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Rune Teyvaz: meaning, interpretation and application in the layouts

Description and value of Teyvaz runes in divination and magic

Rune Teyvaz: meaning, interpretation and application in the layouts

Our talk with you today about ancient magical symbols will be very interesting, since a very powerful, bright, dynamic rune has been chosen as its theme. When it comes to her speech, for some reason, the books of Carlos Castaneda and Theun Marez immediately come to mind. Teyvaz — the rune, the value of which we now analyze, is considered the most «male» in Elder Futark.

Let’s figure out why.

Rune Teyvaz — basic meaning and interpretation

Before we proceed to the direct discussion of the symbolic field of this rune, let us recall what qualities, according to tradition, a man should possess. If a woman is a fragile and defenseless creature, then a male representative should definitely be strong, brave, courageous and resolute, shouldn’t she?

It is these words that can characterize the meaning of the Teyvaz rune.

But that is not all! This symbol is also called the warrior’s rune.

And who is a warrior and what distinguishes him from the usual representative of the stronger sex? Of course, the fearlessness with which he encounters difficulties, the absence of any doubts about the correctness of his actions, purposefulness, and strong self-confidence.

And these qualities are also included in the symbolic field of the runes.

Rune Teyvaz, meaning, description and interpretation of it by many researchers associated with the planet Mars — the most militant of all. And here lies an important point: there is no war without war.

And what is war? This is a rivalry and a strong desire to win, so you can surely call this rune also a symbol of struggle and victory — otherwise what kind of warrior are you, if you have not won?

But this is not where our associative series ends. If we look at the photo of the Teyvaz rune, we will see that it is depicted as an arrow pointing upwards. Not right, not left, not down — only up.

What does this mean? And the fact that the action of the runes will always be unidirectional, i.e. she does not mean a way back.

This movement is forward and only forward. You can compare its action with a jump over the abyss: if you jumped it once, then you will have nowhere to go back — such a trick simply cannot be repeated twice.

That is why it is so important to catch the moment when this rune comes — and act, otherwise a second chance may never be presented.

Returning to our “earthly” realities, let’s summarize: Teyvaz will talk about bold, decisive, fearless behavior, about a person who is ready to rush into battle without hesitation, about a huge energy potential, about a vector found to release her own energy. The person to whom Teyvaz comes to does not even need to say “get up and go” — he will get up and go before you have time to utter this phrase.

The value of the inverted runes Teyvaz

And now suppose that the man “missed” the moment of arrival of this rune, he realized himself when it was already too late. What does he see, feel?

The fact that his energy has nowhere to go, the exit is closed.

You can compare the value of the runes Teyvaz inverted with a cart, which was put in front of the horse. The horse seems to be ready to run, but physically can not do it.

The same can be said about the man who fell the reverse Fleece.

However, there are exceptions. Sometimes an inverted Teyvaz can be interpreted as a person’s desire to get “everything at once”, without doing anything for it, without putting any effort.

This is such a cowardly fighter who spent the whole war through the bushes, but as soon as his comrades won, he jumps up and runs ahead of everyone, waving a flag with the words “We won!”, Although he wasn’t in that same “we” at all.

What does Teivaz mean in divinations for work and business?

If we ask about professional activity, the value of the Teyvaz rune in a direct position will be almost limitless possibilities.

A person has the power, there is a lot of money, or he can easily get it all with the help of his power. But strength, of course, is not physical, but internal.

Also, the rune can talk about willingness to take risks, excitement, unshakable confidence in their own success.

  • Fehu — Teyvaz: This means that the questioner will be able to successfully manage the capital received.
  • Soulu — Teyvaz: The combination says that a person will make a good steward, chief, commander, director

If the environment of the direct rune is completely negative, then in the situation under consideration there are obviously some opposing forces that should be considered before «crawling through.» However, in this case, breaking through is not necessary — it is better to look for workarounds on the contrary.

  • Hagalaz — inverted Teyvaz: Such a combination does not promise anything pleasant: competitors will bypass the questioner, since they or circumstances will turn out to be stronger than him. Another variation of the interpretation of the reverse rune — this is an obstacle from the law

What does Teivaz mean when fortune telling about relationships and love?

