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Runes to protect against negativity: a description and how to use them

Features of runes to protect against negativity and how to correctly use runic formulas for all spheres of life

Runes to protect against negativity: a description and how to use them

There are many ways to protect against negative influence. Runic symbols are one of the most powerful talismans, protecting from misfortune and envious.

It is believed that the best defense is its own energy. Working on ourselves and strengthening the biofield, we are able to create an invisible shield that protects us from any negative, whether it is damage, the evil eye, or just envy.

But what about a person who has not yet sufficiently strengthened the energy industry and cannot independently repulse the energy attacks of ill-wishers?

In such cases, various conspiracies and rituals are used. However, they have a short-term effect, since long-term protection requires a high level of energy.

This is where ancient runic knowledge finds its use. After all, the runes have their own power, and it’s enough just to activate them so that these signs start helping you.

Unlike other ways, runes must be treated with respect and not used for simple entertainment. Because such a frivolous attitude can harm both you and others.

Fleece for protection from negativity

Algiz is one of the most powerful runes that can not only protect you from trouble, but also destroy all the obstacles in your path. Using it as a talisman or amulet, you strengthen the work of intuition.

Therefore, if there is a feeling of anxiety during its application, listen to it: maybe you have gained a sixth sense.

The action of this rune comes from the inside. After its activation, you will be able to see the situation from a different angle, as well as anticipate some events.

This symbol also helps to understand your true desires and contributes to further spiritual development.

All the negative, directed in your direction, will be stopped and sent back to the sender. In addition, the right people and events that will change life for the better will begin to attract you.

The main thing is the credibility of yourself and everything that starts to happen in your life.

Activating such an amulet is very simple. You can put this sign on your favorite thing that you most often wear. So Algiz will have a lasting impact.

Plain paper will also serve as an excellent protection, but in this case, the drawn symbol must be constantly carried around and updated if necessary.

Of course, you cannot foresee all situations, and it is impossible to completely protect yourself from the negative. But if you trust the universe, it will send clues in the form of signs and the right people. Strengthen your biofield, use the help of runes and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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Protective Runes and Staves

Runes to protect against negativity: a description and how to use them

One of the important aspects of a happy life is a feeling of calm for your own health, the health of loved ones and property. However, if the house can be protected with a reliable lock and alarm, how to be when you have to deal with the negative energy of the enemies.

For centuries, our ancestors learned to interact with different streams of energy. Runic protection is based on drawing energy into a specific area of ​​life.

Rune energy protects against the evil eye, negativity, damage, evil tongues and even powerful black magic.

What is a protective rune and how to properly use its strength against enemies.

The runes of protection — the story of the appearance

For the first time runes for the protection of housing, wealth and people appeared in the legends of Scandinavia. In one of the myths, it was narrated how one mortally wounded One hung on a tree for more than a week.

Ten days later, God miraculously healed by drinking an elixir and, by sacrificing an eye, gained unique, magical runic knowledge. Protective runes One depicted on the tree with his own blood.

Since withSilk runic magic was actively used to protect the home and human health. These magical symbols for many centuries help to prevent the blow of enemies.

In the II century, the mysterious symbols were combined into the rune alphabet, which was used by Hitler, on the form of the Nazi army depicted a sign meaning protection from witchcraft and enemies.

Rune Symbols — General Information

Protective runes for people — what they look like

Fleece call any natural material, which depicts special characters. Stone and wooden surfaces, leather, papyrus are used as the basis.

The strength of the chosen charm depends on the strength of the chosen material. For example, the runic protection of a person or a house made on a stone is much stronger than the symbol depicted on a skin shred.

How to use the protective runes

First of all, it is necessary to determine the ultimate goal of the use of runic protection. You can make or purchase a magic sign for yourself, protecting the house from enemies and any negative.

Magic signs are important for successful work, because it is here that our successes and achievements do not give rest to colleagues. Flows of evil, negativity and damage can haunt you with the slightest success in your career.

An interesting fact: note that for effective and reliable protection it is advisable to use narrow action symbols. For example, signs aimed specifically at home, health or work are much more effective than common symbols that protect against negative.

