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Runic human challenge: the runes, formulas and their meanings

Runic challenge to a person with a clause: powerful formulas and runes

Runic human challenge: the runes, formulas and their meanings

Sometimes it happens that we lose touch with those people with whom I really would not want to stop communicating. This may be a former loved one, close friend or friend, relative, colleague from the old job.

And it is especially sad when we do not have contacts of the person of interest in order to call him or write on our own. But you should not despair — the mysterious Scandinavian and Icelandic runes will come to the rescue in this case too.

So, for example, a powerful runic formula to challenge a person is what the “doctor prescribed” in a similar situation.

How does the challenge of man runami?

Nothing terrible, as it may seem at first glance, when calling a man in runes, does not occur. Just at the moment of activating the formula, the person of interest suddenly remembers the existence of the operator and decides to get in touch with him.

In addition to the situations listed above, when we are lost with people close to or interesting to us, such staves can be used in love affairs — if, for example, a girl wants to remind herself to a new acquaintance whom she has recently met, or dreams that her beloved should go first on reconciliation after a quarrel.

In all these cases, any runic formula will help to challenge a person with a clause drawn up individually.

How to use the formulas to challenge?

As with any other rune staves, there are several steps: drawing symbols, spelling and activation. Let’s look at each of them in more detail — especially for those who do not know how to properly use the runic formulas.

First you need to choose a ligature: read the thematic forums and feedback from practitioners, think about what is best for your particular situation, analyze the possible consequences of its impact. Then we put the runes — when we call a person, we usually do this on his photo.

If you do not have a photo, a simple piece of white paper with the name and surname of the person you are interested in will fit.

It is better to make a reservation on the runic formula for invoking a person in advance, before drawing symbols. You can use the ready-made clause taken from the discussion of the forum post, or come up with your own, putting into it the meaning that you personally need.

After the application of runes, slander is read aloud.

Another question that takes the thoughts of beginners is how to activate the runic formula to challenge a person. There are no canons here — everyone uses the method that is closer to him.

Someone likes to attract the help of the power of four elements, someone performs the activation of the breath or visualization.

The only important caveat: if you activate the ligature with fire, do not forget to specify the term of its validity, since the formulas usually deactivate the form by burning, and if you burn the runes right away, you will not be able to urgently terminate their action if it is needed.

Before proceeding to practice, I would like to discuss another point.

Some ask: what will happen if you apply a quick runic to the challenge of a man? Do not do this! You try to force the rune to influence another person, therefore, to draw the runes on your body in this case is completely useless.

On your own body, you can only apply staves that you personally do for yourself.

Popular formulas to challenge a person

Now consider the runic formulas for calling a person. All of them are built according to a different principle, but at the same time they work equally well — you can check it yourself by reading the reviews on the thematic forums.

Which one to choose is up to you.

Fast becoming “Call”

The author of this formula is unknown, but it has long been walking on the Internet and, according to reviews, has worked well.

It is best to use this ligature in cases where a person cannot contact you in any way, and you really want this.

Becoming does not imply love longing or omorochki — just makes him a desire to talk with you. It contains only three runes: Raido, Kenaz and Gebo.

Runna script «Call» from Helga

In this runic formula, the following characters are used to call a person:

  • The nautiz causes the object to want to communicate with the operator
  • Ansuz symbolizes the process of communication.
  • Saulu strengthens the action of tie, makes our desire, invested in becoming, to work in real life
  • Becoming perfect for a situation where you need to make peace with a person

Dante’s Caller Formula

This is a very powerful runic formula to challenge a person who makes him call you. Its use is especially relevant when you have been waiting for a call for a long time, and the person of interest does not call and does not call.

Becoming working pretty quickly.

  • Ligature «Skalds’ Staff» with Nautyz and Salt — make a person obsessive thoughts about the operator, awaken in him a desire to communicate
  • Stangin Isse slightly «blinds» him
  • Gebo-Nautyz couple forces to maintain relationships, to make themselves known
  • Teyvaz pushes the person to real action. Those. he will not just sit and think about you, but really do something — call, write, somehow manifest himself

The Rune Human Challenge «Heart Caller» by Dante

Another working formula from the authors of the previous team is Dante’s laboratory. It works on a slightly different principle.

