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Runes to fulfill desires: proven fomrula and rules of application

Proven runes for fulfillment of desires with a clause

Runes to fulfill desires: proven fomrula and rules of application

Do you want all your wishes to be fulfilled in time? Then in this article you will learn what rune formulas are for fulfilling difficult desires, especially working with them.

Happy reading and successful work!

How with the help rune can fulfill their desires

There are a number of runes, the specificity of which is aimed at fulfilling the hidden human desires. To obtain the desired result, the operator is required to clearly formulate the ultimate goal.

Learn more information about the ancient Scandinavian symbols, methods of working with them, in the free book by Sergey Savchenko «Evening tea by candlelight and tarot cards.»

Strengthening the effect of the runic formula on the fulfillment of desire will help drawing the image on the personal thing of a person. You can use a temporary tattoo with the necessary characters.

It should be carried with you until the conceived is fulfilled.

A runic by becoming a wish fulfillment with a stipulation, like a formula, will help to achieve what is planned in the shortest possible time. This effect is achieved due to the presence of several potent symbols — the desired energy becomes more concentrated and focused.

Basic rules for the creation of runic stavov

When working with stavia, it is important to strictly adhere to a number of the following rules.

  • Indicate the main purpose for which it is required to become
  • Combining different runes in one tie, remember — they should not conflict with each other
  • For negative actions, use dark runes and vice versa.
  • The first rune in the formula is the symbol that starts its work. Others can go in any order. The desired result must be known before drawing up the stav
  • The combination is drawn in a circle. Vyazy lines are arranged vertically or diagonally — it all depends on the specifics of stav
  • Use only runes in straight position. Exception is specific stavy
  • Symbols should not be located close to each other

Popular bets on the implementation of the desired

Here are examples of popular stavov aimed at achieving the desired:

Becoming «3 throne»

The goal of the stav is the fulfillment of desires. Consists of a combination of Vuno — Teyvaz — Vuno. Symbols can be carved on wood or lignite.

After a stipulation on the final result — is burned, the ashes are worn with them in a linen bag until the necessary result appears.

Becoming «Savromat»

The purpose of this combination of runes — to achieve the goal, to get what you want. Consists of the following runes — Uruz, Teyvaz, Raido, Yera, Soulu, Turisaz, Kveort, Eyvaz, Fehu, Nautyz.

In working with the above stavom, you should clearly indicate the final result. With a reservation, you can list the barriers that can stand in the way of achieving the goal (optional).

Runic formula «Right on target»

The combination allows for a breakthrough in certain areas of the operator’s life, achieving the desired result regardless of the obstacles. Consists of the following runes: Yera, Kano, Inguz, Soulu, Teyvaz, Gebo.

Using the runic formula allows you to collect, accumulate energy from the outside world, with the exception of factors that prevent to achieve a certain goal. The combination does not harm the operator, highlighting only the qualities necessary to achieve the intended.

Runic formulas fulfill difficult desires

To make difficult wishes come true faster, use one of the following runic stavs.

Becoming «Getting everything you want»

The task of this formula is the fulfillment of any, even difficult to achieve goals, the accomplishment of a breakthrough in the field previously agreed upon by the operator.

Brief deciphering the runes included in the becoming.

  • Vuno: Good luck, prosperity, well-being
  • Gebo: Receiving the Gift
  • Soulu: Victory, domination, integrity, power
  • Perth: Creating Gates That Open Opportunities for Goals
  • Laguz: The development of the intuition of the operator, which will prompt the best solutions
  • Fehu: Material / spiritual property, well-being

Used runic combinations in the formula.

  • Gebo + Vuno: Getting the desired result
  • Soulu + Fehu + Gebo: Wealth in all spheres of life
  • Soulu + Fehu: You can use a combination to charge the financial sector

Runic becoming «Dreams Come True»

The goal of the stave is the achievement of goals, the realization of the wildest dreams in reality. Consists of Fehu, Ansuz, Eyvaz, Turisaz, Gebo, Vuno, Yera.

The clause must contain the following clauses

  • Achieving the goal without harm to the operator
  • Finding comfortable ways to implement your plans.
  • Work without harm to amulets charged for similar or other purposes

Becoming «Golden Fish»

The runic becoming the fulfillment of the desire «Golden Fish» has been repeatedly tested for success, like the previous formulas. You can use to achieve any goals.

It consists of the following Scandinavian characters: Dagaz, Fehu, Otala, Yera, Inguz.

As in the previous examples, the reservation is made taking into account the specific purpose for which the impact of the runes will be directed. Composed arbitrarily.

When to wait for the result?

If you correctly performed the activation of the runic formula and all the above prescriptions, the result will not take long. Usually, the action manifests itself in a range from three days to a month — it all depends on the strength of the runes used.

