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Runes for health and healing: strong formulas and how to apply them

Runes for health and healing: strong formulas and how to use their magical powers

Runes for health and healing: strong formulas and how to apply them

Runes — ancient magic system, for which resorted to in a variety of situations. These amazing symbols are able to harmonize our lives, to direct the energy for the fulfillment of desire, and even to punish the ill-wisher if necessary.

Especially often turn to the runes for help in matters of health.

How to apply and activate the runes

Healing from ailments — the problem is urgent at all times. Even the ancient magicians discovered that the correct combination and use of the runo-signs in the right way can give amazing results.

Nowadays, practitioners also turn to runes for help in order to receive energy from above and direct it for healing.

In order for the formula of runic symbols to work, it must be correctly composed and activated. Becoming can be applied directly on the body, on the diseased organ — to speed up the effect.

If this is not possible, you can traditionally draw a formula on paper or put symbols on a handmade amulet. In this case, the amulet must be in contact with the patient until recovery.

Ways to activate magic formulas:

  • Breath. When you become inscribed, you breathe out and mentally charge the formula with your energy and desire to heal.
  • Palm energy. Instead of exhaling, use your own energy emanating from your hands. To do this, rub your palms together, thinking about healing at this point. Then bring your palms to the finished formula and begin to imagine how the energy charged by you emanates from the palmar chakras. At this point, you will feel a slight warmth and vibration in your hands.
  • Elemental help. Each rune is directly connected with one or another element. If the formula is dominated by the number of fire runes, then for activation you can burn by becoming a flame. If more watermarks — throw the formula in the river, earth symbols — bury in a secluded place or hide in the foliage. If airy runes prevail, you can trust paper with symbols to the air flow.
  • Clause. Under the stipulation means a short spell or pronouncing out loud your desire. Experienced practitioners resort to this method most often, because the power of the word is one of the most powerful. You can negotiate each rune in the stave or the entire formula as a whole. Your appeal to the runes should be clear and short.

We offer you only the most time-tested runic stavy for getting rid of various diseases. Choose the best way to draw characters and activation method.

If you have never studied the runes and have not worked with them, we strongly recommend that you contact a professional rune master. For beginners, runes may not work, moreover, a magical rollback may occur with serious consequences.

Runic formula for woman’s health. So how are we talking about permanent effect, it would be best to mark the amulet and try to wear it as often as possible.

You can also draw marks on the inside of the item that a woman often uses. This may be a comb, handbag, personal diary. Soulo — Evaz — Gebo — Uruz — Dagaz — Yera — Uruz — Gebo — Evaz — Soulo.

Update this becoming necessary once a month.

Runic formula for male health. If the alleged man does not believe in runic help or does not need to know about it, then you can act in secret.

The best and effective way — write the formula on paper, stipulate it on the health of the man, denoting the name, and burn the candles in the flame.

Repeat once a month. Teyvaz — Uruz — Ansuz — Perth — Dagaz.

Becoming improves psychological well-being and energy, protects against the appearance of health problems, contributes to improvements in the sexual sphere.

Runes for health and beauty

The strongest runic formula for beauty and health of a young girl. When a person is young, energy flows in it much faster, therefore the selection of certain runic signs directly depends on age.

The proposed formula is recommended to put on perfume bottle and slander on youth and tender beauty: Laguz-Berkana-Gebo-Soulo. Charging formula breathing.

Becoming at promoting health and improving appearance for adult women. Yera — Perth — Inguz — Berkana. There are several options for applying and applying this formula.

First way: the formula is drawn on paper with a growing moon.

Be sure to use the reservation on increasing your health and enhancing beauty along with the growth of the moon. Becoming charged with the energy of the hands and hiding in a secluded dark place.

At full moon you need to make a fire. If this is not possible, light some candles in the room.

If you are in nature, then throw the formula into the fire along with some old thing.

Be sure to say out loud that you burn all your diseases, shortcomings and mistakes of the past. If you are at home, write on paper a list of what you want to get rid of, and also burn it.