  • Teyvaz strengthens the work of the tie, makes a person to let him know, does not allow him to sit still until he does
  • Dagaz turns the situation in the direction you want
  • Mannaz symbolizes the object of the call.
  • Hebo awakens in him a desire to communicate, maintain relationships
  • Nautyz forces to obey the action of tie
  • Evaz enhances object response
  • Vuno adjusts it positively towards you

It is better to apply the runes on a printed or electronic photograph of a person in several places — on the forehead, chest and groin area.

Now you just have to wait until the person in question contacts you. The main thing, remember — before you make a runic formula to challenge a person, make sure that you really want the initiative to come from him.

Indeed, in some cases it is quite possible to find the contacts of your friend, relative or former lover through mutual friends.

Fleece for love and marriage: runeskit, attracting love

Runic human challenge: the runes, formulas and their meanings

Runic magic is a system of predictions and actions, which is based on the application of the ancient knowledge of the runes. In magic, both separate runes and their bundles — stavy are used.

With the help of such connections, you can easily arouse attraction in the opposite sex and create a strong family with a desired man or woman.

How to use the runes

Any rune is not an ordinary symbol, it is a strong and powerful sign that can influence the fate and actions of a person. The runes for attracting love and marriage have been used by many nations since ancient times.

After all, everyone wants to find personal happiness.

But in order for the characters to begin to act, it is necessary to choose the right runic, to put it on a certain material and to activate it correctly.

Today, there are several ways to use runic tie.

  1. A separate fleece is applied to your own body, a photograph of the object of desire or an amulet. This method allows you to speed up a meeting with your soulmate, attracting her, wherever she is. These symbols become a real magic wand for people who have not found happiness and are left alone.
  2. The use of several runic symbols, which are combined into bundles or peculiar staves. This connection is applied to your own body, a photo of the person you want to see with your half or an envelope in which the person’s thing will be stored. Such symbols act as a love spell.

Each rune has its own separate meaning that you need to know before applying it to the body or amulets.

Meaning of rune characters

The most commonly used rune for love and love affairs. There are several such runes, and each of them has its own purpose.

In most cases, the following runes are used:

  • Kenaz — this symbol is used most often. He is able to strengthen the inner energy of a person and prepare him for love and being loved. Also, this symbol makes a person beautiful, sexy and attractive to the opposite sex. Wearing this rune as an amulet will allow you to find your soulmate in the near future.
  • Soulu is a symbol of a winner, which makes any person much better than he really is for those around him. Fleece gives man confidence in themselves and their forces. With its help, even the most insecure person is able to become sociable, thereby attracting attention to himself.
  • Inguz — is able to fulfill all the cherished desires of a person, therefore this symbol is used when you want to get married sooner and find love.
  • Berkana — Inguz. This is the strongest standing on the love of a particular man. It is especially effective when used by a woman who has a relationship with a man, but they do not go into the plane of marriage. Runa Inguz will bring the relationship to a more serious level, and Berkana will help to accelerate motherhood, to which the woman is so eager.
  • Gebo — Otala. This bundle is very effective for people who are tired of living alone and want to start a family. A runic connection will help bring closer the moment of meeting with your loved one.
  • Gebo — Laguz — Vuno. This bunch is considered the strongest in attracting men. They are allowed to be used not only to search for their halves, but also when the relationship is already there, but it is already impossible to call them passionate and passionate. These symbols will help make personal life more intense and vibrant.

Runic challenges. Varieties and features

Runic human challenge: the runes, formulas and their meanings

If you have lost contact with a loved one or you urgently need to talk to a loved one who left, slamming the door, then it will be important to make this person come to you.

And if you do not know how to find it, then it would not be bad for the circumstances to be in such a way that your paths cross. To do this, there are runic formulas to call the person with whom you want to find out the relationship.

Before working with the runic challenge, it is worth preparing the ground. Namely, to pre-purge a person, especially if before that there was a quarrel, after which you do not want to hear or see.

And cleaning will help to soften the attitude of this person to you.

When you put several formulas on a person, remember that each subsequent formula is a logical continuation of the previous one. And she will come to work when all the conditions for a positive result are fulfilled.