Let this information will help come true your most intimate desires. Stay tuned to the site and you will learn a lot more interesting.

See you soon!

Runic formulas for the fulfillment of difficult desires with the stipulation

Runes to fulfill desires: proven fomrula and rules of application

Each of us, probably, at least once in his life dreamed of catching a goldfish, finding the mysterious lamp of Aladdin, or becoming the owner of a magic wand.

And really — how wonderful it would be if all desires could be fulfilled! But life, alas, is not a fairy tale, however, there is something magical in it.

So, for example, the runic formulas for the fulfillment of difficult desires can become an excellent lifesaver.

Of course, it’s not worth waiting for an instant result as if from fabulous magical tools, but nevertheless the rune blocks still help to carry out the conceived idea.

Can runes fulfill wishes?

Of course, the runes — this is not the lamp of Aladdin, not a goldfish and not a magic wand. The principle of their operation is slightly different.

Any runic formula for the fulfillment of desire is rather a tool that allows you to adjust reality.

Do not change, namely to correct — this is important! Runes will not be able to turn you into a millionaire in one month, but they will help you find a well-paid and interesting job that will allow you to make money with pleasure.

They will not send you the perfect man who will immediately offer a hand, a heart and a castle in Scotland, but will enhance your personal qualities, making you more attractive for the opposite sex.

With runes you will not destroy your ill-wisher, but you will make it so that he simply forgets about your existence, immersing himself in urgent matters and concerns. And it is still magic, even if it is not of the same scale as in fairy tales.

Popular bets on the implementation of the desired

We suggest you use simple, but at the same time working rune formulas that will certainly change your life for the better. The article presents only a few of them, but if you wish, you will find others in thematic forums where the authors themselves spread them.

Becoming a wish fulfillment from Adaliniel

This formula can be used to implement absolutely any of your dreams. You can think of getting a promotion, a new relationship, a desired gift, in one word, anything, the main thing is to specify the runes correctly and specifically.

If your desire is not too difficult — draw marks on a piece of paper and carry it with you, but if it’s serious (which takes a long time), it’s better to put it on a wooden, leather or stone amulet.

  • Perth — builds a «corridor» between you and your dream, allowing you to move along it
  • Gebo — symbolizes the gift
  • Vuno — the joy of getting the desired
  • Soulu — responsible for the victory and the successful outcome of the plan.

Becoming a «Goldfish — a welcome gift» from Vitoria

A runic becoming the fulfillment of the desire “Goldfish — the desired gift” from the Vitoria runologist will allow you to receive as a gift what you have long wanted. This formula acts specifically on material things, therefore, it is better to use other stavy for the realization of desires in love, career and other non-material areas.

This one is exactly on a specific item that a person can give you.

Entering the runes:

  • Kenaz — reveals the possibilities of obtaining the desired
  • Ansuz — symbolizes the deliberation of desire
  • A pair of Nautiz-Inguz — will oblige the universe to send this gift
  • Dagaz — desired changes
  • Fehu — the material value of the gift, as well as its value to the recipient
  • Gebo — gift itself
  • Yera — is responsible for obtaining the long-awaited result
  • Saulu — the joy of satisfying the desired
  • Algiz — divine patronage

It is necessary to stipulate the formula entirely, it is not necessary to divide the runes. We draw the signs directly on the photo of the desired gift, or on a piece of paper and enclose the one who can really give it. The main thing — to do it unnoticed.

Activate better by the power of four elements. After getting the result you need to bring some kind of gift of thanks to the gods.

Sam’s wish fulfillment formula

This simple, effective becoming will allow you to get what you want in the shortest possible time, especially when it comes to the material plan. The author did not disassemble the formula porunno, so just put on paper, photo or even your own body, specifying the right way and visualizing the result.

Activation — in any way.

Runic formulas for the realization of difficult desires

With simple desires, almost everybody can easily cope, but what if it’s very difficult to achieve what you dream about? Runic formulas will come to the rescue to fulfill difficult desires.

Ligature «Soul» by fou-chatte

A very beautiful and harmonious tie from the fou-chatte runologist allows even the most cherished dreams to come true. It is best to apply on the talisman that you need to carry with you before the execution of the desired.

  • Saulu — the basis of the tie and a symbol of a successful solution
  • Turisaz — clears all obstacles that hinder the desired
  • Teyvaz — helps a person move to the goal
  • Berkana — supports and protects him on this way
  • Vuno and Raido of the second plan — positive changes, attendant luck
  • Uruz — transform the situation as needed
  • Algiz — protects the goal from outside encroachment
  • Fehu — symbolizes well-being, income, financial stability
  • Inguz — makes the power reserve inexhaustible
  • Yera — loops the action of the stave, makes it permanent
  • Iceland Salt — additional protective shell

Becoming «Savromat» from Constance_Sagata

This runic becoming for the execution of a desire with a clause compiled by all the rules creates simultaneously two energy flows. One thread carries a person to the goal, the second — creates protective armor.