The significance of the Teyvaz runes in fortune-telling for relationships and love will always be positive, if, of course, we mean the direct position of the symbol. She will talk about passion, bright emotions, strong connection with a partner, happy events that are happening now or will happen to a couple in the future.

Another common, one might say classical, value of the Teyvaz rune in love is a clear indication of a man. If the questioner belongs to a strong sex, then this may be himself, if we guess to a woman, then the rune will point to a husband, lover, partner, friend or some other man who is very important to her.

  • Laguaz — Teyvaz: It is worth noting that such a combination in the scenario for a woman means that this man will not solve her problems (although she hoped so!), And she will have to cope with them alone.
  • Isa — the inverted rune Teyvaz value in the relationship will take the following: it is bad prospects for the union, the threat of its disintegration, alienation and cooling of feelings
  • Perth — inverted Teyvaz: It reports an extremely sexual interest when lovers have no desire to talk «about the soul»

What does the rune Teyvaz for divination for health?

A straight rune does not carry anything bad in itself, but on the contrary, it reports about good health and advises a person to stop hammering his head and running to doctors. In the case of any disease, Teyvaz always gives a chance for a speedy recovery, the main thing is not to give up!

The value of the runes Teyvaz inverted — this is a problem for the male part. If the reverse symbol comes to a woman, then this may indicate a hormonal disorder or diseases associated with overwork.

How is Teivaz used in magic?

  • The sacred significance of the Teyvaz runes in magic was already known in ancient times. Brave warriors put this sign on their body before going into battle.
  • Also, the symbol was depicted on military weapons — it was believed that he would certainly bring victory.
  • Today, magicians use this rune quite rarely, mainly to eliminate rivals, or as part of runic formulas aimed at working with male energy.

What is the amulet with Teiwaz rune for?

To be honest, using this sign as an amulet is not very recommended, because the symbol is not protective, but victorious.

But victory cannot come by itself — it must be won, which means — to join the battle, to overcome obstacles. Lovers of a quiet and peaceful life are unlikely to want to get involved in such a «mess».

The only person who can wear a photo of the Teyvaz rune as a talisman is for athletes in competitions where they really need to win the victory.

Can I make a tattoo with a Teiwaz rune?

Tatu runes tattoo is not the best choice, even if you are a strong, brave, reckless and self-confident man, ready to walk on their heads. Competition, struggle is always a test, and this magic sign applied to the body will not only attract victory to you, but create circumstances in which you can win.

A simple example: you return home late at night, hooligans pester you, you boldly rush into battle, and after a few minutes the aggressively minded youngsters, having received a fuck, retreat. It seems that such a situation can happen to anyone, but no — if it were not for the tattoo with the Tayvaz rune, the hooligans would quietly march along a nearby street.

Rune of the Day Teyvaz

As a rune of the day, Teyvaz says that the next day you will be full of energy and you will have to throw it out somewhere.

Everything turns out as if by magic: the right bus is right on time, goals are achieved, desires are fulfilled, dreams come true.

But only under one small condition: you must not sit back and act, enter into this energy flow created by the rune. Even for a woman on this day is not afraid to show male qualities.

Rune Council Teyvaz

«Male Fleece» advises, or rather does not even advise, but screams and orders you: «Do not stand, go, run, take, fight, fight, crush, break, get it while you are on the tide of victory!» You may not get another chance. ”

What questions should I ask myself when meditating on the Teyvaz rune?

Meditating on a photo of the Teyvaz runes is a great way to dive into the symbolic field of this magic sign. During mediation, ask yourself the following questions and honestly answer them:

  • Are you aware of your inner strength?
  • Can you, without fear, look into the eyes of your detractors, enemies, including internal ones?
  • Are you ready to go and fight for life and death for the desired victory?
  • Do your true masculine qualities slumber?
  • Are you ready, without a shadow of a doubt, to go along the warrior’s path when you have such an opportunity?

Here is such an unexpected, powerful, powerful, transforming rune Teyvaz, ready to sweep away everything in its path and fill a person with Martian warlike energy. This rune is the very path of the warrior described in the books of Carlos Castaneda and Theun Marez, which we mentioned at the outset for a reason.

Runa Teyvaz. The value of the runes Teyvaz and interpretation in divination

Rune Teyvaz: meaning, interpretation and application in the layouts

Scandinavian rune Teyvaz The older Futhark is a symbol of fearlessness. She personifies both physical strength and spiritual strength.