This powerful ritual will purify and renew your energy.

Second way: make a talisman with your own hands, draw the proposed runes and always carry with you. It is recommended to sleep with such an amulet, for a constant energy supply and the best work of the formula.

Formula for enhancing male charm. Drawn on an amulet or drawn on paper and burned in flames: Teyvaz — Soulo — Fehu — Vuno.

Runes for women’s health

Strong formula for women’s health problems. This can be used for endometriosis, myoma and other chronic diseases.

Contraindications — acute sudden illness and perforation of cysts.

The formula is recommended to draw on white women’s underwear and wear whenever possible as often as possible. You can also create your own amulet with symbols and wear without removing.

Breath signs are activated: Perth — Evaz — Dagaz — Laguz — Yera.

The magic formula for health during pregnancy and after childbirth. This classic becoming easier processes occurring in the female body, normalizes the work of organs and eliminates unpleasant consequences, for example, toxicosis or hemorrhoids: Algiz — Laguz — Evaz — Dagaz — Raido — Algiz.

The runes are best portrayed on paper, activated by hand and put under the pillow. You can upgrade this once a week.

Runic signs used for children’s health

To protect against diseases and strengthen immunity. The formula is recommended to draw a pencil on any object with which the child often interacts, for example, on the inside of the satchel.

When activated use a reservation, breathing or laying hands. Algiz — Uruz — Mannaz — Algiz — signs are written one after another in the specified sequence.

The formula needs to be updated once a week with a pencil and energy.

Powerful combination of characters to cure viral and catarrhal diseases. Kano — Perth — Inguz — Kano — Isa — Perth — Uruz.

The formula is applied on paper, is activated by a short slander and is removed under the pillow to the patient. Becoming working on temperature removal elimination of unpleasant symptom, cure for flu and various types of ARVI.

Runic staves for healing joints

Formula to eliminate pain and strengthen the body. These symbols are drawn on the adhesive plaster and attached to the sore spot: Raido — Hyères — Perth.

Be sure to negotiate the desired effect and period of healing. The best option is 9 days.

Becoming to heal and eliminate the cause of the disease. The formula must be depicted on a tube of ointment: Laguz — Evaz — Soulo — Evaz — Laguz.

In the treaty, be sure to refer to the element of Water and ask her to heal you. Duration of the desire: 1 — 3 months.

During this time, the formula should be constantly updated and re-drawn with the subsequent reference to Water and Ondinam. Continue until the situation improves.

Use of runes for skin diseases

Formula for moisturizing and improving the appearance of the skin. Having become drawn on the bottle or lid of the cosmetic product, it is activated by a concise slander for healing and beauty: Yera — Dagaz — Laguz — Dagaz — Yera.

Runic becoming to get rid of skin imperfections. The formula can be applied not only to improve the skin, but also for the whole body.

Becoming eliminates cosmetic problems, moisturizes, tightens. Symbols are also put on the bottle and are specified: Inguz — Hagalaz — Naudiz — Teyvaz — Soulo — Vuno.

Magic formulas for the healing of eye diseases

The strongest formula for improving the quality of vision. This became used in the strongest forms of myopia and serious eye diseases.

It is necessary to apply marks on a soft white bandage with which the patient will cover his eyes before bedtime.

Runes must be inscribed on the front side. The formula is very powerful and requires high energy costs.

For activation, use the cave and breath. To facilitate the process of witchcraft is recommended bring gifts to Odin.

Main runes: Uruz (drawn 4 times), Inguz (2 times), Dagaz (2 times). Helper runes are drawn one at a time: Soulo, Ansoul, Laguz, Algiz.

Formula for healing from diseases resulting in a milder form. Becoming the above, really «heavy artillery.»

If we are talking about mild forms of myopia or farsightedness, as well as temporary diseases, then you can use a simpler stav.

All signs are drawn 2 times: Gebo, Kano, Algiz, Fehu, Vuno. It is best to put the formula on paper or case glasses, activate by hand.