The formula can be used only after preliminary diagnostics, since it may not be suitable for everyone.

The runes of Teyvaz, Raido, Yera, Sol, Kveort, Turisaz, Eyvaz, Nautyz and Fehu, which belong to the ligature, make it possible to achieve even the most complex goals and fulfill the most difficult desires.

Rune formula «Right on target» by Velya, Runava and Gray Angel

To get what you want at any cost will help a strong becoming with the appropriate name «Directly into the goal.» The runes that enter it are not necessary to stipulate separately, therefore we simply list them: the Icelandic runes Sol, Inguz, Kenaz, Yera, Gebo, Teyvaz.

We make a reservation as you need: if there is a specific goal — we say it, if we need to find a way out of a difficult situation — say so. The agreement is best to start with the phrase «This runic becoming accumulates energy from the outside world and directs it to ….»

If you don’t want the formula to draw energy from your personal reserve, when you make a reservation after the word “from the outside world”, say “except for my personal energy field”. Ligature can be used in any form: on paper, any carrier, amulet, photographs.

When to wait for the result?

As we have said, runic formulas for the fulfillment of desires are not magic wands that can change reality instantly. Each of them requires a certain time for promotion.

If the goal is simple enough, the person reaches it, as a rule, in a period from two weeks to a month, while the complex desires are fulfilled longer. So be patient and wait.

Runic becoming the fulfillment of desire: divination, attraction of love

Runes to fulfill desires: proven fomrula and rules of application

Runes help fulfill the cherished desire. There are several proven, powerful runic stavov.

What characters will consist of a runic becoming the execution of a desire depends on the essence of the desire itself.

To make a cherished wish fulfilled, it is enough … to make a rune beast!

If the goal is related to the material sphere, in becoming a must include the rune Fehu. The companion of love is Gebo.

Joy and happiness brings Vuno. To runic combination worked, you need to properly create and charge.

To runes to fulfill desires

Desires even one person can have a lot. To make a runic becoming you need to clearly define and articulate exactly what you want.

Runes can be applied to any natural material (wood, leather, bone, stone, glass, paper).

In stavings on desires, most often runic symbols are used:

  • Vuno. Attracts good luck, joy, helps to restore power. Fleece fulfillment of desires.
  • Fehu. A symbol of abundance, attracts luck and wealth.
  • Kenaz. Gives inspiration, helps unleash creativity, believe in yourself.
  • Gebo Fleece partnership, unity opposites.
  • Berkana Symbol of growth, fertility, prosperity. Protects against negativity.
  • Soulu. Gives vitality, helps to succeed in any field. It has the energy of victory.
  • Teyvaz. Rune of leadership, victory, helps in knowing the truth.

Other runes are included in the staves, but the listed ones have the strongest potential. They attract good luck and contribute to the fulfillment of desires.

The runes do not act on the subject of desire, bringing it closer to the person, but on the person himself. Symbols convey energy flows, pushing people towards their goals and dreams.

Divination for the fulfillment of desires is also very popular. The runes show the answer to the question whether the intention will be realized in the near future.

How to use bets

Runes need to be handled carefully, work very carefully. Ancient symbols require respect.

If there is no belief in their magical effect, it is better not to ask for help.

In order for a runic to become, to become a wish-fulfilling magical attribute, you must follow the rules:

  1. Create a formula secret from prying eyes. Do not tell anyone about the intention to ask for help runes.
  2. Even when the wish is fulfilled, do not tell anyone about the way to achieve it.
  3. You can not change the position of the symbols in the formula.
  4. You cannot use multiple formulas for the same purpose at the same time.
  5. Ask the runes for help should be respectful.

Runes help achieve the goal. This does not mean the inaction of man.

The runes are helpers, not figures. They push and charge, give strength to go to the goal. It should be remembered that the runes are only helpers, not figures.

Guessing on the runes also need to be carried out in secret. You can guess at one or three runes.

Divination by 9 and 12 runes situational and very detailed.

Universal becoming to fulfill desires

Universal rune formula brings the fulfillment of any desires. It includes a sequence of signs Soulu, Kenaz, Fehu, Vuno.

Solar symbol Soulu gives energy to achieve the goal. Kenaz focuses on the desired, helps to move in the right direction. Fehu and Vuno form a tandem.

They predetermine a successful result and the joy of fulfilling a wish.