Harmony between runic symbol and man

To protect people from evil and witchcraft as strong as possible, it is important:

  • choose only natural material — a tree or a stone corresponding to your zodiacal symbol or a sign associated with the name of the owner;
  • to depict the symbol as accurately as possible — free interpretation of the runes is not allowed, all lines and dashes should be applied very clearly;
  • when the protective symbol is ready, it is necessary to energetically tune in it, with the heart to feel its strength, to receive energy, in this case the evil forces will not be scared by you.

Placement of the runes in the house and at work

There are several methods of placing runes to protect the house:

  • the symbol placed at the entrance to the living room or bedroom protects from damage, negative, evil, evil eye and witchcraft;
  • to protect the place of work it is enough to depict a small, almost imperceptible to the eye of a stranger, sign;
  • if you are confident in your strong energy, to protect yourself and your home, as well as your place of work, simply depict the rune with your hand in the air, such signs are no less effective than those depicted on natural material.

Tip: if you are not sure about your knowledge of the runes, contact a specialist in the art of the runic arts, he will help you find a sign for a specific situation and reveal its potential. Remember that incorrectly used formulas can be dangerous for people.

How to create a rune from the evil eye and damage to your own hands

In order for signs to protect against evil tongues and to prevent negative from entering a dwelling, three conditions are necessary:

  1. sincere desire to protect themselves from damage, the evil eye and evil people;
  2. good mood;
  3. silence and loneliness.

Magical protection in runes at all levels from any negativity and enemies

Runes to protect against negativity: a description and how to use them

Man — being vulnerable not only to natural disasters, unfortunate coincidence of circumstances, but also to the negative influence of other people. Since people are always in society, at the energy level they are constantly in contact with foreign biofields.

This happens often without our consent: when we go in transport, we shop at the store, we are at a mass event. And what can we say about the deliberate magical effects such as damage, evil eye, love spells, rasorok.

The topic of our conversation today is the magical protection of runes at all levels, because it is the ancient secret signs that can help us protect ourselves, loved ones and property.

Types of runic protection

One can protect oneself from negative effects of any kind with the help of the power of the runes: the first is the creation of special talismans and amulets, and the second is the application and activation of runic formulas, staves.

Both methods of effectiveness are about the same, the differences only in the principle of use. Talismans are made for permanent wear, and when a person no longer needs their help, he simply removes them or stops carrying them.

The runic formula is applied to a photo, a body or some object and will act until you destroy it with fire or erasure.

What runes are used to protect?

The following signs can be attributed to the category of runes to protect:

  • Algiz — Fleece, most often used as part of the formulas, and by itself. It gives a person the patronage of the Higher Forces, protects him from all sorts of trouble and negativity
  • Rune of the warrior Teyvaz is also suitable for active protection. It is good to apply to those people who by nature do not have the courage and determination — the symbol will help them gain self-confidence and become more courageous
  • Turisaz and Hagalaz are two very powerful runes, whose strength in protective formulas is usually aimed at destroying magical influences and any negative
  • Sometimes, in order to protect yourself, you can use Isa — an “icy” symbol freezing negative streams heading towards you.

However, the list of suitable runes is not limited to the listed signs of Elder Futhark. Often, other symbols are included in the rune ties, depending on the goal they want to achieve.

Basic rules of protection runami

Before you use the runes of protection for yourself from any negative or in order to protect your loved ones, house, family, property from outside destructive influences, you should get acquainted with the general principle of applying such formulas. These rules are quite simple.

First, you need to properly apply the runes. If we protect ourselves or another person — by becoming a picture on a photograph of an object, or on his body, if we are trying to protect a love affair — in a general picture of a couple, while protecting a house — the ligature can be painted right on the wall or door.

Property is usually guarded in different ways: if we are talking about, for example, a car, the leaf with a tie can simply be put in the glove compartment, if we are talking about some other thing, in most cases it is enough just to choose the right formula leaflet and keep in a secluded place.

To protect a business, a similar method is used, as with property. Some staves are drawn on an envelope in which a thing lies that symbolizes what we are protecting, for example, for the house — this may be the key, for the family — a family photo, for a particular person — his hair or a personal thing.

But in most cases, the authors of Stavs prescribe very concretely where and how to draw a formula.