Runic assistance has proven to be effective and fast. method of expelling the disease and recovery of the body as a whole. Our ancestors left us with a rich heritage, which we must use with wisdom and care.

Remember that runic staves are powerful sorcerous rituals that require practice serious energy costs.

Do not use multiple formulas at once. Try one first, evaluate the effect, analyze the impact of each particular rune in the stav.

And do not forget thank the universe for the help. Gratitude is a strong energetic feeling that by itself can heal and ennoble any person.

Heal you soon!

Runes for health and healing from alcoholism, from diseases

Runes for health and healing: strong formulas and how to apply them

The runes for health, written on talismans or amulets or in the form of tattoos on the body, have a separate focus of energy, which in turn affects the general condition, the internal processes, etc.

In modern times, both single runes and healing staves are known, which act as curative, as preventive of diseases. But what is really worth knowing is how to properly use the target runes.

To heal from the disease or to prevent its occurrence will help special aiming runes

The strongest runic symbols for healing

  1. Uruz is one of the powerful runic signs aimed at preventing diseases. It is able to support and nourish the body with additional energy. But on the other hand, there is a certain side (negative) effect, which is manifested in an increase in sexual desire and an increase in libido. Although those who have certain problems of this nature can apply the Uruz rune as an additional treatment method.
  2. Dagaz — setting in a positive way, contributes to the rapid healing of wounds and the generation of tissue.
  3. Teyvaz — activates the internal power potential of the body, an excellent assistant in healing. It compensates for the effect of negative energy, greatly increases the protective function.

Basic information about bets

Drawing up formulas in healing is a method of treatment that has been known to the world since ancient times. But in order for all healing properties to be activated to the maximum, you need to learn as much as possible about each rune used.

  • On what type of disease, the most effective is becoming.
  • The influence of the selected mark on the body.
  • The correct sequence of writing clauses formulas.
  • Rules and nuances of stavov.

There are no particularly difficult moments in the writing of a stav, the healing process depends on the spelling. If you make the slightest mistake, you can lose not only time but also health.

If you make a mistake when writing a stav, your health may sharply deteriorate.

Runologist First Aid Kit

If you use these healing runic symbols, you can protect yourself and not fear serious diseases:

  • Inguz — this sign is an assistant in getting rid of the clips of an energy nature. That is, the energy fully moves in the body and eventually harmonizes and balances. In the literal sense, a person is filled with energy reserves and new forces to successfully solve problems and enjoy life.
  • Uruz — this rune increases the level of endurance and strengthens the immune system. Therefore, if you are sick for a long time, it helps to restore indicators and vital energy faster.
  • Kenaz is a sign that helps to unleash the potential originally laid in a person. Ensures that your life will be filled with drive and energy, for full functioning.
  • The triple becoming improves the overall effect, that is, if you create a formula of these components, it brings results.

Fleece «Kenaz» helps to unleash the potential originally laid in man

Runed Directional Signs

If you need strength in healing a particular disease, as an option from alcoholism, then you need to use the runes that are clearly responsible for solving the problem.