  • Fleece says that a person does not feel a drop of fear before an important event. His determination allows to achieve great results, but in the end — he wins an absolute victory over all rivals.
  • Teyvaz symbolizes a huge energy potential, which is sometimes not used. We are not aware of our capabilities! Charm helps to find a vector by which energy can be output.
  • A person who receives the support of a magic sign no longer needs anything — he gets up and acts decisively.

The general meaning and description of the runes Teyvaz

Existing names: Teiwaz, Tir or Tyr — warrior (god of warrior Tyr).

Before we figure out what the rune Teyvaz means, we need to recall the qualities that a real man possesses.

First of all, it is strength, striving for victory, courage and courage. Also, men should show respect for the weaker sex — who else will protect fragile women?

It is with these qualities that this rune is connected.

All the dangers, all the obstacles that will meet on your way, you will overcome if you trust the energy of a powerful symbol.

In antiquity, warriors never went on a campaign without a personal talisman, which protected both from an enemy sword and from their own fears. Scandinavians have always been famous for their willingness to go into battle and never doubted their strength.

There is a connection between Celtic rune Teyvaz and the warlike planet Mars. As you know, war is rivalry and the desire of both parties to win.

And the Scandinavian sign serves as a symbol of primacy.

Outwardly, the symbol resembles an arrow that is directed upwards. This suggests the uni-directional runes — its value can not be interpreted in two ways.

If you started your way, reach the end.

A parallel can be drawn between the value of the rune and the following situation.

You decided to jump over a huge abyss — and you did it. But after you a big rock fell into the rift and made it even bigger. Now the road ahead is open, and the way back is forever cut off.

It is important not to miss the chance and use it to the maximum. You will not wait for the second gift of fate — remember this.

The interpretation of the runes Teyvaz divination

The Scandinavian symbol is associated with the male beginning. It is an arrow, looking upwards. She personifies a constant movement forward.

No circumstances can stop you if the energy of the sign is with you. If it falls out at a scenario, it speaks of complete commitment, an inner core, the strength of mind and thought.

You are filled with optimism.

Teyvaz predicts that the future will bring you a lot of positive emotions and pleasant surprises. There is a high probability that you will meet the love of your life.

It also means that you are open to new knowledge, to new exploits.

In reverse position scandinavian rune talks about completely opposite things — about the lack of readiness for change and about the complete lack of confidence in their actions.

Direct position of the runes

When fortune-telling, did you get a straight Teyvaz? This suggests that a special period is approaching in your life.

It will be full of everything: dangerous moments, and obstacles, and new meetings. If you hold out and do not surrender to the obstacles, the Universe will reward you, because Teyvaz is considered unknowingly. rune wish fulfillment.

But those who are not accustomed to face difficulties, will not be able to get out of the abyss of problems.

The Scandinavian symbol warns you to change, forget about weaknesses, fears. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start fighting for your happiness.

If you do not want to follow this advice, there is no way out — an endless series of troubles awaits you.

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Inverted position of the runes

If you get an inverted Teyvaz — you should immediately think about your actions, about your behavior. Most likely, the path you have chosen is wrong and does not bring you any benefit or satisfaction.

Do not worry — everything can be fixed. The main thing is to pay attention to existing problems in time. The reason for all failures is the loss of vitality.

Everything becomes uninteresting and indifferent to you. Energy flows from you and cannot be renewed.

Runic sign advises to seek the answer within yourself. If you follow the opinions of others, you are unlikely to solve the problem.

Inverse Teivaz means that a person suffers from energy stagnation at all levels. There are love betrayal and betrayal.

This period is not suitable for the competition, because the winner will not work, and another loss will hurt your self-esteem.

Try to analyze your ideas and make plans for the future. Even if you encounter failures at the beginning of the journey, do not let them interfere.

Patience will lead to success.

For strong sex, inverted Teyvaz means masculine weakness. Such men do not want to achieve anything, they hope that everything will come to them itself.

This also applies to love themes.

Teyvaz: meaning in love and relationships

In the love question, direct Teyvaz always speaks of a positive result. You are waiting for a passionate and at the same time romantic relationship.