Runes to protect against negativity and enemies must be properly negotiated — for this we prescribe on the sheet the action of the stave, and after its application we read this text out loud. When drawing it is important to “intend” the formula, i.e. visually imagine how it comes to life, affects, what results will bring.

The final stage is activation. It is better to talk about all existing methods in a separate article.

Most of the staves are allowed to activate any of the most convenient method. If we are talking about a particular, then, as a rule, the author always warns about this.

The formula is kept until the end of its impact, or until the moment when we realize that the work of tie is no longer required. After this, it becomes deactivated, in most cases, by burning.

Some staves with a long-term principle of work can be “re-created” — to trace the runes again, so that the power of the formula does not weaken.

Simple protective formulas

There are a huge number of simple protective formulas, which include a small amount of runes written in a row. Such simple ligations are ideal for beginners who have recently worked with magic symbols.

For example, to protect the house, you can use a bundle, which includes Otala, located in the center, as well as two Algiz to the left and right of it.

Those who are constantly on the road or travel a lot can protect themselves with a pair of Raido and Algiz, and in order to protect their property from theft and human envy, the Algiz bundle — Fehu will do. A pair of Algiz — Berkana is a great talisman for a woman and her child, and a bunch of Evaz — Algiz — Isa is a great talisman protecting a person from negative magical influences.

To protect personal relationships from outside influence, you can draw a combination of Gebo — Algiz — Otala on a joint photo, and the magic trio Turisaz — Teyvaz — Turisaz is suitable for personal protection of a person. To protect your home and its inhabitants, you can use the runes to protect the home and family, written in line: Teyvaz — Algiz — Otala — Algiz — Teyvaz.

Runic Protection at All Levels

If you want to protect yourself against targeted negative effects as effectively as possible, or to get a concrete result, very strong and proven magic runes will come to your aid. Thus, for example, the famous “Holy Land”, created by the master Cantas, creates an impenetrable protective shell around a person through which no destructive effects can penetrate.

The runologist Sinais has created an amazing magical being called “Assistant Spirit”, calling for the protection of a person a special entity — the Guardian, who will not only cleanse the operator from all the “bad” things, but will also protect him in life. The form “Invisible Man” from Milante, “Shield Yggdrasil” from Insolate, “Shield” from Bagirka and many other links also worked well.

Runic protection with tap

Many are interested in whether it is possible to penetrate the defense of the enemy with the help of runes. Yes, it is quite real. For this purpose, there are special staves, which reveal the existing negative, remove it from the person and send it back to the offender.

Such ties are also well able to “mirror” magical attacks at the time of their application.

The Black Star from maxnamara, the Absolute and the Absolute 2 from Bagirka, the galdrastav the Kapets to the Enemy from Vedma Magnolia and many others belong to such defensive staves.

Detailed description, the principle of impact, the rules of application, the stipulation and activation of these bindings, as well as feedback on their work can be found on the forums runners and personal sites of the Masters.

The most important thing is that before using any protective gear, do not forget to make a diagnosis in order to find out how effective it will be in your case.

Runes of protection from the negative for the house, runic becoming, a shield from enemies

Runes to protect against negativity: a description and how to use them

People often use magic to protect themselves and their homes. The runes of protection have become popular today. With their help, you can protect anything.

They are also used to remove damage or the evil eye. But in order to work with the runes you need to study black magic well.

Runes almost the main attribute of magic, with which you can protect against negative

Runic stavy are very strong and can achieve the desired result. But it is worth remembering that their incorrect use can negatively affect the magician himself.

But if you do everything according to the rules, you can protect yourself and your family from negativity, enemies, diseases and much more.

How effective are runic stavy to protect

These are not all experts in rune magic, because knowing the truth and power is very difficult. Runes are very beautiful characters that are not just impressive, but fascinating.

In order to have a connection with these symbols, many years of practice are needed. But even an inexperienced person can try to make a rune by becoming a defense.

Runes are such tools that can influence absolutely any area of ​​human life. When defending against foes, rune stakes are used for the house.

Those who own this magic create different runic formulas with which you can solve any problem.

Runes are a magical attribute that can affect all spheres of life.

Protection for all areas of life

Even if everything is good in a person’s life, this does not mean that it will always be like this. Therefore, it is necessary to put protection against the envy of enemies, the evil eye, damage and much more. This is necessary in order to reinsure themselves and their lives.