If your call did not work, then you made mistakes during work:

  • You do not understand the principle of the runes. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to properly apply the runes and understand what energy each of them carries;
  • The concept of “runic magic” is completely unfamiliar to you and you are far from it;
  • you use the runic formula without having to read each character separately;
  • You have not checked how compatible several combinations are, the formulas that you applied;
  • Do not use bio-binding, if it is not specified in the work of this stand;
  • reservations to the formula was not laconic, the intention was not clear.

You may notice that there are challenges that directly affect the person with whom you want to meet. And there are challenges aimed at reducing roads, on circumstances that should develop in the best possible way.

For example, consider this option call. This is a mix of roads.

The following runes participate in the work of this runic stave:

  • Mannaze (2 pieces) — these runes designate people who should meet;
  • Raido (2 pieces) — these are the ways of these two people, the road towards each other;
  • Dagaz — the situation is such that this meeting becomes possible;
  • Teyvaz — purposefulness, direction to the meeting;
  • Dagaz + Teyvaz — This is a powerful engine;
  • Gebo — the meeting itself.

We see that this runic becoming creates opportunities for such a meeting, changing the situation, reducing the paths of two people. This becoming put on the photo, where there are both of these people. Or glued two separate photos of these people.

Mannazes are applied to each individual.

Next runic call — this is a meeting that is possible due to the situation that forces the object we need to meet. contact us

In this place we see such runes:

  • Mannaz — a person who wants to meet, communicate, operator;
  • Ansuz — the object remembered the operator and thinks about it;
  • Dagaz — the situation develops in such a way that the object becomes necessary to contact the operator;

Further clockwise four identical ties:

  • Laguz — emotions that help to think about the operator and the desire to communicate with him, this is a kind of wraith;
  • Nautyz + Raido — forced to move in a given direction;
  • Turisaz — clears obstacles in the way;
  • Evaz — breakthrough, rapid rapid motion and the desire to interact.

This runic form, unlike the previous one, is put on the photo of the person you wish to call.

It is up to him to have circumstances in such a way that he, remembering you, understands that he really needs you. And accordingly, seeks to meet and talk with you as soon as possible.

Mannaz can be marked with its own blood so that it is snapped. This will help the team to complete their task faster.

Consider another option. This is the challenge of the right person.

In this stave runes perform the following work:

  • In the centerMannaz — operator;
  • Laguz + Kenaz + Vuno — it is a kind of pheromones that emanate from the operator and force the object to follow in this direction;
  • By the crossEvaz — breakthrough, fast forward movement;
  • Turisaz — clears all obstacles on the way;
  • Nautyz + Raido — forced movement in a given direction.

This runic form is applied to the photo of the person you want to call. You can mark the central ligature with your own blood so that it becomes clearer and faster.

And another option runic call.

If we recall such a concept as the personal space of a person, it becomes clear that as soon as we invade such a space or invade us, this is reflected in the energy field and the one who invades. and the one who falls victim to this invasion.

One way or another, we are constantly undergoing such an implantation in our personal space. If you take two people and try to connect their energy fields, you can make some kind of impact on this basis.

In this case, try to make the object call the operator. Schematically, it might look like this:

We see how the energy field of a man and a woman intersect. Suppose a woman wants to make a call for a man to meet and talk with him. Then the runes can be arranged as follows:

  • Evaz — breakthrough, fast forward movement;
  • Turisaz — clears all obstacles on the way;
  • Findz + Raido — forced movement in a given direction;

Mannaz Is an operator;

Laguz + Kenaz + Vuno — it is a kind of pheromones that emanate from the operator and force the object to follow in this direction;

In the center, where the energies intersect:

Gebo — union, sympathy, equality, partnership, meeting.

This runic becoming forces the object to move towards the operator, as the operator becomes his desired goal. And due to the fact that the object is in the zone of intersection of its energy fields and the operator, the impact has a faster and more accurate result.

Before work, do not forget to do the diagnosis and, according to its testimony, prepare the ground for calling the person you need.

Runa magic pendel: what is its strength and significance?

Runic human challenge: the runes, formulas and their meanings

The word runa has ancient Germanic roots and it means «mystery». At one time, people in pre-Christian Europe used runic signs as writing, then they were supplanted by the Latin alphabet.

Nowadays, runes are magic, or more precisely, graphic magic. With the help of runes, you can find out the future, attract the desired events in your life and bring about a person.