How to create by becoming:

  1. Think about your desire, clearly articulate it.
  2. Draw a formula on paper. Speak every sign.
  3. When the formula is drawn, make a wish to it. The agreement may sound like this: “The power of the runic stave of Soulu, Kenaz, Fehu, Vuno, bring me the fulfillment of my cherished desire (to voice a wish). I want to get the hidden (specify the date).
  4. Hide the sheet from prying eyes.
  5. When the desire is fulfilled, the piece of paper with the runes must be burned.

Amulet can be used when new desires appear. You need to hold it in your hands, saturate your thoughts with your dream and ask the runes for help.

Victory formula

If you want to win or get leadership, you can use a strong formula. Becoming consists of runes Vuno, Teyvaz, Vuno.

The formula gives a powerful charge of energy which is transferred to surrounding people. The formula literally attracts luck.

Work runes does not cancel the hard work that is needed to win.

Each rune when creating a stav need to speak out loud. The formula can be any, the main thing is not to talk too much.

It is necessary to clearly indicate the desire and time of its execution.

Fulfillment of material desires

Money and wealth are needed by all. Therefore, the formula for attracting wealth has been developed a lot.

To fulfill any desire in the material sphere will help a strong talisman. On the front side of the carrier you need to draw the signs of Soulu, Soulu, Fehu.

On the reverse side, Fehu, Otala, Saulu, Soulu are applied. The order of the runes can not be changed.

When can I ask for help from the talisman:

  • Financial transactions in business.
  • Sale of property.
  • Getting a prize, a win.
  • Dear purchases.
  • Protecting property from theft.

Amulet requires activation and a clause. The runes do not help in fraud, money fraud.

The main condition for the fulfillment of a desire is that it should not harm other people.

Money talisman can always be carried in your pocket, and resort to using the runes, if necessary.

Love attraction

Mutual and sincere love — the dream of many people. Without it, life loses color.

Attract the desire to love and be loved can also runes.

Runic becoming Turrizas-Gebo-Vuno will quickly meet the second half. Tourisas, Laguaz, Soulu spin in a whirlwind of passion.

If there is an overwhelming desire to attract attention and please the person, you need to use the formula Anzus, Gebo, Yera. It will help to open up and open the best qualities to a person of interest.

The desire to preserve the relationship, to eliminate outside interference, will be performed by a combination of Isa, Gebo, Isa. It will protect the harmony of relationships, help to fight with detractors and rivals.

Divination on the desires of the «Rune Odin»

Fleece «Odin» — a simple fortune-telling, which will help to know whether the wish will be fulfilled in the future And also it makes it clear what needs to be done to approximate the goal, or indicates that the chosen path is wrong.

Guess using the runes using the instructions:

  1. Ask a question about your desire. Hold the bag with the runes in your hands, focus the thought.
  2. Shake the bag and remove one rune from it.
  3. Explain the rune. The interpretation of all runes can be found in the little book that comes with a fortunetelling kit or on the Internet.

Positive runes in the straight position indicate that the fortune teller will soon be able to fulfill his dream. Negative runes talk about the inaccessibility of the desired or the wrong way to achieve the goal. If divination did not give a positive result, you do not need to be upset.

The intention is sure to be fulfilled, but not now.

Properly selected and charged runic formulas fulfill any desires. There are universal combinations and formulas for specific situations.

Becoming can be made an amulet and use it when needed.

Runes on wish fulfillment

Runes to fulfill desires: proven fomrula and rules of application

The runes first came to us from Scandinavia and England. In the distant past, people used the runes not only to predict the future, but also for fulfillment of dreams.

The legends of these countries say that when God dwelt for nine days on the World Tree, he dropped nine rods on the ground in order to facilitate the existence of those living on the Earth.

They made up an unknown figure, emerging from the lines. Unnoticed, these wands turned into 24 signs, called runes.

Given to people for love, for fulfillment of desires, for viewing the future, the runes have diverged into the world and exist to this day.

There are a total of 24 runes (except one empty), each of which carries its own subtext and design. They provide a person with a vision of the future in perspective and a potential outcome of reality.

But it is important not only to foresee the next changes, but also the possibility of radically changing them.

The impact of the runes is very strong, because not every person will be able to immediately dispose of them correctly. Because the wrong application can give rise to many disasters and sufferings.

Every rash action or erroneous step has a chance to harm a person or others.

However, do not be upset if you just started to get acquainted with this teaching. In fact, if everything is done in a step-by-step instruction and does not violate the principles in force, then nothing bad should happen.

It is advisable to know that to study the basics will take much more time than you might think. Sometimes the duration of comprehension is delayed for a long period of time.