Protective runes are the best that can help us.

Runic protection is very strong and stable. In order to pierce it you need to try very hard.

The foundations of any defense are the runes Algiz and Eyvaz. The first sign protects against enemies and all sorts of negative effects.

And the second does not allow you to jinx or damage.

Different runes are used in different spheres of life, among them:

  • To protect their money and valuables, the Theu rune is used.
  • In order to protect themselves from enemies and Thurisaz is taken.
  • If you want to protect your family, then use the Kano rune.
  • To protect relationships that have developed with employees, you can use the sign Gebo.
  • In order not to have a negative impact on a person, the Hagalaz rune is used.
  • In order not to take any conspiracies and magical rituals take the Nautyz sign.
  • Runa Isa allows you to independently protect and eliminate negative and magical forces.
  • If a person travels frequently, he needs to carry the sign Raudo and Saulu with him.
  • Berkana protects women and children from negative influence. Often used by pregnant women.

The runic symbol of Berkana is most often used by pregnant women, as it protects against negative influence.

Special protective combinations of runes

  • Runa Laguz is great for people whose profession is connected with water. Used to protect against dangerous moments in this environment.
  • To protect all that has been acquired over the years, use the power of the Otal rune.

As you can see, runic protection allows you to influence any sphere in life. And also these signs can be combined and influence several components of life.

The rune of protection cannot be one, because then a person will protect himself on the one hand, and on the other he will give free rein to his enemies to influence other areas of life.

Therefore, experienced magicians use runic formulas of protection. They allow you to control and influence any area of ​​life.

Known Runic Formulas

Runic formulas allow not only to defend against evil spirits, but also to feel a variety of attacks. If a person is not ready or can not tolerate such attacks, then it is better not to use formulas.

  1. Protection of the house is carried out with the help of several formulas, each of which affects a particular area associated with it. To protect their homes from enemies and various misfortunes, such runes are used: Taiwaz, Algiz, Otal, Algiz, tayvaz. If you combine these signs, you get a powerful runic protection.
  2. Negative person surrounds everywhere and in all spheres of life. In order to stumble upon an evil woman or man, it is not necessary to go far. Simply go to the store, which is located next to the house. Therefore, protection from the negative will be good helpers in this situation. Most often use a shield with this combination: Turisaz + Teyvaz + Turisaz.

Well, if the person did not have time to deliver the defense, then you can also use the rune challenge. It allows you to remove all evil spirits that are on or near a person.

Protection at all levels using runes

You can protect yourself from all sorts of negatives with the help of rune magic, but there are a lot of ways in it. Each of the signs is responsible for some specific area of ​​life, and I want to close myself from everyone with a shield.

But for this you need to use all the runes. To not do this there is one powerful becoming.

Becoming the Holy Land allows you to protect all areas of life. This barrier delays everything that can harm a person.

There is still becoming a Mirror, he not only protects, but returns all the negative back to the person who sent it.

Protection at all levels is quite powerful and there are many of these. Everyone can choose for themselves protection.

Experienced mages do not recommend using one rune. It is better to combine independently or take a ready-made one.

Protection with tap

A rune challenge is not the best way to protect yourself, but sometimes it is very effective. It is used to intercept the negative sent and send it back to the abuser.

Can say that runic tap terminates the negative channel.

You can use this method of protection only in cases when nothing else helps. Well, it happens that people come across who, despite not being trying to do harm.

You can use runic tap with a return. To do this, take the runes: Algiz, Eyvaz, Soulo, Evaz, Raido and Turisaz.

Algiz allows you to track the negative impact.

Eyvaz is designed to connect you with a foe. Soulo reflects the negativity that was sent.

Evaz and Raido return magic to the abuser through the same channel.

And Turisaz allows you to cut off this channel so that the enemy could not repeat the process.

This runic challenge is not a classic one, because the negative is sent to the abuser. But no one forbids its use.

Any way to protect yourself and your family is good in your own way.


Runic protection at all times was the strongest and most effective. Many different signs have come down to our time, with the help of which you can make a talisman for your home, family, career and more.

If a person cannot do it alone, then you need to contact an experienced magician.