In the near future, a good and noble person will be on your way who will be ready for everything for you. Communication will be very strong. Every day will be filled with a mass of bright emotions and happy events.

And even after several years, your couple will still be passionate.

Some fortune-tellers do things for a specific person — most often a man (as this is a warrior’s symbol). When in this case, Teyvaz falls out with other runes, then there are several important combinations:

The man on whom they are wondering will not justify all the hopes placed on him. And a weak woman will have to solve all the problems herself, no matter how complex they are.

  • Isa — inverted Teyvaz.

A couple will not be able to be together for a long time, because their views on life are too different. Initially, a great passion is possible, but it will quickly fade away.

  • Perth — Inverted Teyvaz.

You and your partner are wonderful lovers, but no more. There is no talk of spiritual attachment.

When you are alone you have nothing to talk about.

Teyvaz: application in magic

Even in ancient times, the Kiel rune Teyvaz served as protection for the soldiers. So that the battle was successful, the fighter put a mark on the shield or on the hilt of the sword and went into battle without fear.

Now magicians are advised to use the symbol as a personal protective amulet. Sometimes large battles take place inside a person.

Contradictions do not allow to come to a certain goal and take a step towards your dream. Fleece will help become more resolute and active, you will forget about uncertainty and fear.

If you are in a controversial situation or have a conversation with an opponent, mentally draw a sign in the air. And believe me — you will win the conversation.

All the right words will be found, and you will hesitate to express your opinion on a troubling question.

Rune Teyvaz, value in fortune-telling and magic

Rune Teyvaz: meaning, interpretation and application in the layouts

Today on website about the runes we’ll talk about rune Teyvaz.

Runa Teyvaz (Teiwaz, Tivaz, Tivas, Tir, Tyur) — 17th Fleece senior futarka. Phonetic match — T, direct meaning — god Tyur (not to be confused with Thor, read about Torah in the post «Thor’s Hammer“).

This is a pronounced male fleece — the rune of war, conflict, victory and justice.

This rune, as well as rune Inguz, Devoted to God: rune Inguz — to god Freyja, and Teyvaz — Tyr.

A little bit about the god Tyr

Teyvaz is his ancient name. The later names of this god are Tyr, Tyr, Tiu, Ziu. Tyr was revered as the god of war.

It is dedicated to the day of the week — Tuesday (born Tuesday — the day of Tiu), and in astrology, Tuesday is considered the day of Mars.

In ancient Germany on Tuesdays held «Tingy» — a meeting of the communities where decisions were taken, including court decisions. For some time Tyr was the supreme god — the god of heaven, but after losing his hand in the fight with the wolf Fenrir, Odin took the place of the supreme god, since a crippled god can no longer rule.

One-handedness of Tyr has another aspect — if he is considered to be a god of justice, then this presupposes honesty and objectivity, which means that he excludes “double-dealing”.

In the layouts often designates a man, especially if we asked who did it. AT deal on relationship symbolizes a very important man for a woman, and as Batyushkov asserts, a lover rather than a future husband.

If in divination we wanted to know whether we should do something, then the rune Teyvaz in direct position advises us to do and pursue this. If a direct Teyvaz falls in the resulting position, which means that no matter what, the victory will be ours.

However, this rune, even in a straight position, does not promise easy ways.

Rune Teyvaz inverted in divination

Inverted Teyvaz in divination often denotes a passive stance or a very soft-bodied man. It may indicate in some hands, the absence of a man (for example, as the cause of some psychological state of a woman).

If we asked what to do and the inverted rune fell out, the answer to our question would be advice not to take any action so far. In the resulting positions, Teyvaz in the inverted position indicates loss or defeat.

Using the runes Teyvaz in magic

how rune of victory Teyvaz is used in runescripts for successful completion of a complex business. In this case, it is placed at the end of the runic formula.

It helps men to become even more courageous, gives energy and courage. Can be used to restore justice.

Considered a rune of litigation — in conjunction with Raido it is used to win in court. Many runners believe that this particular rune is able to revive the dead (12th spell from the speeches of the High).

Often it is included in protective formulas.

Well, about my not very successful use of this rune read here.

The image of the runes of Teyvaz is taken from the book “Runes and Mysteries of Northern Nations” by F. Aswynn.