It is not so difficult to grasp the rules as to accurately direct the runes to the energy message of the signs.

As soon as you begin to hone your skills gradually, you will be able to change your life and achieve the fulfillment of almost all of your desires.

As a rule, people tend to achieve everything at once. This is not entirely true, because it is necessary first to set one specific goal for the best result.

After a while, go to the next wish. And so little by little you can fulfill all your goals and dreams.

Some of the most common desires: to find love, to become rich, to get rid of the disease. Practically everyone wants to do this, but first you need to study all the runic signs.

Runes, unlike Tarot cards, cannot be expanded in the wrong combination, and only then try to distribute in a new way. In the prediction on the runes, such blunders are not permissible.

When divination on the runes requires complete concentration, because even a small inaccuracy or negligence in the conduct of the ritual, can have a negative impact in the near future.

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Fulfillment of desires using runes

To begin, determine your desire and articulate it clearly. Choose for yourself any natural element.

Usually people use either leather or wood, you can also stone, mineral or glass.

On the selected material write a runic expression that suits your desire. When applied, each character must be spoken out loud, and after that you can say your intended wish.

From now on, let the created talisman for fulfillment of desires always lies in your pocket, maybe on your neck or in the bag pocket. It is recommended once a week to take it in your hands and holding it, to think about your desire as already fulfilled.

In a similar way, the magical rune amulet charges and draws fresh energy.

Formula runes for wish fulfillment

We all have our goals and aspirations. Someone they are ordinary, someone unattainable, but we all want them to be executed and achieved.

If your desire is realistically feasible, then it remains only to think about it and enter three runes into a line (or draw):

Vuno — Teyvaz — Vuno Remember that the sequence is not allowed to change, it is not possible to harm yourself.

Formula runes for female attractiveness

Any girl wants to look perfect. Many invest their money in beauty salons and beauty treatments.

And there is another way — to create your own personal amulet with a conspiracy on female seduction. To do this, apply the runes in the following sequence:

Kano (Kenaz) — Gebo — Laguz

Be sure to say out loud the name of each rune when writing them.

Formula runes to attract money

The monetary component is often present in our desires. And this is normal, because for their execution it is often sufficient to have a certain amount of money ..

To accomplish a monetary goal, write the runes on one side of the talisman:

Soulu — Soulu — Feu,

turn and on the back of them also apply them in this order:

Feu — Otala — Soulu — Soulu

Be careful not to confuse!

Formula runes to attract love

You can’t expect full value from your own life, as long as there is no beloved person in it who will help and reassure at any difficult moment To “draw” true love into your life, write on the chosen material:

Kano (Kenaz) — Yer — Otala

Friends, remember that the magic rune rituals will not fulfill your desires for you — with the help of rune magic you will get a chance for their execution. How you use it will depend only on you.

May your dreams come true!

The best runes to fulfill desires

Runes to fulfill desires: proven fomrula and rules of application

Magical runes of desires able to help a person achieve his most cherished dream. Previously rune alphabet was used as a subject of writing.

And only over time, people realized the uniqueness of each symbol and its magical properties.

Sacral symbols are one of the main elements in fortune-telling practices. They not only attract the desired, but also serve as protection against dark forces.

Each time, turning to rune magic, you plunge into a new mystical world. We all have our life goals. Someone dreams of a new phone, and someone — a billion earned.

The scale of desire is different — in any case, we do not leave thoughts about it.

So that you finally feel like a happy person, you need a personal fleece to fulfill your desires. It will open up new limitless horizons for you, and you will quickly understand all the problems.

How runes can help fulfill desire?

There is a special group — desire runes, the energy of which is able to fulfill any request of a person.

To please you with the result, you need to clearly formulate your goal. Then select the appropriate rhinogram.

You can apply it on your own body and not wash it off until the wish is fulfilled.

You can portray the symbolism (draw or embroider) on clothes or other personal items. There are also personal charms that hang around the neck.

If you do everything right, a runic staving will help you achieve your plans very soon. Through the joint work of ancient symbols, the necessary energy is concentrated and activated in the right direction.

It is worth remembering that the independent use of force of the runes can cause harm — it all depends on how knowledgeable you are in this area. Some signs conflict with each other; in no case should they be placed close to each other.

A good helper is the rune amulet. If you are firmly sure what you want, draw the runes on desire on a wooden plate or a piece of natural leather.

In the process of drawing, you say out loud every element of the formula — this is how you send the necessary signal to the Universe.

Do not take out a charm from your pocket or bag and take it in your hands and ask for help. This action every time you feed it with your energy.

Proven runes for wish fulfillment

The strongest runes for wish fulfillment have been tested for centuries. They are used not only by experienced runners, but also ordinary amateurs.