SouluRestores the overall condition. Fills a person with positive solar energy, helps to cleanse the negative. Sphere of influence: the level of the thin body.
AlgizThe rune sign is a talisman. He who has this sign protects himself from the negative manifestations that come into life from his inner circle. This rune helps to understand who brings benefit and good to life, and who on the contrary burns with negative and brings harm.
NautizHealing from addictions (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.) and vices. It works well on gamers, drug addicts and people who fall under the category of co-addicts. Plus, the rune mark in a favorable form affects the epidermis.
YaraThe symbol of youth and rejuvenation. It works in a complex, therefore it acts on the spiritual and physiological state simultaneously. An excellent assistant in the confrontation of interventions from outside and outside influence.
IsaThis rune has no clear healing properties. But it helps to stop the development of the disease, not giving the opportunity to grow in the future. It is also able to heal phobias, has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract.
PerthA cure for karmic diseases. If you need to remove ancestral damage or a curse, or among your ancestors there were people who were engaged in black magic and need to get rid of the payment for their sins. In such cases, the Perth rune is used.
HagalHealer of emotional experiences and depressions. With its help, you can cope with difficult life moments. In addition, cleans from damage and negative influence from the inner circle. Great for treating lumbar organs.
TeyvazSavior, healer of wounds. The only condition for the use of the following, it can be a gunshot or knife wound, then this rune will do.
AnsuzHelps to solve problems with speech apparatus. That is, if a person stutters or burrs, then you can make an amulet with this sign. Plus, this rune helps get rid of the fear of speaking in public.
UruzIt has quite a powerful effect. It is therefore used in the postoperative period, as well as during protracted diseases that deprive of energy. Perfectly fills the energy deficit. Treats diseases of the sexual sphere: infertility, impotence, etc. Purposefully works on diseases of the nervous system, liver.
CanoFleece, which heals the skin, is used in the treatment of burns, wounds and other injuries and diseases. Promotes rapid regeneration of the epithelium, epidermis.
FehuIf at the moment you don’t feel the taste of life, it’s devastated, then immediately you need to use a talisman or amulet with the Fech rune depicted on it. So in a matter of hours he will be able to replenish the energy supply, in addition to this he will be able to cope with headaches, has a beneficial effect on the skin, alleviates all the symptoms of fever and bone diseases.

The talisman, which depicts the rune «Fehu», will help get rid of a headache

«Mental runes» or those that are used to treat psychological diseases

As an option, inflammation of the facial nerve or skin — shows that a person is unsure or displeased with himself. Oncology is the result of a strong feeling of guilt or chronic resentment.

It is not surprising that among the runes there are those that work in the field of psychology, which ultimately affects the general condition.

  • Berkana — assistant women. She relieves the ladies of uncertainty, heals the complexes and in addition fills them with a healing dose of energy. As a result, the woman feels attractive and desirable for men.
  • Eyvaz — «spiritual» doctor. This sign is used in cases of mental illness when a person is simply unable to control his condition.
  • Mannaz — strengthening nerves, an assistant in experiencing stressful situations. Using it, a person does not take everything so close to his heart.
  • Dagaz — gives a feeling of love, peace and happiness. By applying it, you can feel the desired satisfaction, which completely blocks you from negative emotions, that is, everything is experienced in the right direction.
  • Laguz is a healer of complexes, old fears and phobias. A person wearing this sign will feel confident. Even professional magicians claim that Laguz opens empathic prerequisites and sharpens intuition.
  • Odal is the most necessary symbol for people of age. Since it will help to accept all the mistakes made previously without suffering guilt. Plus, it maintains a bright mind and slows down skin aging.

Odal is a runic symbol that helps to accept all mistakes made earlier.

Basic precautions when applying runic symbols

Absolutely all the methods associated with the appeal to otherworldly forces must be executed as accurately as possible. Otherworldly forces do not tolerate careless or joking attitudes towards themselves.

Therefore, carefully follow all the prescribed rules and nuances, especially those relating to medicinal runic stav.

If a mistake is made, it will not affect health, but the necessary time will be lost, and everything will have to start over. When plotting runes, it is important to remember the following:

  1. Runes — this is not a replacement for traditional methods of treatment. The prescriptions of doctors nobody changes, so do not rely solely on chance. Even the most famous world magicians claim that the runes are used as an additional method, combining with standard treatment in clinics and hospitals.
  2. Before applying the runes, you can not smoke or drink. The body should not be contaminated by harmful substances. Violation of this rule leads to the fact that a person develops certain diseases, sometimes aggravated by those that the person himself wants to get rid of.
  3. During the time of making a slander and drawing a formula, all thoughts should be directed solely at recovery. Any even minimal negative response in the head can influence the course of events. This does not indicate that deterioration will begin, but it is likely that the desired will not be crowned with success.
  4. Creating a stave is performed in a balanced state. If you have previously squandered with someone, and then immediately take up the formula, then you should not expect a positive effect, because most of the energy reserves have already been wasted on another.