Runa Teyvaz: meaning in relationships, love

Rune Teyvaz: meaning, interpretation and application in the layouts

In order to build normal relations with people around you, it is important to take into account many factors — a temper of character (temperament), sociability, willpower, etc.

Well, so that everything worked out with a bang, arm yourself with a valuable baggage of knowledge about the Teyvaz rune. In this article, you will learn the basics of this seventeenth symbol of the Elder Futhark, as well as learn how to properly apply it in practice.

Rune Teyvaz — basic meaning and interpretation

The meaning, description and interpretation of the Teyvaz rune comes down to the following — rivalry, the struggle for their goals, regardless of the situation. The rune has a huge hidden power.

If you are lucky and this rune falls to you, then you are capable of many achievements, unlike other people.

Huge chances of winning most often depend on the spirit of competition, which is present in a person — this motivates him to create vigorous activity, regardless of the sphere.

When divination for a certain period of time, the rune Teyvaz indicates that the spirit of competition will fill this segment throughout its length. Thanks to the seventeenth symbol of the Elder Futhark, a person will finally feel liberated, so he can realize his ideas with the help of internal energy.

  • Uruz — Teyvaz: This is a combination of personification of willpower, dedication towards a particular person

The value of the inverted runes Teyvaz

The value of the inverted rune Teyvaz indicates to the wondering that the time has come to replenish the reserves of internal energy. Another interpretation is that there are reasons why the normal path of energy release is blocked (blocked).

If this rune fell during divination, you should not be upset, but do everything to turn the situation in your favor. Have patience, and everything will work out.

No matter who they are guessing at, a man or a woman, the result is the same — a person wants to get “manna from heaven” without putting any effort into it.

What does Runa Teyvaz mean in divination for work and business?

If, under the scenario, you dropped this sign in your direct position, this indicates that the fortuneteller has considerable power, including access to large sums of money. The positive / negative shade of the symbol value is determined by the runes that are located next to Teyvaz.

I will give the most common examples.

  • Soulu — Teyvaz: It testifies that the questioner is able to properly and essentially dispose of the authority that is vested in him
  • Fehu — Teyvaz: A value similar to the above, only the interpretation concerns the financial issue

If the seventeenth symbol of the Elder Futhark fell in an inverted meaning, this means the following — in the near future failures are foreseen (the struggle of competitors). Another interpretation is that outsiders are involved.

  • Inverted Yera — Teyvaz: Guessing is ready to neglect anything in order to achieve the desired result (for example, career advancement, salary increase, etc.)

What does Runa Teyvaz mean in divination for love and relationships?

The significance of the Teyvaz rune in love and relationships depends on the position of the symbol, as well as on the nature of the question of the diviner. Before you ask the runes a question, concentrate on the desired object, then pull them out one by one.

If the rune Teyvaz fell in a straight position in fortune-telling on relationships and love, then its meaning suggests that it makes sense to rejoice — everything will be fine with you. The main interpretation in this position indicates a strong relationship with a partner, where positive emotions, love and passion dominate.

Want to know the attitude of women to you? Then Teyvaz, who fell in this question, points to a man who is very important in her life.

The sign does not necessarily indicate a husband — it could be anyone.

Combinations with the direct position of the runes Teyvaz

  • Vuno — Teyvaz: You are waiting for a long relationship based on love, mutual understanding and respect. Another interpretation of this combination a man can solve your problems
  • Laguz — Teyvaz: Indicates that you will have to deal with difficulties alone
  • Mannaz — Teyvaz: You can expect help, support, the beginning of love relationships with a person from influential circles of society it all depends on how the guesser perceives it

When fortune-telling, Teyvaz turned upside down? Do not rush to get upset, and try to understand yourself. Most often, this interpretation symbolizes the slow extinction of the partner’s feelings, accompanied by constant betrayals, scandals, quarrels.

Fleece recommends withdrawing from each other on time and understand their feelings. The situation is more reminiscent of «pan or gone.»

What does Teivaz mean for health fortune telling

Interested in the health of relatives and friends? Then the interpretation of the runes following proper treatment, as well as the effort expended, will soon bear fruit. The person on whom they are guessing will increase the immunity.

Board Go to the resort, as this will help consolidate the result.