These include the following Scandinavian runes:

  • Vuno — includes the entire internal potential of a person and shows the direction in which it is necessary to move.
  • Teyvaz — symbolizes courage and fortitude, endurance.
  • Dagaz — helps transform, change your thinking.
  • Fehu — responsible for finances.
  • Turisaz — removes all obstacles to happiness.
  • Raido — personifies the road to the target.
  • Inguz — a symbol of fruitful work and success of the final result.

Each rune for the fulfillment of desires is both an independent magic tool and a separate element of the rune staves.

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Rune staves to fulfill desires

Runologi advise to use proven formulas to achieve the desired:

This combination is called the «Three Thrones». Symbols are carved on a wooden plank, and then burned to the ground.

The remains of ash poured into a small bag and worn as a personal talisman until the realization of the dream.

  • Yer — Kenaz — Inguz — Soulu — Teyvaz — Gebo

The formula is called «exactly the goal.» Helps to achieve the goal in the shortest possible time.

Absolutely harmless.

  • Fehu — Ansuse — Eyvaz — Turisaz — Gebo — Vuno — Yer

Before you draw this formula, you must decide on all the details of your desire. Also analyze the current situation, try to independently find the most appropriate path to your dream.

And only after that ask for help from the old symbols.

  • Dagaz — Fehu — Odal — Yer — Inguz

The name of the stave — “Goldfish” — speaks for itself. Formula attracts success and good luck.

It can be used for any purpose. When you ask the runes for what you want, mentally imagine how the energy is concentrated around.

Soon all dreams will come true.

  • Uruz — Teyvaz — Raido — Yer — Soulu — Thurisaz — Eyvaz — Fehu — Nautise

Combination of runic characters called «Savromat.» When working with this combination, you should clearly see the desired end result.

Experts recommend using the formula after pre-treatment of negative energy.

Divination on the runes on desire

All rune signs have their own characteristics — energy, properties, scope of application. At the head of each is usually a heavenly deity.

In fortune-telling practice, symbols have been used for a very long time. They were revered in ancient Egypt, and in Greece, and in other countries.

Unfortunately, not all knowledge about ancient rune signs reached our times. Nevertheless, even now many of them are very popular among fortune-tellers.

Earlier, symbolism was depicted on wooden bones, but now it is applied to special cards. With the help of fortune telling, you can find out if your dear wish will be fulfilled.

Symbols will tell you what behavior strategy to choose to get closer to the dream.

You can ask the runes cards any questions of interest: about love, about luck, about work, etc. Speak your question and pull the cards one by one.

Of great importance is the position: direct or inverted.

Decoding the alignment is not always easy — therefore, you cannot do without the help of a specialist.

Runes wish-fulfilling

Runes to fulfill desires: proven fomrula and rules of application

Signs like runes came to us from England and Scandinavia. In the past, people believed that they were able to solve a variety of problems.

It is believed that when the wounded God hung nine days on the world tree, he dropped nine rods on the ground to improve the lives of the living. They formed a pattern of lines. Gradually, these sticks turned into 24 symbols, which became known as runes.

The runes given to people for desire, for love and for the future have spread throughout the world and still live today.

They went to the people and became known as oracles. In total there are 24 runes (except for one empty), each of which has its own meaning and purpose.

They show a person everything that should happen in the future and all possible consequences. But it is possible not only to foresee the future, but also to change it cardinally.

The magic of the runes is very strong, so not every person can immediately dispose of it correctly. Therefore, improper use can lead to a lot of harm, misfortune and suffering.

Every thoughtless action or wrong step can harm a person or people around him. However, you should not worry so much if you are just starting to master this science.

After all, if you do everything step by step and not violate the existing rules, then nothing terrible will happen.

It is worth knowing that it will take a lot of time to learn the basics, sometimes the training period may take several years. It is not so difficult to understand the principles, in contrast to correctly adjusting the runes to the energy of signs.

After a person begins to gradually improve his skills, he can not only change his life, but also fulfill almost all desires.

Basically, people want everything at once. This is wrong, because you need to prioritize and focus on one or two desires, not more.

For greater efficiency, it is best to leave only one. After a while, the process can be repeated with a different desire.

And so gradually you will be able to improve your life and satisfy all your desires, but this should be gradually, not “all at once”.

The most popular desires: to find love, improve career, remove the disease from yourself or loved ones.

Almost everyone wants all this, but for this you need to know all the runic values.

Runes are not tarot cards. After all, the cards can be confused or put the wrong combination, and then try all over again. In fortune-telling on the runes, such mistakes are unforgivable.

It is worth noting that in such a process, complete concentration is needed, because every mistake or carelessness may already affect in the near future.