Attitude towards runic symbols should be as responsible as possible. After all, they are the personification of the universal force, therefore they can bring into life both good and bad.

Create all formulas with the assurance that everything will work out. Only faith in success and good mood will help you achieve the desired effect.

Reinforce the effect of drugs with the help of runic symbols, but remember that they will not cure absolutely all diseases.

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The Runes of Health and Healing: interpretation and meaning in divination

Runes for health and healing: strong formulas and how to apply them

The correct interpretation of the runes on health can be obtained only when referring to a highly qualified specialist.

During fortune telling, the maximum focus on the result is important — you should completely control your own emotions and not be distracted.

Long since people turned to the help of magical signs — they can not only tell about a person, but also help, even save a life.


The individuality of each person is taken into account when interpreting runes, since everything depends on the direction of thoughts, on mood, on mental state. Even life experiences and memories matter.

The associations that arise during the magical action help the interpreter to accurately understand the answer that the runes give.

Not always the value of the runes on health shows the future, but the characters will tell you about the current situation. And, knowing all the existing circumstances, you can understand how to move forward, what steps to take.

Value health rune and healing


Due to the unique energy, it relieves joint pain, helps to restore flexibility, prevent destructive changes. A positive effect on the functioning of the urogenital system.

Helps to establish metabolic processes, to fight obesity.


Relieves stomach problems, with all digestive processes. Increases the body’s immune forces in the fight against colds, flu, viral and bacterial infections.


Copes with mental problems, relieves irritability and aggression. Gives poise, calmness, tranquility.

Fights kidney problems.


Significantly reduces pain in neurological diseases, arthrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis. Increases the functionality of the endocrine system.

Feu (Fehu)

Thanks to the healing effects of this rune, you can get rid of heart problems. It also helps those suffering from constant migraines, dizziness. Cleans the blood vessels.

Removes neuroses and nervous disorders.


Saves hypertensive patients from constant pressure surges. Improves blood composition. Helps the gastrointestinal tract.

It has a special effect on the libido — the runes that have felt the effect point to a significant increase in sexual desire.


Protection for women in labor. The symbol is responsible for the lower back and abdomen.

First of all, help extends to the kidneys and bladder.


Strengthens the spine, excellent help with hernia, salt deposits. It cleans the vascular system, has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart muscle.

Raises morale and vitality.


Responsible for upper respiratory tract. It also sets the balance in the composition of the blood.


The healing effect is observed in tremor, vascular debris, sclerosis. Helps with impaired potency.


Copes with pains in joints and muscles. Promotes the establishment of hormonal balance.

Treats diseases that lead to impaired vision, returns the sensitivity of the optic nerve.


The symbol is so strong that its image is simply put on a sore point. Gradually, the energy spreads throughout the body and helps healing for the disease.


Cleans the skin. Increases the immune power of the person.


The value of the runes for human health — the elimination of all energy blocks. For this drawing with her put in the area of ​​the solar plexus.

Just a few treatments are enough to feel the first positive results.


Increases performance, struggling with weakness, chronic fatigue, powerlessness. Excellent help with infertility.

Treats problems with the nervous system, relieves from overstrain, nervousness.


It has a regenerating effect — the body begins to recover and adapt to new conditions faster.


This rune of wisdom It improves blood circulation in the brain, positively affects memory and enhances mental abilities.

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Runic Stakes for Health

Not only single characters have healing properties, but also combinations of runes, as well as runic ties. They can be used as amulets, bringing long-awaited recovery.

To restore the body after complex procedures or a long stay in the supine position helps runic becoming Kenaz-Perth-Inguz.

This is the strongest combination of magical signs. The energy of the runes is so harmoniously connected that a person using them achieves balance and confidence in his healing more quickly.