How to use Teyvaz in magic

In magic, the value of the runes Teyvaz can be equated to one of the most powerful Scandinavian characters. It is recommended to treat this sign with increased caution — otherwise you can get a «return». Can be used in the following cases.

  • Setting certain goals and achieving them
  • Help in case of adversity
  • Development of strength of mind, confidence, regardless of the circumstances
  • Increases the «morale» of the owner, develops a desire to go to the end of the intended goal
  • Symbolizes a passionate, strong man.
  • Great mascot for surgeons

What is the amulet with rune Teyvaz for?

To activate Teyvaz’s magical power, it is recommended to make an amulet according to the rules. If you want to make a gift to a man, choose steel.

It is known that it is this metal that symbolizes power, strength of mind, the absence of obstacles in achieving goals.

Amulet for medical workers, it is desirable to make steel in the form of a ring. It is recommended to wear only on the right hand (preferably the thumb).

The talisman is not recommended to wear every day. It should be charged with its energy and be worn only when an important task is to come.

For example, to win the competition it should be made already at the stage of training. This will help strengthen the action of the talisman.

Can I do a tattoo with Teyvaz

Want to try to feel the power of the amulet on yourself? Then apply a tattoo with a rune Teyvaz the entire length of the spine temporary paints.

As mentioned above, especially for men.

Board Runes

To achieve the desired goal, use dedication and perseverance. Fate is favorable to you, so all our plans will be fulfilled as soon as possible. Arm yourself with patience and forward to victory!

Watching the updates on our site, you can learn for yourself another, equally useful information about the runes. Good luck!

The interpretation of the runes. RUNA Tivaz, Tiwaz (Tiwaz), the value of the runes

Rune Teyvaz: meaning, interpretation and application in the layouts

  • The name of the runes: Tivaz, Teiwaz (Teiwaz) The main importance of the runes Tivaz, Teiwaz (Teiwaz) — Strength. Victory.
  • The literal meaning of the runes Teivas (Teiwaz) — Fighting, the battle for justice.
  • Old Icelandic name, the value of the rune Tiwaz, Teyvaz (Tiwaz): Tur
  • When interpreting the meaning of the runes in the layout, first of all it should be remembered that the rune is Tivaz, Tiwaz is the rune of higher spiritual forces. Rune — a sign of a single deity. Fleece Tiwaz, Tiwaz (Tiwaz) — Fleece a sign of spiritual army, both in heaven and on earth.

Fleece Tivaz, Teiwaz (Teiwaz) — Fleece warriors and their spiritual mentors.

Runa tivaz, tayvaz (tiwaz), the value of the runes. More details

The rune gives the feeling of a correctly chosen vector, the right direction of the movement of inner cultivation, helps to maintain confidence in the chosen path, excites the striving for spiritual perfection, overcoming all the machinations of obstacles that arise.

The main meaning in the interpretation of Tivaz, Teiwaz (Teiwaz) — the fleece warrior spirit. Resilience in rejecting the ego.

The rune gives determination and confidence in success, which is achieved with the internally harmonious state of the rune being questioned or used. No doubt, only confident action and confidence in the correctness of the decisions made and actions taken.

Council runes Teiwaz (Teiwaz).
Be persistent and determined. Fortune on your side. Sometimes even a frontal attack can work.

In different cases, different tactics are used, when a fortress is starved when stormed. Now is the time to storm.

But remember, patience is one of the options of perseverance.

Runa Teyvaz. Interpretation of the meaning of the runes Turisaz in divination for love or relationship

The appearance of the runes of Teyvaz in runic divination for relationships and love personifies a very strong male component of influence on feelings and relationships. The area of ​​domination runes Teyvaz very large.

Rune TEYVAZ in love and relationships can give significant potential and predicts a successful resolution of existing difficulties.

You will be required determination, concentration on the achievement of the intended and complete lack of doubt in your own right.

Runa Teyvaz warns: You should be not only confident in yourself, but also farsighted, for you the main thing in relationships and feelings is to win in the confrontation of characters, but try to take into account the opinion and interests of your partner.

Runa Teyvaz encourages you to be ready to answer for their rash actions.

Runa Teyvaz shows his favor only to noble, decent people, those who know how to preserve their dignity, even in the most difficult moments.