The last of the three actions listed — the challenge of a person, bringing him into his life — is the rune called the magic pendel.

How to make a rune?

Magic Pendel — agree, a somewhat discouraging name? Ancient runic signs and such mundane action, like a pendel, in other words a strong kick.

It turns out that initially this rune sign was called a magic pendal.

Rite is strong, effective, so over time it became very popular, and it just so happened that popular rumor distorted the name: the pendal turned into a Pendel.

Probably, this transformation of the word can be explained as follows: the called person appears in the life of the caller as quickly as if someone had given him the same accelerating Pendel. However, when it comes to runes and runic magic, then all the jokes must be set aside.

Runic magic is ancient rite, affecting not so much the physical body as astral, the spirit of man. Therefore, the runes must be taken seriously and understand that they can have a great impact on human life.

Centuries have passed, but the word runa has not lost its meaning — secret knowledge, so the runes must be taken seriously.

A runic is one of key rites of graphic magic, when the ancient runic signs are written in a certain sequence.

A person who makes a runic character must clearly know what goal he wants to achieve with the help of this ancient magical rite.

Signs must be applied horizontally or vertically, with the characters must be written clearly and in contact with each other. Runes should not be turned, so you distort your message to the subtle world.

Runa magic Pendel aims to ensure that attract the desired person (most often it is an object of love, and maybe just a desired person that you strongly want to see at this stage of life).

The combination of hands in the magic pendel is: Eyvaz-Uruz-Kenaz-Gebo-Turisaz.

Each of these five ancient runic symbols means the following:

  • Eyvaz + Uruz — a strong, powerful message to action.
  • Kenaz + Gebo — attraction to you (this attraction can be both carnal and spiritual).
  • Turisaz — this Fleece gives the direction to the previous runes, enhances their influence and sexual attraction, if there is a need. Also rune Thurisaz helps to clear obstacles.

After the runic character is written in the photo of the desired person, the magic formula needs to be activated by its breath. People in ancient times believed that the power of life is hidden in a person’s breath, therefore in magical rites breathing you can revive the spell, and it will take action.

Rune Stale Clause Magic Pendel

By making a rune becoming, you can pronounce the names of the runes and the effect they have. Three simple rules for conducting the runic rite:

  • words must be pronounced clearly, mentally combining into a single whole what you write, and what you say, at the same time it is necessary to present the image of the person to whom you are calling;
  • the rite is desirable to conduct alone and being at the same time in a special mood;
  • it is desirable to use new runes, and if you draw a tie, you should use paints, a pencil or a pen in red.

You are calling into your life otherworldly forces, so you need to be focused and treat with respect the forces that you call. The challenge of the magic pendel is to invoke a living person, and in no case should this call be made to a person who has already left the world of the living.

Formula of coercion

The rune is a magic pendel designed to summon a person into your life. Judging by the reviews of those who have already tried this ancient magic ritual, the summoned person appears and wants to communicate.

And it appears fairly quickly, within three days it will be felt in any way: call, write or appear in person.

But the question is different: gradually, but still you influence the will of another person.

And this is fraught with «mirroring» of the situation: it is possible that after this you will fall out of a series of tests in which your will will be limited or you will be completely subordinate to someone else’s will.

Therefore, deciding on this ancient runic rite, think carefully whether the game is worth the candle. If, nevertheless, decide to invoke a man into your life with the help of a rune-block, a magic Pendel, then do it with good intentions, not wanting your opponent to be evil.

People practicing runic magic believe that this the rune is very effective.

“After a major quarrel, when the relationship seemed to be broken forever, time passed, and I realized that I wanted to see a person.

It was difficult to reconcile, as in anger they spoke to each other many offensive and unfair words. The runes usually help me to predict the future, but this time I tried to make a magic Pendel.

It worked, he called, they talked for a long time, they admitted that both of them were wrong in that quarrel, ”the girl under the nickname Red Fox shared this story in one of the thematic forums devoted to graphic magic.

One of her interlocutors confirmed that the rune was very effective: “The man called and clarified in the conversation that the desire to communicate arose spontaneously, late at night. Do I have to say that it was at this time that I made myself becoming of five runes, the title in which was Fleece Eyvaz, and the last one is Turisaz? ”

You can be convinced independently how effectively the runic becoming a magic Pendel works. Mindset is important belief in rune magic and a sincere desire to see the person you call into your life.

