
    • in the fourth — one card.
    1. Repeated maps should be drawn from the hand. Interpret only the remaining options cards.

    What do the cards mean in the scenario?

    • 6-ka — promises a trip that can be both far and not beyond your city;
    • 7-ka — you will dream and hope;
    • 8-ka — her appearance foreshadows you passionate kisses;
    • 9-ka — indicate a love or love in the person that you think;
    • 10-ka — the person you are interested in is interested in you, but he is not in love with you. There is a friendly sympathy with respect;
    • A jack means a representative of the stronger sex is not averse to retire with you, but for what purpose — unfortunately, they will not be able to tell about this card;
    • Lady — you will have an intimate affinity with the person about whom you are asking for maps;
    • Ace — the person you are interested in has a strong and deep feeling for you, sincerely in love with you and wants to tie up your future with you.

    Please note that the representatives of the stronger sex can also use this fortune-telling to find out what is at heart in the persons attractive to them. But in this case, the kings should be replaced by ladies, and the rest of fortune-telling has no differences.

    The following video offers you another interesting gypsy fortune telling.

    In what cases fortune telling will not come true

    1. No guessing is 100% guarantee that the future will develop exactly as indicated by the cards. The cards only tell about the likely scenario, and we can independently change our future through thoughts and actions.

    Change your point of view and life position — the future will also change permanently. And if today it seems to you that you are experiencing the “love of your life”, then very soon it can easily turn into an illusion with changing priorities of a guessing person.

    1. If you are going to perform the alignment, stock up with only a new deck of cards. After all, if you take the old one, the cards may think that the next game is coming, and they will begin to tell lies.
    2. It is important to take the prediction as seriously as possible, give up the irony or mistrust. According to the gypsy Aza, resorting to distrust and mockery, you thereby offend the cards and risk getting terrible answers from them.
    3. Never repeat a fortune telling many times in a row on the same question. No one likes obsession and maps as well. If you are not satisfied with the result, you will have to accept this.

    Understand that happiness and love can come into your life not immediately, but after many disappointments and unhappy relationships. And there is no fault of the cards.

    So just thank them, perhaps they are trying to save you from a possible mistake that will bring you painful suffering.

    Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

    1. All card divination should be held in a secluded atmosphere, in peace and complete silence. Do not be distracted by extraneous thoughts, concentrate as much as possible on what you are asking. It is through concentration and concentration that you enhance your intuitive abilities, which will ensure a more reliable result.
    2. You can not resort to fortune telling, especially on the subject of love, on Sunday and on days of major church holidays.
    3. Also, in no case do not take up the procedure of divination, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs — so you only harm yourself, but you will not get a truthful answer from the cards.

    Now you know how to get help with maps. We wish you that they predict you only true information and never upset you!

    The divination of the gypsy Aza to 4 kings is a way of arranging maps of the famous modern witch who has made a real revolution in her field of activity. The method is certainly not new, but thanks to this woman sounded with new force.

    Everyone knows that kings symbolize the images of men, on which the girl wonders. Each person has his own symbolic characteristics depending on age and appearance, type of activity and characteristic behavior. The meanings are:

    • The heart of the king is usually a young man. Blonde or with light brown hair who is in love with a girl. The main features of his character are passion, gentleness.
    • A club is a young guy with dark hair, successful in life, who has realized himself, often in military activities.
    • To tambourines include men of mature, intelligent, held in social and financial terms.
    • King of the spades is a man of age, with dark hair, strong character, a bit despotic in his behavior.

    Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

    On the constricted

    There are many techniques and ways of divination. For each goal that the aspirant can pursue, it is worth choosing your method. You can learn several types of divination, and then you can easily organize the “House of divination of the gypsy woman Aza for 4 kings” for yourself and your relatives if you wish, at any time.

    Then you will be able to open the veil of secrets of the future and human relations, at any convenient time.

    The most common divination of the gypsy Aza on 4 kings

    Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

    For this method you need a deck of thirty-six cards. Next, looking at the value of kings, determine which king you will guess.

    Carefully mix the cards in the deck and place the cards on seven piles of 4 cards each. When forming each pile, say the following words:

    “Name, King! (The name is the name of the chosen one) Say, dear, my betrothed! Do you love me? And here I love you!

    Big heart. With your soul But there are better than you! ”

    Next, draw a circle and alternately, starting with the first deck of seven cards, throw these decks. If a deck without a king hits the circle, grab the next deck.