The main theses. Warrior; divine will; justice; true; self-sacrifice; victory; guiding star; passionate love, adventures and experiences; warrior spirit energy; self-discipline.

This is the main male fleece. The rune of justice on the edge of a knife, the rune of victory.

Everything that happens to you at the moment is of particular importance. Runa Teiwaz indicates an active period in your life. Now possible battles, struggles, strong emotions, important events, any adventures.

Runa indicates that your current task is to achieve unwavering spiritual strength, the formation of character.

A woman falling out of the rune indicates the appearance in her life of a man (lover). According to the peculiarities of the situation, this is a gambling situation, a passion for power, passion, self-confidence, risk.

Fleece means that you need to look inside yourself and think about the features of your existence.

It will be useful to think about the recently established friendships or a new partnership — it is likely that in these relations there will be a huge field for joint activities.

The interpretation of the runes. Runa Tivaz, Teiwaz (Teiwaz) interpretation, the value of the runes. Internal content:

As mentioned above, the Rune of Tiwaz (Tiwaz, Teyvaz) is the rune of the Warrior Spirit.

The duel of the Warrior of the Spirit is always an irreconcilable duel with your own Ego, which will help you to gain the freedom of choice, to strengthen the will of your own affairs.

Embraced in the meaning of the runes Tivaz, Teiwaz (Teiwaz) power — this is the energy of insight. This quality is like a sharp blade, which will help you to cut off all the inveterate, dead, alien to your soul.

Patience is another of the meanings of the Runes of Tivaz, Teiwaz. With rune Tivaz, Teiwaz (Teiwaz) foretellers also associate the sun, the masculine, active principles.

The desire to win is manifested in the interpretation of the runes Tivaz, Teiwaz (Teiwaz) very strongly, especially the lifelong desire to win over himself.

Runa Tivaz, Teiwaz (Teiwaz) — the rune of courage and sacrifice, it can strengthen your determination to raise your own self.

The strength of the runes Tiwaz, Tiwaz (Tiwaz), its main importance will give you the desired vector, a sense of direction, will confirm your courage to move along the chosen path with a sense of self-esteem, overcoming any obstacles and obstacles. RUNA Tivaz, Tiwaz (Tiwaz) will clear your way, indicating the direction of the path to harmony with your own inner world and others.

RUNA Tiwaz, Tiwaz (Tiwaz), its importance in interpreting the alignment calls you to be willing to give up your egoistic aspirations for your spiritual improvement, therefore interpreters sometimes associate the Tiwaz rune with the symbol of the “spiritual warrior”.

In the rune Tiwaz, Tiwaz (Tiwaz) concentrated the power of striving for higher goals, as the ability to sacrifice something valuable enough for you for the common good, reaching a period of great metamorphosis. Fleece represents the manifestation of determination in achieving the goal, but only in a noble and honest way.

The rune Tiwaz, Tiwaz (Tiwaz) has another meaning — it is the rune of moral strength.

Rune of the Warrior. Dedicated to the Torah — god of war.

Rune Warrior Spirit. RUNA Tiwaz, Tiwaz (Tiwaz) can contribute to a person in any struggle, in any confrontation, but first and foremost in overcoming the forces of Chaos within your personality.

The interpretation of the runes. Runa Tivaz, Teiwaz (Teiwaz) interpretation, the value of the runes. Magical application:

The significance of the runes Tivaz, Teyvaz (Tiwaz) with magical use — health and treatment; victory; strengthens courage and determination; love; helps in any fight, also with his “I”; helps in overcoming adverse circumstances.

Application of the Runes Tiwaz, Tiwaz (Tiwaz) in rune records (runeskriptah), also in the manufacture of the runic amulet:

Rune Tiwaz, Tiwaz (Tiwaz) value in runic manuscripts — To approximate victory. Runa Tivaz, Tiwaz (Tiwaz) value in runic manuscripts — To achieve victory in any fight.

Rune Tiwaz, Tiwaz (Tiwaz) value in runic manuscripts — To help in the rapid restoration of health.

Runa Tivaz, Tiwaz (Tiwaz) meaning in runic manuscripts — In love runescripts as a sign of an ardent man.