Fundamentals of runic magic «20 rules of working with runes»

Runic human challenge: the runes, formulas and their meanings

«20 rules of working with runes» (the author is not yet known), but is given to help, because information is structured and useful

1) Where do the runes paint? To answer this question for yourself, you must clearly understand what you are doing specifically and why, because it defines the “place and material” of runes.

There are already specially created formulas and rituals that presuppose drawing on something concrete. For example, the same galdrastavy.

As a rule, Galdrabuka spelled out in the corresponding spell, where you must put a rune mark.

If not spelled out, then the application options are as follows: on the object, on itself, on the material. «On the subject.» An example would be protective formulas that are designed to protect something: houses, cars, things, etc. «To myself».

As a rule, these are formulas for enhancing attractiveness; healing formulas; some protective. Of course, we are talking about what we do for our loved ones.

I hope that it is clear that if we are doing for someone, then we do not put it on ourselves.

«On the material.» Something third-party, which serves exclusively as a carrier of the formula for the period while it must act.

Here the variations are very, very different. Again, it is necessary to build on the nature of the impact.

If you make an amulet, then choose the appropriate material, such as wood, metal, paper, etc. etc. (more look at another topic).

If it is not an amulet, but just some kind of impact of a different nature, then both materials taken separately and something symbolizing a person are applicable. The material most often takes either a wooden plate or just a sheet of paper, where the runes are drawn.

A photo is taken as what symbolizes a person.

If you are doing to someone or someone, then it is best to take exactly the photo of this person. If you are doing yourself, then you can just a sheet of paper or a plate.

2) What draw the runes?
Depends on a situation. It can be paint, and pencils, and pens, in general, anything writing and painting.

This is not what directly affects the result. Just like color.

Exception clearly stated cases and situations. The same with the use of blood.

If it is clearly stated that the runes must be drawn in blood, then it is worth using.

If not, and it does not follow from the nature of the rite, the impact, then it is quite possible to refrain from blood.

As for color, it really does not affect the result, but if you have love attraction associated with red and money with green, draw them.

3) How to activate the formula?
In the runes there is no strictly specified activation impact. Who is more convenient (again, I exclude specifically prescribed situations).

For some, the moment of activation of the impact is considered to be burning the carrier with the formula, i.e. the so-called fire activation. For some, activation will just blow, as if blowing dust particles from the formula.

For someone, activation happens by default: put formulas, activation went. Someone says that the moment of activation begins then.
Personally, I do not use any special activation, I do not burn anything. For me, this is either the completion of the application, the imposition of an impact, or in a clause specifying when activation should occur.

4) Termination of the formula.
If you did not activate the formula by destroying the carrier, for example, by burning, then when it did its job, or it is clear to you that it did not work at all, the formula must be “released” by destroying the carrier. Options will depend on what the carrier is.

If the paper — photo or just paper, then you can either tear or burn.

If the plank, it is likely to have to burn. Remember that when you tear a photo, removing / removing your formula, then you tear not the actual image of the person, but destroy the carrier, breaking the connection of the person with the formula.

Therefore, no fantasy on how bad it can be to tear a photo of a stranger, is not necessary here. It is imperative to destroy the carrier, because even if the action itself did not work, the formula will not lie dead weight, but will draw energy.

«Release» the formula is always necessary with gratitude, even if you did not work. Otherwise, you yourself will create barriers for further work with the runes.
And do not forget about the gifts, if made with appeals. “Options will depend on what the carrier is. If the paper — photo or just paper, then you can either tear or burn.

Remember that when you tear a photo, removing / removing your formula, then you tear not the actual image of the person, but destroy the carrier, breaking the connection of the person with the formula.
Therefore, no fantasy on how bad it can be to tear a photo of a stranger, is not necessary here.

Formulas do not tear. Where does this information come from?

Runic formulas are either washed off, washed with gratitude, if they are applied to the body, or burned with gratitude and scattered downwind or allowed into running water or, in some cases, burned and buried in the ground, if they are applied to some kind of carrier. That is, they betray some of the 4 elements — air, water, earth, fire. ”(C) Night

5) Is it necessary to perform a ritual?
No, but in some cases desirable. Ritual will help to better concentrate the energy going to work, making the result stronger.