Each person is responsible for his life, and if he is not defended, it can harm not only himself, but also those around him. Rune protection should be put even when there is no suspicion of damage, the evil eye or the magical effect.

It can be said a kind of prevention from all evil.

Runic formulas for protection

Runes to protect against negativity: a description and how to use them

Spell to Protect and Prosperity

Formula Prosperity, protects and gives well-being.

Rune Combination:

  • Algiz — Fleece strong protection and protection of the gods.
  • INGUZ — Fleece fertility, Fleece male force.

Spell to Protect and Protect

Formula protects and guards. LAUKAZ — the formula is translated as “wild onion”, which was revered as a sacred plant and was considered to possess great magical power, mainly of a protective and protective nature.

Rune Combination:

  • LAGUZ — The Fleece of Intuition, the rune of that which leads, the rune of flow and pure flow, the rune of the inner circle of magic.
  • ANSUZ — Runa of magic, divination, the rune of knowledge and words.
  • URUZ — Rune of power, vital and magical energy, the rune of action and success.
  • KANO (Kenaz) — The rune of incarnation and disclosure, the rune of Inspiration.
  • ANSUZ — Runa of magic, divination, the rune of knowledge and words.
  • Algiz — Fleece strong protection and protection of the gods.

House Spell

Formula to protect the house. Strong protective spell, protects from someone else’s envy, which undermines the energy of the home. Interferes with penetration into the house of negative energy.

It protects against accidents. It is used to strengthen the home and household, strengthen its status and well-being.

The guardian with this spell should be placed at the entrance, on the gate, on the porch, above the entrance door from the outside.

Rune combination:

  • Tejvaz — Warrior Rune. The will to win, strength and success in the fight.
  • Algiz — Fleece strong protection and protection of the gods.
  • OTAL (Otila) — Fleece inheritance and tradition. It symbolizes the house, clan, family, homeland.
  • Algiz — Fleece strong protection and protection of the gods.
  • Tejvaz — Warrior Rune.

The will to win, strength and success in the fight.

The spell to protect against witchcraft and damage

Formula for protection from witchcraft, the evil eye and damage. An ancient protective spell to protect the family from witchcraft and damage.

The magic word that means “horse” is a call for the good power of the sacred horse.

Rune combination:

  • EVAZ — Fleece changes and movement, the rune of internal transformation and progress — the dead center.
  • HAGALAZ — Fleece of Destruction, rune of rupture, including the break of a vicious circle.
  • OTAL (Otila) — Fleece inheritance and tradition. It symbolizes the house, clan, family, homeland.

Spell on the protective barrier, shield from damage and the evil eye

The formula protects against damage and the evil eye. This protective spell is ideal for creating a powerful protective barrier that neutralizes directional energy shocks and negative energies of those around you.

Rune combination:

  • TURISAZ — The rune of military initiation, the rune of self-discipline and control, the rune of aggressive magic.
  • TEYVAZ — Rune warrior. The will to win, strength and success in the fight.
  • TURISAZ — The rune of military initiation, the rune of self-discipline and control, the rune of aggressive magic.

Spell on Protection and Reflection (mirror)

Formula palindrome — for reflection and protection. A protective spell acting on the mirror principle — any impact is fully reflected, — is sent back without changes.

Rune combination:

  • ISA — Rune of Ice, the rune of freezing, forging.
  • KANO (Kenaz) — The rune of incarnation and disclosure, the rune of Inspiration.
  • HAGALAZ — Fleece of Destruction, rune of rupture, including the break of a vicious circle.
  • KANO (Kenaz) — The rune of incarnation and disclosure, the rune of Inspiration.
  • ISA — Rune of Ice, the rune of freezing, forging.

Spellcasting Spell

Formula for protection from witchcraft, the evil eye and damage. The ancient formula of the mirror runic protection against magical effects and astral attack.

Any malicious message is reflected and sent back to its sender. Helps in magical duels, protects the magician from the attack of an opponent.

Rune Combination:

  • HAGALAZ — Fleece of Destruction, rune of rupture, including the break of a vicious circle.
  • LAGUZ — The Fleece of Intuition, the rune of that which leads, the rune of flow and pure flow, the rune of the inner circle of magic.
  • EVAZ — Fleece changes and movement, the rune of internal transformation and progress — the dead center.