First decide on the desire. Becoming a wish fulfillment considers it a top priority. Do not forget that each of them has its own rune formula.

After take any natural material. Mostly people choose something from this list: leather, wood, glass or stone.

Next, apply the selected runic formula on the material. At the time of writing, pronounce the name of each character, and at the end do not forget to voice your desire.

Do not invent any clever «spells.» Just speak in your own words what is currently spinning in your head.

For example: «My amuletic, help me …». All is ready.

Now carry a talisman in your pocket, neck, or bag. Once a week you need to take it in hand and just hold it, while thinking about your goal.

Thus, the person recharges the amulet and gives him new energy.

Formula runes for female attractiveness. Almost every girl wants to look at 100%.

Some spend a lot of time and money on beauty salons and various cosmetics.

And some simply create their own personal amulet with the formula of female attractiveness. In this case, we should not forget that the girl will begin to attract the attention of not only men, but also women.

If this option is suitable, then write the runes in the same manner «Kano (Kenaz) — Gebo-Laguz».

The combination of runes for the fulfillment of desire. All people have their desires. Someone they are simple, someone fantastic, but somehow we all want them to be performed.

However, we understand that the desire can be fulfilled only if it is real. Become president or marry a famous film actor fail.

If a person has a goal that is actually achieved, all that remains is to think about it and write only three runes in a line: Vuno — Teyvaz — Vuno.

Do not forget that the sequence can not be changed, otherwise this process may have the opposite effect.

Formula for attracting money. The financial component is always worried, and will excite each of us.

Therefore, it is not surprising that we all want to have as much money as possible.

Especially if at the moment you have a “black day”.

To fulfill such a desire, put the runes on one side of the amulet in the line: Soulu — Soulu — Fehu, turn over and on the other side, also apply them in the following order: Fehu — Otala — Soulu — Soulu.

A combination of runes to attract love. You can not consider your life a full-fledged, if it does not have a beloved second half, which at any time will be able to help, reassure, and in the most difficult situation will be near.

In order to attract true love into your life, you need to write a line on the selected material in this order: Kano (Kenaz) — Yera — Otala.

And do not forget that the rune magic will not do everything for you: if you take a chance or miss it, it depends on you.

Popular ways to use runes:

  • For love
  • For protection
  • For good luck
  • Slimming
  • For good health
  • For money

Strong runes for wealth and wish fulfillment

Runes to fulfill desires: proven fomrula and rules of application

Today, I, the magician Sergey Artgrom, will talk about rune magic and pay attention to the runes of well-being and wealth. To attract money into your life, it’s not enough just to want it.

There is a complex of magical rituals for the rapid attraction of energy, well-being, and it is this that will change your life, open the way to big money for you.

You can not only attract money, but also hold so that they do not flow like water, but work for you. For this, it is necessary to make the energy of wealth spin, not to stagnate, not to run out.

Powerful runes of wealth will make you attractive to the money egregor, and he will more often and more willingly come into contact with you. For this purpose they use positive runes that bring energy of well-being and prosperity.

Staws and formulas consisting of such runes and having an exact program set by a magician will help you solve your problems in different areas of life. But today, I, the magician Sergey Artgrom, will talk about money, I will consider examples of runic stav.

What rune attracts money — becoming a rich patron

With it, you can find a sponsor and patron of the arts, or a reliable business partner who will be willing to invest their money in a joint business.

If you read the plot for a particular person, say, a partner not in the business sphere, but in love, then your greedy man will become more liberated and generous.

Runa Laguz, present in the magical position, will help you find the key to the person.

So, becoming consists of the following runes: Teyvaz, Manaz, Laguz, Inguz, Eyvaz, Fehu. These are all strong runes where the runes of money and wealth are present.

  1. Teyvaz: search for a sponsor and patron.
  2. Manaz: directly a person who is influenced, in addition, through this rune, a connection is established with this person.
  3. Laguz: the search for the key to the man, and his finding, the successful completion of the negotiations
  4. Inguz: creates a suitable climate for a good and fruitful relationship. This rune attracts money to a person, its sacral meaning: potential, abundance, movement, exit from a confined space.
  5. Eyvaz: this rune helps achieve the desired.
  6. Fehu: opens a money channel; this is the correct rune of wealth and prosperity, popular with many who surround themselves with runic money amulets and talismans for well-being.

Now is the time to learn how to properly negotiate this. Becoming from runes on luck and wealth. Stav, which the magician activates, he gives an individual task.

This is the meaning of the conspiracy: to form a clear program within which the runes will operate to solve a specific task.

The correct conspiracy is clear, without the assumption of vague, unclear wording, where the runes are verbally given a specific setting to attract money, supported by intention and visualization.