Among other things, often the ritual is the key to the proper installation of exposure.

If you resort to appeals to deities, then it is difficult to do it harmoniously without a ritual, since it is necessary to observe the procedure of showing respect for the forces you desire.

6) Do I have to appeal to the deities and bring gifts? A number of impacts are quite complex and energy-intensive.

Your personal power may simply not be enough. You may not be able to give a long lasting effect to some of the effects.

Third-party forces are again capable of making the formula of long-playing.

If you have cried to someone, then gifts are obligatory. You have to decide when to carry them, because you can do it both during the installation of the formula, both after receiving the result, and in both cases.

7) Binary
Binary is nothing but an echo of the impact that is on you. To put it simply, they were longing for one, but pined themselves.

This does not mean that imposing an impact on an outsider, you put it on yourself.

Here we are talking about two points: a) the runes included in the formulas provide for binaryness b) this ensured the characteristics of your relationship with a person c) the impact itself cannot do without binary.

Most often we will talk about the effects of a romantic nature, as well as challenges.

It must be remembered that sometimes in order for a person to begin to show any urges in your direction, he must first catch them in you, he needs to catch hold of his feelings for something.

And then the formula may first begin to unwind you into some manifestations, which will serve as the basis for the manifestations of another person.

Sometimes there are a lot of hidden emotions, anguish, feelings in you. And the formula unfolding on a person begins to touch the connection, pulling it all from you to the surface.

The formula cannot actually touch the connection, because in order to give a person a clear direction to whom to show a given, you need a vector, a guide, and on the subconscious level it will be the link that exists between people.

A number of runes in nature acts periodically in both directions. So Gebo, assuming mutual exchange, spinning another person on emotions, spins you.
“Supplement- blood formulas are very often binary. This is a production izdezhki- have to be patient. «(C) Night

8) How to impose an impact?
In addition to questions of the time of applying formulas (days of the week, phases of the moon); material to be applied; application means; ritual; appeals to deities; activation formulas; “Forgiveness” of the formulas and the destruction of the carrier, is the very question of imposing an impact. Those. bindings of the aspect of what and why we do to the actual formula.

And here we are faced with a very important issue — this is a slander. It is obligatory to ANY formula, any effects.

Even if the creators of the formulas are trying to lay in them the opportunity not to use long slander, some aspects still have to be set.

I will write more specifically about slanders in a separate topic, but here I just want to remind you not to forget about it, because most of the non-triggered or crookedly triggered influences fall on the wrong slander.

9) Duration of exposure
No impact is forever, and runic as well. Runic effects in general are often the shortest, but quickly and accurately shooting.

Hence, their convenience in the fast instantaneous resolution of the situation, the creation of any one particular situation.

So, at one time, for example, challenges — worked once, and on this the formula completed its action. Most often have the short-lived nature of the formula for inspiring longing, strong sexual desire, for trust and communication.

They are not so simultaneous, but each time their action becomes weaker and weaker, therefore they require frequent updates.

Formulas designed to protect something or someone, to establish and strengthen relations in general are intended for a longer period (but they often unwind for a long time).

There are formulas whose term is tied to the end of a certain period or the resolution of a question. For example, the truth formulas are tied to the moment of clarification of circumstances, the recovery formulas are tied to the moment of your recovery, the formulas to resolve the situation are tied to the moment of more or less certain handling of something (but here we are talking about step-by-step movement).

In general, the runes are good in order to create the moment you need, which you must not miss and be able to use it. If you repeatedly sit back and ignore the opportunities, then eventually the runes will simply cease to influence your situation.

10) One formula or complex?
One formula does not solve the problem. As a rule, a complex is required to resolve any situation.

Even trite to make a call, often you first need to clean the person and mitigate the situation, because if he is very angry or offended, even feeling the call and wanting to respond to him, he will not do it, guided by his pride and crushing motives .

Yes, often in a situation you can get by with one formula, if you need a single-step narrow action that is not impeded by anything. In other cases, you will have to make a complex.
The complex will always be different. And even if there is a specific formula that would seem to affect the whole question, additional ones will be needed for it.