The spell to protect against accidents and disasters — guarded the road

The formula protects against damage and the evil eye. Powerful amulet for travel. Protection against accidents and disasters.

Able to warn the owner of impending danger. It will help to avoid trouble on the way.

Good for motorists.

Rune Combination:

  • Algiz — Fleece strong protection and protection of the gods.
  • RAYDO — Fleece Ways (in all senses), Fleece road and travel.
  • Algiz — Fleece strong protection and protection of the gods.

Spell on a good road — a talisman on the road

Formula for travel. A powerful talisman for pleasant, fun and safe travel.

Rune Combination:

  • VUNIO — Fleece of joy and happiness.
  • RAYDO — Fleece Ways (in all senses), Fleece road and travel.
  • VUNIO — Fleece of joy and happiness.

Spell to defend against enemies

Formula for protection against hostile forces. This protective spell is designed to destroy the energy and mental blows and destroy the hostile forces that threaten the owner of the amulet.

Rune combination:

  • HAGALAZ — Fleece of Destruction, rune of rupture, including the break of a vicious circle.
  • ANSUZ — Runa of magic, divination, the rune of knowledge and words.
  • GEBO — Runa Dara and Dara in return, the rune of partnership and cooperation, the rune of the unity of opposites.
  • ANSUZ — Runa of magic, divination, the rune of knowledge and words.
  • LAGUZ — The Fleece of Intuition, the rune of that which leads, the rune of flow and pure flow, the rune of the inner circle of magic.
  • URUZ — Rune of power, vital and magical energy, the rune of action and success.

Protective runes: what is their magical effect?

Runes to protect against negativity: a description and how to use them

Runes — this is the alphabet of the ancients, it existed among the Slavs, the Germans and other northern European peoples.

Each rune Not only could it be used to designate what phenomenon and information transfer, it also had a sacred, occult meaning. The meaning of these symbols is treated equally in almost all nations.

WITH using runes the ancients could put up a defense, save themselves and their loved ones from harm, protect the home and family.

Nowadays, such methods are no less popular, and if earlier only the initiate could understand the runes, now it is easy to master everything connected with them and learn how to set runic protection.

It is possible to protect the house from alien energies, evil, envy and other things with the help of runes. These signs have tremendous power, and their combination will not allow any negative into the house. Suitable for these purposes. the following formula: Teyvaz — Algiz — Odal — Algiz — Teyvaz.

It should be applied directly to the door jamb or hang at the entrance.

Here is what each rune means individually:

  • Teyvaz — justice, it means the victory received because of the fortitude. It is suitable for people with principles, helps to increase well-being and influence.
  • Algiz — means sedge, in which you can hide and escape from enemies who will be cut about her.
  • Odal — property, rejection of the old. It helps to cut out the obsolete and unnecessary, symbolizes the heritage — spiritual, intellectual, material.

It is important to draw the runes yourself, putting energy into it and calling each sign by name, asking him for protection. You can draw them on wood, stone, pieces of leather.

Runes are also permissible to cut, burn.

If you feel that a negative impact is directed at your house, you can draw a rune in the air or remove it using essential oil on the front door. Such sign It will not last long, but the negative, which is present here and now, neutralizes.

From witchcraft

Protective runes can be divided into three groups, but which ones should be used to protect against witchcraft should be decided, relying not only on knowledge of their meaning, but also on their own intuition.

To begin, you will need to explore the appropriate runes, and then try to feel their energy. Take with all seriousness to this «communication» with the runes, respect them and thank for the help.

Runes that protect against witchcraft can be worn around the neck as a guardian, which is easy to make from wood or a piece of leather, they can be drawn with a marker directly on the body, put their image on clothes or accessories, for example, a belt for men or a bracelet for women .

Can draw runes on paper or on the front door of the house, carry their image in your purse or mentally evoke the image of the runes when you feel magical effects.

Runes can not only protect, but also contribute to the induction of damage to someone. This is done by ill-wishers with the help of runic stavs, because one rune cannot harm itself.

Stavia usually 2-6 characters, but often more.