So that the runes of wealth and success help you to attract both things into your life, give them a clear installation, exclude emotions during the ceremony, speak, so that the runes work harmoniously, without harm and do not interfere with the work of other stavs activated by you.

Then release your intention and desire, do not interfere with the magic of attracting money to happen. We also remember the unshakable power of faith.

It is she, the belief in her righteousness and the power of monetary magic, that creates the canvas of reality, giving it the features you need.

Below are examples of conspiracy to the rune stav Rich patron.

Powerful runes for wealth and money — how to negotiate becoming a rich patron

If during the magical ritual you address the gods, be sure to bring gifts according to all the rules. Here is the second version of how to read the rune conspiracy to the task of the Rich patron, the real runes for wealth and wish fulfillment.

“By the power of this rune stav, the man (woman) (name) supports me in the business (such and such) and is ready to invest finances in the development of this business. Everything happens to mutual joy and harmony; I receive material support from a man (woman) (name) easily, without problems and without harm.

I activate this rune by becoming (say exactly how you activate: saliva, breathing, or otherwise, the way you used to do it), and it will begin its work here and now, immediately after activation.

This rune becoming Rich Patron works without harm to my physical and mental health, and also without harm to the physical and mental health of my loved ones and bloodlines, my home and property.

When this rune becomes its work, I deactivate it (tell me exactly how: by burning, or otherwise, the way you used to deactivate the runes that completed their task). Let it be so».

This strong rune test has shown good results and can be used at home both to attract customers and for profit, business development, or to stir up a greedy lover, to remind you that greed is not the best advertisement for a man.

Independently, the monetary runes for getting wealth, arranged in becoming a Rich patron, begin their action quickly, approximately from 30 to 60 minutes. The magical effect falls on the object gently, without harming anyone. Sometimes there are side effects — fatigue and weakness of the victim.

This may be due to the blocks or the negative of the object on which at home you have made a rune rate to attract money and good luck. Usually, if fatigue occurs, it passes during the day.

Action Signs of Wealth — Becoming a Gift Certificate

In stavia practicing magicians use not only the Scandinavian and Slavic runes of happiness and wealth. Many real magicians practice solving specific problems with the help of European glyphs.

For example, becoming a Gift Certificate, consists entirely of European glyphs and symbols for gaining wealth. This is intended to become a gift. You can specify certain gifts from certain people.

Here are the signs for wealth and material benefits used in this “Gift Certificate”.

Upon request, you can wear this becoming as a runic amulet to attract rich customers:

  • Glyph Gift — used to receive material goods, gifts; creates and maintains a fruitful basis for pure beginnings and acquisitions.
  • Glyph Opening of Opportunities — assists in removing obstacles, opens up new opportunities, supports new favorable situations for a person.
  • Glyph Present — harmonizes the situation as a whole, moves it off dead center, and supports the process of positive transformations in the present time.
  • Glyph Concentration of forces — used to concentrate and enhance the effect of the spell.

Ancient strong runes to health wealth and fortune

Whatever sign of wealth or combination of these signs you choose for your well-being, you need to consider that the action of the runes will be realized only if they are consciously and correctly applied.

Fleece Fehu — strong runic talisman, genuine symbol of wealth and prosperity. But, this is not the only rune of good.

Consider the most famous and successful runic combinations of money amulets, which are put in a wallet to attract money.

These powerful runes of wealth can be used separately, or they can be combined to form magic formulas and staves. In order to make up a rune correctly, becoming a symbol of good luck and well-being, you must remember the condition of three elements:

  1. rune personifying the main purpose of the formula
  2. symbol of the resources involved and the means used
  3. the result that the operator achieves, and which will suit him

The most popular are the rune formulas for attracting good luck and money:

  • Odal-Fehu-Yer
  • Dagaz-Odal-Fehu
  • Fehu-Odal-Verkana-Soulo

These runes are used to create effective, harmonious and superbly proven cash talismans.

Such formulas are applied to your photos, sheets of paper, bills or plastic bank cards, and are carried in your wallet as a money magnet. These proven money magnets include the runic talisman Mill to attract money.

In general, there are many varieties of Mills for money; In the composition of these stavov different runes, however, Fehu in the combination of runic signs is present without fail.

They make more time-resistant amulets on wood and natural stones.

Inscriptions of magical runes to attract money into their lives, can be applied to personal accessories and jewelry, on garments. And, of course, on the body.

Many people wear runic tattoos today, using the runes of success and prosperity.

Very well, if you make a talisman of well-being with your own hands. However, if you are not engaged in real magic and are not confident in your abilities, you can always buy a rune talisman for wealth in esoteric stores, or order in online stores of magic goods, and then set them up for yourself.

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