Kenaz responsible for the positive attitude of the patient. It helps to control oneself and, despite the obstacles, move forward, develop and strive for a goal.

Power rune symbol protects against the negative effects of demonic forces. Kenaz directs: with its help it is easier to make a difficult decision.

Perth speeds up recovery processes, adjusts the subconscious to self-healing. Faith in your own strength is crucial in the fight against ailments, even mortal ones.

Sometimes, the most hopeless patients got up on their feet and forgot about past problems forever.

Inguz symbolizes rebirth — the transformation of personality. It reveals the potential of the body and includes all previously hiding resources.

Runes for getting rid of diseases (video)

The value of runes in divination for health


It is possible that in the near future surgery will be needed. High probability of fractures, injuries, and pathological processes in the body. If the inverted Turisaz fell out, then the operation can be avoided.

But serious treatment will still be necessary.


In case of diseases you should not immediately run to a doctor — home treatment will be much more effective. But the inverted Kenac says the opposite — without specialized help, recovery will not come soon.


Fleece serves as a warning about a serious illness. Without losing time, you need to do all the necessary tests and diagnostics.

The sign in the inverted position indicates that the disease is already progressing.


A full medical examination is required from all specialists. Make it worth at least for the sake of prevention.

If the symbol is turned upside down, it means that in your family something is being hidden about the health of a relative close to you.


Despite the heavy workload at work or the trouble of a different nature, make a rest. Recover well, otherwise the general condition may deteriorate significantly.


It means an unfavorable course of the disease, unsuccessful treatment, progressive symptoms.


The creator is watching you, so trust him completely. In your situation, doctors are helpless — only divine intervention can save.

Inverted Urus, unfortunately, is unkind news — your ailment has already fully seized the body.


Vulnerable gastrointestinal tract — be careful with this area. Limit the use of junk food, alcohol.

If the rune fell during the divination of a pregnant woman, the development of the fetus may be threatened. In an inverted position, Perth suggests that the doctors’ conclusion is incorrect — it is necessary to double-check the diagnosis.


The patient needs women’s help. It will be very good if the attending physician and nurses are women.

But the upside-down Berkana, on the contrary, speaks of the maximum restriction of communication of the sufferer with all representatives of the female sex.


It means that soon the disease will start to progress or it will recede — one of two things will happen.


In the near future, the patient’s condition will be stabilized. Back Fehu — new injuries, fractures, the manifestation of chronic diseases.


Supernatural powers will help. If you address them correctly, then the symptoms, and then the reason for the deterioration of health, will go away.

The inverted rune of Laguz shows that it was the otherworldly forces that caused the problems.


It shows that a person has instability of the nervous system, so mental disorders and depression are very likely.


Smile — soon you will forget about their illnesses.


In the near future you will not have a reason to go to the doctors. But the reverse Vuno warns that caution does not hurt.

It is better to be safe and not to expose yourself to dangers.


If you don’t miss the point and make it a rule to contact a specialist as needed, everything will be all right. But delaying treatment will lead you to very unpleasant consequences.


Visit the doctor and go through a full examination — it is likely that the disease began to develop. Reverse Algiz says about your indifference to his condition.


A very unpleasant rune that carries dangerous predictions. If she fell during divination, then you should prepare for the worst: serious long-term ailments or, at times, death.

I wish you good health and long life!

Alena Golovina — white witch, psychic, website author «Magic»

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Rune of health and longevity

Runes for health and healing: strong formulas and how to apply them

The importance of health for humans cannot be overestimated. After all, this is the component of life that always stands and will come first.

Every self-respecting and loving person will never give a damn about himself, which means that he will always look after his health and that of his child.

It is clear that his condition is influenced by many factors and it is impossible to fully protect yourself. However, proper nutrition, regular exercise and much more tempers the body. Everything listed is only part of what needs to be done to protect health.

Indeed, in our time there are lots of drugs for prevention and treatment.

However, each of them has its own contraindications, side effects. Also, do not forget that there are no harmless drugs, they all somehow affect the body.