Seven runes, for example, they may even lead to the death of the one to whom the damage is directed. You can bring it without contact with the victim, you can do it by a photo or by an image in your head.

You can also protect yourself from this, as well as from any other damage or the evil eye with the help of runes — they are very powerful.

Runes will help remove the impact, cleared, but it is quite a difficult process. The simplest thing is to wear the following runic formula on the body: Nautise — Soulu — Nautise. She should be drawn on the body with a red marker, and nine days should go with her.

It will help bring the body and soul to a normal state, cleanse from the evil eye and damage.

But the formula has a side effect — it overestimates self-esteem, therefore, after nine days, another couple of days walk around with the image runes Algiz, to get rid of pride. You can also apply it on the body initially, then it should be in the center, top and bottom of Soulu’s runes.

If you suspect damage to death, you need to put on the body «Rune Cross». It is drawn on the right side of the body in the male and on the left — in the female.

The center must be Fleece Eyvaz, Berkana is to the right and left of it, Turisaz is above and below. At least a week should be worn.

You may feel empty and tired, this is the norm, but it is better to defend yourself with other runes after cleansing.

You can defend yourself with the help of one of these runes: Algiz, Isa, Teyvaz, Thurisaz. Draw the most suitable of them on the body or on the door of the house, or both there and there.

Algiz will exacerbate intuition and help you understand who you shouldn’t communicate with, so as not to get the evil eye, Teyvaz will send the negative back, Isa will protect from envy and malice, and Turisaz will help to escape from intrigue and empower them. It Turisaz best protects against damage and the evil eye.

From energy vampires

To protect from energy vampires, that feed on your emotions and mental strength, you can use the runes. To do this, runic formulas are used.

Here are the most powerful ones.

Isa — Kano — Hagalaz — Kano — Isa. it magic shield, which will protect you from any impact, it is called «Mirror».

Energy stumbles upon it and rushes back to the sender.

It is also impossible to draw out your energy through it. Also suitable for vampires and a solar shield: Soulu — Algiz — Soulu.

The water shield will also be effective, he save from all attacks on the energy level: Laguaz — Algiz — Laguz.

From the witchcraft and active influences help runes Beer: Uruz — Nautyz — Berkana. This combination will protect, repel bad energy and relieve psychological pressure.

Energy vampires are also good. helps formula Turisaz — Teyvaz — Turisaz, which relieves of mental and emotional pressure from outside, from attempts to steal or transfer energy, and allows you to get energy from outside.

Another effective formula: Evaz — Algiz — Isa. It will save from curses and slander, as well as reflect the impact on you, do not allow outsiders to take away your energy.

This combination will also protect you from the psychological pressure that energy vamps often use.

These four signs are considered the strongest defensive runes: Algiz, Isa, Teyvaz, Turisaz. Each of them has its own meaning, in order to decide which symbol you should ask for help, read their interpretation.

Algiz — the strongest rune from the above, it translates as «divine protector.» It helps protect against trouble and grief, gives intuition.

If you carry the image of this rune, you will feel if the enemies are up to something against you, and you can avoid it.

Algiz protects from negative influence from the outside, gives the patronage of higher powers and helps to find the friendship of serious people who will protect you. The Runa is suitable for creating an individual talisman or for the protection of housing.

Isa — freezing, this is the rune of ice. It can freeze negative energy aimed at you, stop all impacts.

It neutralizes damage, the evil eye, stops them. Can save from enemies, from gossip and disputes, even helps to quit smoking or cope with a different kind of addiction.

Teyvaz — strength, victory, justice. She is helps protect property, their business from competitors and their machinations.

Saves from the envious, mirror reflects the negative effects. It gives determination, courage, helps to gain courage and defend justice.

Turisaz — symbolizes the hammer of Thor. Drives away chaos, negative, damage. Protects from gossip and gossip, breaks the intrigues directed against you.

Fleece can help in an emergency — it gives a person strength, helps him to unleash his full potential and overcome difficulties.

Slavic runic alphabet includes eighteen characters, and each of them has its own meaning. Often it is the Slavic runes used as a talisman, they protect against evil and bring good luck.