11) To put everything at once or gradually?
Gradually and in logical order. Do not sculpt a bunch of formulas at once.

Each must be put in its own time and place.

Otherwise, you will get their conflict, which will negate all your efforts. Any formula takes time to unwind.

Putting everything at once, you can not provide the formula for the necessary amount of energy for promotion, thereby not allowing the impact to develop into full power.

Each subsequent formula should be a logical continuation of the previous one. If the previous one did not work, it means that it did not prepare the ground, the situation for the imposition of the next.

And then the installation of the next ahead of time will not give its result, because conditions will not be ready for it yet.

Do not hurry, so you will only lose your time and waste your efforts.

12) Term promotion formula?

Absolutely different in all situations and in each person. Promotion and manifestation can begin both instantly and stretch out for a whole month.

And this is absolutely normal.

13) What generally can do runes?

Anything. Everything that is done in any other ways and ways.

You can: make calls; induce damage; remove damage; do the cleaning; set formulas for good luck; solve issues with work; make love effects; resolve situations; bring a person to the truth; find out the hidden; request dreams; inspire thoughts; incline to action / action; treat; set protection; remove protection; summon helpers; remove necro ties; remove induced love effects; catch trailing entities; attract customers; increase cash income; to inspire confidence in someone; melancholy; cause sexual desire; induce sexual impotence; close from rivals / rivals, etc. etc.

14) What are the rules to follow?
Here, in general, everything is the same: they have imposed an impact, we are silent about it. Run and immediately tell everyone about it is not worth it.

Do not do yourself a disservice.

Do not rush to do a bunch of views. If there are any doubts, then after a normal period after the imposition of exposure, you can do a little diagnosis on the issue lay down — not lay down.

It is better to do it yourself or from a reliable person who does not lose the work done.

If you put a particular person, then it should itself do such a viewing. To outsiders do not appeal!

And do not abuse it. Break the job.

In no case do we do on the same object of influence of a different nature, while work is underway on one specific issue. And certainly not asking others to do it. Those. it is impossible for several people to work on one person at a time simultaneously.

If the impact is unfolding and you do not need to do anything, then we endure, we do not run to put something else.

Do not immediately do a bunch of things in different directions. So you will only reduce the possibility of the best and greatest results.

If you see that it does not go, that you cannot do it yourself, then do not be overwhelmed. Address better to those who can.

If the impact, in principle, does not want to go to bed, and you are already destined for such attempts, then accept it and forget it. Otherwise it will only get worse.

If you undertake to do something, sort it out in all matters and in general in the system with which to work. The first times at random, maybe it will.

But then you will be taken for it anyway.

15) How many formulas can be on one media?

One The most maximum is two, but this is if the formulas are similar and complementary. If it is something like an amulet, then always one.

If we impose an impact, then, for example, on the one hand of the photo there can be one formula, on the other — the other. But this is more exceptional cases.

The best option when the formula is only one.

16) What to do with the carrier, after applying the formula?
Remove to a secluded place so that others do not callus to you. You must let go of the situation, not think about it, not think about the impact, otherwise you will negate all efforts.

Therefore, it is better to hide the carrier so that it does not come into view.

17) Can other people be in the photo?
Not. In the photo can only be the person on whom the impact.

There are exceptions: when you need to breed a couple and there is a quarreling effect, you can put a diluting formula on a joint photo. It’s the same when the formula should fasten the union — put the formula on the joint photo of those people whose union is fastened.

18) Are small formulas as strong as big ones?
The strength of the formula does not depend on the number of runes contained in it. The formula must be complete and complete, it must clearly correspond to the essence of the impact.

Then it will work fine for any content runes. Single runes are equally applicable for magical operations, and act with no less force.

“The more runes are involved in the runic stav, the more energy-intensive it is, therefore when using several formulas at the same time or using large staves, you need to recharge in advance and then recharge from time to time with formulas or energetics or start staves with the ritual of turning to the Gods.” (C) Night

19) Is a special dedication necessary for working with runes?

20) Why are some formulas suitable for a person, others not?
Not all formulas are universal. Some can take root to the person, others do not.

In this regard, each time the complex, the impact is chosen very individually. In addition, one should not forget that there are those who express a brightly directed female or male character, i.e. some are more suitable for men, others for women.

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