Therefore, people very often resort to a variety of methods.

Do not forget about the usefulness of magical runes. These magic signs, Scandinavian or Slavic, can dramatically change a person’s life.

They are able to attract a soul mate, multiply the income of funds, help lose weight, improve health and much more. Basically, this method is resorted to by female persons.

This is because they greatly cherish their beauty, which can disappear from various diseases.

The second reason is children, because the child often gets sick at an early age, and mothers are ready to do anything to help him.

Runes are a valid and effective remedy for various diseases, but before starting the process, you need to carefully study all the nuances and peculiarities. You can make a breakdown by asking a question, and the runes, whether Slavic, Scandinavian, will certainly give advice.

Otherwise, instead of a positive result, you can get the opposite.

Take care of yourself and your health! And the value of the runes will help you navigate which one is better to use for prevention.

Amazing rune power

The first and one of the most popular runes is Fehu. It adds a person beauty, strength and energy, which is often not enough for a full active working day.

It can also reflect various kinds of magic. With the help of Fech you will forget about headaches and fatigue.

In addition, it protects a person from skin diseases and fever.

In a scenario, this rune is a good sign. You can see its value in more detail on specialized sites.

Uruz is a more powerful rune when compared with Fehu.

It fills a person with energy, which is extremely necessary for him after a serious illness. The power of Uruz is spontaneous.

This is the animal energy of nature, the one that makes the cats spring to climb onto the roofs.

Therefore, with long-term use of the rune after full recovery, it is able to endow its owner with irrepressible sexuality. Because of this, it is often used by people suffering from impotence, from frigidity and male infertility.

Use of Uruz in combination with other runes is dangerous.

If you need not to cure the disease, but simply to suspend its development, for example, if an operation is required, and before it is still a few months, then in this case, Isa is best suited.

This is the rune of the world ice, which relieves a person from fears, complexes and “freezes” the progress of many diseases. In addition, it helps a person with digestive organs and with poisoning.

In a scenario, this rune has no opposite meaning.

Perth is the rune of the transition between death and rebirth. This rune is able to remove all hidden obstacles that stand in the way of recovery. A person is expected to have gradual, soft changes at the subconscious level, health promotion, self-healing.

Perth can be a talisman of health.

Kenaz (Kano) is a symbol of vital energy, strength, vigor, clarity and enthusiasm. Thanks to this rune, the body will be better able to resist disease.

When using it, good health is guaranteed. It gives a good mood, improves the general condition of the patient, effectively fights depression and blues.

In addition, Kenaz expels evil spirits.

If Kenaz falls out, it’s a good sign of good luck.

You can regain your former beauty, regain your life energy and live in your pleasure.

On the Internet there is a description of other runes and layouts with them that will help you in the fight against this or that ailment.

Popular runic formulas

One of the most common diseases in humans is the flu. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that the Isa-Perthro-Uruz rune formula is also one of the most popular.

It will quickly and effectively improve human health, freeze the development of the virus and after some time will begin the recovery period of the body. This runic formula must be used for a short period of time, no more than a few hours.

Basically, she begins to help in the first few hours, but sometimes you need to give her more time and lie down a day at home to finally improve her health.

The runic formula Kenaz-Perthro-Ingwaz is a versatile rune amulet of a wide range. It can be used for a variety of diseases, ailments, as well as prevention. In addition, it will quickly and effectively help you in tissue regeneration.

Because of this, Kenaz-Perthro-Ingwaz is often used after serious cuts, fractures or surgeries.

If you do not care about the disease, but simply there is some kind of fatigue and the body is weakened, then in this case you should try the rune formula of two runes: Dagaz-Ingwaz. It fills the human body with lightness, energy and a charge of positive emotions.

Such a balance formula is perfect for older people and people with weakened immunity.

There are many more different runic formulas that have the effect of healing from various kinds of diseases.

Remember that when using these or other runes, you must sincerely believe in their healing properties. This is a very important point.

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