But to use them wisely, you need to know what each means. Here is a list of Slavic runes with their interpretation:

  • Belobog — this rune is still interpreted as the World, it is a symbol of the whole universe and the spiritual world of people. She brings harmony and bestows the patronage of higher powers.
  • Chernobog — the opposite of the previous rune. Destroys, sows chaos, destroys. It will be suitable in order to destroy the negative impact, unnecessary communication and start a new life.
  • Alatyr is the center of the universe, the harmony of good and evil, a kind of Slavic yin-yang. It helps to put everything in order.
  • Rainbow — road to Alatyr, to harmony. Helps to achieve his goal, interferes with the thoughts directed against this.
  • Need — prohibition, lack of freedom. It limits the person. It can be used to forge enemies, impose strong ties on their thoughts.
  • Steal is a rune of strength and energy, helps to achieve goals, protects our plans from intrigues and evil intentions.
  • Require — sacrifice. She can reward you with whatever you want, but she will take something in return.
  • Strength is power power energy, needed to win. Can break the intentions of enemies to dust.
  • There is — the rune of nature, the elements, it helps to recover from illness or magical influences.
  • Wind is creativity. Gives inspiration.
  • Bereginya — protects women, helps to save pregnant from the evil eye, protects children.
  • Oud — protects men, gives them strength and health.
  • Lelya — water. Cleans and gives intuition and joy.
  • Rock — fate, the way. She can influence both good and bad, you need to be careful with her.
  • Reliance — support. Very powerful amulet, helps to cope with all the problems.
  • Dazhdbog — well-being. Save money and bring good luck to the house.
  • Perun — movement. It will help to start living, call for good people.
  • The source is stagnant. Helps to achieve peace and balance.

To protect yourself or your house with the help of Slavic runes, you need to combine several characters in the charm. It is important to cut or draw them on natural material — wood, leather, stone, silver amulets work well.

You can find on the Internet how to combine the runes into a sign, for example, the flower of a fern or the symbol of the genus.

After charm created, it must be activated, that is, charged by the power of four elements. It is necessary to wash it with spring water, burn candles with it or carry it over it, put it in the salt overnight and fumigate it with incense.

At the same time it is necessary to sentence: “I give you the power of the elements” and say which one.

In the end you need to hold it with pure thoughts. charm in hands. After that, the Slavic runes will begin to act, and the amulet will protect you from all adversity.

Apply the runes You can directly to yourself, in this case they will protect you wherever you are. You can do this with a paint or a marker, with the help of natural clay or even an essential oil.

Some draw runes on the hand with saliva if they want instant results.

But if you want to achieve a long-term result or radically change something, as well protect myself or another person, you must follow some rules of applying runes on the body.

Runes can be applied to anything, although many magicians prefer natural materials. And although it is not very easy to walk all day with a pattern of clay, you can use, for example, henna — then the drawing will also turn out to be long-term.

But many argue that the result will be no worse if you draw the runes with a red marker or even a pen. But how to apply them?

First, if rune applied on your own body, you need to draw it on the left side. If you need to influence through yourself on others, then on the right. Secondly, it is important in this case to make a reservation.

It is created according to the standard script, but it must be pronounced very quietly, referring to the runes.

Must necessarily name the runes by name, thanks to this they are activated. Then it is necessary to describe the purpose of the application, for example, to say that you need protection from negative impacts.

After that, we describe how the runes should work, that is, to reflect the negative, to wrap against the offender, to protect you from envy, and so on. We can say at the end that the runes should work only for protection, without destroying you and without causing harm.

In the end, we call each sign again by name.

Regarding applying runes On the body as a tattoo, there are several opinions. On the one hand, since our talisman will always be with us, protect against all influences and troubles, but the runes may have another effect, they can affect the qualities of a person’s character during prolonged contact, they can change personality.

Anyway, if you have decided make a tattoo in the form of runes, choose characters as carefully as possible. The output can be a temporary tattoo — so you will understand whether the chosen runes are suitable for you or not.

Not recommended mirror or inverted marks in places of bends so that they do not change their meaning, turning over. Also, do not put them in places of energy centers.

The best thing runic formulas placed on the forearms, legs, back, on the sides.

Remember that making a tattoo with runes, you turn your own body into a talisman. Perhaps someday you will no longer need the energy that these runes, but you cannot get rid of it.

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