    Depending on the deck in which the king fell and whether he fell at all, the result of fortune telling is watched.

    • If the hidden king was in the first deck, it is interpreted that the relationship only began.
    • The second or third pile with the chosen king speaks of an indefinite attitude towards the guessing one.
    • The fourth to seventh piles: in them the question is the same answer, only with an affirmative sign.
    • But if it happened that the king did not fall out, then there is no need to say, the relationship cannot begin.
    • According to this method, the gypsy Aza is divined to 4 kings.

    How to choose the right from several men?

    For this, too, there is a gypsy fortune telling Aza on 4 kings. And it was created for those who doubt the choice between several men at once.

    For this it is necessary to make one man for each king and lay the kings from the deck face down. From the shuffled deck, place the map with the values ​​up and ask each card a different question.

    So you need to repeat three times. If there are two cards of the same value under a king, place them above the king.

    These pairs of cards will tell you about the attitude.

    • Six — treason.
    • Sevens — dreams of meeting.
    • Eights — wants your company.
    • Nines — love.
    • Tens — interested in you.
    • Jacks are dreams of you.
    • Ladies — friendship.
    • Aces — misses you.

    Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

    Divination process

    From the deck with 36 cards you need to take all the kings. On each card you should make a man’s name and a general question to which you want to get an answer. Allowed one card is not tied to a specific person.

    After all, fate is unpredictable, and it may very well be that love will arise where you do not expect it. And, as you know, mysterious strangers are found even in the modern world.

    Kings laid out in random order in front of him on the table. At the same time between them there should be a small distance.

    After that the deck is carefully shuffled.

    And the top cards are laid out under each king in rows in this order:

    • The first is two cards;
    • The second is one card;
    • The third is two cards;
    • Fourth — one card.

    Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

    After that, cards of the same rank are removed from the resulting alignment. Decrypt only those cards that remain.

    Of course, when interpreting, one should take into account the meanings of the cards, but at the same time, the main tool should be the intuition of the person conducting the divination.

    Decoding values

    Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

    Heart Suit:

    • Six foreshadows a romantic date;
    • Seven predicts familiarity with a man and flirt with him;
    • Eight reports that someone is interested in you;
    • Nine foreshadows good news or a love affair;
    • A dozen symbolizes the family hearth and various personal affairs;
    • Valet foreshadows pleasant romantic cares;
    • A lady symbolizes a girlfriend or just a married lady;
    • The king symbolizes a fair-haired man who will provide you with effective assistance;
    • Ace foreshadows a pleasant meeting.

    Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

    Club suit:

    • Six foreshadows a long journey;
    • Seven predicts a surprise or cash reward;
    • The Eight informs you that you have new issues and concerns;
    • Nine foreshadows the successful acquisition or receipt of a valuable gift;
    • Ten predicts a great profit;
    • Jack points out that a friend’s help will come very timely;
    • The lady symbolizes an elderly woman;
    • The king symbolizes a serious and responsible blond man;
    • Ace foreshadows the onset of a white life strip filled with meaningful victories.

    Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

    The suit of diamonds:

    • Six foreshadows a short journey;
    • Seven emphasizes that in life a rare chance will fall out and they must be taken advantage of;
    • Eight portends a successful business deal;
    • Nine indicates that affairs in the love sphere will be very successful;
    • Ten predicts a pleasant journey;
    • Valet foreshadows good news regarding the family;
    • The lady symbolizes a relative or close friend;
    • The king symbolizes a reliable friend or friend;
    • Ace foreshadows the end of bad luck.

    Secrets of the Gypsy Aza: a powerful fortune-telling for 4 kings

    Peak suit:

    • Six foreshadows a journey that is not fun and will be absolutely useless;
    • Seven points to possible troubles and conflicts;
    • Eight foreshadows bad mood and well-being;
    • Nine symbolizes a sad period in life;
    • Ten predicts the beginning of a strip of bad luck, which will affect all life areas;
    • Valet foreshadows meaningless affairs;
    • The lady symbolizes the devil or gossip;
    • The king symbolizes the man who is in the service;
    • The ace symbolizes a government house, which may be, for example, a hospital or a court.

    Aza’s gypsy fortune telling for 4 kings, despite its simplicity, allows us to link all the events in the love sphere. It provides reliable information, and, therefore, provides opportunities to change the situation in their favor.

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