Rune Teyvaz: meaning, description and interpretation

Rune Teyvaz: meaning, interpretation and application in the layouts

Rune Teyvaz — the seventeenth symbol of the Germanic alphabet, which denotes a warrior, the god Tyr. It is controlled by the energy of the Air. The color of the rune is red, the tree is holly, the stone is obsidian, the plant is sage.

The brightest meaning of the runic symbol of Teyvaz is male, the personification of war and conflict, but also victory and justice.

Description of the runes Teyvaz

Rune Teyvaz truly masculine — is the personification of power, strength, applied within the law. The value of the rune is divided into four parts:

  1. Rune of the Warrior. The embodiment of masculinity and perseverance, a sense of duty and responsibility. This is the ability to follow life in accordance with its purpose, to achieve goals, in spite of any difficulties and obstacles arising on the way. It is the ability to protect oneself, one’s loved ones, and one’s own interests, regardless of the opinions of others.
  2. Method of achieving the goal. Teyvaz is an unconditional achievement of a goal, a person literally “rushing through”, not paying attention to external circumstances. But at the same time the means to achieve the goal are chosen only legal, not violating public order and the rules of morality. A person realizes his goal with dignity, he has nothing to be ashamed of. And if you do something bad, there will be no success.
  3. Qualities of a fighter. The impersonation of these qualities, which suggest that a person has great strength and power, and knows how to apply these qualities at the right time in the right place.
  4. Fight with yourself. She also personifies the eternal struggle with your own «I.» This ability to muffle your ego, if it interferes with achieving your goals

Next, we consider how the value of the rune changes in a straight and inverted position. Any runic symbol in a direct state displays positive qualities, in an inverted state — negative ones.

Teivaz value in straight position

When Teyvaz falls in a straight position, the values ​​are as follows:

  • Get financial profit: financial position will be improved, you will be able to conclude profitable deals, you will achieve salary increase, you will find a new job and so on
  • Career growth: either change your current position to a more status and profitable, or get a promotion in the current service
  • Victory in rivalry. This may be the arrival of the first in the competition, the victory in a fight with the enemy (both in physical and intellectual). Perhaps beat the competition
  • Problem solving. But it will not just happen — you will be able to overcome all the difficulties that have arisen, thanks to a strong will and determination. This is a decision that requires effort from you, and does not come by itself.
  • Good luck in love. This is either an acquaintance with the future elect, or the achievement of harmony in the current relationship, or a happy marriage, etc.
  • Good health. You will defeat the disease and live a long life without ailments
  • Victory in court. The court will take your side and the trial will end in your complete and unconditional victory.
  • The personification of the masculine. If a man has rune, it means that he has a man’s core, he is able to protect and support his family, purposeful and decisive

If a question of the type was asked in the fortune-telling: “Who was involved in such an event” and this rune fell out, then the participant was a man. If the rune alignment makes a woman love, then Teyvaz points to a very important man for her, but he is unlikely to be a husband, but a lover — completely.

Also, Teyvaz can mean that you need to take up the planned business and execute it, no matter what.

Value upside down

The value of Teyvaz in the inverted position changes to negative. For example, it may mean:

  • Conflicts with others who will try to touch you in every possible way.
  • Quarrels with friends that will lead to the termination of all kinds of relationships
  • Problems with work, in business relationships, misunderstandings and conflicts with colleagues, superiors
  • Difficult period, crisis in love relationships, which may end in parting
  • Lack of inspiration, goals, creative ideas, stagnation and even degradation

Watch the video about the value of the runes Teyvaz:

Runa Teyvaz is often used in magical rituals in order to help the fortuneteller to stop arguing, to find a fair solution in a problem situation, to overcome difficulties with honor.

It also helps to tune in to victory in rivalry, find harmony of soul and body, strengthen the will and develop masculinity.

In female rituals it is used to facilitate childbirth, helps to bear and give birth to a healthy child.

Most often, not one rune is used for these purposes, but rune formulas that include several rune symbols. For example:

  • Teyvaz + Laguz + Fehu — to gain courage and perseverance to solve complex cases
  • Teyvaz + Uruz + Gebo + Dagaz — ensures success in business, business, and also in love helps to show oneself from a strong, masculine side
  • Ansuz + Thurisaz + Teyvaz + Kenaz — helps to determine the purpose, find your place in life, find your own spiritual values

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